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    Right, here goes.....the link below is from yesterday's Glasgow Herald:- http://www.heraldscotland.com/business_hq/16045367.Dumbarton___s_tax_haven_owners_strike_deal_to_bring_club_onshore/ Lots of uplifting stuff in there and inspiring quotes from Ian Wilson, especially about the Challenge Cup Final. Wilson lives in Coventry, his fellow Brabco Directors Chris Stainton and Callum Hosie live in Leeds and Ormskirk respectively, yet to the best of my knowedge none of them was in attendance at Oswestry last week, despite all of these places being a damned sight nearer Shropshire than Dumbarton. The club Chairman, Les Hope, is on holiday for the month of February so it was left to (unpaid) Directors Colin Hosie and Alan Findlay to do the honours. And you see , that's the thing. There is no battery of folk running DFC, never mind a commercial department, and were it not for the efforts of these two guys assisted by a handful of people we'd barely function at all as a professional football club. This is a matter of simple fact, as is (owners) Brabco's refusal to invest money in the football team, so please bear this in mind, as these few stalwarts will probably bear the brunt of the supporters' anger and frustration for the simple reason that not everyone may be aware of the sitaution, and these guys are the only folk ever likely to be in the firing line. To say it's a far from ideal, never mind ordinary state of affairs is stating the obvious, but if anyone wants to assist in any way towardss making the 24th of March a memorable day for Dumbarton FC I'm sure Colin and Alan would be delighted to hear from you. Finally and for the avoidance of doubt, I have no personal angle to peddle here other than being fed up seeing decent and genuine DFC people having become human shields for chancers with no emotional attachment to our club.
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    Rather than dwell on Lennon's embarrassing huff, look at how Steve Clarke handled his interview: Professional, honest, insightful and measured. He was correct in his assessment that Killie bossed the game. Lennon's team were very lucky and he should acknowledge that rather than becoming a slevering mess. I wouldn't trade Clarke for any other 'manager' in this league.
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    What does it really matter?? Our average attendance this season is 656, the Junior Academy had over 200 kids and helpers with them, plus a scattering of their parents, who paid to get in. It’s perfectly feasible. Why question it? We should be embracing the fact that the 2 clubs managed to play in a cracking game and put together a great crowd (for this level of football). I wish it was every week but we’ll need to wait for League 1 football for that to happen again.
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    Celtic. I gave the reason as being their supporters because as a collective and in many cases as individuals they are utterly horrible but it goes deeper than that. The entire club trade on this faux-pious, downtrodden community who are all inclusive and open to all, when in reality are nothing of the sort. They vilify anyone who does not share their politics and use their supposed victimhood to manipulate everyone else, from match officials to the media and right through to supporters of other clubs. And sadly it very often works for them. I cannot stand hypocrisy and that club and it's support are absolute masters of it.
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    Is this the same Mark Kerr who found McDaid with a pass, from which he crossed in for Geggan to score? The same Mark Kerr who broke up an Airdrie attack and started the move which led to the penalty? I would concede that we haven't seen the best of him, but he is a very intelligent player and is far better than Gilmour.
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    Wonder if Brendan Rodgers will come out with a comment about how Aberdeen players try hard against everyone else in the league, but just roll over against Celtic and Rangers..
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    This game has Nicky Maynard yellow card written all over it.
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    Probably won't go down well but I generally class anyone drinking Buckfast as a scumbag.
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    This game has Nicky Maynard equaliser written all over it.
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    Had a listen to the Sportsound podcast and heard the full audio of McCann's interview. It's quite the insight. I get that he's clearly salty about having been schooled by Mr. Robinson again but that's 3 games at Dens and Motherwell have won all 3, keeping clean sheets in each of them (even the draw at Fir Park we were playing the 2nd half with 10 men, missing our top scorer and half our team visibly injured). The idea that that yesterday's match proved that Dundee are better than Motherwell because Dundee had a lot of the ball is stretching it a bit. Yesterday wasn't a one off smash and grab, that's the 3rd game at Dens this season Motherwell have taken care of McCann tactically. Maybe it's naivety or idealism on his part but McCann still seems to be holding on to this idea that having possession equates to being "better". From an outsider's point of view it seems as if teams have absolutely worked both McCann and Dundee out. Opposition managers are happy to let them have the ball knowing that their strikers aren't particularly clinical and their defence will cough up chances. I'm not really a fan of "if your Auntie had baws"-type statements but...if Archibald and Thistle hadn't collectively shat the bed last week and the Accies game hadn't run to 9 mins injury time or whatever it was, things would be looking a bit more bleak for McCann. Watching the game back on Alba for all Dundee huffed and puffed with chances and half chances Carson wasn't particularly troubled and as much as McCann's dismissed it the solitary chance Motherwell created was 100% the best chance of the game. Tanner virtually had an open goal to tap in to, unchallenged. It was a chance so clear cut you'd even have backed Moussa to score from it. From a Motherwell POV seeing a side organised enough to take a lead and see a game out is a brave new world given the number of times we shipped late or injury time goals under McGhee and the fact that just generally we've been poor defensively for years. That's 10 games in the league where we've scored first; we've won 8, drawn 1 and lost 1. 14 clean sheets in all competitions this season for the lads. If we could start adding more goals to our game then that would be nice. Also, I noticed chat on TDB forum that McGowan was shown a 2nd yellow and sent off after the match? I've not seen that reported on any official reports though. Is that something they've just totally made up? He was an absolute seething mess tbf. Anyway, a friendly reminder that McCann's still got fewer points than Hartley had at the same point last season; Hartley - 16/17: P 28 W 8 D 6 L 14 F 31 A 39 GD -8 Pts 30 - Position: 8th McCann - 17/18: P 28 W 8 D 4 L 16 F 30 A 43 GD -13 Pts 28 - Postion: 9th
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    I think I speak for killie and Hibs fans when I say “f**k off you tedious Kant”
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    dont get the Tierney stuff at all. Good player and arrogance isnt a bad thing at that level of the game. Overall he matches it with good football. I have watched him get the shit kicked out of him this season which seems to go unoticed by the diver claimants.
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    I don't know what the answer is but I am certain it is not Laszlo.
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    Imperial probe from Empire behind KT there.
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    We lost and we were the poorer team. ( your club still died)
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    That’s the most “meh” game against Celtic I can remember. I never at any point got excited, because we never honestly looked capable, or interested, in taking anything. Still, mustn’t grumble. Big thanks to the Falkirk & United fans for their input today. Safe trip back down to the Championship forum.
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    He lives in Scotland and supports Liverpool. He's not better than anything, even old firm fans.
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    Hard to argue with any of this. Reaching a couple of quarter finals and a top six (finishing below 7th on points) is hardly something to fill up the club’s achievements list. Last season our head to heads with the bottom six helped us rise above the bottom pack. This season they’ve killed us. Even two draws would have had me quite confident of reaching 10th spot but the two last minute defeats have us staring at the playoffs at best, imo. The Manager still doesn’t seem to have a favoured first eleven with constant chopping and changing so far this year. To be fair to him he’s not had that luxury of choice in the past but he needs to settle selection down if we aren’t to slide tamely out of the league. I don’t buy the fitness thing either, possibly a factor but we are being out fought and out thought by opposition teams, not out ran. There certainly seems to be a mental issue too when it comes to seeing out games. This must be smashing the players’ confidence as a result. The perfect shitstorm at this stage of the season. Can Archie sort this out? I genuinely hope so but I’ll not be holding my breath...
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    Aberdeen because of their supporters. Bunch of twats.
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    That story is utter shite m8. “Popped home”. That estate agent is slinging it up your missus when you’re out. I guarantee it.
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    Can always count on 'The Famous'.
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    Just watched it, brilliant!
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    I'm a bit surprised to see booing mentioned, queens fans seemed to react to the match in a very similar manner to the pars fans, quiet grumbles but a general acceptance that we are destined for to be mid-table nobodies waiting for the end of the season when we can hopefully address our issues and be better next year.
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    Tierney is perfect fit for Celtic. Looks marvellous against the dross in Scotland, completely out of his depth against decent teams in Europe. The End.
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    I’ll be booing for the full 90 minutes. Might not make a huge difference as I’ll be in my living room.
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    Good to see the No camp emptying well before the 90 minutes is up. They have as much belief in the team as the players themselves.
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    A shout out also to Lesmahagow for giving the go ahead to rearrange the fixture in the first place. Fair play to the Candy getting over the previous effort in Possil. A 4-0 win and week of feeling life is good. Thank you St Roch's.
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    It would appear that Raith Rovers have been stitched up by Arbroath FC, the establishment club, here.
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    Sevco, for having the same disgusting fans as Rangers.
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    It's actually refreshing to see these types of fouls given against keepers, usually they are pretty exempt when the ball is in the air.
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    Deary me, that latest interview from Naysmith is absolutely shocking. I hope someone pulls him up on it at the AGM tomorrow, assuming he’s going. Criticising the fans who do pay their hard earned cash is never acceptable in my opinion. Here you go mate..... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    Drivers who sound there horn when waiting on someone outside a house. Get off your fat lazy arse and go to the door.
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    Also the cheer Hammy got for getting his trademark free kick was enjoyable.
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    Can confirm that not only am I annoyed Scotland didn't get the 4th try for the BP, I'm annoyed that it cost me my "Over 4 tries in both games" bet that I actually thought was "4 or more tries in both games". Typical Scotland, glorious failure. GIRFUY England.
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    The point is, as you say yourself, the changes mean it isn't the same song. If we wanted to sing TBB and hate Catholics and the Irish we'd do what half the town does and travel the 20 miles to Ibrox. It's strange that you should be desperate to criticise the very people who don't do that and instead turn up to support their local team.
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    Steve Clarke's Staunch Juggernaut sings what it wants.
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    Together at last. Now my favourite football top, thanks beautiful sons of the rock I gave blood the other day, the nurse asked: "what blood type are you? I immediately replied: "StJohnSons".
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    Folk that throw rubbish out of their cars.
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    Notice an Airdrie fan on the BBC twitter calling for the SFA to investigate Shankland for his tackle on the keeper, not like an Airdrie fan to be a whining grass
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    We should probably consider hitting them more as a society then. Make it illegal to smack your own kids but perfectly OK to hit other peoples'. This would encourage scummy parents to keep them in check in public to avoid some bloke in the queue in McDonalds giving them a shoeing.
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    Exactly the kind of thing a QoS_1919 alias would say
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    This forum should just run on a loop each calendar year.
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    I've never liked Lennon and at half time yesterday I was questioning why, then that penalty reaction explained it. Embarrassing reaction to the ref and the post match comments are just as bad if not worse. At 2-2 we're still in the game and he gets himself sent to the stand, how is that supposed to help? I think he's doing a good job as manager but I'll never take to him. Dug shite second half performance but on the face of it a draw away to Killie is a good result. It's fast becoming the hardest away fixture in Scotland, outwith Celtic.
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    The Killie Juggernaut keeps rolling on.
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    You became a rugby c**t when you started following the Hearts m8.
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    More like Neil McCan't, amirite?!
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    On the plus side, at least the football will be interesting until the end of the season. Or just shite. Moussa cannot be defended I'm sorry, he's one of the worst players I've ever seen for us, and like everyone else we have seen some pish.
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