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    "What about us brain dead slobs?" "You get to join the orange lodge."
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    Alright lads, just a wee note to let you know the Pelé Podcast will be coming back this summer. The plan is to have one podcast a week, with a lower-league superstar or a panel discussion, and begin recording them after the play-off final. We've already got a few guests lined up already. We have renewed the Soundcloud subscription and you can listen to all the old podcasts here - CLICK. If you have anyone you'd like to hear from, let me know and we'll make it happen.
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    Paddy Power accounts being closed in Bridgeton as we speak.
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    I can’t take the word of a man who posted saying his son had been using his account without his knowing seriously, I just can’t. Please away back in your hole, SuperHans.
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    Lenny would be a good choice, your lot could save money on stamps and just hand him the bullets.
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    Aye, coming back from behind at Easter Road twice, scoring 3 goals and getting an equaliser ruled out in the 90th minute to make it 4-4 is a sure sign a club is on holiday.
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    I agree, Linlithgow would be competitive in the LL over the course of 30 games. They would compete with the top 6 clubs and be of similar standard over the course of a league season. I wouldn't expect them to just pass through it though. What I would say is that (not you) there are many junior fans who think that the top Junior sides would skoosh the LL. I don't believe that would be the case. Some of them would be up there challenging, but teams like EK, Spartans, The Shire, BSC (this season), Cumbernauld, Stirling Uni (though a poor season this year) are not the mugs that many junior sides think them to be. I agree you can't draw many conclusions regards one off cup games, but that is the only reference point you have at the moment (Kelty will hopefully provide a yardstick next season), but saying Linlithgow (regarded as one of the top East Juniors) have had plenty to spare in those games against LL teams cuts both ways. Talbot, I believe, have played 5 games against LL opposition and have only won through once? I saw the Cumbernauld game, and on that day Colts won with plenty to spare. Now that point isn't to talk down Talbot or Linlithgow, they are both fantastic clubs with fantastic teams who are hugely successful on the park. Of course they would compete in the LL. The point I'm trying to make is that the LL, particularly at the top end contains teams equally as good a the top end of both junior superleagues. Impression often given by junior fans is that the LL is full of teams not as good as the juniors and they just deserve to be at that level because the LL is rubbish. That's just not the case and doesnt help any discussion when that is often what comes across as a starting point.
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    Gus is used to managing professional amateurs not amateur professionals.
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    I’ve set up a new bookmaker site in response to the absolutely terrible assault on the sevco fans . It for WATP fans only it’s called BILLYPOWER and operates under licence from HRH Elizabeth the 2nd We don’t accept bets on the following criteria :- 1) All catholic sounding teams Celtic Hibernian and any team with “city “ after it because that means there is a cathedral their 2) Any team that plays in green , see above plus Yeovil Town etc also if any teams goalie plays in green 3) Any team that that sounds like any player that once played for Celtic ie Sutton Utd , Harts(on) , and for our international punters we won’t accept bets on Carson City FC 4) goals scored from crosses obviously 5) goals scored from corners as they have the same letters as crosses plus the letter N which is big part of f*n**n 6) goals scored from penalties after the penalties unfairly placed upon the Queens XI 7) goals scored by any players with forenames like Sean , Brendan, Patrick , Eamonn or surnames like Murphy , O’boyle O’Flaherty etc this list will be updated with input from all lodges and supporters clubs daily 8 ) any goals scored by players from catholic countries ie Italy Spain France Portugal etc we do however accept bets from staunch countries like Germany Holland and the Scandinavian peninsula All profits from this enterprise will go towards Stevie G’s war chest Remember sevco fans WHEN THE FUN STOPS STOP which for you was 31st October 2012
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    Bob Maseekprofessionalhelp
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    That’s just a long winded way of saying “our home support is absolutely pish so I can’t see is selling out” isn’t it ?
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    Murty chose to work for a sectarian driven organisation. f**k him.
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    Are you seriously complaining that your board are looking at a sustainable business model rather than throwing money they don't have at potential success?
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    Finals are overrated anyway. Its the semi finals that count
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    With patter like that it's no wonder your hairdresser fucks you over the way he does.
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    Is that Jim Leishman getting his award in the Judith Ralston lookalike competition from the great lady?
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    Disappointed you never went for the Bundesliga comparison- opportunity missed.
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    Gus MacPherson for manager, At Queens Park so relocation will be cheap, At Queens Park so should be able to match wages His initials are GM, so they can keep all Murty manager gear branded GM and pass it on saving more money. Gus to ease the pressure on the Purse
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    Scottish Football is full of tinpot as we know - but I'm struggling to see how a club can be run this badly - it's genuinely staggering. There is nothing you could point to at Ibrox and say it's done well (apart from the Loving Cup, we'll always have the Loving Cup). Even the laughable husk of a club that emerged from the wreckage of the actual Rangers has huge advantages over every other club in the country bar one, and to singularly fail to capitalise on any of them goes beyond the mere incompetence that all our clubs have subjected us to at times over the years. I thought mid-90's Celtic before McCann came in was the absolute gold standard in letting your club being run by actual cretins - but the current setup at Ibrox makes them look like a model of competence. The only difference is that in those days, some folk cared about saving Celtic from the grubber - Rangers supporters clearly don't give a f**k.
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    I think this guy sums up every single event of significance in The Rangers history. Gullible with the odd sane one shouted down by the mob.
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    You could genuinely make a case for the sheer idiocy of the average Rangers fan being one of the main causes for their current predicament. The club aren't living within their means because the fans simply won't accept that living within their means will result in them not winning a league title for a very, very long time. The only way they'll get close to Celtic is by spending money they don't have, and the fans are so obsessed with Celtic that any alternative isn't an option. Even if the board wanted to (and I'm not sure they do, because they seem like a bunch of clowns anyway), they wouldn't adopt a sensible transfer/wage structure because it would cause an uproar. Consequently, the board has to make "big name" signings to satisfy these idiots. Which then leads onto the fact that the board are making terrible use of the budget available, by appointing clueless managers and signing rubbish players. But the fans' demand for something that just isn't possible means that as soon as the season ticket money arrives, it'll be splurged on yet more dross, and this cycle of wasting money while still getting nowhere near a league title will continue. A completely unrealistic fanbase, and a wholly incompetent board, chaired by the biggest charlatan of them all. A glorious recipe for hilarious, embarrassing failure.
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    Across the League Cup group stage, and the first 4 or 5 league games, our midfield looked considerably better with Robertson alongside Callachan. At the time, I felt that if he was adequately replaced, and we had scope to bring in another wide player, it might give us a little better balance. Instead, the opposite happened. John Herron didn’t provide the same dynamism as Callachan provided, nor did Ross Matthews. The next plan was to try and plug a Callachan shaped hole with Lewis Vaughan, moving him from a position where he was scoring every week, to one where he wasn’t remotely as effective. By the time we’d reached Plan C, we’d completely destabilised a team which had won seven and drawn one of our first nine league games. We went from averaging 2.6 goals per game in that first quarter, to 1.6 for the rest of the campaign. We were a better team with him in the side, and we lost the league by a point, so it’s not exactly the wildest suggestion that selling him had a massive factor in us failing to win the league.
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    And just think, this is all Aberdeen can muster when their ground is actually within a 7 mile radius of their city centre. Just imagine what it'll be like at Kingsford in 2030, when they've survived their 5th relegation on a technicality because Dumbarton's ground doesn't have enough showers or something like that. Stand free, m9s.
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    Paddy is scathing. Can’t wait for the ahll never use u again types posting on their twitter
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    Jimmy Nicholl or Krusty the Clown to the end of the season.
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    Maw - “looky there son, it’s a dwarf driving a car” Falkirk Cletus (excited) - “so it is maw, so it is!”
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    As someone who was totally against the whole concept - it took a long while to convince me otherwise. It took asking stupid questions to get the answers to convince me - it was the best option to move forwards. At Linlithgow we have refused to enter into meaningful conversation on what change would mean for our club. Our crowds are dwindling, in 2013, I ran 2 buses (5 to the final) yet last season couldn't fill a 16 seater to the semi. Lifelong supporters now regularly go elsewhere (Rangers, Hibs and Hamilton to name but a few) Kelty was the warning to the SJFA (SFA) that changes were afoot - SILENCE. Some at Linlithgow viewed them as no loss, it's ok Bo'ness are still there. We have supporters who see the Pyramid as potentially playing Elgin away on a Tuesday evening - yet nobody has addressed such concerns. As a club we don't engage enough in meaningful conversation with our supporters or members. How do you expect to change opinions if you don't communicate meaningfully with the very people you rely upon. With no disrespect to any club moving (Bonnyrigg apart) these clubs aren't followed by large supports or have large memberships - so in many cases the decision to move has likely been committee led. (Camelon didn't consult their support)
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    I'd quite like to see the next manager given a sizeable warchest tbh. Means we get to see if they can surpass the £ : Banter ratio of them spending £2M on a fat Mexican alcoholic.
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    I look back at exams now and piss myself laughing that I ever gave a f**k. Complete waste of time.
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    Graeme Murty - managerial career win rate - 60.0% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graeme_Murty#Managerial_statistics Sir Alex Ferguson - managerial career win rate - 58.1% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Ferguson#As_a_manager
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    Question: do you reckon the transfer fee we received for Ross Callachan was more or less than the difference in prize money between first and second place?
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    Should be a decent game tonight. Decent ground, lots of fans, good atmosphere, if slightly nervy. The sort of match where you wish you could be there - or at least that one of the terrestrial channels could have picked it up. 2-0 Madrid.
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    A few folk bemoaning the fact that entry to the pyramid system will result in going from paying 6 quid to get in, a pie for a pound, and being able to wander around the ground, to paying 20 quid to get in, £2.50 for a pie and being tied to a seat by a steward. Well, let's say every Junior club joined the system, what's that, 100+ clubs? Add to that all the Lowland, Highland, East and South clubs. Out of all that lot, there is ONE place up for grabs in the super shiny Scottish League......possibly.........if you can come through 4 playoff games! Chances are, that match day experience you enjoy in the non league divisions of Scotland is going to remain much the same. Onwards and upwards is there for you if you really go for it but for everyone going upwards there is someone going downwards, while most will remain the same. Personally, I believe it's an exciting time for Scottish football. All they have to do now is sort out the Scottish League itself and create leagues of 16 throughout and do away with playing teams 4 times a season, as well as the stupid split.
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    I would be surprised. He is most likely still awaiting his first thought.
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    On a brighter note the farmer has made it into the SPFL Team of the Week.
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    Lets play a NI team. A cracking day out on the ferry and a chance for Ally Morrison to scout some more talent.
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    Out of all the banter years managers he's the one I feel most bad for. All of the rest were arrogant, insane or a combination of both but Murty seemed awrite, if a bit clueless.
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    It’s quite simple really , if you put £10 on Glenafton at say 20/1, you would lose £10
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    Really enjoyed Arlene Foster moaning about Barnier today, especially this bit Coming from someone who has effectively been skiving her work for the last 18 months because she can't work with her own neighbours at Stormont, that really is quite the put down.
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    Wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid, wid not.
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