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    Unless they are absolutely skint, nothing makes me cringe more than when c***s spend ages discussing what they had rather than dividing the bill between the number of people. Had a mate playing the “aye but you had a steak” game because he was paying for a cruise at the time. You reach a point in life where you assume you are beyond this shit. He also doesn’t tip.
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    Merry Christmas to all Arabs. My advice to you all remains constant. Drink to forget.
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    a happy xmas to all lichties home and afar have a good one
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    Barisic , McGregor, Kent have all been excellent when fit Flanagan is played out of position Goldson and Katic were playing well until Worral came in and since then we’ve hardly seen the young Croat which I find baffling Grezda been given little game time but certainly looks as if he could be decent player in second half of the season Lafferty coming on changed this game. He has to find a way of starting both even if it means Laffs wide left of a three Ejaria flattered to deceive and won’t be anywhere near the Liverpool squad. Sadiq should have been driven straight to Glasgow Airport after that dive against Aberdeen McAuley has looked OK when played but he looks exactly like what he is. A 39 year old who is getting to live the dream before he retires Halliday has not let anyone down and I’m delighted for him. One of our own who never lets us down. Ok not a Stevie G signing but one written off by previous managers Middleton has a great future in the game. He’s a young lad given his chance and it’s a credit to him the support no longer mention his age. First team regular and still a teenager I’m not long up so probably missed one or two but IMO the signings have mostly been a hit but the centre of defence is still a worry Scott Arfield has also been excellent when fit. You have to remember Barisic, Arfield, Doran’s, Murphy have all been injured for quite lengthy periods this season
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    1. We had a good end to last season's league campaign and an excellent start to this one. Wheels have come off slightly in December, but we are still better placed than I had expected or even hoped (9 out of 10) 2. Liam Caddis has been fantastic. 3. I think Graham Wilson is the best striker in the league, but if I could have anyone it would be Peewee Hyslop. 4. Coming back from 3-0 down to beat the current league champions at Bellsdale in October. 5. The five goal capitulation to Talbot earlier this month. 6. Perfect with the exception of two minutes in June. 7. Winning the West for the first time in our history was fantastic, particularly having to beat the best two teams in the country in the semi-final and final within the space of fifty hours. All in all 2018 was a very successful year, but our report card will always be slightly tarnished with a COULD HAVE DONE BETTER comment.
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    The topic of bill splitting is perhaps one for another thread but...here's a cautionary tale from your Uncle Shotgun. A few years back, we were invited to the 21st of the daughter of some friends, at a local hotel. Mrs Shotgun wasn't feeling well so I just went solo and ended up sitting at a table with a group of other middle-aged folks...and one young couple, about as old the party girl. It seemed a bit odd that they would want to spend their evening with a bunch of ancient people they didn't know instead of others their own age but there's no accounting for taste. Additionally, as the evening wore on, I found myself idly speculating at how a pair of kids, barely old enough to drink, could afford to be packing it away like they were doing. They were ordering round after round of shots for themselves, often as fast as the waitress could bring them and were getting well hammered. It took perhaps longer than it should but finally the penny dropped and the next time the waitress came by, I let her know I was ready to close out my tab. The other old folk took their cue and it was almost comical to watch the kids' eyes get really big. "Oh, are we not just splitting the bill?" asked the girl in a plaintive voice. I twisted the knife. "Nah," I said. "We've only had 2 or 3 drinks each. Why would we split it?" Sure enough, when the checks came, theirs was about 3 times that of the rest of the table put together. I kind of wish I'd stayed to see how it played out but as I was saying my goodbyes, the pair of them were going from table to table asking "Can someone lend us some money?" And of course, by "lend", I'm sure they meant "give." Welcome to the grown up world kiddos.
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    Folk that suggest splitting the bill equally despite clearly having had much more expensive food / drink than others in the group. At my first work Christmas night out in my first job, I was the lowly (and lowly paid) accounts assistant sitting next to the finance director, he getting paid at least 10 times what I was. Very conscious that I barely had two beans to rub together, and the company was not subsidising the meal, I ordered a cheap main course, one drink and nothing else. The FD was getting the lobster, fillet steak, vintage wines etc. - the most expensive stuff on the menu. Then come bill time, he decided (didn't ask anyone else) we'd split the bill between all of us. I was silently fuming, but didn't want to get the sack from my first job so didn't say anything. I chucked in what my share was worth, plus a couple of quid tip, and kept my gub shut when total was a tenner short.
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    You should edit that Frank. Muppet only has one T.
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    All we want for Christmas is some exciting players to watch. And big Nads.
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    If we can’t beat this lot at home then we should just offer our relegation at 5pm on Wednesday. 3-0 Livi.
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    If we are looking at ex-Jags I'd take a shot on Aaron Taylor-Sinclair...
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    Ye, have a cool yule, one and all
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    It’s certainly gratifying to me that we can look beyond our own borders and help those significantly less fortunate than we are.
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    Well he would be, if any of it had actually happened.
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    I know he makes the odd mistake but I like the fact he at least tries to attack and push us forward. he can beat a man and gets shots away. we have had too many like minded midfielders that are happy to push the ball sideways and backwards so they don't get stick.
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    Could and surely should be some in the Cambuslang area but you never know
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    Guy standing on one leg at an ATM outside the bank looking a bit agitated. Asked him if he was ok. Said he was just checking his balance.
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    You don't set high standards. You set overly high expectations. Your standards are poor. 4 wins in 16.... 25% win record. That's not a particularly high standard is it. ?? Kid yourself on all you like, but Glencairn and Rossvale are well ahead of you, as are over half the table
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    [emoji767]Heart of Midlothian FC
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    0-3 Lions Matt Prater [emoji1303] Look at that youthful exuberance and ready to take on the world optimism just oozing from him at the start of his career!!! And look at what playing for the Lions does to you... Look... just look!!!
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    Not a bad wee couple a wins yesterday/today... Last £1 in ma bet365 stuck it on a 13 fold double chance coupon, returned £31 odd. Used £8 on the whyte fight, returned £21 And stuck £5 on the rangers bet builder, returned £20. Got £59 for my £1 so far [emoji106]
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    Didn't see the stamp at the time. Idiot. He is well known for that type of thing though. He had an absolute nightmare on Saturday.
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    Was he not on loan from Dundee United?
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    Still better than when Ric and the Ghost of Jim Morton used to "debate", I reckon.
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    I think you could play a number 10 and still get Moffat in the team. Forrest is probably the closest thing we’ve got to a number 10 and is capable of playing well out wide. I feel that we lack options though when things aren’t going our way especially when we can’t get past a defence. Whether a new wide player could make a difference to that I’m not sure. And yes I’d say Cardle would be good enough at this level. I’d probably have him ahead of Armstrong although the latter has potential to improve.
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    What time of you year do you start to grow the thitsles ? He said any time. He got her a pot to put in as well.
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    Thot we had all agreed to ignore edi
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    Which is the odd one out - a fridge, a washing machine, a microwave and a woman? The microwave, because the others drip when they're fucked.
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    Oh ffs. I'm going to have to delete the thread now.
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    Based on the McDiarmid game, we should win this about 6-0. Absolutely gutted we won't have more than 400 fans there though, an absolutely massive blow and means the chances of us winning have gone right down. Our only hope is that the home support can stay below 3k, if it creeps over that figure, can't see us even managing a shot.
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    Was Harkins a large earner with you lot? Seems a bit odd to just hand him to Partick/Falkirk halfway through a season.
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    There were a good few blue bunnets at Jmp last saturday gotw 🤣🤣🤣And all the best to all at the roch .
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    I'd take quality over quantity every day of the week. He wasn't always great but similarly to Dobbie, even when he's quiet he can make something happen out of nothing.
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    If Corbyn really wanted the keys to number 10, he’d sack this whole Brexit farce and declare that “if we win, we in the Labour Party will support the retraction of A50 and remain in the EU’’. I think he’d win with a small majority but could then request the support of both the SNP and the LibDems to offer their broad support at Westminster. He might have to lose one of two of more dangerous and unelectable members of his current shadow cabinet. But honestly think he’d have a better chance of ousting the Tories following the above position.
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    Workers of many other minimum wage jobs do not get tips. Why should a waiter/waitress get a tip?
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    Totally agree. He was the stand out performer. I actually looked him up online (before he scored) because I assumed he was a loan player from a Premier club. Was pleasantly surprised to see he is a 20 year old who seems to have come through the ranks at Stranraer.[emoji106]
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    That was a breeze for County. Didn’t both their arses and came away with a comfortable win. Once again we create absolutely nothing. No idea what goes on in Caldwell’s head. Playing 2 wingers upfront with a striker playing as 10 then changing the full formation so he can bring on a CM as a LM.
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    You're getting me mixed up with 'Danger' mate.
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    Are you sure you're not upset at Dundee fans due to you going through a weird phase of constantly appearing on our threads with bizarre, irrelevant shite in a terrible attempt at trolling as if there was some sort of Dundee/Kilmarnock rivalry going on, which ultimately always ended up on you getting called out as being a weirdo? Yes, I'm pretty sure that's it.
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    Aberdeen Current team is pretty good, but their fans don’t half have delusions of grandeur. You were good once in the ‘80s. Get over it. Stadium is a shitehole too. Always liked Hicham Zerouali (RIP), and apart from the aforementioned delusions of grandeur their fans seem a decent bunch. Celtic Have to admire the current team, they’re lightyears ahead of anyone else in Scotland. Most of the Celtic fans I know are decent, but your Green Brigade, slavering cunts who make up most of the match day crowd are a joke. Lubomir Moravcik was a fantastic player, and how could you not like Henrik Larsson? Neil Lennon’s a p***k though. Dundee Shite stadium, arsehole manager. Used to like them when they were going mad signing Ravanelli and Caniggia, don’t feel strongly either way about them now. Better than the cunts over the road. Hamilton I’ve never understood why they have no fans, even in Hamilton you’re hard-pressed to find an Accies fan. Stadium with a view of Sainsbury’s is a bit of a minter. Used to be proper aresholes in the Billy Reid days, Martin Canning is just a brain donor. I like Donati. Hearts Team are a big dirty bunch. Always have been. Maybe Cathro will change that, but for now they will retain the tag. Tynecastle is, in my opinion, the best stadium in the Premiership. Steep stands, close to the pitch, almost always full. Inverness I like Inverness. It’s a good away trip, seem to play good football in most seasons. When they first came up you’d get a free pie occasionally because they’d made too many. Kilmarnock Shite for years, can’t keep up with who actually plays for us, high percentage of fans are moaning-faced arseholes (pot-kettle, I know), chairman’s a p***k. Probably one of my least favourite teams in the Premiership, but that’s because I support them. Motherwell Know plenty of ‘Well fans and they’re a sound bunch. Similar kind of club to Killie, so I don’t mind seeing them do well. Will always get extra affection from me for the pumping they dished out to the Huns in that play-off. Lovely old job. I guess they lose points for that Hun on here who claims to support them. Patrick Thistle Quite like Thistle too. Shite strips right enough. Rangers Hun cunts. Fans are thick as fuck and think the world’s out to get them, team’s full of arseholes and always has been, the songbook is vile. The thing about a Hun is, you can spot them. Some just have a Hunnish look. Even without the Hun shirt, I’d have know the “Big Hoose must stay open” guy was a Hun. I will admit their death and subsequent revival as a comedy roadshow has been amusing, so they're not entirely without redeeming features. A Hun-dred more reasons to hate them though. Ross County I’ve never actually been up at Dingwall, and I think I’ve met one Ross County fan in my life. Sound guy right enough. Were the benefactors of a particularly Hibsy Hibsing, so the memory of that probably puts them into the gid guys category. St Johnstone Can’t offer an objective opinion after the sickening violence perpetrated against myself and others in various Meh Derbies. The physical scars may fade, the hatred never will. (Still not as bad as the Huns though)
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