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    English top flight titles in the last 28 years; Leicester City 1 Liverpool 0
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    This is how it feels to be a Diddy team. Unlucky
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    I was sympathetic to you till you said this. The logical conclusion being you just need to work harder to offset the difference, and if all the people on minimum wage jobs with no prospects just did their jobs harder they'd get out of their difficult situations. Obviously it is offensive to people who just happen to do jobs that are not rewarded well financially but we all need them to do the jobs. Don't look at the tax difference as punitive of hard work, the tax difference is effectively an inducement for you to do the work in England instead of Scotland. That's perfectly fine, you can try to move your job on that basis. If you don't want to do that, then you either: A: accept that taxes are higher in Scotland to help to pay for benefits and services that are a thing of the past in England. B: try to get independence so the Scottish government could issue bonds to pay for services in lieu of taxes. That's the brass tacks of it, if Scotland were to adopt the English model, because it has extremely limited borrowing powers and a hostile UK parliament, it will mean things like dualling the A9, the new Forth Bridge, Aberdeen Bypass and so on won't happen in future.
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    Let's her fucking 8 year old son boss her about and rule the roost. We've just moved in together and the wee cunt is a nightmare. Gets to eat what he wants, screams bloody murder if me or his mum have the audacity to have more food than him (he's 8 I may have mentioned) and he also is fucking obsessed with his PS4. Like it's a part of him. If he gets told to turn it off he has some kind of what looks like a fit. If he has go literally go outside for any reason he has a complete meltdown. His whole life has been him sat in front of his PS4. His mum just fucking lets him too. She gives in to him all the time and I'm stood there asking her is she on a fucking wind up and to boot his arse outside to get some fresh air. It's apparently the same at his dads too. He's soft as shit and generally a fat, useless waster who should've been a hand job. Both of them have zero authority over an 8 year old. A fucking 8 year old. He's 8. They're in their early 30s. He's fucking 8.
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    Lennon must feel like he’s fallen into a bucket of thumbs and come out sucking Kelly Brook’s tits
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    Peter - "Hi Neil - I don't suppose you're able to take over as Brendan is away?" Neil -
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    I thought you were singing a Beautiful South song at first.
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    It's a fucking tightrope scarf. Normally I would be advocating violence but the little shits are all tooled up now. Go down the psychological/emotional route imo. Have a quiet word in his ear and let him know that his mum no longer loves him as she wants to start a new family with you. Make it clear that it would be in everyone's best interests that he moves in with his dad on a full time basis. Win, win
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    Fully expecting him to fail the Leicester medical by faking high blood pressure like David Brent.
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    Mark Russell has signed for Finn Harps, which would be total non news if he hadn’t popped up on my Twitter feed, Ive been sitting looking at his eyebrows for the last 10 minutes trying to figure what the fucks going on with them?
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    Looking forward to him explaining away defeats to Man City and Liverpool by referencing the gulf in budgets.
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    Brendan Rodgers won’t see 10 in a row.
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    Burgoyne McGhee McKenna Edjenguele Dixon Paton Osman McShane DKD Rudden Petravicious
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    What a man. Spends Sunday afternoon lecturing about class and ethics, then on the Tuesday he walks out less than half way through a four-year contract, with a quarter of the season to go. Oh yes! You will not be missed you arrogant, tranny shagging w**k!
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    Is that your line in the sand throbber? You can w**k in bed with kids, as long as you dont wake them up.
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    Linlithgow, Bonnyrigg, Penicuik and Bo'ness just to name a few are in my opinion pulling in healthy crowds at the level they are playing. Then again so is Ormiston, Blackburn etc if you look at population. The 4 big names above have population's between 15,000 - 20,000 approx. Ormiston population 2,000 average att 53, Blackburn population 5,300 average att 83 at present. ( past few seasons 90-100). I'm not for one minute saying this is the only factor but surely bigger population helps with bigger crowds? Of course better engagement with community , advertising of games and winning would possibly help clubs. Sometimes the populations can be forgotten when looking at figures. Population example: Ormiston v Linlithgow Rose ( linlithgow pop 8/9 times higher) so let's say 53 (Ormiston average) x 8/9 = 424 / 477 As I say some clubs with what look like not so well supported teams, actually do get a healthy local support for the size of village / town. Some others really struggle even with smaller and larger populations. Definitely more work to do by all, its definitely possible to increase crowds. Match day experience for spectators should in my opinion be top priority.
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    We'll keep Darren on the bench until the league is mathematically won, thank you very much
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    Ignore all the fannies who claimed you shagged trannies in your heart you're a rebel who achieved double-treble?
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    McCall seasons seem to work in 3 parts: good start, shite middle, good finish. In Jobby we trust.
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    Welcome. Their we go, a new forum member. :-)
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    Jonathan Watson will be hoping for this one as it means his impressions will no longer be twenty years out of date
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    There is absolutely no chance that McCall is going to play two from McDaid, Cadden and Miller away from home, against the league leaders and nor should he. Crawford is getting all this grief for his performances 'on the wing' but, as I see it, he's not in there to play as a winger; McCall isn't asking him to hug the touchline, get to the byline etc. In playing left of a midfield two he's in there more to give us an extra mad in midfield to prevent us being overrun. The width is nominally provided by Harvie getting forward from left-back, which admittedly we've seen less of recently. It was the same approach from McCall when we had Nicky Devlin at right back and the likes of Brian Gilmour or Ross McCrorie were playing right midfield. Its clear to see the biggest problem in this team right now isn't Robbie Crawford, or not playing two out-and-out-wingers (which I think would be foolish) but that teams are now much more effective at shutting down Shankland.
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    Leicester are a bigger club than Celtic.
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    7 for Tue. This is no word of a lie, but I noticed that my geography was a bit lacking after doing these quizzes. So I thought the best way to relearn was to look at maps more. But it's one of those things you never get around to. I had the brainwave of sticking a map on the wall in my toilet. I also stuck a list of the elements up there as well ( i did make sure that they were both wipeable...) The reason why I'm telling you this is that I've had a stomach bug this week so I've had more time to "research". I thought I would memorise the South American countries. So, thankfully, I got the South American question right in today's quiz. Moral to the story is to learn more when you go for a shit.
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    this thread is ignorant, you are all ignorant.
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    Imagine being a grown man and changing a guys name to a womans and passing it off as patter.
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    Nearly pished ma breeks when I read this
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    This shouldn't be happening to a great club like Celtic FC. It isn't fair. I just saw some Caley Thistle fans pulling Brendan Rodgers down the motorway.
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    On a more positive note, hello all - long time listener, first time caller here. Like many I wasn't overly confident in McIntyre's appointment at the time but he's definitely made a difference to the team and while we've still got twists and turns to go my prediction is that we'll finish the season in 10th, with a 5-7 point gap over 11th come the final game. Looking forward to posting on here instead of just reading, felt I needed to step up my procrastination game a little so here we are!
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    Worth posting this again for all the greeting Selkirk fans...
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    I can direct you to websites that have whole sections devoted to it.
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    The timing is the only bit that annoys me. Always knew he would go back down south, and he was never going to get one of the top 6 jobs after Liverpool. Speaking to my mates who are rangers fans at the weekend, and they had given up on the league. This now gives them a wee shot in the arm to keep going. Absolutely gutted I don't have a ticket for Tynecastle tomorrow night for the first time in ages. Predicting a 6-5 win for Celtic, with Lennon scoring the winner himself then aeroplaneing it all round the ground, only to be scudded from behind by a kung-fu style kick to the head by Craig Levein. I honestly fucking love Scottish football. There's never a dull day compared to the pish down south for example...
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    He decided to leave after they sacked him.
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    Hand washing porn ”no we mustn’t”
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    FWIW I agree with Scotlands tax policy, but people are letting themselves down here by telling this guy what he can and cant afford. Thats utter pish and out of order. The arguement seems to be that a lot of people are saying if they earned more they would be haply to pay more. This is fair enough but it doesnt make mention that on a % model, he already does pay more. I personally think the higher rate is set at too low a salary but thats just opinion. Wont stop me voting SNP.
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    Nice photo of Boghead on a sunny day. Any ideas on opposition or year?
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    I can’t believe that you’ve asked if two separate shots at goal, by two different players, is one shot or two.
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    The Arabian character is having a mare
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    They like to think they're the Scottish version of Man U, so they'll have seen the success they've had with Solskjaer. All they need to find is a bang average striker they had over a decade ago who's failed as a manager further down the same league...
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    I genuinely don't get the anger towards Brendan from some Celtic fans. Managers change jobs for a variety of reasons, all the best to him at Leicester
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    Lennon to get the job and take them to 10 in a row - imagine the rage from the orcs!!
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    The simple solution here is a wifi controlled smart plug for his PS4. One bit of lip, floodlight failure. Pipe down ya wee dick or its never going back on. Failing that, track down an old broken PS4, buy it, then smash it to fucking smithereens in front of him when he moans about his dinner so he tginks its the real one. I hate this little c**t already.
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