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    I've heard this argument a lot of times, but I don't really get where it's coming from. The East of Scotland League sits at the bottom of the pyramid and is the only place that any club in the east of Scotland who want to participate in the pyramid can apply to. They have run more than one division in the past, and will do so again next season. There is no real reason why they couldn't even run three or four divisions if need be. What you are essentially saying is that they should stop letting perfectly viable and acceptable teams in right now, just in case several Junior clubs want to apply a couple of years down the line. That would be unfair on the new clubs, and would stand against the very principles of the pyramid system.
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    As some of you already are aware I have put myself forward to stand for the position of General Secretary of the West Region at the next AGM. I have written my application to the current holder of the position and the president and have also just emailed my proposals to all member clubs. The email details are taken from the current directory and I am sure some will be out of date so can any club who has not received an email by Sunday please DM me an email address and I will send over a copy. I will in due course post the letter on here but I think its right and proper that the clubs see it first. I would also like to thank those who have already helped me in this process I appreciate your support and hopefully more will follow, thanks Thanks Robert
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    It's very easy to identify who the Aberdeen fans are on this thread, even if you're on mobile, because they're the only ones who don't think that Willie Miller is an atrocious pundit and a generally slavering mess of a man.
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    Wouldn’t surprise me if our cuddly club asked Dunfermline to tweet a good luck message to Nelson - to show we are all pally again. In Elliot’s Saturday night I was speaking to a Director who thought the most important bit of the day was they got praise from the SPFL for their handling of the game. Oh is that right? I was most concerned we got our arses felt by our biggest rivals at home for the first time in 8 years.
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    Feedback i got from both meetings was Tuesdays SJFA meet done nothing to strengthen the SJFAs case in pleasing its Member clubs while at Thursdays EOS meeting it was clear in that it provides a better run setup with a host of benefits that has been spoke about previously. They have a better relationship with the SFA, the pyramid system and licencing, SJFA had a non existent one up until 4 weeks ago. The SJFA have had years to sort something out for its Member clubs in terms of Licencing and the pyramid. Stance was always “our clubs aren’t interested in either, we are fine how we are.” Clubs are pi**ed off now due to a constant decline of the grade and a host of other reasons plastered almost daily on here and social media, SJFA ignored this situation last year when we left thinking we were wrong in what we were doing (we may still be wrong, time will tell) instead of looking in the mirror, looking into improving the setup they run and trying to stop other clubs doing the same. They are now in re-active mode when pro-active was the move years ago. Last year with Kelty going it should have been a wake up call for the SJFA, they disrespected our decision publicly and out of snobbery continued to think the grade was bullet proof. It was only a matter of time before clubs looked at other avenues if they felt it bettered their club. You have to ask yourself why the SFA would only allow clubs part of the pyramid to be Licenced? why would they put competition winning SJFA clubs in the Scottish Cup preliminaries? Why would they have talks about removing those places only recently? The SJFA have become an irrelevance to the SFA from their own doing, in turn hurting it’s clubs. SJFA have no bargaining power due to previous actions and now that there’s a route for progressive clubs to join the pyramid in the EOS, SOS and the imminent WOS division in 19/20 that will be seen as tier 6 covering all regions, a Super Duper League (that got voted out few years back) that covers Angus to Ayrshire bolted on because it’s convenient for the SJFA is surely a non starter Clubs who want to be progressive can move into the pyramid, those who are happy where they are can stick it out with TJ and co. If there is a merger with the SJFA and the pyramid then it will be bolting onto existing divisions. All clubs had and have a choice.
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    Top tip from Viz. "Employers. Instantly bin half the CVs you receive for any role you're advertising. That way, you won't employ any unlucky people."
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    I think as someone mentioned a few pages back, you definitely seem, particularly since the East Juniors meeting on Tuesday, to have drifted into viewing everything through the prism of what you would like to see happen rather than what is likely to happen. The EoSFL are an organisation already within the Pyramid who, I would assume, have built up strong and lasting relationships with the SFA, with the Lowland League and with the SPFL, working with them in a progressive way to formulate and to agree many aspects of the governance of the game in the lower tiers. Such close working relationships will build trust and will build support for each other and each others viewpoints. The SJFA, on the other hand, have been reluctant to the point of intransigence to involve themselves in any of the structuring of the game at these lower levels. The EoSFL are, I'd imagine, almost certain to use the relationships they have nurtured and the influence they have accordingly built up to state simply that Tier 6 already exists in the east and that a rival Tier 6 coexisting in exactly the same region of the country is entirely unacceptable to them. Who, then, are the decision makers likely to listen to in this scenario? Using the same analogy as above, are we really to expect that, like a drunk storming into the party several hours after the birthday cake has been cut to demand that the music be changed, the SJFA will turn up late with all sorts of demands and be listened to with a sympathetic ear?
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    You need more asterisks for ‘champions’.
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    Think my worst one was a 2-1 defeat at Dundee Utd on New Years eve 78 or 79. Certainly it is one that sticks in my mind. We were 1-0 up and well on top for most of that game then lost two late goals. They were top of the league at the time, I think, but we were the better side by far that day. Given the date, we'd all had a lot of "scoops" before the game and it was a long journey back, the highs of earlier in the day all gone. I remember getting home about 9.00 pm to change to go out for the night and the first thing my dad said was "So, what happened?" Came over as if it was my fault we'd lost. For me, it was the last straw. I lost it. Shouting, swearing, storming out, the lot. It was a shit New Year. He was a huge Saints fan, but because he didn't go to games any more, the young me couldn't see how he could call himself a fan. Long after he died, I discovered newspaper clippings of his, showing how keen a fan he has been in the 50s. Of course we made it up not long after, but I always regretted my reactions that night - it changed me. Edit to add: I know this doesn't really fit the remit of the topic - there is not much shame in losing to the league leaders away from home. I suppose I think of it as a "shame game" because of my reactions afterwards.
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    The reason people go on about Rab is because his patter is absolutely fucking honking; thread-ruining almost. Nothing wrong with giving it back to the supposed “Lolverpool brigade”, but constant replies to absolutely everything, every single one of them mentioning “Lolverpool” and with an assortment of bizarre smileys. I made an innocuous post in the Championship thread last week, absolutely nothing to do with Liverpool, and sure enough he quoted me saying nothing more than “Lolverpool “, presumably because at some point in the distant past I may or may not have made a post poking fun at Liverpool. It’s cringe-inducing. As for virginton referring to Scotland as “you”
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    You've been predicting relegation all season, now it turns out it wasn't a prediction but a desire.....
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    There are no "innocent" or "decent" England fans. I hope every man, woman and child there to support them gets a good kicking.
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    Just popping in to wish our dark blue brothers the best of spoils in this fixture. #Dunkirk. Thank you.
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    Pixie's attempt at being a rectangle.
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    In Scotland, more so.
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    Spfl can suck ma girthy welt
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    "Motherwell sell 7000-odd tickets" is about as far away from being a marmalade dropper as you can get but it's the perfect example of how (some parts of) the press in this country cover the game generally and especially non-OF stuff - a relentlessly negative drip feed that basically yawns and says "we can't be fucked, can we do something about Celtic instead?". I don't like a lot about the coverage of the game down south as it veers too much in the opposite direction - but at least they try to talk things up once in a while. Motherwell have been in the top flight for over 30 years - for a perennially unfashionable town club, we're actually quite a familiar thing in Scottish football and so the size (and limitations) of our support can come as a surprise to precisely no-one - not even a Daily Record tea-boy that writes 300 word "articles" with no byline. When we finished 3rd-2nd-2nd and had a great team, our crowd went up a few hundred, when we were in the relegation grubber soon after, it went down a few hundred - but basically it was the same people - there is no fluctuation - that's it. The thing that both holds us back and sustains us as a club is the fact that we have one of the most hype-resistant supports going - based on the performance of the team, we only vary in states of grumpiness, not in numbers. tl;dr: f**k the Record.
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    We can play as big a part in getting the team over the line as the players now. All cup finals, we MUST be vocal and supportive from the start. McCall has mentioned the "terrific" support enough times to know it actually makes a difference to the players. It's all about winning now. So drag everyone you know with an ounce of Ayr in their blood along on Saturday. Don't forget, it's a 'derby' also! One last small point. When it's all over, and we all return to space dust, what would you give to be back at this moment again. Let's do this for us, for Ayr United, and for all those who once stood on the terracing who are not with us. C'MON YOU HONEST MEN!!!!
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    In an alternate dimension, we avoided Gary Locke and are riding high in the championship with Bates at the heart of defence, Callachan driving the team forward from midfield and Vaughan up front, we got in first and re-signed Aiden Connolly and Louis Longridge instead of Chris Jonhston and Scott Roberts. Our keepers aren't crap, and we have enough of them.
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    It’s good to see that the junior football community can come together to sort things out. An enquiry from the Wishaw end regarding filming, a hint from our end (Hurlford) to Fitbashorts and a few message from Shannon (Irvine Meadow fan) to Eddie (I think a Kilwinning fan) at Fitbashorts and things are sorted for both legs . Well done guys. And thanks to all.!
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    Not specifically, but having always assumed that applying to a company of the size of who I work for there would be a real degree of seriousness and professionalism involved. Then I spemt some time in the office where our gaffers would frequently just shout out a name looking for anyone who knew them (small world). If the shout of "fanny" came back from anyone, the application was binned. Eye opener.
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    Obviously pretty difficult for us, but if you held a gun to my head and asked me to think about our season and name a player of the year...I'd just tell you to pull the trigger tbh.
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    I think that video just confirms, although it doesn’t need confirming really, that their is a deep racist culture within the Football club. Let’s not forget a player getting forced out of the club just a few months ago.
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    Good on you. The current incumbent was given instructions to change his working practices this season and has proved either unwilling or unable to do so. It's time for a change. Any club that's still completely satisfied with the current setup and doesn't things could be done a lot better than they currently are needs to have a long hard look at themselves.
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    As an outsider I see Rose in a perfect position - right in the middle of the biggest catchment area for players, from a town that is in one of the wealthiest parts of the country.... http://simd.scot/2016/#/simd2016/BTTTFTT/11/-3.6985/55.9561/ With a population of about 20,000 you could sustain regular 4 figure crowds (I believe the sensible limit for any urban area is 10% but that doesn't take into account existing allegances) . With the revenue available in the higher reaches, increased wage costs are offset. Linlithgow Rose, with the right guidance, could conceivably become the biggest semi pro side in the country. That will never happen in Junior football. What will attract a bigger crowd (long term) to Prestonfield - games vs. Dundee United or St. Mirren or games vs Bathgate or Forfar West End?
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    Your chairman is quoted as saying Linlithgow are a progressive club that don't want to be left behind and who have aspirations of getting to the SPFL. Presumably that's a personal opinion as it's clear the club is going in the opposite direction. Care to explain why you are not a fan of the concept of a pyramid? So where is the playing pathway for teams entering the SJFA East Region pyramid? Craigroyston joined the South Division two seasons ago, which feeder league did they come from and how did they actually improve the league? The concept of a pyramid means that anyone can join at the bottom - quality control is carried out by the process of promotion/relegation. And given that most of the teams applying for the EoS will be better than bottom placed Tweedmouth, by definition they will improve the league, and in time the extra numbers will allow two divisions which will each be more competitive than this season's 13 team league.
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    The meeting last night was very well attended - apart from one club who couldn't make it due to another commitment. It was a really great meeting with nothing but positive vibes coming from both the Board and the rest of the room. The key thing for me is that the EOS board and their member clubs are so welcoming and willing to help newbies compared to the SJFA. This is a massively exciting time for us all.
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    So, two clubs who have home average attendances totalling about 17,000 are scheduled to take 20,000+ to a game that kicks off at 12:15pm on a Saturday and is live on two different channels. However, because the game is a stadium that neither club had a choice in, the Daily Record decides to have a thinly veiled dig at the number of empty seats whilst squeezing in a line about it being "packed" for Sunday's game. An absolute rag. Hopefully the paper, and Keith Jackson, gets launched into oblivion in the very near future.
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    He's got a heart of screwdriver now.
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    This is just another illustration of where we are rotten.
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    How come everytime something controversial occurs, new poster/posters appear on here and within about 3 posts make a rip roaring c**t of themselves??
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    Until we start selling our poppies m9. Kerching.
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    Deefiant must be working at Dens these days.
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    Gartland is just waiting for his moment. When the time comes he’ll be doing his pre-match ritual of punching f**k out of the walls, however, on this day, he hears something different... the wall sounds hollow. He prizes a secret door open, behind the door sits a fedora covered in dust and a note that says “Go for their throats - Simon” Graham dons the fedora and the blood in his veins flows like the derry did when Paul Heffernan’s goal ended the dab’s curse. The battle for survival begins.
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    I’ve not been this excited since Kipre signed the last of his 3 contracts this season.
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    Salvation army down at the ground this morning handing out blankets and hot drinks to the first wave of Killie fans to arrive. I believe a tented village is being erected in Whitehill to cope with any overspill.
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    Great chance for Robbo to make a Champions League final. Both teams have to be happy with that draw.
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    I am sure that people are interested to read about the team that got the club to the semi final in 1935 - but I am also every bit as sure that people would like to read about the guys that have got to the semi final in 2018.......we can't change what happened in 1935 - but we CAN cheer the 2018 team on, to hopefully go all the way!!! More posters in windows for people to see when they walk up the street is a start to getting a massive crowd....... if people know they might just go! Go on Wishy 2018.......
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    We could lose our last 4 games 6-0 and it would not matter one jot, they won’t win 3 of their last 4.
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    I wanna......I wanna......I wanna..... I wanna be Edouard......
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    Was the offer formal, time-specific, made in writing or minuted in a meeting? Just trying to get a handle on how much of it is wishful thinking and formalised. It's complicated by the fact that it's attributed to a now departed chief executive. In life we can be promised a lot but until it's in writing, signed, sealed and delivered many things can derail it!
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    There could be, but would be a bad idea because * reduces quality on the field, why split the best sub LL east clubs across two parallel leagues? * reduces quality off the field, an all entry-licensed tier 6 is an obvious and progressive next step * unnecessarily complicates promotion by adding extra play offs for issues which would be better settled over a season * unnecessarily complicates relegation from LL, who goes where and why? Are there any reasons which make it a good idea?
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    Very nice to read this, lovely that the match is going to get such coverage, let's just hope it does justice. My recurring nightmare at the moment, having watched too many of these European games, is the Ford scoring 3 or 4 within a short space of time on Saturday and killing the tie (I wake up sweating with my alarm sounding like yon bloody bell!), hopefully Wishy are well briefed on the dangers. Personally, I'd be very happy to get to Hurlford on level terms and play winner takes all in a one-off game there. It is a shame that it coincides with the Motherwell semi-final but I think the Sunday would have been as bad, bearing in mind how many in the area follow the Old Firm (and the game might have been a bit lost in all their hoo-ha). Hopefully some of their (sensible) local supporters turn up at the Beltane to witness a bit of history being made, they've had 3 semi-finals in a row, Wishy have waited 85 years for this one. BTW, fascinating to read on the club website the pen pictures of the men who got Wishy to the semis then. If I've been reading them correctly (I've just got back from Central Europe after 3 flights and my head is a bit of a mush), some of the players featured went on to sign for Newcastle, Chelsea and Hibs, quite an incentive for the boys to raise their game at the weekend! I hadn't known that Jimmy Gordon (famed as the sidekick of Clough and Taylor) played for Wishy in that match (or indeed at all). Hopefully Saturday's programme will give more details of the Tranent game in 1935, I'll wager the crowd (at Tynecastle!) was in five figures. My faither (who was a boy at the time) always talked about football special trains leaving Wishy packed for big games, I'm sure this must have been what he was referring to (although as a known haverer I had always been highly sceptical). Anyway, looking forward so much to being there, great to see the local shops and community getting behind the team, C'MOAN WISHY, HISTORY BECKONS!
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    The point about finishing mid-table not necessarily being under-performance came up on the Morton forum recently. On the basis of the post being huge and quoting yourself being the behaviour of a massive VL I'll put what I said about it in a spoiler.
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