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    Yaasssss! Check who liked this!
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    34 days until the new season starts. If every zombie bit one new person a day, the entire world would be zombified in 34 days.
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    Jesus wept.. If you think it's Piracy, or Jimmy as it was yesterday, can you take it to a mod, instead of putting the put into what might well be a 60 year old fellow fan?
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    Please can we not go through all of this? If you have a problem with each other or would like to talk about something then please pm each other. No one else is interested on here.
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    A brief report and some photos from yesterday. https://piesontheterraces.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/east-kilbride-v-dumbarton/
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    Good idea, i’ll be voting Whig since they won the first ever general election and it’d be a disaster not to uphold democracy.
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    Fucking cave dwellers deserve ridicule from all angles.
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    Ur right Sandra,[mention=68117]bairnardo[/mention]. [mention=1852]rugster[/mention] you boys should be ashamed of yourselves [emoji36][emoji36][emoji36][emoji36] COYB
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    The lady is a genuine poster and not an alias.
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    How many zombies do you start with? Just all the season ticket holders or everyone that claims to support them?
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    Ivan hasnt quite figured out what the air conditioner is for
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    Eyal is not, never had been, and never will be a #boi. He’s a thick hippy c**t with zero brain cells, shit hair and shit chat. Have a word.
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    If they suspend the twitter guy they can give me my season ticket money back. No place in society for these mutants.
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    Thank you @Tynieness. Now can we stop treating one of our own like we are drunk Hibs fans on an Aberdeen away day? You might well disagree with her, but save the hatred for Dunfermline and Live, eh?
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    'Progressive' in virtue-signalling pearl clutch in 'do as I say don't do as I do' shocker
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    Unemployed Professional liar Drugs courier Polis Tortoise sexer.
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    We didn't just magically pull a sponsor out our farter. I know the commercial director and he absolutely bursts his balls to secure sponsors and the likes. Our previous sponsor actually pulled out of their deal a year early and we managed to get C&G systems on board as their replacement due to hard work and being able to sell the club to them. They really bought into the plans we have to turn DFC into a community club. Raith could've had something similar had they gone part-time and put the graft in to find a sponsor who could offer players a chance at work outside of football. Previously we used to arrange for players to complete personal trainer courses and the likes and that helped us secure full-time players when we were in the Championship. You need to be clever about it and put in the hard work, numerous part-time clubs over the years have done it, right down to junior level.
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    Poppy booking a flight out of here.
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    Darren O'Dea giving us an update on his clubs' striker situation: Link.
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    A brief report and some photos from East Kilbride v Dumbarton yesterday https://piesontheterraces.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/east-kilbride-v-dumbarton/
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    @bennett usually gets a king size munchy box with a side of chips and donner meat for Rangers matches. It's nowhere near Ibrox though, its an Indian takeaway down the street from him for when he watches their games on a pishy internet stream, he hasnt been near Ibrox since the days when Caitlyn Jenner still had a hairy arse.
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    Sounds like subsidence, you out to check for a disused mineshaft.
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    Naah. I've liked things / posted as "Falkirk FC" on Facebook and then realised I forgot to log out and back in under my own name. Easy mistake to make - and to fix. Our twitter guy will be fine.
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    Our twitter guy is fucking #untouchable now. We are all the twitter guy. f**k Fraser Aird.
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    Na, if Scott was my son I would have made sure he got a job he was actually good at
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    Guns N Roses merchandise is increasingly unrelated to their music, I find.
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    Right wing Americans are really shite at satire unless they unwittingly do it on their own heroes.
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    I love everything about the World Cup. I was in Brazil for 3 weeks at the last one, gave Russia a miss and decided I was only going to Qatar if Scotland qualified (unlikely I know). Today I had a f**k it moment and decided I’m going regardless. I’ll definitely be attending Canada/Mexico/USA also, providing I’m still alive. I fucking love the World Cup!!!!!
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    Gary Maley will be our third choice ‘keeper this season. Gary Maley will be on FIFA 19. Falkirk won’t. What a fucking laugh this is and it’s not even July.
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    Drop Toshney and Scobbie off on the Isle of May.
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    They were a baw hair away from having a real go last season. They won't be far away this season though ek and Spartans are strengthening well as well. And wi the shire desperate to get back and the newbies from Fife it promises to be a cracking season.
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    Good post. Will read again.
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    I was supportive of you when you started posting but I must say that you have been coming across as a wee bit too delicate recently, especially when you say you have been enjoying the banter on here for some time. The banter on here can be pretty scathing at times but as long as it is done with humor (the darker the better) and a degree of intelligence then all fine as far as I am concerned. May I suggest a wee browse of the General Nonsense section to acclimatize yourself.
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    Phoenix for a burger and pint boys.
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    Great day at Aberfeldy yesterday. First outing for both clubs and it showed. Kelty had one shot at goal in the first half but were much the better side in the second half. Probably didn’t deserve to lose by 2-0 especially as the second Elgin goal was a tad dubious, from where I was sitting anyway. Massive congrats to the hard working Breadalbane FC committee for staging this. Great football in terrific conditions.
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    So... yeah it might have been a while since I've had the chance to update. Anyway, we've got ourselves a new leader, @Sheriff John Brown leaps to the top. 1 Sherrif John Bunnell 420.5 2 Gypsy Joe Swanton 386 3 Ned Nederlander 312 4 Bluetoon87 243 5 Fuctifano 222 6 psv_killie 220.5 7 alta-pete 219.5 8 Billy Jean King 207 9 Indale Winton 201 10 mozam76 197 11 Supermik 182 12 Arabdownunder 174 13 DBA 171 14 The Naitch 167.5 15 Bishop Briggs 162 16 cal234ey 158 17 JustOneCornetto 149 18 Ben Twilly 145 19 Mark Connolly 144 20 sleazy 137 21 Ross. 133.5 22 Shotgun 115 23 pub car king 104 24 Cardinal Richelieu 102 25 chomp my root 101 26 LoonsYouthTeam 99 27 thistledo 92 28 10menwent2mow 89 = cdisaccie 89 = Michael W 89 = Sloop John B 89 = thelocalcat 89 = weirdcal 89 34 the snudge 88 35 Spain 82 36 Arch Stanton 78 37 lichtgilphead 76 38 Eednud 73 39 Sweaty Morph 72.5 40 Miguel Sanchez 70 41 Oddy 69 42 ToBeSomeone 67 43 50/50 Winner 65 44 Bobby Skidmarks 62 45 Enigma 55 = HI HAT 55 = Once A Rover always a Rover 55 = The DA 55 49 harry94 53 50 Bold Rover 49 = Salvo Montalbano 49 52 qos_75 36 53 Christophe 26 = Helpma 26 = lolls 26 = nessies long lost ghost 26 = sureiknow 26 58 Everyone else 0
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    Not the tallest, not the best in the air, not the best at tracking runners, not the best with the ball at his feet but apparently he’s quite funny in the dressing room so there is that.
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    Fucking love that shade of blue. Already went fanboy and got the home top but the early indications are that I'll be going full blown tamo and getting both.
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    I'm beginning to doubt this world war mumbo jumbo. "Aye, an evil empire, chased us to Normandy, but we escaped and went back the next week to leather them".
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    It's quite simple GET RID OF AMATEUR FORMS! Clubs want to pay players ? Let them, let them declare their books, let them pay the tax, let's stop the brown envelope culture
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    Posted some of these before: (All from the same guy at work. Genuinely 100% true, swear on my sons life, right hand up to god etc these words came out of his mouth) His dad found £10,000 down the back of the sofa. Out on his boat in the Firth of Forth, the captain of a Submarine asked him over the Tannoy to move away - As he was approaching HMS property. He slid down the Pyramids. On the same holiday to Egypt he was almost refused entry to the UK - As border control didn't believe such a sallow skinned person could have possibly have come from his mum and dad. Apparently the tan he received on that holiday still exists to this day too. Gave his wife umpteen orgasms as she was sleeping. As he was pumping his girlfriend (doggy style), her flatmat came into the room looking for her glasses. Saw what was going on and looked over his shoulder and commented favourably on his massive manhood. After I asked him what he was doing at the weekend, his answer was "Fitting a £12,000 sound system in his mates Subaru Impreza." Managed to get from Strathaven to Manchester for the UEFA cup final in an hour and a half. He travelled north, from Strathaven again, going 90 mph for three hours solid. Saved East Kilbride shopping centre from a terrorist attack by chucking a Muslimy looking guy with a rucksack out of the fire escape. An unarmed duo comprising of himself and his brother saved a bookies in Paisley from an armed robber. He fought the same brother in the UK Karate championships. Although his mum and dad had to leave as it was such a bloodbath. His mate owns and runs the website Heaven666. There are probably a few I've forgotten.
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