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    22 days until the start of the new season - the length of time Pope Marcellus II reigned in 1555, as I'm sure everybody was just itching to say.
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    Why do away with the terracing at all ? I've seriously never understood the infatuation with needing a seat for 90 mins of football. It's nothing to do with "raising standards" or "coming out of the dark ages" etc, it's just that many people enjoy standing, walking around etc, as opposed to being stuck in the one spot on a seat for 90 mins. For our older patrons and those who choose to sit, then the Main Stand will always provide those "comforts".............. Personally I spend my whole working week stuck in a chair in front of a PC, so standing at the football on a Saturday is a welcome relief !!
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    When the club say "news at 11.45am" and it's 11.48am and still no news:
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    Never change Somerset Park pls. Easily one of my favourites to visit.
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    Support Dundee United in 1997/98? Played Championship Manager 97/98? Well here is a trip down memory lane for both of these things, here, here and here. Literally minutes of interest for anyone at a loose end.
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    Really? All your previous posts indicated you were enjoying yourself.
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    Sadly it is all towns and city's in scotland that have old firm fans not just ayr .Even Aberdeen have a fair share of old firm fans .only success will bring more punters through the door .12,000 at a semi final 1200 the following week says says it all . Maybe one day we will get back to the pl .But things are no doubt improving .Full time ,players like shsnkland ,crawford,mcdaid ,rose and murdoch .certainly gives us more of a chance than a part time paul cairney and mikey donald ever did .autid
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    When you’re playing for Dumbarton at 3pm and Stirling Albion at 7.45pm
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    We'll find out in a couple of months when he claims the blue car racially abused him.
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    They wouldn't be into massively deviant, horrifying sexual practices. Wait, thinking about it...
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    Gowser escapes in a helicopter at the end to play for a team in south america, but not before punching a couple of DAB prisoner 'wrong-uns' right in the pus. The end. Thank you.
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    I absolutelydo judge folk for being religious. Think it's massively odd and stupid
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    Pete Smyth is a lunatic and best ignored.
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    It’s a shame they’re even doing one more series of zombie Still Game.
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    Have no fear KK, me & Angus are taking wur boots so wur sorted
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    On Pie and Bovril feeble minds complain Of word play and verse, 'let it cease!' they cry But wordsmen, relent not! No verse deny Continue until no more cries remain Thus bring around change in this one forum To the standard of Leishman all must strive Or the standard of Jackson will survive Such drivel will kill our dreams of decorum Patience we show to those who vent They know not the pleasure of art In time they will come, words to cherish For now we accept no insult is meant Only the pleas of their longing heart Which no good poster allows to perish
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    Livi have signed another keeper.cant see them needing 4
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    I could have said done But the grammatical shift Was too much to bear
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    Free money the next folk in the hideaway will be Georgia, one of the new lads and Sam to wipe the dude's forehead down and fetch them iced teas.
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    Or he mentions actual races What's a race? If you just mean black and white skin colours in America then you have him on court records refusing to rent New York apartments to black people and cosying up to KKK boy David Duke and backing white supremacists in Charlottesville.
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    Then proceeded to punt the manager when we finally got a bit of momentum, then replaced him with a guy who walked out of the job previously after our last good campaign, leaving us for f'kin Birmingham. I think we'll make it to the big tournaments again, only because they are expanding them far too much. The Euros will soon go up to 32 teams, like the World Cup was previously. I think the best we can hope for is hard workman like performances, a bit like Australia, with no real chance of doing any damage to anyone in the group stages
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    https://dafc.co.uk/fixture.php?SID=U20s&D=2018-07-13&ID=1109 We ended up with seven u-20 players on at the end after starting with a couple of trialists, clearly resting a few players for games Sunday/Monday. Under 20s have a home game tomorrow against Whitburn juniors, not sure of time though.
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    They’ve been given the boot. Christ I’m sorry, I’m better than this. I’ll come back stronger.
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    That pmsl at the end fairly changes the tone of the whole post unexpectedly. Pmsl.
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    Can we wear the away socks every week please.
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    Come home tomoro. 5 days is plenty even though really done 3 days at the park. Queing was to be expected however go early before people get in at 10 and you can get plenty rides done. The problem of the second full day was getting up early as its a long day. Fireworks at 11pm I thought was awesome. It can be expensive but you do just have to plan it out. The car/stunt show was teckle at studios. Hollywood tower I recommend you go on it before you have something to eat. Overall the kids have enjoyed themselves and that's the main thing. I have another week off before work... I need it
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    Bit harsh. Look at how much fun Orangemen can be when they let their hair down.
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    I say we start a campaign for our third strip to be the home one for this season. It's criminal that we'll probably rarely see it.
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    Even if Hippolyte signs for us I don’t get the outrage of some because of his diving history against us. I well remember a winter night away at Airdrie watching Greg Ross getting the run around from a certain Joseph Cardle Esq. Joe hit the deck at every opportunity whether he had been touched or not, just laughing or winking at the fans. The same Joe went on to achieve cult status with the same fans who are currently outraged.
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    It will be a pleasure for you
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    Aye he performed brilliantly against County and Dundee whilst we were in the first, evidently didn't do that consistently in the Premier. Also Andy Rodgers is a weird bloke.
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    Diet fizzy juice is nicer than full sugar juice. Full sugar juice is too thick to quench your thirst and it leaves a sugary residue in your mouth.
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    These monstrosities are responsible for the death of Irn Bru, and possibly the next restaurant employee that tells me they only have diet drinks.
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    Someone's posted on the Dundee forum that Caulker was spotted in a bar in Portugal by Dundee fans, denied he was himself and said he was a guy called Marcos. Some boy Marcos.
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    I'll take the bait. Your crowd were in your wanking chariots for days over some guy who got relegated with Dumbarton. Gives us our moment sen.
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    Anyone who sounds 'Doing' with one syllable Needs waterboarding.
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    Needs a wee fake Lego Shay Logan for them to hurl racial abuse at.
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    I never heard of orange walks at all growing up in Caithness, and folk think we were backward up there?
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    Argumentative pish. Who mentioned Donati or Duffy? Both were brought in as emergency cover and the rest were squad players. That is B&WA whataboutery at its finest. I am hopeful that Stubbs has some experienced players lined up too as youth players generally lack consistency and can struggle with the physicality of Scottish football. However I am certain the manager knows that and will address it and so should you.
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    The SPFL isn't the name of the top league in Scotland.
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    Unusual for a dog to live that long. What happened to the owner?
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    Goalkeepers 1. Zander Clark (26) -2020 12. Cammy Bell (32) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) ??. Ross Sinclair (17) - 2021 Defenders 19. Richard Foster (32) - 2020 5. Joe Shaughnessy (25) - 2019 6. Steven Anderson (32) - 2020 (on loan at Partick Thistle until May 2019) 24. Brian Easton (30) - 2019 3. Scott Tanser (23) - 2021 23. Liam Gordon (22) - 2021 14. Aaron Comrie (21) - 2019 15. Jason Kerr (21) - 2022 31. Niall Keown (23) - 2019 (on loan from Partick Thistle) Midfielders 7. Drey Wright (23) - 2020 10. David Wotherspoon (28) - 2021 4. Blair Alston (26) - 2019 + 1 8. Murray Davidson (30) - 2020 + 1 28. Ross Callachan (24) - 2020 26. Liam Craig (31) - 2020 20. Kyle McClean (19) - 2019 - (on loan at Linfield until May 2019) 18. Ali McCann (18) - 2020 (on loan at Stranraer until May 2019) 33. Matty Kennedy (23) - 2020 11. Danny Swanson (31) - 2020 Strikers 16. David McMillan (29) - 2020 (on loan at Hamilton Accies until May 2019) 9. Chris Kane (23) - 2020 32. Tony Watt (24) - 2019 17. Michael O'Halloran (28) - 2021 22. Callum Hendry (20) - 2020 Left the club Alan Mannus - Shamrock Rovers - freedom of contract Ben McKenzie - Airdrie Keith Watson - Ross County Cameron Thomson - Stirling Albion Cameron Lumsden - Kelty Hearts Chris Millar - Morton Daniel Jardine - Stirling Albion Jamie Docherty - Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale Steven Maclean - Hearts - freedom of contract Greg Hurst - Stenhousemuir Stefan Scougall - Carlisle United Mark Hurst - Buggered off to America Loans Ended George Williams Matty Willock Denny Johnstone Tristan Nydam Conor Mitchell Sean Goss New Signings Conor Mitchell (Burnley) - loan Tristan Nydam (Ipswich Town) - loan Ross Callachan (Heart of Midlothian) - free Drey Wright (Colchester United) - free Matty Kennedy (Cardiff City) - free Danny Swanson (Hibernian Football Club Club) - free Tony Watt (OH Leuven) - free Michael O'Halloran (Melbourne City) - free Niall Keown (Partick Thistle) - loan Cammy Bell (Partick Thistle) - loan Sean Goss (Queens Park Rangers) - loan
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