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    You clearly understand rural life, you goat shagging nonce.
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    Had a CT Scan and blood test today, just over a month and 1 year on from my operation to remove a cancerous tumour in my pancreas. Scan showed no relapse or metastasis and they've taken me off the chemotherapy too. Another step taken
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    suppose we should at least be grateful that she's not out shooting schoolkids like most americans....
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    Unemployed hospitality worker David Tanner today launched a bizarre attack on #TB4 giants Kilmarnock FC. The shiny faced former Daniel O'Donnell tribute artiste alleged that close personal friend and fellow job seeker Neil McCann had been sacked due to Killie wing sensation Jordan Jones slipping on Dundees dangerous non artificial pitch and not the nine straight defeats he had led his team through. He went on to attack the anonymous nature of the Kilmarnock boards statement concerning SFA Ogliarch John Fleming. When Kilmarnock Board member Phylis McLeish pointed out the statement was from the Kilmarnock board and in no way unattributed, David chose to vanish in to anonymity himself. Top sports journalist and Sky Sports presenter Hayley McQueen was unavailable for comment due to work commitments.
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    Exactly It wouldn’t take that long to convince him to leave a club like Morton. 5 or 10 minutes at the most.
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    That's, almost word for word, what was going through Durrant's head as he reached for the microphone.
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    The P+B Australian’s complaint to The Australian: “Good Morning The Australian I need to grumble about the on-line version of the Daily Quiz. Within the last week there have been 3 problems. Last Friday (19 Oct) the on-line quiz was a repeat of a recent quiz. On Monday (22 Oct) the last question was which country hosted the 1920 Olympics then gave a choice of cities, not countries. To compound the problem your answer was Budapest but it was actually Antwerp, one of the multiple choice answers, that was the host city in 1920 in Belgium. Now today (25 Oct) there are only 2 questions . This is seriously affecting the title chances and promotion and relegation spots for the participants in the 3 divisions of the Pie and Bovril Quiz league. Kind regards” ++++++++++++++++ The Australian’s response to the Australian: “ Hi Eednud Thanks for pointing this out. I will address the issue with the company that provides the quiz to us. Regards, Lisa-Ann”
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    "Hi Ray. We'd like to offer you a contract meaning you leave Mo..." "Where do I sign?"
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    Because shes an arsehole. A wid, but an arsehole. Ive no problem with the concept of herd control with deer etc as previously mentioned it ensures the population is kept under control. But killing several animals with high powered rifles which are just standing about in a field is nothing short of blood lust. If she managed to eat a full deer, goat and that ram then fair enough but hunting for trophies is nothing short of arsehole behaviour. Pretending to the fuckwit americans who follow her on twitter that she ‘hunted’ a sheep/goat when really she just lay down in a field beside the hotel and shot anything that grazed past is wanky behaviour. Add to that dressing up like GI Jane just incase the fucking defenceless goat shot back I presume?
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    Pretty sure I'm in full on love with Stevie Maclean, likes.
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    I agree with humane culling of a population to allow for sustainability, however this arsehole appears to have lay in a field in Islay pretending shes a fucking navy seal to shoot a goat that she could have quite easily just walked up to. What an absolute c**t, I truly hope that she gets thrown off a cliff by a not quite dead ‘trophy’ at some time.
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    Probably, "Mmm, this grass is very tasty".
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    Could also be a roll on deodorant.
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    "Here we go 10 in a row" Consoling themselves with their achievements in a league where their budget dwarves every other club's because they're getting papped in their only competitive games of the season that they care about. Minter.
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    Oh. My. David Tanner? More like David Shanner amirite
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    The only time I've agreed to a blind date was years ago when a mate of mine was running a newsgroup for some band or other. An American lassie on it was planning to tour Europe and had arranged to stay with him and his wife for a few days. I was single at the time, and he asked if I wanted to meet up with them and her: "I think you might like her..." He sent me a photo of her - all-American cheerleading type; blonde, racked and stacked, from somewhere in Ohio...Cindy from Cincinnati or something along those lines. What's not to like? She was due to arrive the Friday afternoon, and we'd arranged to meet in the Solid Rock that night - if you've never been there, it features a long bar perpendicular to the entrance, so you can see right down it as you come in. As I did, I saw my mate straight away down the far end - he's like 6'5" so he's hard to miss - and clocked what he was with. The intervening years had not been kind to Cindy from Cincinnati. Although recognisably the same burd, the photo had clearly been taken maybe ten years and twelve stone previously...we were now looking at the fringes of mobility scooter territory. I'm not ashamed to say I turned on my heel and legged it. Got a phone call the next day: "What happened to you last night?" "I saw her" "Aaaah..." I found out from him later there wasn't even the defence of her having a great personality or whatever - the whole time she'd been at theirs she was boring as f**k, totally high-maintenance, and ate them out of house and home.
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    Well while the Aussies manage to f**k up something else in this world, I'll return some sanity to the quizzing world with the results of RD1 of the cup. Goober Bud (4+4) v Leeds Saint (9+7) Goober Bud fired home consistent 4s in both legs but Leeds Saint's late arrival to the party with a 9 in the 1st leg put the tie to bed. A 7 in the 2nd leg was just for show. Final score 8-16 Ross. (5+5) v SlipperyP (6+4) A tight affair with slippery taking a narrow 6-5 lead into his home leg. Ross. managed to take the tie to extra time winning the 2nd leg 5-4. Final score 10-10 Welshbairn (6+3) v German Jag (5+6) Welshbairn won his home leg 6-5 but couldn't cope with the atmosphere at German Jags place and capitulated losing 6-3. Final score 9-11. Ziggy (6+4) v Dublin Magyar (7+4) A close affair settled by the single goal. Ziggy fell behind at home. Dublin Magyar sat in and defended his narrow lead in the second leg and even Ziggy throwing useless facts on Lake Titicacca at his opponent couldn't overcome the deficit. Final score 10-11. Peasy23 (7+4) v Dweezboy (4+5) Peasy scored a solid 7 in the 1st leg to take a comfortable 3 goal lead into the second leg. A valiant effort from Dweezboy in the return ultimately fell short. Final score 11-9. AFJ (2+4) v JamesP_81 (6+4) AFJ didn't even bother to communicate his score, made me hunt it down, now I see why. A pitiful 2 at home meant James had the tie all but done and dusted at half time. 2nd leg was just for show. Final score 6-10 Edmund (8+6) v Wastecoatwilly (8+6) Nothing could separate these two. Both attacks on top with defence being an afterthought. They need to do it all again in extra time. Final score 14-14. Cardinal Richelieu (6+3) v gkneil (7+3) A late showing from gkneil sealed the 1st leg with a last minute winner. Both Defences on top in the 2nd leg but gkneil holds out to go through. Cardi likes the fact losers stay alive in the losers shield, just as well as that's where he's heading. Final score 9-10 BWV (8+6) v Caspian Chris (7+6) BWV proving that the early bird catches the worm. 1st out the traps and had 8 in the net before Caspian Chris had even woken up. A tight 2nd leg but BWV hold on to progress. Final score 14-13. Helpma (9+4) v The DA (9+7) Goals galore in the 1st leg as the fans were treated to 9 a piece. Fan Expectations were high going into the second leg. The DA didn't disappoint and smashed home another 7, Helpma ran out of gas and crashes out. Final score 13-16. Christophe (4+6) v BigBo10 (3+2) League leader Christopher was big favourite coming into this one but made life hard for himself with a 4 in the home leg. Fortunately for him BigBo10 had a mare and wants the 10 minutes he spent on the quizzes back. Final score 10-5. Jacksgrsnda (3+4) v Scotfree (0) A walk over as Scotfree fails to show for his match leaving his fans disappointed. He later released a statement saying he was taking a few weeks out. We all wish him all the best. Final score 7-0. MSU (7+6) v Alang1993 (1+4) Another tie as good as over after the 1st leg. Shangalang1993 leaving himself far too much to do in the 2nd leg and a place in the losers shield beckons. Final score 13-5 Adam101 (5+4) v lincolnhearts (7+ v dyl (0) The 1st of the 3 ways (oooh matron) sees 1 team not even show up. Lincoln Hearts with a solid performance in both legs leaves his opponents chasing shadows. Final score 9-15-0. BIK (8+5) v The Captain (4+5) v Cowden0 (0) BIK makes home advantage count over his opponents in the 1st leg although 1 didnt turn up. The 2nd leg was a lap of honour as he sees the match home. 13-9-0 Tynierose (8+9) v Salvo Montalbano (9+6) v NJ2 (7+ Saving the best till last. A tie with 3 big hitters didn't fail to live up to its billing. Salvo takes a narrow lead into the 2nd leg, tynie with the best performance of the round sneaks into the next round leaving his high scoring opponents in shock. Final score 17-15-15 So 2 ties require extra time. @Ross. v @SlipperyP and @Eednud v @wastecoatwilly (Someone tag them please - done) Here's the question. As of right now (24th October 2018 9:30pm) how many articles are on Wikipedia? Answers to me by Friday 9am please.
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    Great stuff. I've just started week 2 of chemotherapy. I'm on about 10 pills a day and high on morphine So far so good!
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    I'd rather we somehow survived in the Premiership and had a clear out. No team needs a relegation. That league is a nightmare.
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    The irony You've spent weeks saying nothing was happening, insinuating that Morton hadn't actually made a complaint and that anyone who thought this could possibly go to a tribunal is an idiot. It has now been confirmed that a complaint was made and a tribunal will take place, which proves you were talking utter bollocks. You can drop the ITK act. Like the rest of us, you have absolutely no idea how the SPFL are going to rule on this. Maybe they'll take one look at it decide Morton are being ridiculous and throw it out while ordering Morton to cover any costs Falkirk might have accrued. Maybe they'll decide Falkirk are guilty of the alleged rule breaches and hand down any of the possible punishments available to them. Like me and everyone else, you don't know what's going to happen because you haven't seen McKinnon's contract with Morton and weren't party to any of the conversations between Falkirk, Morton and McKinnon on the day he went to Falkirk. It's okay to admit that you don't know what's going on.
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    I'm okay, I can go 46 minutes without a drink but at that point I need one or I'll die. Is attending the football at all necessary? No. People enjoy it. People enjoy beer. Why can't we just be adults here and enjoy both at the same time rather than basing our legislation on a riot that happened 40 years ago?
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    I think they should only sell alcoholic drinks before and after your meal at a restaurant. Anyone who can't go 45 minutes without a drink has a serious problem.
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    Pretty sure I've told this one before but, hey-ho. In 1989 I was working in London and flat-sitting a place in Holland park for a guy that was on a round the world yacht race. For those that don't know, Holland Park is very posh. I was in a basement flat and my neighbours were (I was told) somebody from Pink Floyd and the writer Carla Lane (Bread). Anyway, I met this lassie and we were doing the horizontal tango quite vigorously at the flat when her back clicked, very loudly and she screamed. I thought she was joking but it quickly became clear that she wasn't - her back had locked and she was in a lot of pain. I panicked a little bit perhaps and called an ambulance then realised I needed to cover her up to preserve her dignity. Did I mention that her back locked when her legs were spread wide and in the air? I couldn't get her legs to go flat and I tried but failed to get a pair of boxer shorts on her (couldn't find her knickers) so gave her a towel to put between her legs as the ambulance guys arrived and she pulled on a sweatshirt. To their credit they didn't laugh as they brought in a stretcher but they couldn't get her legs shut or flat either so they loaded her on the stretcher and tried to get her out to the ambulance. Did I mention that this was a tiny basement flat down a flight of steps? No matter how they tried they couldn't get this girl lying on a stretcher with her legs spread in the air out the narrow door. Every time they tried to move her legs she screamed in agony so eventually they gave her laughing gas, which kinda worked. By this time a small crowd had gathered outside attracted by the blue flashing lights. Every curtain in the street was twitching as the half naked girl was carried out on a stretcher with her legs spread and in the air laughing her head off.
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    6 hours ffs. How can a contract not be signed in 6 hours? 'Right Ray, this is what we can offer you a year. This is your player budget. We need 4th as a minimum. All good?' 'Yep, where do I sign?' Couple of hours max. Not sure that the Morton chairman is getting at here. Well I do, but it's not as if it takes several days to move to a new job.
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    Phillip Green being named as the person involved shouldn’t detract from everyone agreeing what a c**t that c**t Dyson is.
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    The whole 'getting rid of deadwood' after relegation theory only works if you are a club the size of Hibs or Hearts. You get rid of the wage thieves and have a budget that dwarfs your rivals. Lapsed fans return in droves to see a winning team. If you are anyone else it's a constant battle to avoid a death spiral.
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    Hamilton Accies achieved a hugely dramatic UEFA Youth League victory over Basel as they scored an injury time equaliser before beating the Swiss side on penalty kicks. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-match-reports/hamilton-accies-uefa-youth-league-13475206
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    I am not McCann, no but I have my eyes open and can see that the way McIntyre has set us out to play so far has been horrendous. Two of the worst performances in the league this season, conceded seven going on twelve and scored none going on none. There has been zero organisation, zero back to basics, I haven't seen much of that fight and determination we had against Hamilton and Kilmarnock. Whilst I thought McCann was a strange appointment, even on the interim basis on which he was brought in (again, I feel Hartley could've achieved much the same in those last few games) the fact remains that overall in the league we haven't played nearly as bad as we did in these last two games. Are you saying the players have looked inspired and eager to impress the new manager? You say the defence was shit beforehand - was it that bad that we lost seven goals (should've been more) in two games? We lost 2-1 to St Mirren, one poor defending, one the goalkeeper f**k up - should have won the game. We lost 1-0 to Aberdeen to a penalty kick - should have got something from the game. We lost 1-0 to St Johnstone, again should have got something from the game. We then had a bad patch and conceded a few goals losing 3-1 to Motherwell, 4-0 to Rangers and 3-0 to Hibs. The Motherwell game we changed the shape and were going for an equaliser got caught on the break as happens. We went to Hamilton, clean sheet won the game. We lost to Killie 2-1 to a dodgy penalty and a deflection. Now say what you like, we're all entitled to our opinions but in the first eight games was the defence shit in them all? The answer is no, we took a couple of hammering to Rangers and Hibs put our problems were in the other box. All of a sudden after the positives of the last two games and starting to build confidence back up we've been absolutely battered by both Livi and Hearts. it's fair to say that the four teams we've been hammered from so far, Rangers (more so at Ibrox than away), Hibs, Livi and Hearts are good teams. IMO in most of the league games we have played relatively well, the general feel around the club and supporters was until recently that the players would gel, things would click but as usual people get impatient and make rash decisions one of those being bringing in a man that plays a contrasting style of football, hasn't put us back to basics and has killed any confidence from the positives from the last two games prior to his arrival. I've said it before and I'll say it again I really, really hope Jim McIntyre can turn it around for us but I'm not going to be holding my breath he is in my opinion the wrong appointment and sadly I think I'll be proven right. I understand that he is only a week in the job but as I pointed out before, this is the worst start of any Dundee manager at least since before Bonetti and probably longer. Hartley, Brown, Smith, Jocky were all only in the door from 1-4 days and managed to get results, managed to make us organised, managed to make us hard to beat so I don't buy the argument about not having enough time to work with them, that is the fault of John Nelms - if a change was to be made waiting ten days obviously wasn't the way to do it but that apart you can get your ideas over to the players, tell them what their jobs are and organise them, set the team up in a way to make us difficult to beat and he's done none of that so far. I don't want to be critical of him, I wish I could be here praising him saying what a fantastic start and he's the man to take us forward but the reality is the opposite.
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    I think we should take all of this European money we apparently got today and fire it all in a bid for Nadir.
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    Strollers won 4-1, last night, against Raith. Osadolor hat-trick and Adam Martin unplayable at times.
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    It's not about culling, it's about photographing yourself as a gold medal hunter for the amazing feat of shooting a sheep.
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    No thanks to any of the poor c***s who died between 1914 and 1917 then?
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    A few months ago no one would have given us a hope in hell against Spartak, shows how far we've came recently that some are seeing this as a bad result.
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    The right wing / not interfering in peoples lives is a complete red herring hoovered up by a thick audience who are delighted to trumpet it.
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    Just watched the video of the last minute equaliser, what a roar when that went in - great finish as well. Really good to see.
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    FWIW, meat from this ram won't go into the food chain as it wasn't slaughtered on an approved premises under health and hygiene regulations. Unless the estate staff eat it, it'll be classed as fallen stock and buried. Meat from an old ram is pretty bad though, it would usually go into cheap takeaway stuff at best so I'd be surprised if they put it in the freezer. I'm fine with deer stalking, it's an important part of conservation in the absence of a predator so I suppose it could be the same for goats - I've no idea if the numbers on Islay require it, but fair enough. But it's the level of glorifying in the killing that I find deeply troubling. There's no skill involved in shooting a sheep, and I doubt there's much in shooting a goat. If these goats are anything like those on Ben Vrackie you don't need to sneak up on them and shoot from a distance, sit down and pull out a sandwich and the feckers will be all over you. I think she just enjoys making living things die, and that's disturbing. I don't think it's a coincidence that people who would watch her show and admire her actions are from a country in which gun killings and gun suicides are spectacularly higher than anywhere else in the developed world.
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    Morton winning the Champions League has been great for the coefficient, but the utter bampottery on show from their fans is starting to take the shine off tbh.
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    A simple no would have been sufficient here.
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