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    Posting about my smelly former colleague has reminded me of my previous post about some of my colleagues in Inverness, reproduced here: I used to work with several beauts back in Inverness. One was a guy who was a kind of squat fat chap who claimed to have spina bifida so got work to buy him a super-duper chair with buttons and stuff. Obviously when we were nights we snaffled it and took turns to race around the place on it. Eventually he cottoned onto this and from then on got the security guard to lock it away at nights. He also used to carry one of those iron briefcase things to work and if he wasn't working he'd open it on his desk and rummage around in it, slamming it shut if he heard someone come near him. Once a team leader from our shift opened it when he was on his break and it was full of food packaging and sweetie papers He must have noticed that his briefcase was out of position (think the penguin in Misery) so he sent an email to everyone in the team saying that he was very disappointed and that if anyone wanted to look in his briefcase we should just ask him. He also used to come into work insanely early, like six hours before his shift was due to start and just sat around. He was bizarrely keen and seemed to think this would do him good in his career. However, it didn't mainly because the manager of the place had to tell him to stop it as his 18 hour a day stints were threatening the insurance. His career prospects were probably more harmed by the fact that his ex girlfriend worked in the upstairs office and she had a restraining order against him due to the fact that he stalked her after they split up. This meant that he missed out on training courses and couldn't apply for any promotions as most of the interviews were done upstairs. How staying in the office for a ridiculous ammount of time would make his employers forget that they had a loon on the staff is beyond me. He was thick as horseshit anyway. Another favourite was Neil, a guy I worked with after getting a promotion of sorts. Neil was an older guy, most of the people there were in their early 20's. He was about 45 and when I first joined the team he was pretty quiet but he was always keen on a night out. This was because he had a drink problem. He wouldn't drink all the time but if he got started he didn't finish for days/weeks/months. He took a holiday once and didn't come back to work for four or five months. The company couldn't contact him and after a month or so sentthe police round to check he wasn't dead. He admitted he had 'a problem' and was allowed back. That's when the fun really began. When he came back he was quite different, he was obviously on medication to control his urges towards drinking and it turned him into a walking comedy sketch. He would jive across the office, call everyone man and constantly, I mean constantly, hum to himself. I used to sit next to him and it was like sitting next to a radio constantly tuned to Jazz FM. "Dooo bee doo doo doo bap doo wop doo waaaah" for every second of the 8 hour shift. He would also talk/sing to himself about what he was doing, as Swampy remembers. So if it was his week doing the morning reports you'd get "doo bee doo be dobeee, ahh'mmm doooooin the morning report, doop doo dee waaah". Eventually he'd take things that were said or mentioned and work them into his routine. So if someone said "Who's coming fro lunch? I fancy a sandwich" you'd get about 30 seconds later "Lunchy lunchy woo beee doooo". This was noticed and we'd deliberately mentioning things completely out of context to get them into his songs. One notable occasion was when a mate of mine stood up apropos of nothing and said very loudly "GLOVES" and sat down. Thirty seconds later "gloves, wooo hoo dop yeah, gloves yeahh" Neil eventually left, the company gave him an ace reference to get rid of him. On one of his drinking benders (which continued despite his treatment) he saw our line manager shopping with his wife and kids and followed him around Tesco shouting abuse, probably like thisL "dooo bee doo deee doo you are a c**toooo".
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    Here he is #meltdowncity
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    Sounds exactly like someone me and ah-dee worked with. The boy I'm speaking about also talked with a fake American accent despite being from Montrose, ate dried mealworms and used to regale us all with tales of paintings he had done substituting a paint brush for his penis. Jackson Bollock ?
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    It wasn't a private message, it was a system support request. I'm personally not a fan of posting requests or PMS but your comments after being banned were so ridiculous... I'm actually embarrassed for you. To think people in your town will actually know who you are. You got banned, you spat the dummy and threatened the site owner with a regulatory body if he didn't remove the posts you had made. Posts made under an anoymous username ffs. What an absolute balloon. After all that you come scuttling back and have the temerity to complain. Plenty of other posters comeback after being banned and post with no issues. Not you though, your arrogance is incredible and quite frankly you're not welcome on the site Feel free to take your latest banning to the GDPR, UN or Starfleet.
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    I seem to recall Rangers died.
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    #youngmotherwell thank u, next
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    I think what we can all take away from this thread is the fact that Rangers, their team, their fans and their manager are absolute scum.
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    This is a bit like me deciding to build an extension, and writing to the council to ask them what I need in order to get planning permission. I might then fill out all the documents and get an architect to do a drawing to ensure that I meet of the council's conditions, but that doesn't mean that the council will build the house for me. I still have to get all of my neighbours to agree, and then I need to get someone to actually do the work.
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    You have just posted this to a kilmarnock fan you absolute fanny
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    YAAAAAAAS. Young Motherwell run the show!
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    Courtesy of Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. (Lobster, Brown Crab, Langoustines, Scallops, Oysters, Clams
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    Instead of posting this every week, could you tell us who you think might have applied?
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    Thoughts and prayers with the Killie fans x
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    Poor stuff, Boab. I hope every A'deen fan get home safely. It's only football.
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    On the subject of the 500 club I too am a member and if this has in anyway taken us from third tier obscurity to championship title challengers then money well spent in my book.
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    In principle, I do agree with your point regarding the fickleness of fans (of all clubs, not just RR!) But, speaking as somewhat of an outsider, I've seen a decent amount of praise on here and on twitter for the subsidies for the buses, as well as praise from fellow outsiders like myself at the great uptake and support you're taking through.
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    Can you save this pish for Friday/Saturday? I.e. when you're still seething about anything that happened in this game and I've moved on from this thread forever.
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    Respect your opinion, even if I disagree. My vote would go to Scott McDonald. He'd be my key player for those play-off games - his midfield shift at Ibrox was sensational, which allowed Johnson, Ainsworth and Erwin to flourish. If you could add that, to him pretty much keeping us up on his own in 2006/07, he's saved us from relegation twice this century. Fire in a £700k transfer fee, plus him bringing on players like Moult & Erwin to levels not many thought possible (which in turn led to transfer/compensation fees of circa £1m). He also showed, prior to The Model becoming a thing, that players can go to Motherwell, learn their trade and go on to perform at the highest level (winning leagues, cups and scoring in the Champions League, as opposed to playing for Oxford and Middlesbrough Reserves). There's no denying Johnson's transfer fee and subsequent sell-on clause was very timely, considering what we were going through at the time, but McDonald > Johnson, IMO.
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    I'm sure the majority of Indians are hard working but the ones I've dealt with are devious lazy sycophants who seem to get away with murder. You’ve been bullied out of every job you’ve ever held to be fair, maybe you should start acting more like your Indian colleagues.
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    Ballsy programme cover from the Dandies imo
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    According to commentator Tavernier "just about" scored there. No you muppet he scored. What is it about commentators and this shite.
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    I'd like to add to this that if Keith Jackson is reading this, YOU'RE A FUCKING w**k M8.
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    Surpise, surfuckingprise. I'm actually doing well for once and the Archbishop of Wankerbury can't be arsed to put the tables up. For shame.
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    how could slams be left out until now. shame on you all! its the one that angers me the most oh. oh over use af angry as an emotion. ^^^ Dees ace slams top beaks in sensational broadside. PS If Keith Jackson is reading this, as I know fine well he is, feel free to use that one for free.
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    This is what you're up against troops
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    I think praise has been given on this forum when it has been deserved, I’ve seen people on this forum and the cup forum praising the buses, as well as the fantastic social media coverage, good signing McGlynn has brought in and the contract extensions that has happened. If you compare P&B with the donkeys on Facebook we are a nice wee bunch, who in my opinion do praise the club when it’s been appropriate
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    Know who merits a warning? That bellend Liverpool supporter. Just been on the Misc. Football part, most threads are just saturated with his inane drivel. Rap it or piss off.
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    Aren't football fans a fickle lot? They will pounce on anything which they perceive is a mistake or an error of judgement and vent their spleens overloading social media sites with vitriolic condemnations. However when the football club does something positive e.g. subsidising buses to the Hibs game is this met with pages of congratulatory messages? No chance. This is a fantastic gesture from Raith Rovers which has resulted in a lot of extra work for the office staff and volunteers. £5 return to Edinburgh, on a day when public transport will be under severe pressure, ensuring our fans will be able to attend the game with the minimum of hassle should be universally applauded. Well done the Rovers!!!
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    Still, at least it doesn't bother you.
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    Whatever happens now @thisGRAEME & @Desp mentioning the play-off's mean tonight will be a damp squib. Four days of unbridled joy, from early beers before, the scenes at half-time of the Ibrox game when we realised we weren't shiting it, starting the second half by going 3-0 up and really believing we could have scored five or six and the Cathouse after . Move on to Sunday and a 9am start on the tins, squeezing about 30 folks into my living room, some of who I'm pretty sure weren't invited, Cammy Bell and the sea of limbs in the celebrations afterwards, a struggle to get into any pub in Motherwell (remember the Electric shut early to avoid some of their regulars spitting the dummy?), Wetherspoons and being reminded I'd promised after losing 2-0 to Accies on the Friday night, that if we stayed up, I'd shave my head - a mate's dad then went home for various bits of hair cutting utensils, came back, shaved my head and then revealed he was a lorry driver.
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    Being a normal grown up man none of that makes any sense.
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    f**k me min Can’t believe I’m saying this but what a game tbf. A genuinely very good performance from Aberdeen second half but the damage was done in the first GMS, Shinnie, Stewart all very, very good but it just wasn’t our night. I think we’ll be 3rd at worst but will be very difficult to overhaul Sevco now Congrats to The New Club for the win at the fourth attempt this season
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    BREAKING: Huge blow for TheRangers and Protestant Unionist Loyalism as a whole ahead of tonight's game as Ross Thomson MP ruled out for 6-12 months for being a sex case.
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    Backlog impacts many clubs. Glenafton did the double. When Pollok were winning the league at the start of the super league introduction they were also reaching the later stages of the Scottish semifinals and 1/4s, dealing with games called off. It impacts everyone. The team that wins the league each year is usually the best in the West. It is far from true that every season Talbot have not won the league that it’s down to backlog !!! And pretty disrespectful to all the other 11 league winners in the last 16 years
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    Call me old-fashioned or outdated if you must, but it doesn’t sit right with me that Hibs are moving away from the tried and tested method of appointing good and honest Irish, Catholic managers.
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    Not really a surprise as Lang & co seem quite sure of their innocence even though the report was reasonably damning. Presumably there's some other evidence or we're just trying to reduce the fine amount. Either way I'd rather this was done quickly. We all enjoy making fun of the roasters from the Morton thread but now we might have a team with actual footballers I'd rather read about that.
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    Coming from the guy who posted the same photo in two threads for maximum attention that means a lot thanks xx Glorious
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    Talbot have won 5 league titles in 16 years of super league Talbot haven’t won the league for the last 2 seasons. No doubt they will get a financial benefit from this run, as they did back in 2012, however to say everyone else will struggle is factually incorrect. The league and cup may be won again by Talbot this season, but equally like the last two seasons they may not (1 out of 4) Your post makes the west league seem like it’s the professional premier league where one team does dominate all of that, junior football is slightly different and for all Talbots success and winning the most trophies, it’s doesn’t happen every season.
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    haha, get them doon the Baron's Haugh in those wee bird watching sheds, tunes on with bottles of Mad Dog.
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    I really like Matty, he did a massive turn for us last season contributing a few goals and points that were desperately needed in the closing games. It would be a real shame to see him edged out, he's got a fair bit of potential.
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    There was a young lassie called Rowan, Wi' a puss that resembled Tam Cowan, "Want a keek at ma' bits ? Ma' vagina and tits ? Then ah'll swally yer spermatozoan."