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    Pleasing, most most pleasing. To all you East coast diddies, GIRFUY.
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    Have to say despite being extremely sceptical when it was first announced, I think it’s brilliant. - Reduces friendlies which everyone can agree are absolutely shite - Gives fooball fans some great competitive games to watch from Tier A instead of the usual big team drubbing wee team as in the normal qualifiers - Gives middling Nations like us the chance to play teams on our level to have a great chance at qualifying for a tournament - Gives an absolute diddy the chance to make it to a finals, meaning they actually for the first time in history have a purpose rather than just turning up to be pumped 5-0 every game (playing other teams their level has made for some really good games already) It’s great, and I can’t think why anyone wouldn’t like it other than simply not understanding it yet.
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    I remember at Tyncastle about 4 weeks into Latapy’s first season and someone in front of me slaughtering Russell for being a luxury and a lazy so and so. Ten minutes later he cracked a belter from 25 yards into the bottom corner. The guy soon shut up
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    There are 5 train stations within a 10 minute walk of Hampden. There are 6 or 7 bus routes that stop within a few hundred yards. The M74 extension has an exit (J1A) less than a mile away.
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    How many of the players who he deems complete shite then bother their arse for the next 4 months? He'd have been off his tits to slate the entire squads ability.
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    Thanks all! Got home yesterday from hospital after a wee cuddle with baby. We've called him Fraser. He's doing great so far but a long journey ahead of us.
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    On behalf of Irvine Meadow I would like to thank the committee for there help when 1 of our fans took I'll in the Social Club. Just to let you know he was taken to RAH by ambulance where he was checked over. He twisted his ankle when he fell He was given the all clear on other problems. Thank You all once again and good luck for the Season.
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    No wonder this country is fucked. You can commit murder then get to play a gig at The Echo Arena.
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    There’s one thing to take from all of this. Cheaper pies.
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    I liked the Mckay Wedderburn partnership at the back felt we were more solid and with Gillespie and Matthews in middle our movement was much better.
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    Ahh the Hartley method....
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    This was my second ever visit to Tannadice, the first was when i was gifted a ticket for DUFC v Barcelona 1- 0 i think it was , Kevin Gallagher the scorer ? What a team you had then, ! i can imagine your frustrations , we have been punching above our weight for years now and it has been good to be an Alloa fan recently i hope you guys get back to where you should be .
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    A goal inside two minutes of Armstrong coming on was telling. He and McGregor, while not the same level of player, should be in the same bracket as Robertson and Tierney as players who have to start when fit. That was ridiculously comfortable in the end and we'd all have taken that result. I think we saw the big positives and negatives of that system in an offensive sense throughout the game, having had the defensive frailties horribly exposed v Belgium. Even accounting for the weaker opposition it was understandable for McLeish to set the midfield up more defensively after that, but having a player as pedestrian as McDonald beside McGinn just left us being extremely predictable, with Robertson and O'Donnell not having enough ahead of them to either aim at or overlap and the defence not having as many options as you'd like. We still did work some chances obviously but it was all telegraphed, being forced wide and having to fire speculative crosses in - we simply couldn't play through the middle. Take McDonald out and replace him with Armstrong and you immediately see how much more we can do with the ball in midfield. Armstrong's running opened up space for both Robertson and Tierney and gave Robertson someone to play off, that running from midfield when they couldn't commit to stopping the cross and we're 1-0 up. With the energy of the second half midfield you really saw how this system could work - there was a spell about the 60 minute mark where we'd had a corner and every time Albania tried to clear it into midfield we won it back again and worked it back to their box, not letting the ball leave their half for minutes. It wasn't just good positioning to pick up second balls from clearances and fire it back in, it was tremendous pressing to force mistakes, muscle players off the ball and as soon as we did get it back, someone was off ahead of the ball and showing for a pass in any gap they could find. That was very encouraging. That said, there's obviously still a lot to work on. Despite utterly dominating the game we've coughed up two excellent chances while 1-0 up, with McGregor making an excellent save and a sitter going over bar. We still have to get the system right defensively, but it's a work in progress and you can see the improvement through the games against sides at a similar level to us. McGinn was integral to the pressing game while it was working and won possession a frankly ridiculous number of times, but he was far too casual in possession in his own half and needs to cut that out. He does the hard stuff extremely well pinging long passes about and muscling his way to balls he has no right to win, but he could easily have cost another goal tonight between his suicide backpass to McGregor and his blind pass before that without looking up. He's obviously good enough not to do it, he just needs to keep his concentration when playing what should be simple passes in that area of the park, and especially so with this formation. O'Donnell and Souttar were both excellent, absolutely strolled it.
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    I dont understand our fans at times. Why do so many of you want to take the biggest negative in every situation? Get battered off one of the best teams in the world in a friendly and you'd think the world was ending, manager oot, tears and snotters everywhere. We've just utterly battered a team that played at Euro 2016. A fairly decent team around our level and it's all pub team chat. How about we give the manager and the team a wee bit of praise tonight?! Superb performance and plenty of excellent individual performances. P.S McGinn is a sexy wee b*****d. Wonderful player.
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    I couldn't watch the game but I thought the players I like from club football were phenomenal and the ones I don't were shite.
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    Am I the only one that doesn't give the tiniest shit how good or bad Albania are? Why do we always have to qualify how we do with "aye, but the opposition were pure shite". This competition is specifically designed to pit sides against each other who are on the same level. Five more games like this and we'll be in Euro 2020.
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    Continue to see Rangers fans on Twitter claiming that their players were booed when playing for Scotland, but once again didn't hear anything of the kind last night. Allan McGregor was widely applauded, both in general and obviously for his crucial save. Does this actually happen? I know Ryan Jack was booed at Pittodrie against The Netherlands, and obviously Ian Black at Easter Road, but these were just morons that can't separate club football from international football. I saw a tweet that had been shared over 10,000 times after the Malta game last year claiming that the Scotland fans had sung 'If you hate Rangers stand up', but I know for a fact having been there that it was England, not Rangers, that people had been singing about. Whether these claims are true or entirely made up, they are seriously divisive and damaging. If you are a reprobate that booes a Scotland player simply because he represent Rangers at club level, then kindly f*** off. If you are a reprobate that tweets and shares lies about Rangers players being booed at Hampden, then kindly f*** off as well. When it comes to international football, club football and all the rivalry that goes with it should be left at the door. Simple as that.
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    Really no patg. Normally something like this would put me off, but I shall do it for the alliance.
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    Love how SOD interviews as well. Disingenuous false modesty from media-trained footballers is standard nowadays, but he is always thoughtful in his assessment of his own, the team's, and the opposition's performance, and you sense that he genuinely can't believe his luck in coming as far as he has in such a short space of time, despite it being so well deserved. Seems a thoroughly good guy.
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    The problem is, that we need a good holding midfielder to play it. Every position suits each player but we’ve not got a guy who’ll be disciplined and sit, if only Scott Brown was available... I’d personally play Shinnie or McTominay over McDonald every time, McDonald doesn’t Harry and win the ball back and he doesn’t control the game either. McTominay is better on the ball and Shinnie is better off it but they’re both pretty good all round at both. McGinn / Armstrong/ McGregor roam all over the joint. Ryan Jack just isn’t good enough to play it. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle for me. If everyone was fit McGregor Souttar/Hendry McKenna/Mulgrew Tierney Fraser/Forrest Armstrong McTominay/Shinnie McGinn Robertson McGregor Griffiths/Naismith Is what we should be looking at.
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    Bland, ruined by the egg, alright, cheap, n/a, n/a, beautiful, worst ever, glorious, not bad, catalogue. Brilliant, meh, wonderful, what's the point, too much white, gold and egg so WTF, decent, classic.
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    Shocking. All the players should be booed equally.
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    After all the tawdry abuse Eck has been getting here, he deserves huge credit for that performance. Albania, on paper, are as good as we are and we made them look like diddies tonight. Souttar was wonderful tonight; commanding in the air and composed with the ball at his feet. O’Donnel was excellent too. McGinn’s ball winning ability has been mentioned here already. Albania were very stuffy, as expected, but we breached them twice and were unfortunate not to score more. Haven’t enjoyed a Scotland game as much in ages.
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    Absolutely no surprise to see you make a c**t of yourself, you dribbling moron.
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    Genuine tears of laughter at someone saying there are no pubs within a mile and a half of Hampden.
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    I don't think McKinnon or the team has anything to gain by that. We know they are shite, he knows it and some of them will know it. His job is to get the best out of them until he can replace them, they will be desperate to prove that they are good enough and if they think they have the managers faith and support they will try hard, If they think he is going to bin them at the first chance no matter what then they will down tools. I for one would rather have shite motivated players than shite unmotivated players.
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    Wedderburn's ability to pick a pass and try and play a ball out from the back (atypical of many scottish lower league centre backs) meant we brought Gillespie and Matthews into it dar more often, which in turn meant more dangerous balls played into strikers feet or behind the defence.
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    I was being a wee bit tongue in cheek while pointing out there is one tie between a Scottish team and a foreign club. I doubt the good people of Sligo would be getting excited about a trip to Motherwell never mind the Under 20's. I don't think the Colt sides add anything to the competition. If anything it's a bit demeaning to ask a club from another country to travel to Scotland to play a club's Colts team.
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    I'm pretty certain the pubs and restaurants around Hampden are open on potentially their busiest days of the year.
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    Yes, maybe not for Celtic/Rangers or even Hibs/Hearts finals, but that isn’t really Hampden’s issue. There’s also plenty of other pubs to go to nearby as well as a fair few food outlets. You might be stuck if you’re looking for a full-on 3-course candlelit dinner, although I never thought that was too important in any football fans pre-match ritual.
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    Allowing money to go from football tickets to the SRU would have been crazy. It was never going to happen. If people genuinely struggle to get to Hampden from the city centre it might be time to get a carer. Football special trains going back to Aberdeen/Inverness would be great but that's an issue for the Scottish Government.
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    Glad they have decided to stay at Hampden, but I'm still not sure I trust them to redevelop it to the standard it should be at. Disappointed that my prediction from very early in this thread has come true though, that the SFA were simply using the process to drive down QP and buy it on the cheap. Could have been done privately instead of creating all the publicity it has. Suppose that was half the point for the SFA. Now getting credit for doing the right thing after looking like they wouldn't, as opposed to people just accepting what happened as being sensible and moving on with it.
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    Good news for the correct part of the country. Now let's turn Hampden into this please;
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    As me old gran used to say - "You'd start an argument in an empty hoose!"
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    I don’t feel McLeish treated that game last night as a friendly at all. And I really don’t understand how £20 could be deemed “way, way over the odds” for a competitive international football match.
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    Fasan Russell Harrison Brough Robson Irving Sammut Greenwood Froxy Dunne Me Best chance of three points
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    Nah, f**k that. These ambulance chasing c***s can do one. If you were genuinely injured, off work, hospitalised, missing work, potential financial knock on etc., fair enough making a claim but other than a wee shock at the time seems you’re all good. Be thankful it’s not worse and be content you’ve done the right thing.
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    The more I think about last night, the happier I am. Meaningful, competitive football, properly dominating a team that are about the same level as us, good performances all round with a couple of excellent ones, positive changes from the bench and so on. I was worried when I saw the line-up but happy with how it went.
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    SOD was easily MOTM in a great team performance. That's not just an opinion, folks, it's a fact. McGinn was excellent (but prone to the odd brain fart), Soutter was commanding even after his unwarranted yellow, Tierney was solid and reliable. Naisy should have had a hattrick. Great result. O'Donnell was a class above the rest.
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    Aye mate compared to the 1 point that we had at this stage last season it’s been an absolutely shocking start. Absolutely shocking.
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    Got to say, there are some really miserable c***s on here. For a team low on confidence after some badly selected friendlies, who have won what was a must win game (purely due to the size of the league) and this place is absolutely flooded with people who sound like Janette Krankie just felt them up at a bar.
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    Winning major trophies and maintaining our top flight/ club status. At least the Jambos had an excuse to get relegated with their financial issues. The fact you have been relegated twice confirms your lesser status. Losing cup finals and not even qualifying for the "1st round proper" of Europe can hardly be seen as an achievement. Malmo?
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    aye, it's all relative..........................especially in Fife
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    Definition of glory hunter would be a person who passes other professional football grounds to get to the one who win most of the time, usually someone insecure and lacking in other aspects of their lives and want to feel like they are a superior in at least one thing
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    Sounds like it’s Ian Cathro.
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    Do you know where I can get a bonnet for a Nissan Cherry?
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    FT 2-0 I have no interest in and therefore don’t watch international friendlies, so this is the first time I’ve seen us under McLeish. Thought we were excellent. Controlled the game from start to finish. Scored 2, should have scored more. Ended up a really comfortable win. It’s clear we have moved forward under McLeish from the dark days of the Strachan era. He seems to have instilled a real belief about the players and that’s an excellent 3 points for us tonight. I think we may actually do this Euro 2020 thing. Imagine that, Scotland in a major finals! Albania are a side with experienced players who qualified for and did ok at the finals in Euro 2016. They’re certainly no mugs, but we dealt with them no problem. When you think about how much we’ve struggled against teams like Georgia and Lithuania in recent campaigns, this is really encouraging stuff. Almost 2 years ago we needed a last minute equaliser to snatch a point at home to them Lithuanians. Oh, how far we’ve come. Eck is the man.