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    We're 8 games unbeaten and won 2-0 last night, having had the worst full time team in Scottish football history less than three months ago. With all due respect, shut it.
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    Ah, the “true fan” trope. If you don’t agree with me, you’re not a true fan. If you don’t go to Dingwall on Tuesday, you’re not a true fan. If you weren’t at Clydebank in 19canteen, you’re not a true fan. As for the rest, correct me if I missed something, but we saw the game out didn’t we? There was a miserable arsehole sitting at the back of the south stand, waving his fist under the nose of the guy sitting two along from him, because the second guy was happy to see us play out 2-0. It was you wasn’t it? Truly, our fans are only happy when they’ve got something to whinge about (and yes I get the irony). Stick to posting comments on Daily Mail articles next time, you’ll be more at home there.
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    Thanks again for the comments and the feedback. It's always interesting to read what we can do better going forward. I'd probably agree with the comments about the Alternative Timelines section about Albion Rovers and the Scottish Cup - it was brilliant fun to record and seemed to flow very well but it missed the mark on the show itself and came across as self-indulgent. Nevertheless, there's some great stuff coming up in episode three and I hope to see you all there!
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    Alright, pipe down Danny Dyer.
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    Two, actually. Beat Clyde 3-0 a couple of weeks back. Ooft.
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    Good going, Philpy. Your walk was almost as long as your link.
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    I don't think they post on here
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    Congratulations to Stevie Aitken on those two February awards claimed by Dumbarton.
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    I hope he has a contract clause that forces him to bring his accent game to every post match player interview.
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    I can't believe the negativity from some Arbroath supporters! Absolute fucking mental that people are spitting the dummy oot and criticising DC and members of the team! Get a grip o yourselves, get another 3-4 wins and enjoy the league winning celebrations! I'm pretty sure every Arbroath supporter would have been delighted to be in your current position with 10 games to go before a ball had been kicked!
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    Just had our 12 week scan so getting ready for our first. Going between feeling amazing and proud to absolutely bricking it. This thread will be very useful.
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    Watched both episodes back to back last night. Safechuck and Wade were both pretty convincing. It's also pretty disgusting that a number of people in Jackson's circle of friends, family and employees were turning a blind eye to this. After reading social media, another thing I've taken from this is that Jackson's fanbase are worse than the old firm's.
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    This is Joe Lewis's 50th Aberdeen clean sheet. He is the first domestic goalkeeper to deny Celtic at Parkhead since himself in May of last year.
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    Absolutely, there is so much misunderstanding out there. I can't repeat it often enough, nothing will change for 62 of the 63 teams in the West Region. Absolutely nothing. There is nothing to fear in joining the pyramid, only positives and opportunities to gain.
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    “We had an incident a few years ago where they raided Hampden” https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11781/11660958/rangers-james-tavernier-blames-hibernian-for-security-after-being-confronted-at-easter-road Blue Cafu still not over that cup final or the glorious excuberance which happened afterwards. Lovely.
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    People who leave wee bags of dog crap hanging in trees and bushes.
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    Doubt he'll be hanging around long if that's the standard of patter he's having to deal with.
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    True but the SoS primarily caters to a large and relatively remote area that other leagues for the most part (yes I know about Kello) don't have a presence in and probably have no huge desire to start traveling to. They have their niche in other words and most seasons won't have a licensed champion making their tier 6 status a non-issue. Meanwhile the problem the SJFA has is that the North region don't seem to care about being in the pyramid, and the East region may be about to vote in a return to a three way district feeder format that is clearly better suited for feeding into the EoS rather than the LL. At that point how does Tom Johnston maintain the posture that all three regions need to join at the same time at tier 6 when it's only really the West region that both wants to and deserves to?
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    Action shot of my pack this week
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    Agree. Sack Bollan, get him in and I'll come support you lot
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    Fitzpatrick was my motm...
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    " I heard" a lot of things last season, and probably that's what most of it was, hearsay. Whether or not he was a bad influence in the dressing room is between himself and DY. I for one won't lose sleep over it, and will always remember him for his contribution and commitment to the club
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    Can’t believe it’s now March and we’re still in the dark about whats happening with the juniors next year. Farcical from those running our game disgraceful.
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    The EFL are condoning the attack.
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    But the vote was for the full juniors to go in to the pyramid not only one region so he is insisting as he is carrying out the will of the clubs. Anything other than that goes against the vote and there would have to be a new vote due to the material change. The outcome may be different in that case. The junior clubs voted on mass to go. It is not up for a region to decide to go against the will of all clubs. If that is the case then it would be far better to create a set up in the west and let clubs move who want to. To have a situation where you will have the west juniors in the pyramid, the east juniors maybe in the pyramid but the north juniors not in is ridiculous and will make a mockery.
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    Being docked 4 points was always going to have an effect on their performance yesterday. They've been busting a gut all season and to find out the title challenge was taking out their hands was always going to massively demoralising. The timing of the announcement wasn't great either . The morning of a long trek for an away game. Wasn't surprised that we lost. It is a hard working squad we've got and we've got plenty of time and games to get focused for the play offs.
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    I genuinely thought Nish was severely underrated and was very good for us most of the time. You could tell he had good footballing intelligence. I still, however, really don’t rate Gallagher. What I will say is that he puts in a hell of a shift every week. Despite this though his first touch is absolutely brutal to watch and the fact that he can’t run in behind or hold the ball up is annoying. Occasionally he’ll produce a very smart bit of play, like the headed flick on for the first goal at East Fife. IMO I’d prefer Armour or Melingui ahead of him.
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    Hopefully grimmy contract has a clause inserted in it that he has to go on at least one marauding run from full back each game. The contrast between Gboly`s trickery and Grimshaw just running full pelt towards the goal is brilliant. Hastie and frear fit nicely in between the two. Grimshaw reminds me of one of those toy cars you got when you were wee that you pulled it back a few times and then let it go before it flew forward at increasing speed in a straight line crashing through everything in its way but usually missing the area you were actually aiming for.
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    You're misinterpreting by taking the Alan Cochrane line: routinely – and intentionally – dropping the word “opportunity” when you can in your posts, so “once in a generation” sounds more like a pledge than what it was: a call to recognise the significant opportunity of the Independence Referendum. Politicians and activists use the “once in a generation” line all the time, without expecting it to be taken literally. It would be chaos if it was. Earlier this year, ‘once in a generation opportunity’ was applied to the prospect of rail nationalisation under Labour. Twelve months ago it referred to the call for a progressive alliance at the next general election. A decade ago the Government described its London Olympic bid as a "once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunity", quietly ignoring the UK's bids to host the previous three Olympics. Should these statements disallow nationalisation or cross-party alliances again until our kids have grown up? Should the UK Government abandon its plans for the 2036 Olympics on the basis of what it said before? Should we be blocked from voting on membership of Europe because that referendum was described as ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ by the then-Chancellor? No reasonable person would claim that. And even if these statements were commitments, you can't advocate tying the hands of future voters. It's a tenet of democracy that people can change their minds – it’s why we have general elections – and if they do so in one year or twenty that’s up to them. If the argument is that people haven’t changed their minds, that’s another thing – let’s argue about the SNP’s manifesto and mandate – but denying the right to a referendum for some indeterminate period on such a disingenuous line is unsupportable.
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    Out of interest, would people have considered awarding the opposition a 3-0 win fair if, say, the ineligible player had scored 2 goals in a 2-1 victory?? Its a massive grey area. Does it matter how many minutes he plays? How well he played? Whether he scored or set up a goal or did any goal line clearances? I think none of that stuff should matter because it’s a huge can of worms. But I think there needs to be published guidelines so it doesn’t look like punishments are being made up on the spot. Maybe there are already rules on what to do and they’ve been followed, but like others I seriously doubt the same punishment would be handed out to, say, Rangers if they’d made this mistake.
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    There is a meeting on Tuesday and opinion c no change is the one that would be a disaster. And from only my own point of view I dont see any other option then to apply for EOS. Tuesday is a big night and it needs to be decided then to allow clubs to decide their clubs future existence before deadlines have passed with other options
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    You've won one league game in three months.
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    It's in a sub forum called General Nonces.
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    I'm not sure why not, as nothing will change for 62 of the 63 teams. The West Region teams have absolutely nothing to lose by joining the pyramid en masse.
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    Since the drubbing at Tranent, I think some credit has to go to the new manager regarding how much more organised the team has looked.
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    Good point, but you'd probably find the WRJFA would do that as well if neccesary. It all calls into question why the SJFA are involved in the PWG and not the individual leagues themselves. We all know different leagues need different solutions.
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    We arent getting ahead of ourselves. Lot of points to play for yet. But your well wishes are as happily received as ever. Let me reciprocate. The DABs are shitting it at the thought of a playoff agaisnt you. Thank you.
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    In our appeal we should offer to replay both games. Imagine the fucking meltdowns of some of the obsessed cretins on here when we take 6 points instead of the original 4 points. [emoji23]
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    Not as painful as 2015, but painful nonetheless....
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    Inverness were top of the group on 9 points. Hearts were second on 8 points. The final group match was between the two at Tynecastle and was scheduled for live coverage by BT Sport. In the week prior to the game, the authorities decided a 2 point deduction for Hearts was the appropriate punishment for fielding an ineligible player. That and a fine of £10,000 though £8000 of that was suspended til the following season. A completely arbitrary punishment which seemed a bit odd considering they gained 3 points for the win in the game where they fielded the unregistered player. (He came on as a sub after 65 minutes in a 2-1 win at Cove Rangers). The uncanny thing about it all was that it meant Hearts could still go through on goal difference if they beat Inverness. Whereas if the normal 3 point deduction had been applied then Hearts were out the competition, and the live BT Sport game would be a dead rubber. Nothing to see here, move along.
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    Anyone who chucks stuff out their car, bonus moron points for doing it while belting along at 70. It's not like an empty can of coke need to be jettisoned from your vehicle at the earliest opportunity
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    Wait a second what did we ever do to you?
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    Our season summed up in one goal... This season is up there with: Brexit Irn Bru changing recipe Jif changing to Cif Airdrie 7 5p carrier bag charges And last but not least The tiny 40mph signs on the kingsway when it changed from a 50!! Mad to think the best season we had any positivity was during the latter stages of admin 2!! Drunken rant oooovur:..
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