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    Got to admire Fasan’s positivity.
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    Well done to ayr United today and best wishes in the next round. Spoke to loads of Ayr fans who loved their day out today, it was something different for them and they were a genuine bunch who got on great with us over a few beers. We took it as far as we could against a top championship team and we gave them a few nerves in doing so via the aforementioned 68 minutes that were 0-0 , im as proud as ever to be a beith fan after today and good luck to Ayr for the season ahead
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    Now they have access to a football, North Sentinel Island will be above Scotland in the FIFA rankings in about 6 months
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    Wonder how many Summers McInnes will now spend trying to sign Danny Johnson.
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    That was fantastic, absolutely fantastic. That's the best Stenhousemuir performance I've seen in years - everyone in maroon played well and we thoroughly deserved the win. My expectations going into the contest were low - Falkirk are a bad side but they had appeared to have shown a degree of competence and organisation in recent weeks, while Stenhousemuir had slumped to the bottom of League 1 and sacked their manager without any apparent thought as what to do next. I thought the visitors would win 2-0, scoring midway through each half in a comfortable display. And, after seven minutes, I though Stenny were onto a loser when Paul Paton slammed the ball into the net from close range. They were the better team in the opening exchanges, with Tommy Robson a particular danger on the left. Twice he wrong-footed Connor McBrearty as he slalomed into the penalty box and on the second occasion his low cross was, after several attempts, rifled home by Paton. At this point I feared the worst but we equalised shortly afterwards when McBrearty, unmarked, looped a header beyond Leo Fasan's despairing dive. It was a shabby goal to concede, with no-one appearing to organise the Falkirk defence. Moments later, McBrearty would do the same thing - unmarked, looping header, into the net - and from that point on, Stenny settled into the match and controlled the play. The backline looked comfortable, beyond clearing long balls aimed at Dennon Lewis, the midfield of Mark Ferry, Harry Paton and Kieron Gibbons knocked the ball amongst themselves, and Mark McGuigan tussled with Aaron Muirhead and Pat Brough, often getting the better of them. McGuigan directed Alan Cook's cross narrowly beyond the post and there were a number of shots blocked on the edge of the area. It was straightforward stuff. Just as the match neared the interval, Falkirk equalised. It was probably the moment of the game - Deimantas Petravicius raced onto a long ball and, with a gorgeous backheel, teed up Joe McKee to arrow a first-time shot low into the corner of the net. (A couple of weeks ago I was out for my dinner in Glasgow and I was sitting across from McKee and he chews with his mouth open and holds his knife and fork in the wrong hand. Make of that what you will.) It was a crap time to concede and I wondered if it would alter the match and turn it in the Bairns favour but it did not. Stenhousemuir were the better side throughout the second half - Paton was becoming increasingly influential and was fouled about five or six times in succession. Lewis Kidd scythed through him after the whistle had gone and he could have seen a red card if referee Alan Newlands had been a bit more unfavourable. The Warriors retook the lead when Brough, I think, made a hash of controlling a long ball and allowed Mark Ferry to steam in on goal. Rather than shooting, Ferry, excellently, teed up Sean Dickson to stroke the ball into an unguarded net. A beautiful goal and one his performance deserved. Falkirk could do nothing to change the pattern of the match and their flurry of substitutions failed to make any impact. At the death, McGuigan capped his display by holding off his marker, rolling round him and shooting across Fasan and into the net. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. Falkirk are a very bad side, make no mistake. They're probably the poorest side we've faced this season. Lewis is quite pacy up top and Petravicius showed a lovely touch to set up McKee's equaliser but other than that they left no impression. Out passed and out fought for the majority of the game - unacceptable against the worst side in League 1. They could not get close to Paton, Dickson or McGuigan all game. Pat Brough could well be one of the worst defenders I've seen in a long time. For all the "let's get to January" talk, there are so many faults with this side that it'll take more than one transfer window to sort. Ray McKinnon really has a hard job on his hands. Stenhousemuir were brilliant. Everyone excelled themselves and with a hitherto unseen fire. It's hard to pick a man of the match but I'd probably give it to Sean Dickson - I don't think I've ever seen him play wide right before but Jordan McGhee didn't get near him once. I'm looking forward to the upcoming fourth-round match with Aberdeen but I do hope we can build on this match and take it into next weekend's game against Arbroath. Picking up a point there would be a massive step in leading us away from the bottom of the table.
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    Nope. Highland League are happy to be part of the pyramid and deserve respect for having the balls to do so. Juniors like Talbot who act billy big bollocks but are terrified to leave their wee play pen deserve none and need put back in their box like today. Happy to help.
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    Exactly the same reason why planes heading for Glasgow airport no longer fly over Paisley.
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    Are all junior fitba fans just utter mutants?
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    Glad to see you took the time to correct the error in your first post and didn’t just take the lazy option of a cut and paste
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    The only two things that frustrated me about yesterday's game were the two Willies. Collum. Miller. A right couple of willies. With Collum he somehow manages to enrage both sets of fans with his utterly random decisions. For some reason yesterday pulling players back was not a yellow card despite it ALWAYS being a yellow card. Just makes his own wee rules up. As for Willie Miller. What a miserable sod. For a nil nil I really enjoyed the game. Both teams going for it, end to end for 90 mins. The defences were superb but both teams kept trying and got players forward. We should be talking up our game nor describing it as dross just because there were no goals. I was entertained and I'm sure most who attended were. Fud.
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    All the away fans on talking about how easy this will be for us. Check Opponents on a terrible run of form. Check Our support thinking that a corner may have been turned after a positive result against stronger opposition than we face next week. Check I've seen this film far too many times that I can read word for word how it plays out. I've now got the quaking fear about Saturday.
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    Convinced that Turnbull is one of those FM youth intake players that randomly appear aged 18 with perfect technicals.
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    Some result for The Warriors. Sare yin for The Bairns...
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    I can sleep tonight knowing the difference between their and there ya mutant.
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    Fantastic day out yesterday. Would love to see Clyde play a cup tie at Prestonfield. Superb set up. Left my Trail t-shirt on the train though . All the best for the rest of the season.
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    The knicker wetters in our support are hilarious. The two old duffers standing behind me at Stenny yesterday were talking as if we were already relegated. No player would want to come to us, etc, etc This time last season we were in a slightly worse position, being 4 points from 8th and having played a game more than the two teams above us. Hartley didn't exactly sign world beaters in January but it was enough to stay up by 17 points. If McKinnon can do likewise to replace the absolute shower of shite in the current squad, we'll be fine.
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    I'm more delighted than I should be that the 2 Johnson goal celebrations prove that the assailant, to this day, remains at large. ETA: It would be nice if they pointed that out on Sportscene. Hiya Michael! Hiya pal!
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    Felt nice lads. We destroyed from the first to the last hahahahahaha Enjoy your Brough lads. May I add get it right round you c***s.
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    The Sentinelese. A great bunch of lads.
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    And you still took Hertz on your coupon...
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    Slap my balls and call me Harry. 2.3k from bet 365. Take that you 265 million a year auld boot. It’s not any of my cash..... I’d rather have the 265 million.
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    Every time I go fox hunting now I’m going to pretend the fox is a Talbot fan.
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    Normally I like Michael Stewart but his highlighting Rodriguez-gorrins performance yesterday with the comment about how he was central to the way Motherwell have played recently was a joke A) He came on for about 20mins when we were 3-0 up B) He has had about 45mins of action since the start of the season. I was quite happy with how he played yesterday when he came on but to highlight his performance whilst ignoring Turnbull who I would say is more technically gifted is laughable. If David Turnbull was called Davide Turnbullez he may have got a mention.
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    There seems to be a lot of bawbags on this thread that support Ayr going on about diddy junior teams and junior fans supporting old firm here is a few facts for you Beith,Auchinleck have won every cup competion at there level Beith,Auchinleck have good grounds for there level Beith,Auckinleck get good crowds for there level Ayr have won f**k all in cup competition at there level Ayr have a ground that is a midden at there level Ayr for so called big club according to some on here have pish crowds avg att between 1500-2000 at there level I'm a Beith fan and don't support old firm So to the bawbag Ayr fans on here have a look in the mirror as the facts above don't read very good
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    Have you ever noticed only 1 Talbot fan posts at any given time? Must be the fact they all share a phone line like it was back in the 50s and only 1 at a time can use the dial up router at once.
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    That ship sailed years ago.
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    Just on yesterdays highlights, Joe McKees goal provides an excellent contrast to Andrew Irving who, if he could finish the way McKee does would be a fantastic prospect. As it is, his lack of effectiveness/final product is slowly but surely moving him to the punt pile for me. He is at the start of his career, but Id wager even with the limited player market of January, there are far more effective players at the end of their career available.
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    Junior clubs had the opportunity to join the Lowland League when it was being formed, but decided to stay put. Then when some forward thinking junior clubs in the East moved to the senior leagues all some junior fans can do is snipe. Constantly.
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    We are the big boys you are our bitches!
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    You're the guy that pinched his bird, who's the real criminal here?
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    Fair play to St Mirren, we were never in it, they really showed what they're capable of doing and hope they find a bit of form, mind you I hope we do also.
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    The Gretna Cup has more prestige than any Junior trophy.
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    Clearout. Almost completely please
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    Aye that's who Andrew Irving, Scotland under-19 International, should be aspiring to finish like. Deary me. McKee is a five goal a season non entity. Passing one in from inside the box against a crap League One team is hardly indicative of a treat finisher.
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    ^^^Load of shite^^^ Clearly your still seethin & making it up now..... Steve Clarke feels Killie shaded the best parts off our draw with St Johnstone as we were held to a 0-0 draw in Perth. Zander Clark produced a wonderful save to deny Greg Stewart while despite showing plenty of attacking intent, the final pass often let the visitors down on the day. Clarke said: "I think we probably shaded it on the balance of play. But the other thing I would say is that we didn't do enough in the final third. "We got into some really good positions but we didn't do enough to work their goalkeeper often enough. Although, when we did work him, he made a hell of a save. "But they will probably point to the one where the guy's cut in off the line and hit the post with the shot. "I suppose three weeks ago, if you had said we would go to Tynecastle and to McDiarmid Park and take four points we probably would have settled for that."
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    Nice of Ray McKinnon and the other Falkirk TV guys giving credit to our performance by paying us no respect whatsoever. "Fought hard for 90 mins and took their chances" Let's have it right - that was a comprehensive shoeing dished out by the Warriors. At times we played some excellent football - some of the inter-passing between Paton, Dickson, Ferry and Cook was tremendous. "Simple but effective" No, definitely not bitter at all.
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    And is this is exactly why he got embarrassingly emptied by a wee lassie. Get it round him. p***k
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    Here are this week's highlights. Next week's might be later on the Sunday due to volunteer availability after the game.
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    Morton’s attempt at hiding Ladbrokes sponsorship in the William Hill Scottish Cup today.
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    That’s the reason you love a Saturday ? What a sad f**k.
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    Your free highlights will be up around midnight, which is exactly the same fee as RaithTV volunteers get for filming and producing them.
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    That went well. To get it out the way first - Aberdeen were utterly shite to the point that I'm sure they save these performances until they play us. I've said before that - going back to his St Johnstone days - McInnes seems to overthink games against us (and we're really not that hard to beat). I genuinely can't remember an Aberdeen team at any time having less of an attacking threat and they seemed more intent on winning the physical battle against last season's 'Well team instead of what was in front of them. On us - I thought the main difference today was that our effort levels were back at the levels that we saw a lot last season - we got stuck in all over the park and in most cases, won our battles. Johnson's first was hilarious as everyone was screaming at him to pass it (and he should have really) but to be fair to him, it was a lovely finish and makes the decision to drop him all the more mystifying. There were a few really satisfying things from today. Firstly - Mbulu slotted straight in and again showed that there are players in the reserve that are physically ready. I found it interesting that we won what was a fairly tousy game in midfield with 2 out and out footballers in there. Bigi played well and thought Turnball against better players had a harder time but looked the part. Lastly - I thought Grimshaw was MOTM, as he often is against Aberdeen. I know that some 'Well fans don't rate him but I think he is excellent on his day and there is a challenge to him and Robinson to do it consistently... Glad I didn't choose the rugby.
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    I can see TV finding the ties involving Cowdenbeath and Airdrie particularly alluring.
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    St. Johnstone v Hamilton would be a shite game for tv. Get the Ayrshire derby on instead.
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