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    It's quite cute Rangers whoring themselves out to any manager with a modicum of success and getting told to f**k off everytime.
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    Folk still trying to absolve Houston of blame
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    This post is going to be fucking massive, apologies in advance. If we go for the viewpoints at either extreme with the Raes and discard any nuance in between, you can look at it either of these ways: 1. Douglas Rae is the benevolent hero who saved Morton from liquidation and continues to save the club. He continues to cover losses every single year and Morton would be right back into financial trouble if he left because the club simply isn't capable of breaking even and we should count ourselves lucky that we have a businessman willing to plug those losses. If he was to turn around and walk away tomorrow the best case scenario would be falling into a spiral the way Clyde did, but we'd be more likely to go the way of Clydebank. 2. Douglas Rae is at best a blithering incompetent who doesn't have the ability to run Morton as a sustainable enterprise or at worst a mendacious megalomaniac who is perfectly happy for Morton to run at loss as it increases his grip over the club due to the increase in debt owed to him, as he hopes to get back the money he feels is owed to him when the club was only making losses in the first place due to his shambolic administration of the club. I've gone for hyperbole with both of those but you get the idea. There are elements of truth in both of them. Regardless of the fact that other businessmen were interested in stepping in and that fan organisations put up money towards it too, the reality is that Morton were in serious danger of liquidation and Douglas Rae was the one who stepped up to prevent it, get Hugh Scott out of the club, get a CVA through and keep us at Cappielow. That will never be forgotten, he will always have goodwill for it and rightly so. However, that entirely merited goodwill doesn't mean he can get off with bad decision after bad decision since. Due to the circumstances of his takeover he was given nothing but adulation and hero-worship in his first few years, and that the attitude towards him has cooled and in some cases turned to outright hostility isn't a cautionary tale about how fickle football supports can be but testament to just how badly the club botched things when Douglas Rae was seen as the messiah who could do no wrong. Every club in financial trouble has fans saying they're just happy to have a club if they make it through it, and it's true. However, this doesn't mean you should be happy to see the club stagnate or go backwards when you know there's no reason they can't be capable of better. When we had a second successive relegation to drop to the fourth tier in Rae's first season as Chairman there were no rumblings of discontent: at that point we really were just glad the club had survived, the fact that a team thrown together in two weeks before the start of the season was utter shite was no surprise and no one's fault really. Fast forward five years from that though and the club is still in the Second Division, having tossed money down the drain on transfer fees and clinging to full-time status while watching part-time teams finish ahead of us time and time again. At that point we're making a loss every year but still no discontent with Rae despite that; he told us that being in the First Division was necessary to break even and it was accepted, even though some could point out that we'd have got there quicker if he wasn't sticking by bad managers and it maybe wasn't entirely necessary to throw around £185K in transfer fees over five years in the third & fourth tiers. Then we get to the second tier where we're going to break even - nope, still six figure losses every year. The answer from the club is that they expected crowds to be higher, with the quite hilarious revelation that we budgeted for an average attendance of 4000 in our first season up in 2007/08. If fans want Morton to be in a better position, it's up to fans to bring a friend. Rae also really struggled to contain his fury with the support in that season when he finally accepted Jim McInally's resignation at the third time it was offered, with the reason given that the fans just weren't going to get back behind the players while McInally remained in charge. He's never forgiven the fans for that and it was around this time that a real us and them mentality between the club and support became entrenched, which if we're being honest has never entirely gone away although it's certainly been less pronounced under Duffy, to his credit. As we continued making six figure losses annually there was a growing feeling that while he should always be thanked for being the man who saved the club, the continued losses weren't down to it being impossible for Morton to ever break even while putting a competitive team on the pitch but instead down to incompetence in the boardroom. If clubs like Raith and Queen of the South could not only break even but do it while finishing above Morton then what exactly was Morton's problem? Neither of them had money rolling in from selling their old ground to a supermarket, they didn't have a new build stadium generating revenue seven days a week and their average attendances were usually smaller. Were there hundreds of thousands of pounds of overheads associated with Cappielow that didn't apply to Palmerston or Starks? Were we paying hundreds of thousands of pounds more in wages than them but showing nothing for it? Morton had gone from being a full-time seaside league club to being a mediocre second tier club never threatening a promotion challenge and we had seven figures of debt to show for it. Why couldn't we have got into that position without a penny of debt? A few years on, a few years of continued losses, we finally threaten a title challenge but end up finishing 11 points behind. For that second place finish we got prize money of £67K. Then we go and get relegated in hilariously awful circumstances with Rae again covering himself in glory with some of his comments throughout the season, but the creation of the SPFL happens and prize money is restructured. When we come back up we're getting £211K for finishing fifth, while we get to quarter finals of both the Scottish & League Cups with TV money and share of the gate at Parkhead, along with our highest average league attendance in more than a decade. Having made an operating loss of £320K in 12/13 while second with our prize money of £67K, none of those cup runs and a considerably smaller average attendance, in 15/16 with those advantages we made an operating loss in 15/16 of... £275K. How do we manage that? Is there some unforeseen cost in the intervening years that has sent the overheads of Cappielow flying up? There is absolutely no chance we were paying nearly as much in wages in 15/16 as we were three years previously, so what has wiped out that massive increase in revenue? When you see it like that, it's easy to see why someone does conclude it suits the Raes to run at a loss. Even last season we've finally, finally made an operating profit - it was £130K. That should be great news and the natural reaction is cautious optimism, but that's come in a season where we made £90K from the League Cup semi-final prize and TV money alone, before considering the four way split of the semi-final gate money, having a televised Scottish Cup tie with a share of the gate at Ibrox, and finished fourth, with £274K in prize money and a playoff tie. We obviously aren't going to get that kind of revenue from the cups every single season and not making it out of the League Cup group stage this season probably wipes out that £130K compared to last season immediately, while we can't guarantee finishing top four either. Are we really going to continue to see the debt increase if we continue getting solid mid-table finishes? It's hard to avoid concluding someone at Cappielow is guilty of gross incompetence if so. Douglas Rae's long-term legacy at Morton should be as the man who saved the club from administration, but he's the one who has jeopardised that. Ultimately if he burdens the club with £2 million of debt with nothing to show for it then he becomes the one jeopardising the future of the club. No one doubts that he really is a Morton fan and wants what's best for the club, but is he capable of seeing when he's harming it or the potential risk in passing it over to his son with that debt still hanging over it? If he wants what's best for Morton he should accept that he's the one who put the club in this position and write it off rather than chasing after 'his' money.
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    First win at Tannadice since 1933!
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    The galling part of the sending off is that Thomson doesn't see it. He sees Brown rolling about the ground (which was an absolute riddy btw) and can't get the red card out his pocket fast enough. A half decent referee would have stood them both up and told them to fucking grow up and, at absolute worst, booked the pair of them. More than anything the red card ruined what was an excellent game of football up to that point. I thought our defence was outstanding. Carson making vital saves is nothing to be surprised at these days, and my goodness is that a change from the past few years. Richard Tait was playing like a man possessed. He's an absolute athlete and right to the last minute he was shutting their 'keeper down before bending space and time to appear as the last man and block a shot. And Curtis Main looks like every defender's worst nightmare to play against. He's rapid across the ground, and he's got the physique to hold off 4 players at a time. Also shout out to Sinclair for a dive so bad even his own fans didn't claim for it.
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    I'm starting to think we might not secure the title by Easter.
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    Och my wee mediocre pal, if only you'd wake up and smell the heather. There's no Money, Money, Money in the Juniors anymore, so when the East of Scotland League comes calling asking clubs to Take a Chance on Me, they dinnae have much hesitation. It's the Name of the Game these days, and if you don't follow suit it will eventually be your Waterloo.
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    If Naveed were a few years younger [emoji1]
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    DAB's getting pumped at home by QOS. If anybody's needing a little 'cheer-up'.
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    Homophobia isn't acceptable and nobody should be trying to defend those comments. Quite simple.
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    I said it in one of our earlier match threads but Saint Mirren are the best side we've faced this season. In the three games we've had against the Buddies they are the only team who have looked better than us on pretty much every occasion. Whilst I think we have run them a lot closer recently we still can't get even a point. They've definitely got a fair bit of extra quality that other teams in this league don't. Any time we did get close to them they just turned it up a little bit more to get comfy again to see themselves home and dry. Definitely deserving of the title. Wankers.
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    Agree totally, we should worry about what we're doing to promote the game rather than what others are doing to talk it down. I think BT Sport do an excellent job in promoting our game and have coverage which is ten fold better than anything Sky can dream up. Sky will have Kris Commons and Boyd talking for 5 minutes before kick off about either Rangers or Celtic, we then get the game and 10 minutes of analysis after the match. Compare that to BT actually doing short films with interviews, discussion about both teams involved and perhaps even talking about other issues in Scottish football from that week, they have a good mix of guests too IMO (even if I they all annoy me in one way or another). For all Chris Sutton's faults, he sees the game for what it is up here (entertaining and passionate) and isn't shy in shouting down c***s like Barton. Beyond the coverage of actual league matches though, I think the SPFL could be doing far more. Their social media content is just click bait now. "Lets take a look back to when Hibs beat Kilmarnock in 2011, tag a Hibee who would love this!" is bland, lazy shite that anyone with half a brain cell could fart out. Get interesting articles up there, interviews with players/managers, blast out with stats that show the game in good light etc. The Challenge Cup final (granted, it's not our most prestigious trophy) is on this weekend and they've so far put one video of Queen of the South beating Thistle (tag someone who needs to see these scenes! kill me now) in a final years ago to promote it. No mention of who is contesting this weekends final, no mention of how much tickets are, no mention of how to get tickets, no mention if there will be a pay at the gate option. I don't doubt they'll put more out through the week but again it just seems to be lazy and doing the bare minimum. Encourage fans along to games rather than posting videos for likes/page activity.
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    Was fully aware that we were shocking before January, but for some reason this makes it look so much worse. Somewhere between the 19th of November and the 23th of December I forgot what it felt like to score a goal. Then Don Hartley, along with the January transfer window, arrived bearing gifts. #Juggernaut
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    Just watched Bertie being interviewed on BBC news Channel, he really is just a Unionist clown,reiterating that it's the " Governments of this Northern Lands that have let us down, one leaving us in the CFP for another 20 months,the other would return us to the CFP. I had a bit of sympathy for fishermen up 'till now,no more. Fuk them and their Tory supporting Unionist ways. They deserve the shafting they're going to get.
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    From a supporter of any other club I would probably agree, but not from a supporter of a club who have; - Hired a private detective to follow a referee following a defeat in an Old Firm game - Smashed the same referee's windows after the same game - Hounded a referee who made a mistake into quitting whilst declaring war on the SFA and end up being responsible for causing a country wide refereeing strike which has never been seen before or since...all just a few months after their manager publically claimed that he wanted his players "to get in referees faces - Who have club approved films titled 'Anyone but Celtic' being published in a bid to further pedal this myth that there is institutionalised bias against the club despite all the facts to the contrary - And who cannot accept that referees are human and make mistakes, instead prefer to squeal to anyone who will listen that any decision that doesn't go their way happened because the referee in question is a mason/bigot/orange man/cheat. Celtic fans have no place to tell ANYONE to 'get over' a refereeing decision
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    I did a similar interactive thing. Towards the end I asked everybody to stand and for all the men to raise their hands and hold them in front of them and all the women to do similar but hold their hands together with everybody smiling. (Obviously at the time I showed what hand actions I was wanting) Then took out my phone and took a photo. "Thanks for that - when I put that on Facebook later everybody is going to think I got a standing ovation for my speech" To this day there are still people who think I got a proper standing ovation.
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    Funny names, but each to their own.
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    Double telt, now f**k off weeperdee.
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    I sincerely hope when these thick fishing and fermer c***s go cap in hand to the Scottish Government to have their failing businesses subsidised they are told to get themselves squarely to f**k.
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    Don't understand the hate for Miller. Last non OF man to lift the Scottish league title, 65 caps for Scotland, and sacrificed himself so Luke Skywalker got a shot at the Death Star in 1977.
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    Had a happy 13-week scan today. Strong heartbeat and low nuchal translucency calculated score. Anyone recommend anywhere in Perth/Dundee/Edinburgh for an additional scan. Money, not a problem as I have a 5 figure income!
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    By all accounts Josh Todd was our best player so it's a win / win for the South Mirren!
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    In fairness to MJC, rangers are currently 2nd
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    It's been taken down and rightly so Was from Ndd. Was no need for it. I'm embarrassed for him.
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    Go West - We Close Our Eyes
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    Well I’m a Cowden fan and I think bottom automatically down and 2nd bottom in the play off is fairer and brings it more into line with the other leagues.
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    With the exception of Edinburgh City thrashing Cove all the playoffs have been tight. City v Brora went to penalties... Brora were beating Montrose until they scored 2 goals in the last 15 min of 2nd leg... City scored against 'Shire with minutes left of 2nd leg... EK beat Buckie 4-3 on aggregate then lost to Cowdenbeath on penalties. This, coupled with 'Shire finishing 2nd last season then currently sitting 4th, plus results in the cups, would seem to show the standard is pretty similar between the respective top & bottom ends... which is hardly surprising. What doesn't hold water is to then say "so they're not enhancing SPFL2 so they shouldn't be coming in" - after all no-one wants promotion/relegation in the levels above to be reduced as Brechin or Forfar don't "enhance" the Championship or SPFL1. As quality and quantity of clubs in the pyramid keeps increasing - especially in LL - there will be pressure to improve on 0.5 slots. It is likely self-interest from SPFL2 clubs - yep, quite possibly including Berwick, before anyone retorts! - will see it put off as long as possible... equally, making it easier to go down also makes it easier to get back up.
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    Chip shop liquidators
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    Ricky Little to make his 150th start for the Lichties v Stranraer on Saturday.
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    Since 2018 began ten matchdays ago, Dundee United have given up sixteen points on Livingston, eleven on Morton, nine on Queen of the South and eight on Dunfermline. Yours truly called it last month - they're not finishing anywhere near the play-offs. Which is a terrible, wee shame.
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    I think, just to get really anal, that is our 1200th League win tonight.
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    Queen of the South. A great bunch of lads.
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    And we are grateful for Todd, thank you.
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    Forcibly remove this clueless Hungarian dick-whistle from the dugout and appoint a fucking traffic cone until the end of the season.
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    Beating Rangers 3-2 will go down as one of my favourites, 2-0 down to the run away league leaders with about 12 minutes to go and win. As with the Hibs away 2-2, again being 2-0 down and a man down with less than 5 minutes to go and snatching a draw out of it and if it had went on another 2 minutes Falkirk would have scored again. The 3-2 v Hibs in the playoffs was also a classic game in front of a sell out crowd and live on BT.
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    Sheerin was carrying injury for ages at kelty and got an op, just recovering and regaining fitness but Cargill,Daziel and Douglas scoring for fun so run in team was going to be tricky , Cowden need goals and Sheerin needing games so well worth a punt and looks like it will come good for both teams hopefully
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    MJC is bang on when he says it's getting played at Hampden and no moaning will change that. However, when did the Semi-Final become such a big deal? It's nothing more than an opportunity to get to a Final. The Final is the showpiece event, the game which all players should be aiming for above all else. We shouldn't be celebrating getting to a Semi-Final and opening the doors to Hampden for it and pretending it's got prestige. Pick a neutral venue. Split the tickets so that said venue can be as full as possible, and make it a game to sell to advertisers and broadcasters. A 2/3rds empty Hampden does nothing to promote our game. The only time, IMO, a semi should be at Hampden is Rangers v Celtic (because there's no other viable neutral venue). Rangers v A.N Other = Celtic Park. Celtic v A.N Other = Ibrox. All other games should be played at Tynecastle/Easter Road/Fir Park/McDiarmid Park (depending on who is playing).
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    UB40 - You're Eyes Were Open
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    I’d stick Scobbie at Left Back or even the Watford Loanee and get that wee fud Robson out the team.
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    It is quite clearly a problem with the system. No wonder our players are so far behind physically when we aren’t using what every single other country in the home nations is to develop their players at all age groups. It ensures that each player is at their physical peak going into match day but tailoring their training etc. That can’t be done without it and can lead to the marginal gains which can help us to qualify. To call it a waste of time is completely ignorant.
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    It's the omnishambles that will get us independence
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    It has two of the main food groups, salt and fat. Stick that in 4 crispy, buttered rolls and your only a packet of crisps, a mars bar and a can of coke away from lunch.
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    After the rollercoaster season so far for both Ayr and Raith I'm not assuming anything until we have mathematically got the league won. We just need one slip up and a Raith victory and it's back to being anyone's league again. Squeaky bum time. We do seem to be hitting form though, but as Ayr fans we have plenty of previous that can bring back the fear. I still recall the Brian Reid season in the Championship when we seemed totally safe from relegation then lost something like 9 out of 10 to go down without a whimper. Or last year when we were miles ahead of St Mirren at xmas yet still blew it. A title win would be absolutely fantastic and so much more preferable than to go up via the playoffs. Long overdue a title. Come on ye Ayr.
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    Na that was when you said shagging an underager was perfectly fine.
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    A heart warming story! A Lifelong Sons Supporter Ian Still, 80 years young, born in Rutherglen in 1937 and moved to Alexandria in 1942 is truly a lifelong Dumbarton supporter. Has been waiting his whole life to see Dumbarton in a Cup final and is travelling from Canada with his sons for the game. Ian has been a lifelong fan since attended first Dumbarton game with his father on Oct 27, 1945 – still remembers they lost 2-1 to Airdrieonians at Boghead Park. Would go to games by himself as a boy– remembers as early as about age 10 in late 1940’s– would take the steam train from Balloch to Dumbarton East for the game Some of his favourite Sons players as a boy were Bob Stirling in late 1940’s and Jackie Malloch in the early 50’s. All standing in the terraces in the early days with no seats and since he was a wee lad, they would let him stand on the back railing of the terrace at Boghead Park to see over the other supporters. Ian remembers an early form of “crowd funding” – supporters club members would walk around the edge of the field at half time holding a sheet and supporters would toss coins into the sheet to support the club Very common in those early days for the fans to switch ends at half time so they were always on the side of the home team Was at Boghead for the record crowd that watched Raith Rovers beat Dumbarton in the 7th round (quarter final) of the Scottish Cup on March 2, 1957. Likes to point out that he was the “1” in the record attendance of 18,001. Ian emigrated to Canada in 1965 but has always followed the club and attends games whenever coming home to visit family Supporting the club is a family affair - Both his sons, Ian Jr and Alastair were born and live in Canada but are also Sons supporters, and his granddaughters Katherine and Fiona have attended games while visiting on holiday. In the early days in Canada it was harder than today to get news on the club. There was a weekly programme on the radio every Saturday afternoon in Toronto at 4:10pm (9:10pm in Scotland) called “Calling All Britons” where they would announce all of the English and Scottish football results. Before the internet, they would have to wait until Tuesday before the local smoke shop would have a Scottish Sunday paper available in order to read a small article on the Saturday game. Even though Ian hasn’t lived in Scotland for several decades, has been buying a Sons Season Ticket for about 15 years as a way to help support the club. He is also a member of the Sons Supporters Trust. He was over the moon with excitement when Dumbarton reached the final of the Challenge Cup. His two sons are travelling from Canada with their Dad to watch the game. It is something they simply couldn’t miss – a once in a lifetime opportunity! Son Alastair will be in Australia finishing a vacation so will travel all the way from Brisbane to Vancouver to Reykjavik to Glasgow to arrive on Saturday morning to join up with the family to watch the game! Quite the away trip! The loyal Canadian contingent of Sons Supporters will fly home to Canada on Sunday to be home on Monday in order to be back at work and Ian Sr who has been selected for jury duty! It will be an epic journey and will create enough memories to last a lifetime – hopefully capped off with an historic victory for the Sons!
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