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    For what it's worth, I thought Doohan looked more than competent at Coatbridge on Saturday- he's incredibly young in goalkeeping terms but did what he had to do without any fuss and he looks the part. I can see why Celtic think he's worth a long contract because the potential is there and he's big and athletic. Whether or not he has the mindset to play in the position that garners the most criticism simply because an error can be costly only time will tell. I'm a very big fan McGuffie but even I know he does daft things at times - translate that to a goalie, well you know the outcome. Let's just give the young goalie a real chance by encouraging him as much as possible. Would love to see him flourish with us without him being too busy lol.
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    I see that the c*nt H*nt is in Germany today threatening them that if they 'don't bend then the British peoples relationship with the EU will be soured'. Two points here. The first point is the change in tactics from the Tories. They've presented their wishlist and bag of magic beans to the EU and they expect the EU to rubberstamp it all without question.....if they don't (which they won't) then apparently it's the EU who are being 'inflexible and unreasonable'. Secondly, as if the EU gives a flying f*ck about a country who have mainstream newspapers spitting out hate and lies about it on a daily basis. The relationship is already soured, and it's people like H*nt who are directly responsible for the madness. It's faily obvious now that the Tories are abandoning any sense of reasonableness and are determined to pander to the extremists by going full-blown Farage into discussions from now on. The Remainers in May's cabinet have lost the battle, and now the UK is in the hands of utter c*nts like Raab and Hunt, who are determined to follow the Daily Mail agenda. F*ck them. And f*ck Labour for supporting them.
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    That's a salient point actually. The Cardinal, possibly the worst peace envoy since that war criminal b*****d Tony Blair.
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    I think the most concerning thing from a St Mirren point of view is the rapid destruction of the feel-good factor that Jack Ross had created at St Mirren. Crowds flocking to St Mirren Park, a strong vocal backing, a real bond between fans and players...Stubbs is risking destroying all of that momentum, which is huge in football, and player or manager would tell you that. Was at the game on Saturday in the away end and whilst Sunderland were on fire (Gooch and McGeouch were absolutely outstanding), I was stunned, as were the Sunderland fans around me, at how much of a shambles St Mirren were. Pre-season it may be, but that team will send you straight back to The Championship.
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    Former Kilmarnock and Hibs manager Bobby Williamson, who now lives in Kenya after spells managing champions Gor Mahia and the national team, has revealed he is cancer-free after being diagnosed with cancerous cells in his nasal cavity last summer.
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    Mids, Threave will be right at the top again and i fancy Bonnyton to build on their first season in the South and compete with them both. Lochar and Abbey Vale will do well to match the league finishes of last season. Saints should have a better season this time around after a poor start last year. YM, Creetown and the young Annan side will battle it out to see who avoids bottom spot. Everyone else in between. All the best to all the sides involved, let’s hope it’s another close title challenge.
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    1 - Raith Rovers: Would have won the league more often than not with the squad they had last year and have possibly marginally improved it this season. They look like they've fixed the problem goalie position and Wedderburn, Milne, Gillespie and Duggan look to be very good signings. Might huff and puff a bit again at times and I'm expecting another tight race with them and Dumbarton, but they should have enough to go one better this season. 2 - Dumbarton: A pretty mixed bag of signings, Forbes and Ballantyne seem like excellent acquisitions, Ross Perry and Andy Little seem a little strange and the rest look like good solid signings at L1 level. Add that to the quality they already have and they should be pushing for the league. I found it hard to pick a winner between them and Raith. 3 - Arbroath: Don't look to be significantly weakened from the squad that finished 4th last season, apart from losing Scott Martin. Thomson, Toshney and Graham look like decent signings so I'm expecting more of the same from Arbroath. They looked a very good team on their day. I'm not sure they'll have the consistency to go all the way though. 4 - Airdrie: It's been a busy summer at Airdrie. I think Findlay's recruited very well, bringing in mostly players who're proven at this level. They could well push for the league but I've placed them last out of the top 4 because I'm not sure they have the same individual quality as Dumbarton or Raith and their squad isn't as settled as Arbroath's. They've got possibly the greatest depth to their squad though, which could be key when injuries and suspensions inevitably kick in. 5 - Forfar Athletic: they look like they've improved significantly on last season. Baird, Reilly and Meechan look like good signings. I think they look similar in quality to ourselves but I'm putting them ahead due to carrying a bit more goal threat. They look a little bit off the fairly obvious pre-season top 4 though. 6 - East Fife: Our defence looks like it should be a lot more solid than it was last year. Long, Dunlop and Meggatt are good additions. The midfield looks fairly solid too but I don't think we've got enough goals in us to make a realistic play-off push. A lot will depend on how Court and Dowds step up to being first choice strikers at this level and of Kevin Smith can stay fit enough over the season. We should be able to grind out enough wins over the lesser teams to be safe but I can see too many odd-goal defeats and low scoring draws where we should probably have got the win on the balance of play to keep up from being further up. 7 - Montrose: On paper, I'd definitely have Montrose down in the bottom 2 to be honest. But Stewart Petrie has a bunch of, mostly, individually unremarkable players formed into a very impressive team recently. Dillon is obviously class at the back and the group of L2 jobbers in front of him seem to be much more than the sum of their parts under Petrie. Solid, organised and hard working, they won't threaten the play off spots but if they keep doing what they're doing, should survive. They've lost a bit of quality in Ballantyne, Milne and Templeman and if they're not replaced I would worry that once the injuries kick in, they could struggle however. 8 - Stranraer: I'm not 100% about this one. They seem to have lost quite a few good players and I don't think the replacements are up to the same standard. I'd imagine Beith, Robertson, Neill and Agnew will be missed. Mark Lamont will be a good signing if he stays fit and Donnelly impressed me at Queen's Park last year. Could easily push for a play off spot to be honest but I think they'll struggle. 9 - Brechin City: Last season was obviously abysmal even when you factor in the severe financial disadvantage they faced in the Championship. We've seen enough teams pass straight through L1 in recent years to suggest this could be a tough season for Brechin. Sean Burns and Dougie Hill seem good enough signings, the rest seem like unknowns or slightly bizarre signings like Dene Shields. The likes of McLean, Burns, McGeever and Hill should form a solid defence at this level but I'd be worried they're looking short in midfield and up front if I was a Brechin fan. Depends what these French/Italian lads are like and if Shields can roll back the clock 10 years I suppose. 10 - Stenhousemuir: Last season wasn't exactly overly impressive from the Warriors and I'm not sure they've strengthened over the summer from the squad that finished 4th in League Two last season. Harry Paton will obviously be a big loss for them and the Ross's Dunlop and Meechan also seem like they'll be missed in defence. Morgyn Neill and Greame Smith seem like solid L1 signings but the rest smack of mid-range L2 type signings. I doubt they'll be cut adrift at the bottom but they look like a decent enough L2 squad in all areas of the park and that will probably tell over the season.
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    Think I’ll jist stick to visiting Mrs Bairnardo.
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    Stainrod??? How fuckin dare you. Retract that immediately.
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    He was probably an averagey looking cock tease.
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    So, just going to leave this here...
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    I'm sorry but I dont agree. It was a serious enough offence under the previous version of the rules to warrant mandatory expulsion and the tie being awarded to the other team. Now its suddenly 2/3rds of a points earned deduction and nothing to Cove? Its a complete fudge. Either dock them the points they got or dont dock any points. Docking some of the points leaves it open for people to (almost certainly correctly) presume it was contrived to keep Hearts fate in their own hands.
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    Hey guys, just dropping by to say I just uploaded my YouTube video about Arbroath beating Bon Accord 36-0. I have a feeling you guys might appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Doesn’t necessarily just affect this group. They could finish second on 9 points and knock out another team who also finishes on 9 but has an inferior goal difference. So, if the idea was to keep the group competitive, it goes further than that and could mean a team in another group that didn’t break any rules being knocked out by one that did.
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    Yes, it was a great trip totally deflated by a lousy performance. Went on the official FFC package which was great and allowed some free time in Zurich. Only brought it up as my credentials seem to be questioned. You can hate my views but NOT my dedication as a lifelong FFC supporter. there seems to be a kind of ‘groupthink’ on here which doesn’t like alternative views. Probably a bunch of ‘snowflake’ student types!!
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    Get this Dawson Park punter tae f**k. Brutal.
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    For that price I fully expect Stuart Carswell to knock on my door, hand it over and then make my lunch.
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    Yep, pretty much. People who are staunch FTP types tend to be petty criminals who are raging that they get caught, then treated with little respect by police. The faux swagger and 'I can take a stabbing' schtick is beyond cliche- clearly masking someone who is completely lacking in direction, self respect, confidence, resilience and potential. Sort your life out.
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    This thread has become what I imagine the inside of Csaba Laszlo's head looks like.
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    If I was a Hearts fan I'd be starting a new thread to ensure Rodger doesn't delete it when it hasn't gone his way.
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    Sounds a bit mental, but could also be fun. Best of luck with it.
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    Alexandra, fucking hell!
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    Why didn't I see this one coming I must admit it's a great comeback though. Hope yer next shites a hedgehog
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    Fucking hell. They'd have been better off doing nothing for it.
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    I'm a Buffs ST holder, attended the recent AGM and public meeting. I can assure you Buffs don't have a lot of money and there is no sugar daddy. Our player budget will be less than last year and we'll be relying upon KSC u21s to beef up the squad.
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    Mexico designed a country with a constitutional country. They might’ve killed the guy when he tried to retake his throne but that’s just details.
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    Fucking incredible shout for most influential.
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    Jeez. The Gammons are still angry over having to remove to Golliwogs from the jars.
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    When Dundee Utd were docked 3 points the actual result stood. Dunno why they've come up with 2 points in fairness other than they have to keep the treble dream alive
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    Katherine Ryan could give me a dirty tackle from behind anytime she liked. See you've gone big up front?
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    Has to be done. Waniche is bored. Line up the Worst Ayr united team you've ever seen. Every position can be filled with a player you think is the worst you've ever seen at Somerset. I'll start with... John Hillcoat, Tommy Tait, Michael Renwick, James Mckinstry, Jordan Tait, Paul Cairney, Anthony Marenghi, Steven Boyack, Craig Beattie, David Dunn and Graeme Brown. I'm only 28 and I've kinda made the players semi recent. Please add worse :-)
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    Visiting fans should remember to bring their favourite dancing shoes too. The "falkirk fear" give visiting fans free dancing lessons at the train station.
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    What a fucking bawbag Easton is, it was a reckless challenge and maybe warranted a booking but the footage shows that he cleanly won the ball and never even touched the guy!!! If we're not appealing over the red card can we not apply for retroactive sanctions being taken against Easton, if that was the World Cup he'd have been booked or sent off himself after VAR??? It's just a pity the footage doesn't show him rolling around holding his face as he did!!!
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    Going to suggest something here that might be considered a bit OTT or daft but why can't we have both (not at the same time obviously). Have a minutes silence pre- kick-off to show respect as per normal which ALL fans observe then a minutes applause during half time say by Queens fans (and visiting fans if they wish to join in) Celebrating the pleasure "Bally" gave us shouldn't be necessarily be a sombre affair. I'm in no way religious but at funerals we are often asked to celebrate the life lived rather than the end. A minutes applause is used world wide and is not based on the behaviour of the bigot brothers. Whatever method of showing respect is chosen for Alan I will be picturing him between the sticks performing heroics as he was when I was in my youth. I"ll try and block out memories of George Wood scoring against him though.
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    Absolutely this. We don't need to be dictated to because some OF fans struggle to behave like human beings. In this case I can actually see a case for applause in recognising the scale of the contribution. However, a perfectly observed period of silence is far more poignant and powerful.
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    Celtic should just wait it out, if he’s still there in Jan then offer about £500,000 or try to get him on a pre contract for nowt. No rush and no great loss if he goes elsewhere.
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    Bring back the days when preteens murdered toddlers and baying mobs tried to lynch the preteens or when nice young working class couples tortured and murdered children on some moors.
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    "You've got twenty notifications"
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    Aye, you can f**k off. I'm guessing our season will be longer than your manager's.
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    Oh good, Menstrual's here, the social conscience of P & B...... My guess is that you're another one that needs to tie some cheese round your neck so the mice will talk to you.
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    Royston Rd side as you enter ground
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    Yellow top / black trousers by the chute: wid
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    Shame if Toshney is knackered, would of done a good job for us, Maybe just have to take Scott Martin back instead..... Any other whispers on signings and what about Finn Graham?? Probably more than covered in defence and goalkeeping positions but if Toshney is done we need another defensive midfielder, would like to see another winger brought in on loan perhaps and a striker. We 100% need another forward to compete with Wallace, Hester has had a good pre season but if we want to compete at top he isn’t the answer, The stick Wallace gets its so harsh, You seen the reaction of some Raith and Ayr fans when we got him and they both would of bitten your hand off for him, he isn’t a target man, how ever he does hold the ball up well when played into feet and when given the chance he is a good finisher, We have been lucky last few seasons having Doris so think people are trying to compare Wallace to him, not so long ago we started a season with Coult and Grehan and they both have had less abuse than him, Let’s get behind him and give him a chance, telling him he is shite every week isn’t gonna make him better,
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    He must have walked 500 miles to meet her. Hope his brother helped him.
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    Jesus Christ, we won 2-1. Can you imagine what it will be like when we're getting thumped by the big teams?
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    Rebecca Curran is a massive wid.
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    banana must be back here as the feds are monitoring r/incels atm.
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