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    The last thing Bali needs is another Flood.
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    Hardly meaningless - you signed a shite, angry liability who has now decided he doesn't fancy playing for your team. I've done some careful checking, and the joke is still on Dunfermline here.
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    Imagine being snubbed after only a week by willo fucking flood. Minterific. Yous can try and fanny up any sort of reply to the contrary but this has been the gift that keeps on giving.
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    He was only 9 years and 355 days away from a testimonial.
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    38 days until the new season starts. Kangaroos and Fifers have a 38 day pregnancy.
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    Flood's Dunfermline career in highlights
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    Would just like to give Kennie my sincere congratulations on his appointment and my thanks for his help in the process. If also like to thank the clubs who out their faith in me and to the various people who have given me advice prior to tonight' vote and had promised their support if the result had gone my way. With regards anything that went on during the meeting I wasn' in attendance so have no idea or opinion but wish the region all th3 best going forward. Cheers Robert
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    It's Martin that doesn't like Vaughan, his dad is a big fan.
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    I know the boy who runs Hibs' official Facebook page, and apparently they keep receiving messages like this in the middle of the night.
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    Annual reminder that anyone attending a game involving Colt sides is a scab b*****d and should be hounded like John Martin.
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    I can give help out with that too : Mark Stewart Raith Rovers - 7,329 minutes (64.2 minutes per game) Falkirk - 4,694 minutes (55.8 minutes per game) Dumbarton - 2,154 minutes (59.8 minutes per game) Dundee - 600 minutes (35.3 minutes per game) Bradford City - 685 minutes (45.6 minutes per game) Hamilton - 718 minutes (55.2 minutes per game) Derry City - 703 minutes (58.6 minutes per game) Kilmarnock - 217 minutes (43.4 minutes per game) Total - 17,100 minutes 56 goals. 1 goal every 305 minutes Rory Loy Falkirk - 8,239 minutes (79.1 minutes per game) Carlisle United - 3,236 minutes(56.8 minutes per game) Dundee - 2,702 minutes (54 minutes per game) St Mirren (2nd spell) - 1,245 minutes (73.2 minutes per game) Dunfermline Athletic - 899 minutes (47.3 minutes per game) Rangers - 51 minutes (25.5 minutes per game) Total - 16,363 minutes 66 goals. 1 goal every 247 minutes.
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    It's one of those invidious jobs where there is absolutely no chance anyone will ever be able to please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Anything's got to be an improvement or what's been going on for the last few years though...at times watching last season's fixtures unfold was like watching Helen Keller play snooker. At least Kennie will stick to the agreed parameters of the job - congratulations to him on his appointment. I share the astonishment of many on here though that the previous incumbent has seemingly had a paid makework post created for him.
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    surprised but sure everyone on here will be pleased for him. He deserves it, and more.
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    Well, that's everything printed out in case I get the nod. Half the year's fixtures all sorted, depending on how the votes go with the reorganisation of all the cups. Probably end up tearing the lot up if I've guessed wrong about how the clubs see those cups.
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    Signed for you but wanted to be elsewhere. Insisted on a clause to that effect. Has activated said clause and left. No imagination required, buddy.
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    I have an incredible amount of admiration for your dedication to stats. It's ridiculous and beautiful in equal measure.
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    I can't believe the fixtures aren't up on the West Region website yet. Bring back the old Fixtures Man.
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    Come here to read about transfers......keep the thread on track ffs
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    Clearly realised that not even he is mutated enough to reside in Fife.
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    Had a tour of the stadium today, was excellent. Bought the new top, sorting DFCTV for when I move to France and met Sir Neil. And got hospo for Pars game.
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    By club: Mark Stewart: Raith Rovers 114 apps 26 goals Falkirk 84 apps 21 goals Dumbarton 36 apps 4 goals Dundee 17 apps 3 goals Bradford City 15 apps 0 goals Hamilton Accies 13 apps 1 goal Derry City 13 apps 1 goal Kilmarnock 5 apps 0 goals Total 296 apps, 56 goals Rory Loy Falkirk 104 apps 35 goals Carlisle United 57 apps 8 goals Dundee 50 apps 13 goals St Mirren (two spells) 25 apps 7 goals Dunfermline 19 apps 3 goals Rangers 2 apps 0 goals Total 256 apps 66 goals
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    Colt teams are shite. Northern Irish diddies being shipped in are shite. Welsh diddies being shipped in are shite. English low level shite being shipped in is shite. Neil Doncaster is shite. The Petrofac Irn Bru Bells Ramsdens B&Q Diddy Challenge Cup is utter, utter shite. That’s my opinion.
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    Shocking result for Airdrie there. Can see them being relegated.
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    I do hope all the clubs in the region make it to the AGM tonight. There should be a full turnout and every club should vote because whatever happens it will concern them and their future.
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    90% of Groundworks done, be complete next week Stand is then being delivered 6th July, 3 weeks to build by the squad and open for our 1st league game on the 28th.
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    I think Haber can be a useful option up front if McCann gives him a chance and he puts some effort in... However, his ‘fashion’ sense and Instagram page makes me want to run him over with a steamroller.
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    If Alex McLeish had been Killie manager, that would have worked.
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    It's faster. Unless you can type really quickly it's still faster than typing or any other form of writing. I take minutes of a lot of meetings and there's nothing quicker than writing - plus, it's disruptive to sit there clattering away on a keyboard. Throughout school kids are going to have to write a lot. There's no way in the near future they're all going to be sitting there with laptops in front of them in class, taking their notes. It's also nicer to look at. I don't think I'd like to get a Valentine's card written in small caps. But schools are still miles behind, typing is an important skill now and they ought to be teaching it. And I'd happily see them spend less time on handwriting and more time on grammar and punctuation.
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    Don't forget we've got our 40% sell on for Dom Thomas to cash in as well!
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    Strange one as he looked really chuffed to be joining you.
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    Roughly translated from Hungarian newspaper Blikk: Paksi FC defender Zsolt Gévay close move to Scottish giants Dundee United after end of contract on deal of 2 years.
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    Interesting https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/port-vales-dan-turner-set-1715877
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    We’ve decided to play on tarmac this season as a tribute to the young fans who used to hone their football and kerby skills on the streets of Kirkcaldy. We will also be installing kerbs, and will shortly announce plans to host an International Kerby Tournament with teams from as far afield as Methil, Greenock, Bellshill and Outer Mongolia taking part for the greatest prize in World Kerby, the Golden Kerb. To get the tournament going, there will be a debate in the centre circle between two eminent professors from the University of Edinburgh philosophy department on the merits of the game and whether it is Kerby or Curby. For added ‘reality’ at random times throughout the matches a speeding car will move along the pitch to disrupt play. I am sure all true Rovers and Kerby fans will get behind this visionary idea.
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    Calm down folks ffs! The board deserve our patience for all they have achieved in the past couple of years. Getting the squad moving and keeping continuity with the back room staff is far more important at this stage. It was always going to be tough to get a manager in with the restrictions of keeping all of that together. We cannot afford a huge wage for Miller - he clearly is interested in the job but is probably having to make a decision on accepting lower money than he can get elsewhere - there will always be some horsetrading in that type of situation. it will be fine. Keep the faith etc.
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    Here’s hoping the delegates see sense and vote you in, all the best
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    So which is it, Grant. Is he a shite signing and a lucky escape or a good signing who didn't fancy being a Dunfermline player? Either way it's pretty damn funny. First Piracy and now Flood, what a time to be alive.
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    Even I'm a bit ashamed about how nerdy that post was
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    Aw no, I can't handle this. First that cow Megan splits up Wes and Laura and now this! What a 24 hours
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    Will Falkirk fans be taking legal action to try and recover the fortnight of their lives they lost posting on here about how shite Flood is?
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