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    I’m reasonably content
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    Provincial noun 1. an inhabitant of a province of a country or empire. 2. an inhabitant of the regions outside the capital city of a country, especially when regarded as unsophisticated or narrow-minded. Thick Rangurs twat
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    I’m starting to suspect that Rangers* might not win the league this year. Shame, considering how much money they’ve spent.
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    Have we considered giving Hastie a contract and loaning him out to Newcastle?
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    What he did for us in a short period of time (always feels more than just a season & a half) will stay with every Bairn who saw him forever. Only Crunchie and Latapy get anywhere near him in my lifetime. So far anyway🤞🏼
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    I'm sure Tommy Wright will clear it up for us in his next conference.
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    Saw them all. Being old does have it's advantages.
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    It's in a sub forum called General Nonces.
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    1 win in 9 for the **** vs Hibernian. Glorious. The Blue Cafu was clearly suffering from PTSD after that boy confronted him on the sideline. Must’ve brought 21/05/16 flooding back.
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    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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    Marshy you missed an absolute genius. His speed of thought on the pitch was unbelievable. Some of the things he done were unbelievable. A lot of people forget though that he was an unselfish player and really improved Sammy McGivern with the way they played together. I’ll never forget what he done for our club. A true legend. COYB.
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    That'll mean we'll have another weekend of almost no football chat. Magic.
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    Uniform Oscar Kilo Hotel Uniform November ? x-ray We should have changed the shape long before McGregorYLT changed the shape of Morelos' face (first five minutes). McGregorEBT and Marciano kept the score respectable for both sides; dropping points was embarrassing enough for the H**s after that Hibs performance. Milligan, Hanlon & Marciano put their bodies on the line to keep us in the game; Darren McGregor put his body on any H** near him. Provincial dross like The H**s don't do walking away with three points against The Establishment's Capital Club Club.
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    I loved Stainrods wee tricks, he'd have his back to a defender, put the ball one way but turn the other way himself leaving the defender for dead. Beautiful And he did this mad thing where it looked like he was going to control the ball with his chest but he'd duck down and let the ball skelp over his head then he'd turn the baffled defender and scurry off with the ball. Remember him scoring at Broomfield where the ball broke to him with just Martin to beat, I reckon every other player on Earth would have ran on towards goal to close the distance but he just fucking smacked it from where he was, a fucking belter, and then off to try a somersault. Hero.
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    Obviously will be overlooked a bit because of Hastie, but it's pretty remarkable that Robinson is holding a MOTM award considering where he was after the County game - a lot of supporters wanted him out at that point - some turnaround and fair play to him.
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    What’s the chances of getting my bazooka past the stewards? Sadly I was unsuccessful with a Shanobi sword at Stirling.
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    Not one of Goldie Looking Chain's better songs.
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    My son is named after him - that's how much he means to me. Played in the same team as him as well in a 5 a side tournament The Holy Trinity of Bairns will always be Stainrod, Crunchie, Latapy.
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    If another season like this one would be such a disaster, then it seems like madness to commit to a set up that might be the same, while hoping that it changes to a more localised but less competitive league. Surely this will not bring you the higher quality of player and additional revenue you guys speak of?
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    Given that he played Junior football very successfully for several years, I'd imagine he'd be fine.
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    Just to add something positive to this thread and remind us all that it’s not always been shite being a Rovers fan. My uncle was a sports photographer for the courier back in the day and used to print me off photos he’d taken from the Rovers games. I found these ones the other day in my mums attic. They were taken after the game in which we clinched the 1st division title in April ‘93. I spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd.
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    Always easy to tell when Rangers have failed to win, as Kincardines mask slips, and he outs himself as an absolute fucking mess.
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    Good catch. Nothing worse than a wanksmith who thinks hes a wordsmith.
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    ^^ Location - Glasgow My team - Falkirk
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    Can’t wait for the Gerrard interview, this is going to be a cracker. Hope that wee c**t who ran on the pitch never sets foot inside Easter Road again. The blue Cafu should have lamped him.
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    May I be the first to say Ha Ha Ha Ha. Up ye Sevco
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    Cmon jack do what you do.
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    The SJFA have enough mutants to be dealing with without trying to fix the proper stuff tbf.
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    I don't want to go all "Well Fans II" but if Hastie signs for Rangers then f**k him. That is all.
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    If this is true (and there's enough folk going on about it to make me believe it's a done deal) then I have no problem with him moving on to a bigger club for more money. I do think it's the wrong move for him from a playing point a view, though. Even if he stayed at Fir Park for another season, then made his move after playing 50+ times in the Premiership, he'd be in a far better position to do make that step up. Now though? He was playing for Alloa three months ago and he's then hoping to get above five or six wide players already at Ibrox. A tough ask. If and when it's confirmed, I hope Stephen Robinson comes out and says he'll no longer be considered for the first team. If he's made his decision, fair play to him. Motherwell's model is to bring young players through and sell them on. If he signs for Rangers, job done for Motherwell. We've got someone like Elliot Frear who'll be playing be for a new deal at Motherwell so I'd rather give him the opportunity over the next couple of months. There's no doubt by the time he's 23, Hastie will be a wealthy guy but I have the feeling he's not making the best career choice here. Still, I'm very much of the opinion that when a player moves on from Motherwell, I couldn't give a shit where he goes or what he does. I was never the fan who went out a bought an Everton top with McFadden on the back of it, nor was I one to head to Preston for the day to watch Louis Moult sit on the bench. All the best to the lad, but we'll move on and bring the next one through.
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    Can we present Tidser at half time?
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    3 years since we appointed Dick as gaffer. What a ride it’s been
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    Flat number 07, Henderson’s Corner, making fun of Hearts’ Lego Bus and some Youth Leith Team graffiti in an official club video.
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    So proud. That's another one scored off my bucket list. When I say 'another one', I really mean 'the first one' - I'm a lazy bassa.
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    They couldn't get a better character witness than a guy named M.Lester?
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    What the f**k is this? away and drink your self into a coma ya absolute balloon
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    The Rutles-All you need is cash
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    How many times does it need to be said. The Spaniards are quite happy to allow an independent Scotland into the EU as long as independence is achieved by legal means.
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