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    Brilliant, you received a warning on the 4th of April last year for referring to someone as a retard. Glad it's not been eating away at you like. Fucking idiot.
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    Absolutely well worth the red card just for that photo alone.
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    Honestly don’t understand the amount of negativity after today. It wasn’t great but light years ahead of our last home game against Dunfermline. There’s definitely encouraging signs there and we are absolutely a much better now than we were before January. Heard one guy on the way out saying ‘that’s not any better than the first game of the season’. Absolutely mental statement.
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    Just realised that when I was steaming I wished Goncalves a happy new year, and he replied Love that man
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    I can imagine what they were like but can you blame them? How long have we been on your mantlepiece? Until a month or so ago we hadn't won a derby in a very long time ad never under JW. The Loons have now beat all three Angus teams. Also, we are used to your lot over celebrating and gloating to the max after beating us, you're not in a position to critsize. i started this post saying "I can imagine" as it's the first Derby I've missed since we beat Brechin 5-1 away on a Boxing Day match a few years ago. I need to stay away more often!
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    Paton and DKD need to start next week IMO.
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    Just climb yourselves back up on the mantlepiece, Dees. Thank you.
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    Yet they’ve failed to win in five and in his previous spells at Hibs he had sides with players that were more than good enough not to lose 16 times over two Championship seasons, more than good enough to get through the playoffs and more than good enough to finish above Falkirk. They failed to do those things because Stubbs is a bad manager. He’ll obviously always be popular among Hibs fans for the cup win but his overall managerial record, including his league record at Hibs, is genuinely terrible. Having a good record in cup competitions doesn’t make him an appropriate choice to take over a side with an unhappy squad who are on a terrible run which needs to be turned around, and doesn’t compensate for the reality of that being the last kind of setting Stubbs is likely to perform well in.
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    Club legend and manager extraordinaire, I give you Gary Caldwell. Perfect fit for Hibs.
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    How good is Doohan though? A fucking brilliant keeper. I'm 34 and this is the first time I can ever remember being totally confident when the other team is pumping big high balls at us, even late corners etc. The lad is class.
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    Not necessarily. The BBC, for example, in its never-ending quest of pretending to be neutral, has (until recently) ensured that climate change denial got an equal amount of airtime to the facts. They do it all the time. "Here's Dr John McWeather, with two PhDs in climatology, here to explain why climate change is happening. And to debate him, we have Gammon McGammon, a 'man with a van' who specialises in fly-tipping, who says climate change isn't happening because it's cold outside today"
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    Suddenly this takes on a sinister new significance...
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    50000 **** stopped watching their team when they died. They now watch a new team.
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    I think we need to can this 'Brechin reject' patter. Melingui maybe isn't everyone's idea of a Sons striker, but he came into a struggling team, gave his all and scored an excellent goal the likes of which Gallagher, Russell, Loy, Aitchison, etc., have generally failed to do this season. I think he has the right to a wee bit more respect for his efforts today.
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    How can either team get rattled at this result. A total anticlimax that changes nothing. Both teams will have wanted a win, both teams will be disappointed with the draw. End of story. Neeeext.
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    As scummy a post as you'll ever see on here.
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    Hi Isa, mind that time you got banned from here then made a c**t of yourself by threatening the site owner with data protection laws if he didn't remove all your old posts. And you come creeping back. Priceless.
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    How so? Hardly any outrageous celebrations. Just celebrating an unexpected win against the team top of the league, who are better than us.
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    Have we won enough games in a row to start referring to ourselves as a juggernaut yet?
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    I know he's going through a tough time but I'd imagine it's a bit early for Griffith's to be thinking about management
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    That's not what makes Stubbs a good choice, but it contextualises this "terrible league manager" label that Stubbs has been given by some Hibs fans and a lot of neutrals. It simply isn't true, and if it is then Lennon has to be given a similar label, because he 'outperformed' Stubbs in a much weaker Championship by a single point. Back to Stubbs, he had two bad spells as manager, one at the very start when he was trying to assemble a team from the car crash that Butcher had left behind, and then in the spring of 2016 when he couldn't operate a team to fight on three fronts. Finishing third behind Falkirk is a price worth paying for wining the Scottish and reaching the League Cup Final. He is the only manager in our history to take us to both cup finals in a season, and though Motherwell and Aberdeen have done in the last couple of years, it's pretty rare that a non-OF side does that. Maybe I'm just a bit of a romantic when it comes to football, but clubs like Hibs are, with the best will in the world, not going to ruthlessly conquer and dominate Scottish football. People get so worked up about whether we finish 5th or 8th when in truth it really doesn't matter. What do matter (to me at least) are the cups, they are the only realistic chance of success that Hibs have, and we have only won six in our history. Stubbs is good in cups, let's give it a go. Edit: TLDR, some standard Hibs warrior poetry.
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    Only saw the last 15minutes last night, but well done Ayr and it seems like you deserved it. Given the place and the date, nice comment from the BT Sport commentator at the end - “A win’s a win for a’ that”. Class.
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    You see, that patter only works when you’re not bottom of the league.
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    ****WARNING - If you’re easily offended stop reading ***** Started with a 4-2-3-1 formation although Hume ghosted between a defensive midfielder and central defender. A lovely through ball by Brown released Barr and he failed to get either a cross or shot away. Then Mcilduff crossed for Healy but he headed straight at the keeper. After a bright opening 5 mins the remaining 85 were painful. Mcilduff produced a superb diving block to keep the scores level. It wasn’t long before the first goal appeared. Wilson caught sleeping, Gow around his blind side, clatter, penalty. Stone wall, no arguments. Hume failed to close his man and QP score a worldly to make it two. The reaction from our players at this point was fuckin embarrassing. Brown losing the ball and jogging back, basically not giving a f**k. Knox playing like a 9yo kid. Hume just disgracing himself. Wilson getting turned inside out and Barr never involved. We then swapped to 5 at the back and were even worse in the centre of the park. Further goals followed before we got a late consolation. Every single QP cross into our box resulted in a free header, one hitting the post and others scrambled clear. There was no organisation whatsoever at the back or anywhere else on the pitch. Hume and Wilson are not good enough, pure and fuckin simple. Releasing Todd without a better replacement coming in wasn’t the best move. He’s in at Cowdenbeath with both Stenhousemuir and Forfar sniffing about yet deemed not good enough for a side 9th in div two. Mcilduff was the only player to earn a mark higher than 3, maybe Orru who did well second half playing on the left of midfield deserves credit. Phillips had a poor season prior to his departure but actually had his best game against Clyde playing as a holding midfielder. We are now weaker in that area with Dec injured. We have too many EOS standard players and look a poor EOS team right now. Forget Penicuik, Bonnyrigg and Nitten, we need established league players in before the window closes or its goodnight. Our new signing Adamson appeared on 63 mins and failed to touch the ball !!! Today was actually much worse than the 9-2 defeat at Peterhead. It hurt badly sitting watching that absolute pish but I’ll still be there next week cheering us on. Congratulations to QP. Galt, Gow and Hawke tore our incompetant defence to shreds, while the search party is still looking for our midfield.
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    A HUGE positive from a difficult week at school. As part of the funeral of the young laddie who died last weekend, the funeral procession came through the school car park to allow those who couldn’t or didn’t go to pay final respects. EVERY remaining high school student on the day went out, despite it being -20F ( about 80 of a school roll of 180ish). They all stood in total, respectful silence not just as the hearse was there but also as all the rest of the cars passed. It was one of the most moving things I have ever seen and been a part of. Why share? Because not all ‘Murcan kids are vapid little shits or gang punks. Thank you if you read, apologies if to;dr
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    Oh god. Here we go. Talk to friends - YES Talk to charity services - YES Get support you are entitled to - YES Use it to avoid accountability - NO
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    Welcome to your new look league tables, which look very much like the old ones except they have a new column that is blank for absolutely everyone except pleslie99. Hope you like 'em. The Premiershit trophy looks like it's heading back over The Pond to Michigan. 14 golds is a certainly an achievement not to be sneezed at. And who sneezes at achievements anyway? Christophe is back to semi-winning ways with a 2nd place ... at the other end, just like his team, German Jag finds himself routed to the bottom. Mark Connolloy's late flurry proved futile, and Helpma is a struggler and in the play-offs. BWV - the forum's 2nd favourite moderator, achieves his first ever silver medal. They truly will be singing on the streets of Villa / Clyde this evening. AFJ returns to the Premiershit fold and Adamski turns in another "Killer" performance (proud of that one ... no need to clap) to enter the play-offs and possible back-to-back promotions. At the shame end, it's off to the gulags for CaspianChris, Slippers slips down, and Leedsy is in the play-offs. And in the basement league, DublinMagyar gets 1st place and to celebrate, has hidden his club badge. Not surprising given the team's recent capitulation to Rovers in the cup. BigBo10 is feeling proper bo, and James squeaks the play-off place from mathematics (hope you're feeling a bit aggrieved, so I can say "you do the math." Or something. Not really though that one through to be honest). Not sure what happened to Welshbairn and LincolnHearts as they were definitely posting here during the week. A charge of bringing the game into disrepute seems likely. Anyway, over to my faithful 2IC - @SlipperyP for your play-off question.
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    I loved the celebration at the final whistle when he hugged Doohan. You can tell he is going to give it his all till the end of the season. Class act.
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    If you don't appoint Stubbs, I never want to hear another word about how we should have kept him on/treated him badly, etc. Please, please appoint Alan Stubbs.
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    Disappointed to see this post hidden away on its own. This is by far the most important aspect to consider here and should be at the forefront of the Hibs fans minds. This is an appointment for all of Scottish Football. Dont let us down.
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    Congratulations Ayr. The better side by an absolute mile. We should have lost by 2 or 3.
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    Moffat was fantastic and I think his football brain is rubbing off on Shankland you see him doing the wee flicks and looking to bring in players about him, I hope when moff hangs up his boots there will be a place for him on the coaching staff.
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    Peak Ayr United. I fucking love this team! From arguably our worst result ever to top of the league in 6 days. Wow. Euphoric!
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    Good job we are going to win the Scottish Cup or this season would have been terrible
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    I'm with Daydream here; I'm not a huge fan of this pre-match pally pally shite. I hate every other team. Get them fucking annihilated Dundee.
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    If you could say for definite that there were plans in place for some sort of improvements however gradual, most people would be on your side and support you as it's obvious you haven't got money to make sweeping changes right away. An issue I have heard other clubs have with you is that you pay a nominal sum to the council for the hire of the park for two hours then the rest of the money you raise goes towards players, hence your progress up the leagues. Other clubs have the running of their facilities to pay which leaves them a lot less in the pot for players, when you couple this with the match experience at Rossvale that is where some of the resentment is coming from.
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    I probably said that after the 5-0 game but we need to use this as a catalyst for the rest of the season. Forget the fucking Talbot, Falkirk and ICT games. We showed tonight before Shankland came on that we could go toe to toe with a title challenger. Going forward we clearly need the big man but it’s incredibly harsh to the best GK and defence in the league to label us a one man team. Also you won’t see a much better display from a midfielder than the masterclass Docherty put on. I thought the decision to allow Crawford to play in the middle and play Murdoch our wide worked a treat. Crawford was superb and Murdoch got another assist. If Geggan isn’t back I’d play Murdoch there for now. Add another forward/winger to challenge McDaid and try and get a run of winning games. County have a tough game tomorrow so there’s no guarantee they’ll be back top of the league.
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    I thought our midfield was outstanding tonight no one saw Murdoch out wide for Crawford it was genius by McCall, Bell and Rose won every ball in the air and hardly put a foot wrong, McDaid ripped your right back a new one particularly in the first half, Craig Moore gets his redemption goal and Sir Lawrence is back what a brilliant night, we can win this! Mon Alloa!
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    In the space of a week Ayr United get papped out the cup by a junior team, and then win against Dundee United to go top of the league.
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