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    Please use this responsibly, and not for the purposes of mocking Dundee United Football Club or William Robert Flood.
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    I think what Scottish football needs is for Rangers to fucking die permanently. Thank you.
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    What Scottish Football actually needs is a weak Celtic
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have a job! Anybody who wants to come to Mad Jack's brewpub in Bailey, Colorado this evening - the drinks are on me.
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    Lewis Vaughan at the start of the season Lewis Vaughan after hitting the post vs Alloa
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    Do you know my frustration? As well as the really close title race we have in the Premier, we have an exciting situation in the Super 1st where there are three of us on exactly the same number of points with two games to play each. With Renfrew not far in front & Glencairn and Medda not far behind, it’s not inconceivable that you could have 6 teams separated by a point or even goal difference at the end of the season; with three of them going straight up, two in the play-offs & one team missing out. And most of these six teams still to face each other as well. We could have the sort of last day drama that players, coaches, sponsors & Media all dream of! With only a few weeks planning, this could be set-up for the kind of situation that could be splashed all over the papers for some fantastic publicity for the West Region Juniors - except we don’t know when they’re all playing (beyond 10 days notice) and with last night’s fixtures out, a last day drama has been avoided. Something worth bearing in mind next time the dearth of sponsorship or positive publicity is mentioned...
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    Livi proving that it's not the size of the crowd, but how many cans you've had beforehand that makes the difference. Superb scenes!
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    Nothing is won yet, trust me, we know that, 7 games to play, it’s a big ask to win them all. But we at the club are not shouting our mouths off. We are just delighted to have an exiting end to the season, win them all or lose them all, we will have had a terrific season. Considering I brought in a new manager in Mason, at the helm. Who I had picked to replace me, and believe me, I had to talk really hard with him to convince him to take over. I told him I wouldn’t give the team to anyone else, and he has been tremendous, especially after the bad start we had. So just to confirm I didn’t resign I just moved over, but I am still very much involved along with the help of the committee in the running of team affairs but not the managing side. Yes the fans we play for are shouting their mouths off, and why not, who can blame them. We haven’t had a lot to shout about in recent seasons gone bye. Another three dead in Shortlees in only 3 days last week, including one who was one of our players dad. No one should be using that in any comment on here. This is a football forum, let’s talk about football, and have a bit of banter. Yes some of us have dislikes for one another, me included. f**k I’ve been slaughtered on here. I didn’t like it, but you just slag back, and trust me anyone who really knows me, knows I’m good at it. But there is also a fine line between a bit of banter between one another, and disrespect. Disrespect just breeds disrespect. I hope we win them all but we know others like Goldenhill, have the same agenda. We have the greatest respect for Goldenhill, and have been in touch with them on social media, before the quarters telling them we hope we meet them in the final. And c’mon, nobody has had their team talk done for them, it’s the Scottish cup final, if you need a team talk, you should be playing dominos or something instead. We are taking it one game at a time, and are excited to be back in with a chance of the league, which we had nearly, but not quite given up on. We will just try to keep winning, if we lose the league, we will be disappointed, but so will most of Ayrshire’s amateur teams. Someone amongst us had to come through the ranks, to try to beat the big bad Bully who doesn’t fight fair amongst us. I watched HT beat Galston one day, 7 years ago at Galston, and their unfair domination of the game was the sole reason, I knew that I had to start a team. That game made me so driven to start a Shortlees Amateurs, and make them competitive enough to challenge them. Not because i set out to be a great manager, which I definitely wasnt, although I learned a lot in losing, very fast, and turned out to be not to bad . But I know how to man manage and motivate people, I’m good at that, always have been. I knew, “trust me I knew” and I’m not trying to sound condescending on here, that I could start a team, that would eventually end up challenging the devils 11. I got mocked in the pub and everywhere for it, but Im one determend cnt. I actually told HT management 4 years ago when we were in the 3d division, before I got Knapp and co, that we would be coming to get them, they just laughed at me. So now it’s on, if it comes down to a decider, we will bite down on the gum sheild and get tore in about them, and see where it takes us. Yes we might lose before or during that game, but we will have earned everyone’s respect, even a reluctant HT. We know that we are fighting for every fair amateur manager and club in Ayrshire, and we will fight hard as fk. We also know that what’s at stake here isn’t a league, but the whole of Ayrshire amateur footballs integrity. So we will fight hard but fair, and will give everything for everyone who wants to see justice prevail, and we will fight till we can’t fight no more. If your HERE and still reading this post and you haven’t fell asleep a big congratulations, give yourself a round of applause,, . Please excuse the over exuberance, and boring length of my post, if you know me you will know i do like a blether, so in all honesty, I just couldn’t contain myself, . Slaughter away. Nite Zzzz
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    If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it – and you will even come to believe it yourself. That might be a winning strategy for the likes of Donald Trump but there are certain slogans in this neck of the woods that really need to be stamped out because too many folk take it as gospel. Alex McLeish fell into the trap last week with the line that has most of the nation rolling its eyes like the missus when you say you’re only popping out for a couple of pints. Scottish football needs a strong Rangers. Ah, that old chestnut. It has been heard so many times punters at the likes of Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts don’t even get riled up any more. They just sigh in disappointment at the tired cliche. Let’s get one thing straight. Rangers need a strong Rangers. The long-suffering supporters at Ibrox have had it so tight in recent seasons the slightest chink of light feels like they are coming out from a bunker in the aftermath of a nuclear winter. The sun’s out and the air doesn’t taste funny yet they are still a tad concerned there might be radiation. A Rangers at full tilt again is good for them and, who knows, Steven Gerrard might be the man to lead them to a new dawn. Either way, for goodness sake let’s not peddle the need for Scottish football again. Look where that got us last time. Top brass like Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster came away with this patter when the bomb went off in Govan and they nearly Gerald Ratner-ed us down the gargler. But Scottish football survived while Gers went on their wandering journey. Some will say it did pretty darn well. By the time we get to the late 2030s there’s going to be some cracking 25th-anniversary gatherings in Paisley, Inverness, Dingwall and Perth. Back in the present day, Tynecastle and Easter Road are rammed every week, Aberdeen are packing out Pittodrie, while the likes of Motherwell and Kilmarnock have been so good this year they’ve laid trails of breadcrumbs for fans to follow to Fir Park and Rugby Park. The Dons could finish runners up for four years on the spin for the first time in their history, Hibees could be celebrating their best top-flight finish in decades, likewise Killie. We know the Old Firm is the big draw but there’s so much more to Scottish football. Yes, the television deal is up for renegotiation in the next few months and the marketing guys will pitch it as Brendan Rodgers v Stevie G. There’s a heck of a lot more on offer than just those two though. A strong Rangers is good for Scottish football – but so is a strong Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Dundee United or whoever else. There are plenty of youngsters who only know a league won by either half of the Glasgow divide. But those of us who grew up in the Seventies and Eighties didn’t just think a Playstation was the box you kept your yo-yo in. We also watched a different Scottish football. Kids in Glasgow playgrounds used to pretend to be John Hewitt, Paul Sturrock or Gary Mackay. We’re not going to get back to the days when the Dons were beating Real Madrid in European finals as the UEFA fat cats have the game sewn up. But don’t think we’re alone in that boat as there are plenty of former great football nations who have been stomped over by the big boys in the last couple of decades. There’s a lot to like about our madcap game right now though, rough edges and all. This week alone there’s been wee boys getting stung by jaggy nettles at Firhill while Partick Thistle and Ross County scrap out a nerve-shredding cracker and a Dundee United goalkeeper doing cartwheels to celebrate a goal and ending up on a stretcher in the process. Don’t tell me that stuff’s not box office. Everywhere we look there’s great goals, massive barneys and some moments of utter lunacy. Scottish football isn’t just about Celtic and Rangers in a shoot-out for the title – by Eck, they are just part of the whole bonkers package.
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    88 Days until the new season starts - the time taken for Mercury to go once around the sun.
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    All bow to the "grade" eh? people on this thread mostly only care about their club and what is best for it, not the "grade", only their club. They don’t buy into the cultish behaviour that seems so prevalent in the Juniors. We've been over that ground before of course. Meanwhile you and your sidekick have mocked, criticised, denigrated Junior clubs, Dalkeith are "mediocre" apparently because they had the audacity to try and better themselves. Then you have mocked, criticised and denigrated clubs in the Lowland League, EoS and the Pyramid as a basis for any point you have to make. Now anyone in favour of the Pyramid is labelled as “anti-Junior monkeys” and I’m the “organ grinder”. Posters (notably kefc) have taken the time to set out the benefits of moving to the Pyramid and why, in their experience, this is a better future for Kelty as a club and would be a better future for others. Other contributorshave done likewise for their own clubs. Meanwhile you have been asked umpteen times what benefits there are to remaining Junior but have completely failed to come up with anything, zip, zero, nada. Your credibility is shot to bits. The quality of the debate from the “pro-pyramid” side is not in doubt, the same cannot be said for you and you have now resorted to abuse and ludicrous conspiracy theories and calling the thread “utterly abhorrant”, frankly you have lost the plot and you’re better leaving this whole thing alone. All you’re doing now is trolling the thread along with your sidekick Khufa2.
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    Scottish football need strong Hamilton and Livi teams in the top flight imqo
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    Bit confused & disappointed at the level of hostility shown towards our club here, I had always thought our clubs got on well. We’ve had three fantastic encounters between us this season with two wins for us and one for you, so it’s been close throughout. And both myself and our physio spent ages treating your keeper & defender who both got injured in our cup match, so we’ve hardly treated you with distain - we’ve gone out of our way to help a fellow Junior club. And more than once. Well done to Gillian & Mark for a fantastic season, and to John & all the players for securing their place in the 1st Division for next year.
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    1. Ayr United - The King of Kings. 2. Raith Rovers - Oops. 3. Alloa Athletic - Troll of trolls. Utterly rustled Ayr and then bodied Raith just to even things up. 4. Arbroath - Tipped by some for relegation. Not having any of it. 5. Stranraer - Overcame financial issues and a lack of ferries to finish a solid mid-table. Thought they'd done enough to keep Ayr in League One after winning at Somerset and 'accidentally' shitting the bed at home to Raith. Close but no cigar. 6. East Fife - A total non-event, season was over a long time ago. Again failed to get the better of Raith Rovers in the derby, and a disappointing season overall for the Fifers. 7. Airdrie - A disappointing season for The Diamonds. Hold the accolade for being the only team to stop the league-winning black and white machine from scoring, but horrifically inconsistent and suffered the biggest pounding of the season after being utterly roasted 7-1 at Gayfield. Must do better. 8. Forfar Athletic - Started the season with Gary Bollan in charge and widely tipped for the drop. Ended the season without Gary Bollan in charge and still in League One. 9. Queen's Park - Survived automatic relegation on the final day only to be sent packing to LEague 2 by Stenny in the Playoffs. Sare yin. 10. Albion Rovers - Scored more goals than 3rd place Alloa, but conceded a shambolic 80. Sent packing to League 2 at Somerset on the last day amidst the title celebrations. Feel free to add your own take on your season chaps. Just make sure it's in Gif form. Wrestling theme preferred but not essential.
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    Did you ever actually explain/ acknowledge the whole Martin nonsense? If not I think you should. It's impossible to take you seriously.
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    We do, we're shite and we focus heavily on being as shit as we can as often as we can. It has worked wonders this season.
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    It will start with a 3 cheers to David Bates then after the strawberry tarts have been eaten the projector will be lowered and Sim will appear like the scene in Austin Powers with Dr Evil. After that they'll show a montage of Alan Young's best bits like they do on Im a Celeb after someone gets voted out. Mario Caira will bring out a taster menu for next seasons catering plans (I've heard there's going to be ice cream next season) and then down to business. Tom Morgan will be told to stand up on a trap door and told he has 30 seconds to convince Sim why he should stay on the board. His answer will likely be "because I like it" and then he'll be dropped into a pool of piranhas. Sinton will be knighted as new Chairman and Barry Smith will be marched in by storm troopers and made to kneel in front of the projector screen and beg for forgiveness. He'll be spared but left with a smaller budget than last season and told he's on his final warning. Bill Clark will be sitting in the corner silently watching all of this sinisterly smoking a clay pipe. Sim will do a Raith TV interview next time he's back from his island layer and convince everyone that everything's going to be ok because we have a plastic pitch now and we can all go for pints at the 200 club again.
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    Visit an owl sanctuary. Not sure you'll learn anything or have something to take home afterwards, but you'll definitely have a great hoot.
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    The Garage. Not only will you learn something new and have a great hoot, but you'll have something to take home afterwards.
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    Can we not let this distort the fact that it's been a brutal season? Much improvement needed. Thank You.
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    The sooner he retires and stays under his bridge all the time the better. Horrible little c**t of a man and no stranger to firing in legbreakers himself. Delightful to see him lose the head.
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    Kelty have played an absolute blinder, while others sat badmouthing the Lowland league they did their homework and realised the Pyramid was the future and beat the rest who’ll now bottleneck at Tier 6.
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    Ian McCalls highlights 2017-18 McCall to Lee McCulloch and the rest of the DKB after the opening game of the season. McCall welcoming Shankland to Somerset Park in August. McCall after simultaneously pissing off Greig Spence, Liam Buchanan, Steve Clarke, Jordan Jones and the entire Rangers support in the space of a couple of weeks. McCall and Neil Scally in their office after winning the league
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    ^^^ talks about being respectful but calls those who disagree animals type post. Thats right up there with you making the case for the pyramid last week.
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    Hi guys, hope you’re well. Here’s a handful of my favourite posts after you lot won a friendly back in July. Thanks for the giggles. Sincerely, The big team x
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    Assuming Gerrardiola is capable of a bit of mental analysis, after dissecting this latest omnishambles from King (which has Jabba’s flipperprints all over it- no feckin’ way did King come up with that by himself), he should be drafting out his statement of “I’m A Non-Entity - Get Me Out Of Here” toute de suite. Hopefully the TOP will be all over King like a rash, as should the SPFL/SFA. Any other club chairman who basically announced that his club was broke would be hauled over the coals. Let’s see if Mr. Maxwell possesses a pair of testicles. All banteresque levity aside, Sevco’s antics over the piece are really making a c*nt of the Scottish game at a time when most clubs have their house in order and things are on the up. They can’t die quickly enough, IMHO.
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    Is there not a wee bit of a difference between a minor bauble competed for by a mix of part-time and effectively amateur teams from a single country vs. major european trophies...?
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    Nobody at Dalkeith is too offended by this, but we are determined to improve the club beyond your 'not very good' description. What you probably don't realise is that over the last 5-6 years our Community Club has steadily grown to 400+ playing members including around 50 girls in addition to 40 qualified coaches. We have a disabled football section, over 50s walking football, our over 35s won their league 2 years in a row, our Sunday Ams got to the Scottish Cup semi-final the season before last, we have 2 adult Futsal teams and will have an Under 20s development side next season, and plans are in place for a Women's team. We are one of only two East Region Junior clubs to have an SFA accredited club Chaplain. Last year our own training facility was upgraded to 3G astro and by the end of the year we'll have access to a full size 3G training pitch. Our SFA Club Licensing application is being processed now so we have been making improvements to the ground and are developing things accordingly. Dalkeith is the 'county town', and Midlothian is the fastest growing Local Authority in Scotland with 4000 new houses to be built within 3 miles of the town centre over the next 10 years. A new train station was opened at Eskbank in 2015, and the main visitor attraction at Dalkeith Country Park has benefited from considerable investment by Buccleuch Estates. The town is definitely on the up and it deserves a strong football club for the locals to follow. You can only wait and see if Dalkeith Thistle's potential is realised, or if it is still 'mediocre' in 5 years time.
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    Making this whole staying up thing look rather easy, it's amazing what the pressure coming off can do. Has been pretty brutal but I don't think the problems are that extensive. Three things we need imo: Some stability, let's not sign ten players and chuck ten players and let's not be forced to rebuild our centre back pairing three times. Someone to put the ball in the net. Think the returning slayer brings a fair bit of creativity, don't mind Gardyne too, would really like a Templeton type. Keep blooding youngsters, even if they screw up. They are our future and where we have invested it has paid off. It rarely does so instantly.
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    Who actually cares what style Livingston play? It makes them the clear 2nd best team in the league. Every team should play to their strengths like Livi do, but most don’t.
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    I'm just glad Kelty had the vision to jump ship last season as gonna be a tough league coming up , so glad to see it though , clubs removing the limitations put on them by being junior wish them all well in their new adventure
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    The only thing preposterous here is that you think that a trophy that has failed to get a credible sponsor since time immemorial can be considered 'hlghly prestigious'. The two bob and a tangerine that your level can provide to the winner says otherwise, loudly and clearly, to everyone else in the Scottish game. The delusions about your setup are crumbling all around you.
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    I have to admit I'll miss Young for his weird interviews - all those odd pauses and inflections: "Now [5 second pause] this MAN!..."
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    Tears of laughter contain salt as well Bennett. And while you are on, we can even take the death of the club (formerly known as) Rangers a step further. Not only did we all take great delight in the demise of the club that proudly and unashamedly cheated their way to multiple titles and trophies, it was made all the more enjoyable as we watched the various jackals and parasites pick at the corpse until there was virtually nothing left. I am not happy that we lost tonight, but no tears on my part about that. Outfought and outmanaged by a more streetwise mob. Still, we have a chance to rectify this on Friday; but I always welcome your unahshamed visits to our thread, to revel whatever shreds of misery we have, as it always reminds me of the unadulterated joy I got out of yours...... I can deal with that..... It would be really nice if you could, just for once, post something that adds value.
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    Not anywhere near as much as we (as in the rest of scottish football) enjoyed watching the club you used to support, choke out it's last breath, while all of you stood by watching it happen.... #stilllaughingmycockoff
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    So was the Weimar constitution but there you go.
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