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    It's a big pavement for passengers but that's not important right now.
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    Hearts fans highlights this season: 2 gifs of their players going through Hibs players in Derby defeats, making us wait slightly longer to secure European football and some Hibs fans not liking the new Hibs kit Such a strange bunch.
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    Begbie modelling the new home kit.
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    Actual goings on at Ibrox= comedy gold Attempts to spoof goings on at ibrox=tragedy
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    Me. It's the only pumping I'll get close to.
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    Some truly cutting edge insight there.
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    Yeah, I'd already edited my post to reflect that before you replied. Cheers though. Either way based on what he actually said the guy's comment completely ignores that there's a clear gulf in quality between that level of football and our Premiership. Off the top of my head we released Craig Clay from a 2 year deal because he wasn't good enough, Hearts binned Cole Stockton, Inih Effiong lasted 2 games at County after he signed from Woking and from what I've read on here the jury still seems to be out on Roarie Deacon after a full season at Dens. There are probably as many, if not more, examples of players who have been signed from non-league in England who have struggled as there are who have been stand outs. Which doesn't really square with the comment your man made or what he's inferring. We (Motherwell) had become something of the poster boys for recruiting from the non-league market but it's telling that none of our signings last summer were from that level. Since the 2014/15 season we've signed 8 players from non-league in England: Josh Law - Alfreton Town (released to Oldham Athletic) Marvin Johnson - Kidderminster Harriers (sold to Oxford United £650k plus % of £2.5m to Middlesboro) Louis Moult - Wrexham (sold to Preston North End £500k) Ben Heneghan - Chester (sold to Sheffield United £300k) Richard Tait - still at club. Extended to 2020. Craig Clay - released summer 2017/18 Ryan Bowman - still at club. Extended to 2019 Elliot Frear - still at club We obviously had success with Moult and Johnson but even in Moult's case it took him a while to adjust and make the step up and the player we sold 50 goals later for half a million absolutely wasn't the player who arrived. Heneghan struggled for large parts of his season here (not helped by playing in a defence with Craig fucking Samson behind him I'll grant you) but we 100% won a watch with United wanting to pay us cash for him. Of the 3 who are still at the club only Tait is an undisputed first pick and it took him a full season to adjust. The season he arrived he was getting utterly reamed by Jonny Hayes and Scott Sinclair. While he may have ended the season our top scorer at the club Bowman's our 3rd (possibly 4th) choice striker and Frear spent most of the season on the bench with Tait playing ahead of him at LWB. Contrary to belief Carson's never played non-league. He signed for us after Hartlepool had been relegated. He never played for them at National League level. So, to follow your TDB guy's logic Kettering and Yeovil-level players should be swanning up here and seamlessly fitting in. To use us as an example, that's not the case. In fact, quite the opposite, Motherwell released Alex Fisher from a 2 year deal to sign for Yeovil having scored 0 in 19 appearances. He's scored 6 in 19 for them in League 2 since his move. Some have worked out, some haven't. However you can say that of any recruitment in general. As has often been pointed out Joey Barton was named in the Championship team of the year prior to signing at Ibrox while Bruno Alves is going to the World Cup both were made to look like absolute huddies by bottom 6 sides during their time at Rangers. There are individuals who can move from National League level and stand out but they're the exceptions rather than the rule. It's also down to scouting and good recruitment rather than it simply being a case of the two leagues being a comparable level. To broadly say that Yeovil and Kettering players are the equal of anything the SPL (sic) has just doesn't fly IMO. Yes, there will be players at that level who "could do a job" but that doesn't make the two leagues comparable. FWIW: absolutely none of that is comment on Nathan Ralph. For all I know he may well be the next Ashley Cole but I'm very much in agreement with RossDee01's point that it's an absolute fucking nonsense the number of fans of clubs down there who seem to think that the Premiership is a lower level than the fucking National League. As I said, it's a properly Brexit mentality.
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    63 days until the new season starts. The first road trip by car across the US in 1905 took 63 days
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    Well yes. I hate it though when any fans, particularly OF ones, pretend that expenditure on players is just to do with transfer fees, ignoring the dominant role played in the modern game, by wages. Those running Gretna, used to make the same gormless noises. It's important in scoffing at Rangers, that we don't fall into the trap of seeming to side with Celtic. Remember that they're wankers too. In fairness, they do like to offer reminders.
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    Is that permanently, or just a one-off game?
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    The fixture man who is on here does an absolutely fantastic job for the LL and EOS, a clever individual who I’d trust 100% to get things right more often than not.
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    Just like the Lowland League and East of Scotland League... albeit those leagues were finished a month ago rather than the annual fixture farce that is the juniors due to them not wanting to use floodlights to allow catching up during the dark nights.
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    He is correct, the junior cup has caused chaos fixture wise for years as well you know. Logically it should have been played August, September, October and resumed again in March to reduce the effects of poor weather. Instead we had clubs sitting idle for weeks every season. Madness.
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    I don't think anyone disputes that the core product within the Juniors is there, unfortunately those who run the grade have sat on their laurels whilst the world moved around them and when clubs have decided they want to move with the times they have been decried from on high. IMO there needs to be a mass cull of those in charge of the Junior game, thankfully it appears steps are being taken for this to happen, but it all might just come a little too late. It'll be interesting watching what happens in the West next year, if pyramid entry isn't delivered at Tier 6 as promised. There are progressive clubs who will want to reap the benefits that those in the East will begin to see, the thing is those clubs might not be the top West Superleague clubs, just ones with ambition, and if a few of them are willing to take the risk the whole house of cards is likely to tumble. Had there been somewhere for them to go for the 18/19 season it would probably have already started.
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    I’d go one further and say it pisses over the entirety of English football, especially the EPL. Football for tourists.
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    He's taken the heat off you, which I didn't think would be possible.
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    It's just little Brian aka RRG who ran away from here in the huff, Mr Burns is as we know running for West secretary. I'm fairly sure that there is last day drama in all levels of football from senior to amateur and if memory serves it isn't reserved just for the west region juniors. Let them jump up and down, stamp their feet and rage away, the dynamics of non league football have changed and they will just have to get used to it. Yes, the juniors was once upon a time a fantastic grade of football but it was no longer meeting the needs of it's members in the East. That's a part of life, things change, things evolve. It's important to remember that non of these clubs have left football, they are still non league, they have embraced a pyramid that in time the West clubs will be a part of too. When the LL was set up it signaled the potential death of junior football in the long term in this country, it's coming quicker than expected, but having 160 odd clubs playing in a separate grade was never going to last forever. I have never been on RRG's twitter site so thought I would have a look and I have been blocked
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    "Maw, let me take a picture of your injuries for the lonely alcoholics on the internet, that I give fashion advice to."
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    On the subject of Rix and Thompson I have actually used it to point score and even sang songs about them and Hearts, which is totally not on and in my defence it was a while ago. I’d never dream of doing that now. And to be fair I did have a few bevvy’s last Friday.
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    They were waiting for a train?
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    Livingston F.C. have truly broken the entire Falkirk support over the past 12 months. A fantastic achievement.
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    Farewell to the championship forum. I think the last six years are probably the best I've had following this team of ours. Hopefully it won't be sixteen years until we return like the last time we were relegated from this division.
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    The ten minutes before your mates arrive in the pub when you're there first are some of the most important minutes of your life. A time for quiet, reflection and Tennents lager. PS f**k the Hibs
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    No sooner said than done! I think I preferred this thread when people were at each others throats, being called "Nazis" or "dinosaurs" supporting "mediocre" teams...
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    Can't imagine too many treasurers are happy with the amount of midweek games though and speaking as a former committee person, they're a nightmare to administer too. Fans can turn up 5 mins before kick off, not so the volunteer helpers.
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    Every player in the conference is at a win-win coming up here to play as a) more exposure being on tv b) more money c) playing at a higher level d) playing at bigger grounds e) bigger crowds. Scottish Premiership pisses all over the conference and pisses over that tin pot league 2 as well.
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    I don’t think anyone would dispute that Beith and Talbot were the best two teams in the country this year. Beith have taken 4 points off Talbot and that has been crucial. They have shared the two big prizes and I can’t imagine they will be too concerned with the remaining pots on offer. Well done to both teams. Well run clubs, sensible coaching staff and rewarded for sticking with their managers long term. A lesson to the rest.
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    How does remoteness affect lighting?
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    I'll be happy to call bullshit on that.
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    Speak not of the devils illuminations!!
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    Is there an obscure French version of O’Halloran? If so, we’ll take him. Thank you.
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    Why are Rangers fans always obese, bald guys?
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    Hi David, I know you have always had an issue with me so not really surprised to see you have a go which is your right. Let me just clarify a few things for you. Yes, Bo'ness have made the jump like your club have but for me it is too late. The same people who I disagreed with are still in power and I would find it difficult to work with them due to our differing views on the pyramid. That's the way it works on committees but when you find yourself very much outnumbered it's hard to keep going. My ambitions and views of the future of Bo'ness were different from some others and never the twain shall meet. In the end I stopped enjoying it, therefore time to move on. Hopefully the committee that are left will do a good job and the club will thrive in the future in it's new setting. I enjoyed very much my time with Bo'ness United and will always be proud of some of the things achieved. Firstly getting the club the Quality Mark and more importantly cementing the link between the community club and the junior team creating a proper pathway. It was with great pride that I watched James Rintoul make his debut, the first of hopefully many that make a go of progressing through the pathway as the club develop their own talent. I gave 100% to the club and always want them to kick on. I had some great times and will reflect and cherish the good memories. Now I have made it no secret that I am a fan of Heart of Midlothian football club, they're my first love and I still regularly attend their games, they're the club I support. I do love football though and being involved at a club is a real buzz irrespective of who it is ,which I missed when not involved. As a former committee man yourself you will know it's a great hobby to have despite the disappointments and stresses, after all, at this level we are all volunteers. As such the offer of a move to a club like Kelty was a no brainer and a great opportunity to be involved at a club on the cusp of achieving great things and building on the success they already have. I wish Bo'ness United all the best for the future and hope they succeed in making the lowland league as they will be an asset to it as will your club Linlithgow Rose. Cheers and catch you next time I'm at Prestonfield, I might even buy you a lager.
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    Yellow away strip plz xoxo
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    If I'm honest what made my day was seeing all the sad faces on the way out. When I say sad what I mean is raging, you didn't take it well lets be honest. Also your committee man that was posted on here after the Pollok game was at it again today. Challenging Cumnock players to fights. You are that used to winning you don't know how to behave when you lose.
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    Ah right. I was referring to the whole team at the end of the game.especially Talbot Reject Montgomery kissing his badge and wee seniors reject boy burns rejoicing like they won thet league or the game. If they had given all their previous managers the same spirit today then they may have won something by now. Talbot players couldn't help themselves goading Cumnock fans on Twitter a few weeks back after your Scottish Cup semi! Today they got a wee bitta stick back and didn't like it! If you can't take it, don't dish it out. Simple!!!
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    Quite right, a lot of the guys we would presumably be after are still at other Clubs technically till the 1st June, so we've just got to wait. It's just been a bugger that the 1st has been at the start of the weekend otherwise I'm sure you would have seen some business being done!!! Confident that phone calls have been made and meetings have been arranged and we'll start to hear stuff happening soon!!! Tbf, we have done brilliantly so far with our early signings, can't remember the last time we were this far ahead!!!
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    You really do come across as a pathetic individual.
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    Remind me again how it's taken nearly ten months to play 22 league fixtures in the West?
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    Luck of the draw plays a big part in the smaller teams getting a cup run too though. In Wishaw's case, Arniston, Downfield, Forth and Yoker before the Quarters. Beating KRR their major result. Hurlford getting to the final also illustrative of this - they've only won just over a quarter of their league games this season. For me, it's why league football trumps the cup (in general). Take nothing away through from the teams highly consistent and strong in both (e.g. Talbot).
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    At least it shows the EoSFL's heart's in it. Everyone = 32 teams that's a perfect number, 2x16 parallel leagues. EoSFL = Nah, we can do better than that. Still room on board! Everyone = Fine, 36 teams. 2x18 parallel leagues. A lot of games but look at that symmetry! EoSFL = Nope, more the merrier! Everyone = 39 teams? That's an odd number how's that going to work? EoSFL= 3x13 and we'll seed the cups in a way that conferences go against each other to help prevent clubs sitting idle as much as possible.
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    Sevco fans really scrapping the barrel in setting records here. “25th most YouTube views in Europe”
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