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    Well, if he is, he'll playing for Dunfermline next season.
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    Only 12 days now until the start of the new season, the length of Peter Reid's management career at Man City in 93. Also the length of time Alan Ball lasted as boss of Man City in 96
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    What we do know is that mosques in Britain date back to more than 100 years. What we also know is that most terrorism in Britain has been conducted by nominal Christians. I have not one issue with stating that those who don't want a mosque in their town are bigots.
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    Exactly, we need a proper league pumping that we can get outraged about.
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    Not saying that you are missing the point but you are missing the point here. It's not whether teams and fans are taking the competition seriously, It's the fact that the competition can't really be used as a reliable indicator for the league season.
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    Silence. Every time. Minute's applauses are for when one group of morons cant be trusted to keep quiet for a minute.
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    Whit? You not allowed to analyse and criticise anymore? How many games does he have to have played before we are allowed to start commenting on his performances. I could maybe see your point if we were hurling abuse at him from the stands but this is a discussion board to, ye ken, discuss things.
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    I'd like to think so, yeah. It's getting a bit trickier now that the players are back training and the League Cup is underway but we'll press on. Maybe record the long interviews once a fortnight and release part one one week and part two the next. I don't know. A dual interview might be decent fun - quite fancy getting Mick and Ross Dunlop on together. I'm looking forward to kicking off the forthcoming league season with my close associates at The Terrace next week; we're hoping Danny Denholm will be joining us to look ahead at 2018/19. No.
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    I suspect that I would have been one of the last to pull the trigger on most of them. In general I tend towards giving people the benefit of the doubt. Particularly when asked to do a difficult job in a competitive environment. I don't buy most of the hyperbole spouted on here about how shit everyone is all the time. It speaks to me of someone who doesn't appreciate how difficult a job it is being a football manager or running a club. Plenty of managers have failed temporarily and then come back stronger. Indeed, I'd go so far as to say that virtually every established, successful manager has failed at some point and gone through periods where public opinion would have him sacked. You rarely see managers turning it around now because they are punted before getting a chance. To that extent, I agree with Mike Martin that constantly chopping and changing managers does very little good. That said, not every manager deserves the same amount of time and the harder you fail, the quicker you that patience will run out. I'd have sacked Laszlo before the end of last season when it became obvious that we weren't strong enough to compete for the title. At worst, it would have given the new manager the opportunity to get to know the squad before a rebuild in the summer, at best he might just have done enough to make a better of the play-offs. When that didn't happen and when Laszlo didn't go in the summer you have to draw breath and hope that he has the capacity to show improvement. The games so far strongly suggest that he doesn't have that capacity and I'd still punt him.
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    i wouldnt be overly concerned about him. he will perform consistently at about 6/10 all season. not great but enough. how about stephen? seems his career has fizzled out since he left dens seeking a "big" move. also a boy i rated Stephen McGinn has been nothing short of magnificent for us.
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    Just felt like joining in TBH
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    Your mum is too big to go down.
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    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
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    I'm not 100% convinced that this match will have the same crowd as the Faroes game. Most people can only afford one match a week and any tourists in town looking for an "authentic Scottish football experience" might be swayed by the Hearts v Cowdenbeath fixture tomorrow night
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    Did similar to us a couple of years ago when he awarded St Johnstone 3 penalties in the 1st half. Got booed of at half time (which you would expect) but instead of getting inside pronto he strolled off, staring us out as he went. Agree, he is a dick!
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    This is largely where I am. I'm not disagreeing or white knighting Robinson but it's probably worth noting that there have, as yet, been no outgoings from our the first team. All our sellable assets are still at the club. Carson's still there, Kipré's still there, Cadden's still there. I'd imagine that probably frames the transfer business thus far. It feels to me, and I could be miles out, that the business we've done thus far is replacing/improving like for like(ish) those who were released. Clearly I've no idea what our budget's like but I'd doubt it's been increased any from last season irrespective of the cup runs. In that case the money we'd have available to recruit is whatever we were paying Griffiths, Plummer, Petravicius, Hendrie, Aldred and Ciftci. Given 3 of those were loans I don't think it's a massive leap to suggest that it's not going to be (relatively) a lot of money we've had to play with. Even more so when you factor in the contract extensions for Kipré, Tait, Dunne, Bowman, Rose and Grimshaw at the end of last season. You'd think at least 3 of those would have seen a decent wage bump. The logical (and fairly reasonable) counter to that is that it's a waste of budget, we should sign fewer players and we should be utilising the 'youth' players more. That's all fine and well until David Ferguson's getting his arse handed to him by Jordan Jones and hooked after 35 mins, Jack McMillan's getting reamed by a Dundee side sticking 5 past us in a first half or Dom Thomas is being hooked inside an hour against East Stirling. Also, at that point you find yourself with exactly the same argument folk were making when they were wringing their hands about the bold DT23 a few years back, we were stunting his development by only giving him 10-15 mins or he wasn't even getting off the bench. Thomas' subsequent failure to make a dent on a Killie side with one of the best managers in the league and eventual loan to the Championship (again) suggests that perhaps our judgement wasn't as flawed as some would have had you believe. I've spent the past few years on here talking up Jake Hastie and David Turnbull I think they're cracking players. I honestly think both have the potential to match or better the impact Cadden and Campbell have had and I 100% think they should both be in consideration for the first team but when it comes to it I'd rather they were getting regular 90 mins than sat on our bench and getting 10 mins on the off chance someone picks up an injury. Anyway, on the point of outgoings it seems quite significant that we had Bigi (presumably a relatively high earner) playing in all 3 friendlies but he's not featured/been risked in either of the squads for 'competitive' games.
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    So I should be embarrassed for posting a newspaper article about Rangers in The Rangers thread but you’re not even slightly embarrassed after making snide child abuse digs in the same thread, says it all about you. Your only come back in any situation is to attempt to appear intellectually superior to everyone else, in a football forum, no one cares, we can all see through your shit retorts. What age are you again? Late 50’s is it?
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    The argument over who was better out of Reid and McCall seems to come up once or twice a season. My view is McCall has achieved more than Reid in a shorter period of time and this will only be enhanced if he can keep us up this season. In just under 5 seasons at Ayr Brian Reid won the playoffs twice and both resulted in relegations after one season. I’d also add that whilst the first promotion was great it came after well and truly blowing the league against Alloa on the second last day. Both promotions resulted in relegations the following season. In 3 and a half seasons at Ayr Ian McCall has also achieved 2 promotions but has the one up due to the second being as league champions. Since we have no idea what will happen this season we can only really judge his singular season in the Championship and quite frankly it was a disaster. From having no proper strikers, to not winning a match in months, to wasting a lot of money on big names like Harkins to have them underperform meant that there was a justified reason for Cameron to axe him. Good thing he kept faith and McCall returned the favour with a brilliant season the following year. In terms of cup performances I’d say Reid has the edge but only just. He delivered brilliant cup runs beating Hibs, Hearts and Inverness whereas despite getting to the QF of the Scottish Cup two seasons ago under McCall we had a very easy run and if anything we made hard work of it. I’d say overall McCall is better than Reid when you take into account league performance, style of football and also the way we’ve progressed behind the scene going FT.
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    Death knell for this loony tunes idea finally sounded today https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44932616 . Quite amazingly someone has realised that " it would benefit the development of young players if they were playing alongside more experienced players on a more regular basis". Obviously Cowden Cowboy wasn't on that steering committee, but any one of 100 other posters on this thread could have told them that 18 months ago and saved them a lot of expense and bother!
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    That's been said a few times on the facebook pages too. A proven, experienced goalscorer is not going to come to play in the Scottish Championship as he'll have better offers elsewhere. Or do you have anyone specific in mind that would come, we could afford, and that we should be going for instead of Nelson?
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    I hate when you've been in a job for 2 weeks and you do more than folk that have been here for 6 and a half years.
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    Both arrived at the battlefield unarmed?
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    Tell Gemma that no one in their right mind stores raw meat above fruit. The stupid bitch.
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    Cool bro, nobody here does though x
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    If there's one thing the Christophe/LincolnHearts debacle needed, it's Rodger trying to pile in with humour.
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    I've been following Ayr since the Reid days and i would say McCall has probably just been better but up for debate, if we do well this season however he'll go above Reid IMO. Yeah with Reid we went on some fairy-tale cup runs but feel that McCall plays a more exciting brand of football than we did under Reid. Also think what McCall is doing for this club off the pitch also makes him better with full time and everything else that came with that but it will only be justified if we do well this season, by that i mean finishing anywhere from 5th-8th.
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    For what it's worth, I thought Doohan looked more than competent at Coatbridge on Saturday- he's incredibly young in goalkeeping terms but did what he had to do without any fuss and he looks the part. I can see why Celtic think he's worth a long contract because the potential is there and he's big and athletic. Whether or not he has the mindset to play in the position that garners the most criticism simply because an error can be costly only time will tell. I'm a very big fan McGuffie but even I know he does daft things at times - translate that to a goalie, well you know the outcome. Let's just give the young goalie a real chance by encouraging him as much as possible. Would love to see him flourish with us without him being too busy lol.
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    He has. He played on the left wing in the closed-door match last week against the Shire. He set up our second goal.
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    Any contestant on the Chase who takes the minus offer. The guy on now accepted -£6000. Cowardly and pathetic.
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    Not that sure Antell has control of the ball when he has both hands on it and is standing up.
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    It's not just us though, using Scully as the example, the Morton fans DID slaughter him and many of them have already made up their minds that they've signed a dud. As for us, we've just signed the current Scotland U21 keeper who's parent club is huge in Scottish terms and pretty decent in European terms, their Manager is also very highly regarded across the game and he's just seen fit to hand the boy a 4 year contract, not only that but Doohan has been learning and training with the best keeper in Scotland in recent years, so personally I think we've done pretty well by getting him. As another reality check, we should remember that there's not exactly a host of top quality available kepers out there and certainly not loads unsigned who are just dying to come and play for a club who've just been promoted to Scotlands 2nd tier. Let's just all get behind the team and get excited about what could potentially be one of our best and most exciting seasons in well over a decade...............
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    I see that the c*nt H*nt is in Germany today threatening them that if they 'don't bend then the British peoples relationship with the EU will be soured'. Two points here. The first point is the change in tactics from the Tories. They've presented their wishlist and bag of magic beans to the EU and they expect the EU to rubberstamp it all without question.....if they don't (which they won't) then apparently it's the EU who are being 'inflexible and unreasonable'. Secondly, as if the EU gives a flying f*ck about a country who have mainstream newspapers spitting out hate and lies about it on a daily basis. The relationship is already soured, and it's people like H*nt who are directly responsible for the madness. It's faily obvious now that the Tories are abandoning any sense of reasonableness and are determined to pander to the extremists by going full-blown Farage into discussions from now on. The Remainers in May's cabinet have lost the battle, and now the UK is in the hands of utter c*nts like Raab and Hunt, who are determined to follow the Daily Mail agenda. F*ck them. And f*ck Labour for supporting them.
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    The past few pages of this thread have been absolutely crazy. What's going on? Please keep up the good work everyone. Thank you.
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    This is the first time in the history of mankind anyone has ever said this.
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    Shame on you. You knew exactly what your pretending not to do. Your actually worse than the fans that sing along and glorify it as you pretend your more educated and above it and your not. Nasty and vile little man who hides behind the mask of intelligence yet let's it slip more than often than people care to call you on.
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    Allan Ball, Queen of the South goalkeeper and club record appearance holder who passed away at the weekend. No idea what the award is or who else is in the picture.
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    That's a salient point actually. The Cardinal, possibly the worst peace envoy since that war criminal b*****d Tony Blair.
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    I haven't read all the contributions here, but I'll weigh in with my own. The SFA have no intention of moving away from Hampden, Despite being run by halfwits, even they realise that they'd be shooting themselves in the foot by pulling out. They earn £1 million for the naming rights of the stadium; they receive the same from Sodexho for what are termed the "pouring rights" (that's selling pies and all the hospitality stuff); they made 500k from each night of the Ed Sheeran concerts; Hampden is the only stadium in Scotland that can host a European club final; they have a museum, a sports injury clinic and the offices of all the relevant football associations that Scotland deems necessary to have, plus the offices of the SPFL. For the rent that they pay, this would seem to be a good deal. They would lose all of this if they moved and would get nothing back as all the income other than gate receipts would go to the SRU. Murrayfield - despite the Tartan Army tossers who whine about Hampden constantly, let's see how they like the view from the back of the stands at the rugby stadium, just as far back as at Hampden. And let's see how they get on when trying to get back to anywhere in Scotland after a midweek match at Murrayfield. Two hours to queue for a train after the last Scotland v England rugby international - the last train will have long gone in midweek. The road links....one road in and one road out...pandemonium. The rugby punters have all their matches in the afternoon; the Scotland internationals are almost never held in the afternoon now. Despite the buses that come from a' the airts to support Scotland at Hampden, it's local types who make up the vast bulk of the crowd. Will they all travel to Edinburgh? Murrayfield operates via licences granted by the local council; currently they have eight. That generally covers the rugby and a couple of entertainment events. With two semi finals and a final in each cup and Scotland matches, that's easily the same number again from football. You can imagine the stooshie that the douce local residents will make after just one Old Firm match, guys fighting and pishing on the rose bushes, where everyone will be coming from, and leaving from, the same direction. The politicians will be under huge pressure to sort it out. How long would the politicians hold out until they reduced the number of licences down again. The SFA are doing this because they smell blood and because they can. They know that QP are in a very weak bargaining position. They are presiding over a game in Scotland that sees the national side being banjoed by countries who have come from nowhere to be no more than adequate, but much better than us. Our club sides are a laughing stock, even in Scotland. And they organised a car crash of a process to appoint a new national team manager. Was the embarrassment of the procedure worth the end result? How many of you think they got that one right? The SFA is run by wankers who cannot steer a way out of the dark despondency that Scottish international and club football is in but unfortunately the wankers are going to win this one. Anyone having a laugh at our situation is allying themselves with these muppets and is not worth bothering about.. For QP, this is all about damage limitation. Me? If I could influence it, I'd tell the SFA to pack their bags and f**k off. Sadly, that luxury is not available to Queen's Park. Personally, I've almost had enough of Hampden. Its glory days are over and the SFA or property developers are welcome to it. I'd happily walk out tomorrow on our own terms, rather than be pushed out by these wallopers. Hampden has given Scottish football, and the SFA, a higher profile than any comparable country. No one owes Queen's Park anything; the galling thing is the way this is being done and letting people who could not run a menage, as my mother would say, winning, and winning handsomely.. The continued existence and prosperity of Queen's Park Football Club is the most important thing for QP fans.
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    I only opened this thread to see the reaction to the total minter of a signing video for Watson, I didn't expect to end up going through 20+ pages of cranial detachment. It's genuinely impressive that no matter how bad Dundee United get on the pitch, Dundee fans on here somehow still manage to be infinitely more embarrassing.
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    McKee Harris and Shepherd out. Right back and Nelson in.
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    If you're being serious, you're an idiot. If this was meant to be funny, then you tried *way* too hard.
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    I watched that game and thought you looked pretty well equipped to have a decent season. It must be said that Sunderland were excellent on Saturday, and maybe St Mirren players recognised that it was far from the most important game they'll play in. Still, as I said, momentum is important and getting horsed on your own patch isn't going to do wonders for morale on the pitch or in the stands.
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    Rashida Jones (GK) Aubrey Plaza (RB) Sarah Silverman (LB) Katharine Ryan (CB) Krysten Ritter (CB) Christina Hendricks (CM) Kim Cattrall (CM) Liz Hurley (RM) Halle Berry (LM) Penelope Cruz (ST) Billie Piper (ST)
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    And so the victim becomes the bully. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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