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    An unparalleled display of universal ineptitude in an arena in which I thought I had seen it all. McLeish was a complete joke of an appointment to begin with, but results and performances since have done very little in terms of making a cogent case for him being anything close to an acceptable manager at any level. The bloke's last decent work came in his last spell as Scotland manager, over a decade ago and upon inheriting a highly-experienced, organised team left by his pal Walter. I am assuming that McLeish will spout the few excuses he has to hand, which would be valid if today's game resulted in anything other than being taught a lesson by a complete minnow of a side. If he'd any sense - after that, a highly fanciful notion - or national, if not personal pride, he would be offering nothing more than an apology and an immediate resignation. That is the worst performance I have ever seen from a side I've watched, and as a Clyde fan who has been virtually ever-present at games in the last decade, that really is a damning indictment of just how rudderless the performance was. The team that was fielded, although I didn't completely agree with it, looked fine to me and really should be more than enough to enable us to - at the very least - compete against any national side around about us, and get past sides of absolutely no pedigree like Kazakhstan. We were short on any real experience - Forrest and Armstrong the only players with any real history of starting regularly - and a Scott Brown or Darren Fletcher figure would no doubt have improved things. But whether we had had two weeks to acclimatise, had more experience or had certain players available, no combination of factors would serve to have sufficiently changed the outcome of that game. Utterly, utterly hopeless. To hear the ever-simpler commentators going on about the "perfect back-up" in the Nations League just shows how donkey-brained they are, as well. If we get slapped 3-0 off a complete non-entity nation with four - now five - wins in the last decade, then what is "perfect" about having our qualification hopes resting on being able to beat sides that are actually half-decent?
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    I think Vaulks could go for more than 3 or 4 million, that English market is crazy. The way he has played for Rotherham and now he is in the Wales team I could see a bottom half Prem team or top Championship mob paying 7 or 8 million. However it goes Will thoroughly deserves everything he gets. Great player and cracking lad.
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    Bain, Burke, Mcgregor, Armstrong, Forrest, Grant.... I don't think Celtic fans should be pointing fingers mate
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    Kazakhstan is landlocked, unlucky
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    Wasn't really a fight but I seem to remember this big, fat daft kid in 1st year doing WWF (as it was back then) wrestling moves (with commentary) on his bag. A big crowd gathered to watch the show before it became the general consensus to conduct a massive "pile on" atop of big fat John. There must have been 30+ kids on top of a now hysterically crying John, and it only stopped when the bell rang.
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    TIT! Says it all really...
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    The word gammon is getting used an awful lot. Shite word
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    That's how it should be too. I have no idea why so many people expect the minutes of private meetings to be made public. I think you make a fair point - private meetings are meant to be just that. However, generally speaking I think the default position here should be that meetings be public or at least a public record made available of what was discussed, unless there is a good reason not to. I do understand that there are certain circumstances where it might not be appropriate to talk about certain business openly. But if there is something which really needs to be kept private, individual items could be kept off the record. At the end of the day we are talking about the grassroots of Scottish football which is a matter of considerable public interest. I think a good example of how more openness is needed is the Pyramid Working Group itself - it has been meeting since at least 2003, but it would appear that hardly anyone knew about this. If there was more open access to what they were doing and more awareness about what was going on, then it would increase the chance of getting more ideas and input to help push the game forward. Too much of what goes on in Scottish football is conducted behind closed doors by dinosaurs in blazers. If there had been more openness from the start, I think there's a fair chance all of what has been talked about on this thread would have already been sorted out quite some time ago.
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    Off topic, but whilst the judgement itself seems correct the rules are fucked up. No one, including “ordinary” people, should be able to manipulate their employment status in order to pay less tax; but that’s Tory Britain for you.
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    Yeah imagine having to pay the same taxes as anyone else; I can just hear a tiny violin soundtrack playing to sum up their plight.
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    Because they don't have the money grabbing rats that infest the SFA and appoint managers who are cheap rather than People who can do a good job. We might as well forget following our country because we don't have sincere and decent people running our game.
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    Just watching QT and have to empathise with the audience member who spoke in heartfelt terms about human rights being as important as trade because the rights of trans people in Ireland have been most significantly driven by the European Court of Justice. Trade is massive but it's a point well made that these right wing fucknuggets will rip rights away. And there is no point aspiring for a left of centre UK - England isn't interested and the rest of us will need to suffer what they vote for. Get us tae f**k Nicola.
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    Must have been the shock of almost having an ingin' ane an a' but full house Friday.
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    Even more revolting, could he or she not have cleaned up the mess when they had finished? It was their filthy deed after all....
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    Northern Ireland don’t have the players , they’ve still got to a major. We need guy who ca organise us , we are all over the shop
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    Well that was aids-riddled spunk, for want of a better phrase.
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    McKenna and Shinnie have been woefully exposed, Aberdeen fans been bleating on for years about their players getting a chance. Nowhere near good enough
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    He's barely been challenged at Celtic. I said the likes of McLaughlin and Clark were better than him when all 3 were playing for diddy clubs. The only reason Bain is playing ahead of McLaughlin is because of who he plays for, nothing to do with ability. He doesn't speak to his defence. There's zero organisation. We'd still be getting humped but I reckon at least the second goal was preventable as Shinnie initially thought the keeper was coming for it. A simple authoritative shout would have prevented that.
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    Agreed however with 'new' players available to Scotland- whether thats emerging youngsters, seasoned players in form or folk who are suddenly found to be eligible they have to be picked at some stage and given a chance to see whether they have that ability to do the job for Scotland. Whilst I haven't seen alot of Joe Bryan either, its perfectly acceptable to me for McLeish to be saying "well this lad is performing well at a high level, he is worth a look to see if he is a better option as 3rd choice left back" (or whatever the vacant position is). You are right that club form and number of games doesnt always come into it when assessing theor ability to do the job for scotland, look at Alan Hutton when he barely played for 2 years. However at some point of course you have to give new players a chance and a player playing regularly in the premier league is probably worth a look to see if he is potentially than what we have. Its not always the case as pointed out with Kevin McDonald but I dont think we made the wrong decision giving him a shot. Watching his form for Fulham at the time, he was worthy of having a look at international level. It didnt work out but its very difficult to know that without giving him a chance. Eta - I guess thats what professional scouts and coaches are paid to assess before calling someone up!
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    Nothing out of order from Clyde fans last night but it would be interesting to see what sort of ban he'll get if the footage of him coming off the pitch gets sent to the SFA though. There's no excuses for Love's disgraceful behaviour but the boy is undeniably an absolute weapon, regardless of how many Standard Grades he picked up.
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    You can search key words on the app. Anyhoo, found this. It’s from the Brechin v Rovers thread from back in January.
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    Henvey away back to dundee thought he deserved a bit more game time
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    How McLeish has lasted this long is beyond me, however, Sunday must be his last game, it’s been an absolute diabolical appointment and today’s result has already reduced the amount of tickets we’ll sell for the remaining Home matches and those tickets aren’t even on general sale yet. Who should the next Manager be.....Stevie Clarke for me, but he shouldn’t be Manager, he should be the figure head behind changes in Scottish Football, the SFA should be begging him to take it. It’s too soon for Jack Ross and Alex Neill but fingers crossed their day will come.
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    Double eagle m9...
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    Yeah I think that's Qatar levels of ridiculousness. The plastic pitch didn't change anything and anyone who thinks it did needs to have a look at themselves.
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    I’d be all over Sam Allardyce. Unfortunately, Hamish Husband holds a lot of sway and it’s never going to happen.
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    LOOK WHAT THEYVE DONE TO ME. i don’t even know where the fuckin games are
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    Aye he should. The issue was the replacement, not the sacking. It’s almost as if the supporters saw this shitshow a mile off.
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    But why have players that play for Manchester United when you can have players from Kilmarnock and Aberdeen?!
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    May aswell just lose the picture for the rest of the qualification
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    I wish the papers would stop showing his photograph. It is Alesha who needs to be remembered. I don't want to see his face again - unless it is in an open coffin.
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    The thing is these Twitters and the vox poppers are not representative. If the was a second referendum Remain would win.
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    Great thing about old albums is they're easily bought on CD for about a quid on ebay. I got a pile of mid 90s bands I loved but never had the pocket money to buy at the time - Garbage, Hole, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, commutes are magic now.
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    I’m amazed the McCanns were apparently so against this documentary. It’s quite unbiased I would say but it makes me feel (to an extent) sympathy for them, and certainly makes it fairly obvious to me that they had no direct hand in whatever happened. Negligent, yes 100%, and they will have to live with that guilt forever. But the explanations/conspiracy theories given for them having done it are nothing short of preposterous.
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    Because Bain is quite obviously the better goalkeeper. Any Sunderland fan would tell you that without Jon McLaughlin this season, they would be struggling to make the Playoffs, he has been absolutely outstanding. In comparison, Bain is tested relatively infrequently in goals for Celtic. As has been mentioned already. McLaughlin was comfortably the best goalkeeper in the Premiership before he moved in the summer, so it's not an unreasonable question to ask why Bain should be the automatic number one.
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    Here's one along with a squad of ladz from Whitburn that won't be back at any junior derby game. A few guys from the town hav started watching Blackburn United now. Fauldhouse,Whitburn and Armadale can batter on for me,best of luck all the same next season and beyond.
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    The “nation” and “country” lie has been peddled for years. It means one thing and they know it. As for Brexit: “Protect democracy Safeguard our Borders Protect our jobs Be in control of our laws” Nothing else for 3 years. Even tonight. And still LBC and the like lap it up. Tragic
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    Only if you have never been in Eckersley's boots.
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    This is so embarrassing. “I should, therefore, be grateful if you would withdraw your nomination publicly”
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    You go about promoting violence then throw the sympathy card into the mix. Stick to football chat mate .
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    It’s to fit in with the Celtic theme.
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    The unnamed club already have covered seating area and floodlights. Couldn't imagine the SFA saying no to this club.
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    I have no idea what is going on here, but this is my new favourite thing ever.
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    Disappointed!!! Enjoyed Jolly Boy John and the wiggy ghost train owner but the rest not so much, perhaps writing to a specific theme isn't the way to go!!! C+ (must try harder) NUNCHUCKS FOR MA WILLIE!!!
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