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    10-week scan earlier today showed a buoyant heartbeat of 150 bpm. Which was probably about half my bpm. Many excellent members of P & B have been active via the PM function but 3, in particular, have offered advice, given the chromosome balanced translocation and the greatly increased risk or another Patau bairn. But all is good thus far. Grimbo.
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    Neither you nor your alter ego Steakngravy attended this meeting. You’re slavering!
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    I think that is part of it. The record against teams outside the rest of the top five has been good and pretty consistent. But the results that get noticed and more importantly the results that get the fans excited are those in the big games. Unquestionably we've not been good enough in these. A big part of the issue is we have too many players this season who are shrinking violets. Thinking back particularly to the games against the OF, consistently GMS, Stewart, Christie, AOC and Considine go missing as they just don't have the battling qualities or temperament for it. Going back to last season and more pertinently the season before where we took Celtic at Pittodrie with 10 men and pumped them in the second one, players like McGinn, Hayes, Jack in the first one and Craig Storie in the second one stood up and were counted, had the character and fight. We lack that. However Del is also not above criticism. Quite often in big games in his time, we've come up short and on a number of occasions this has been due to conservative tactics. Sitting off Rangers last season and this when you need to press high, consistently is baffling. The insistence on 3-5-2 when we simply don't have the players to play it is mental. And the loyalty to the players when they aren't standing up to be counted in these games is surprising. Saturday was the time to give a proper rocket and criticise them highly. Instead we heard that this was out of character and that he couldn't be overly critical. Sadly it was very much in character this season and Del would have been well within his rights to call the players out publicly on this. In no way am I calling for Del to go or anything stupid. However I do feel for him to reach his target of multiple trophies here, there needs to be an honest assessment of why we fail in big games as these are what is preventing him from reaching his goal. Part of the blame lies with players who are big game bottlers, part of it with his own tactical limitations. Player wise he can only fix that through targeted recruitment of players like Barry Robson with big game character or to develop young lads with that. For his own tactical limitations, perhaps a new coach being added to the first team mix with some tactical advice for approaching big games would not be such a bad thing. Whether "happy clapper" or "moaning b*****d", we all want to win. To do this, I think an honest and frank discussion is necessary and hopefully this post gets the ball rolling. All thoughts and solutions welcome!
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    Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldiers
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    I blame these Millenial Snowflake swans and ducks with their 'wheat allergies' and 'gluton intolerances'....... When I was a kid swans and ducks got given bread and liked it and never a problem, and now there is. Not sure if to blame BREXIT , PC Gone-mad, snowflake wildfowl or Trump.......... but someone is to blame.
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    Mark O'Hara isn't the finished article but I think it's often forgotten that he's just turned 22. Stick with him and he'll be big a player in a few years in my view.
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    Sticky Fingers - Happy Endings
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    This isn't America. Can we get the order of the teams in the OP switched please.
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    Erm I'm guessing something like £1760...
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    What's the most "Tin Pot" thing you've not seen in the SPFL thread for this pish.
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    At the Winter Olympics Posh Spice's hairdresser has won gold for the skeleton bob...
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    You are an absolute bed wetter.
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    When you read over the last few posts relating to Barton, McCarthy and our approach to games against the Old Firm, you start to realise that Archibald has had a bit of a shocker this season. This has been the first season since taking over where he’s fell way below expectations in my opinion. He can count himself fortunate that much of our support still believe we’re living in the £500 p/w, Gerry Collins biscuit tin days, with the lowest budget in the league.
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    Oh you cheeky wee scamp
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    WTF is this shit? Did a cat walk across your keyboard?
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    The best feeling ever. The worst feeling ever The time in between is pure bliss. All hail vitamin T.
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    Aberdeen has had a fairly easy ride in this thread so far.
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    She went for a kip after lunch, only to find her usual chair had another one stacked upside down on top of it. No fucks given.
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    Budgets United Us/falkirk/ict Saints Morton/qots Dumbarton/livvy Brechin Something like that. Livvy get crowds of 1500 and have no fund from the fans. Look at the players they are getting and the squad depth. It's nothing like what we have.
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    My hero before he signed for you know who, and he also scored Scotland's fifth that day. Scotland's team that days was - T Lawrence (J Herriot 46) T Gemmell E McCreadie B Bremner(C) B McNeill J Greig T McLean B Murdoch C Stein A Gilzean C Cooke Scorers McNeill(12) Stein(16) Gilzean(55) Bremner(72) McLean(87)
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    Good forum, a lot of questions answered re: the inner workings of the club. The volunteer bit was alarming but Ronnie explained that most of our staff are volunteers and this particular person has been doing that role for 15 years. Obv we have a lot of problems on the pitch which cannot really be discussed without Canning there. Great summary Rodge. Main thing for me is that we are nowhere near administration, as STV had suggested. Communication good and pretty open tonight. If the club could continue to actively engage with fans in that manner through statements, social media etc then relations would be a lot less strained.
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    True, but since we probably wont finish 4th the next best thing is spoiling someone else's party.
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    If only we could play there every week, averaging 5 a game [emoji1]
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    cba digging out my old posts but i've long been pissed off over the gametime that McCarthy in particular and Penrice get. Archie treats OF games as write offs so throws in the kids. The only "backfire" to this has been that McCarthy has always stepped up! The things that McCarthy needs to improve on (like cynical fouls and positioning) can only be learned through gametime. We were crying out for a CM 1st 1/2 of this season yet McCarthy didn't get a look in, we shoe-horned Edwards and Barton into roles they weren't familiar (or good at). Would the results have been much different if we persisted with a young McCarthy? I think marginally yes, but more importantly, he would have gained 1/2 a season of exp at the top flight. Felt bad for Penrice when he got benched to put Muzzy on the left for pace reasons against Cadden. Really hope we don't squander two VERY promising youngsters with lack of gametime... Regardless of where we are next season, I fully expect us to still have 2 ghost CM's in the squad (Banzo and Fraser) and probably go through the same shit again. *grumbles*
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    I usually don’t care about the quality of the team I face tbh. The thing that annoys me most is the tactics people play with. Going Ultra Defensive or Park The Bus ruins the game. Just sitting back and using players pace on the break like it’s some professional game of football.
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    Looks like Edinburgh Rugby are going ahead with ‘lesser Murrayfield’. Maybe we could just turn up on Saturdays and see if anyone tells us to piss off. Better selection of boozers within walking distance than Ainslie Park anyway. Edinburgh home matches back at Murrayfield http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/43121142
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    Guessing you took geography with Peppino.
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    Anything south of Halkirk and west of Banchory is weegieland
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    Playing the young guys almost exclusively in Celtic/Rangers games another one of Archie’s bizarre habits. Used to do this with Div Wilson, has been doing it with Andy McCarthy for the past couple of years and seems to be starting it with James Penrice as well. McCarthy has really acquitted himself pretty well in these games as well, but for whatever reason isn’t trusted against the likes of Dundee or Motherwell.
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    Another terrible suggestion. What you’re doing is asking fans of both clubs to travel further away, to a town inferior to Perth and that’s more awkward to get to - for the sake of...what? 2000 extra seats that won’t be required? Think it’s safe to say we can launch woeful suggestions like East End Park and Forthbank in the bin.
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    https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/joaquim-adao-keen-on-permanent-hearts-deal-1-4691861 Tidy.
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    Ah, the art of reasoned debate continues to burn brightly in P&B!
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    I think they always restart if it's only just begun and the fall was caused by some sort of accidental collision, as opposed to skater error or deliberate impediment.
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    I don't disagree with any of this....provided it happens outside of existing League setup.
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    Aberdeen is so bad even Aberdeen don't want to play there.
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    Excuse me but do not class major trophy winners in the same bracket as your tinpot easy scammed little club.
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    Kudos to Scotty for speaking up and battling through his struggles to reach stage 5 of the stages of grief and loss; Acceptance. Not to mention way ahead of the rest of class. Here's a greenie for your plight - it ain't much, but I have a feeling it might just be the beginning of a whole new life for you.
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    I think I'm in love with big Youssouf: Youssouf Mulumbu urges Kilmarnock teammates to target Europe and insists Steve Clarke's men fear no-one Killie moved into the top-six of the Scottish Premiership with victory over Motherwell but their star man Mulumbu believes they can go further and finish in the top four. Youssouf Mulumbu helped Kilmarnockgatecrash the top six with another stellar show and urged his team-mates to reach for the stars by aiming for European football next season. The DR Congo midfielder underlined his reputation as perhaps the signing of the Scottish season by pulling the strings on Saturday as Killie beat Motherwell to leapfrog them into the top half of the table. And Mulumbu is convinced if they can maintain the form that seen them lose just three games in the 18 since Steve Clarkearrived, there’s no reason why they can’t secure a top-four berth. He said: “We showed we can fight to be in the top six and we showed we can maybe go further. Top four could get us into Europe – you need to dream and when you have the quality this group has, you can beat any team. “We’ve shown that. We beat Celtic, we beat Rangers, we drew over there against them. We’re not afraid of anyone, we just have to keep competing.” Whether the 31-year-old former West Brom and Norwich player will be around next season remains to be seen. His displays almost earned him a move to French giants Bordeaux on the last day of the transfer window and such has been his level of performance there will be a queue for his signature at the end of the season. For the moment though, Mulumbu is loving life where he is – and admits he’s been hugely surprised by the quality of the Scottish game. Asked if he was disappointed when the Bordeaux deal didn’t work out, he said: “There were mixed emotions. It was a big team in France but I’ve been doing well since I came here and didn’t want to let my team down. “When the deal was cut, I wasn’t too down. Maybe something better is going to come. “We keep winning here and I am just looking forward to seeing what we can do. The main thing is to make this team progress and that is what is happening right now. “You can see the confidence among the players. You can see what the coach has put in the team. When teams come and play at Rugby Park, it will be a bit with fear. “When you play against Celtic or Rangers it is easier with motivation because you are playing against a big team. But my performance against Motherwell showed I just want to play, to enjoy it and show who I am. “People were saying I was finished and I am old but you see me sprinting, tackling and going box-to-box. If I can keep doing you never know what can happen. I am enjoying every game here and every training session. “You know more players from Rangers and Celtic because they are famous clubs. But I am more surprised by the way Partick Thistle and Dundee want to play, for example. Aberdeen and Hibs have some very good players. “It makes me the think the league is underestimated by people.” Mulumbu also revealed he wasn’t surprised to still have Clarke as his gaffer, after the SFA’s decision to name Alex McLeish as Scotland manager. He added: “I don’t see him as a national coach. He’s someone who likes to teach every day. He’s doing well with Kilmarnock and who knows where he’s going to go?” Nowhere soon, is the hope of Killie fans. Same goes for Mulumbu.
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    Definitely 3:1 to Ayr. The Somerset Galacticos are way to good for The Dismal Diamonds. Crawford, Forrest and Moffat to score and the Airdrie team are so bad that Ayr will need to score it for them. Hope that helps!
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    I think we can agree that both managers are doing decent jobs for their respective clubs. Hopefully the final meeting between the two this season comes in the Scottish Cup Final and gives the nation the showpiece #TB4 meeting it wants and needs.
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    Yeah ... it'd also mean that supposing Raith Rovers (picking a team at random) had one really outstanding youth prospect, they could get them trained to the same level as, and playing alongside, the best youth players in the country. They'd get the game time, they'd get the training - maybe it'd be enough for a 16-19 year old player to say that actually there's a benefit to signing for a Scottish championship club, getting trained to the highest standard possible, then at 19/20 years old knowing that you'll be a first team regular in a decent side having had the best training you could've done. Again, this is exactly it to me. There's no need for development leagues to follow the 10 month season of senior football. I'd even argue just have 5 month seasons (August - December, February - June) and promotion/relegation in January & July would be fine. Teams would move up/down the tiers quicker, and hopefully those players find a level where they can play meaningful games much faster.
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