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    Why the f**k would you want to cook a steak well done you absolute fucking Tedi.
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    I was up in Elgin for a wedding and the hotel we were staying at had a laundry room that they kept their ironing board in. I was down trying to iron my shirt for the wedding and one of the hotel cleaning staff was in with me. After 5 minutes of watching me struggle to iron the shirt she told me to"get the f**k oot the road" and did it for me. Made an excellent job of it too.
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    He left the Scotland job 11 years ago. Aside from doing a decent enough job with Birmingham he's been pretty shite everywhere, his last job being a completely embarrassing 2 month spell in Egypt before he was emptied. He hasn't done anything of note since 2011 and he now spends his time sounding like your drunk uncle at your nan's 80th party, desperately hooring himself around the middle aged women looking for his hole. Honestly think he's a terrible shout and the fact some are happy to plump for him gives me mild depression.
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    I am pleased to report that the two idiots in a crowd of two thousand responsible have been charged and will be dealt with appropriately. When is it planned to deal with the many thousands of bigots that turn up in Glasgow to parade their bile most weeks and shame the whole of Scotland?
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    Insurance companies*. Renewal quote sent today for my car insurance and it's slightly up from last year. I've not made any changes or had any claims or incidents. I shopped around and got a quote from someone else at £180 cheaper so didn't even hesitate to go with them. Phone the other mob and when you tell them it's too expensive and you're leaving, this line is what winds me up: "OK, well I can have a wee look and see if I can get the price down for you". No, you get your wee look to f**k. Your wee look should have taken place months before this phone call. Don't try and rip people off and then bother your arse when they threaten to leave. p***ks. I'm aware that's how the world works but it's infuriating all the same. * Any company that offers a renewal price.
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    I can't believe that's not the worst thing you've posted in the last 7 days.
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    Football is the only industry I know that talks down one of its income streams. The cup represents one of the only chances of a significant income boost to clubs. You don't need to win it to make money out of it. There is significant money to be made by getting to the semi finals or even in Thistles case this year an away tie against one of the old firm. An Aberdeen v United tie should have been hyped up and been close to a sell out. Instead the clubs allow talk of more important games. Uniteds next game isn't until the 23rd of February. away to Livingston ffs. Better get your ticket early for that one. I love cup games but they're being badly sold by football.
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    Or you could dry your eyes and get over it.
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    could you tell me when clubs at the lowest level of the national league set up have ever produced internationals regularly? It's a totally different discourse altogether. Our last international played in the nineteenth century. We have a youth system that has produced, in recent times, Martin Boyle (Hibs) and Aaron Taylor-Sinclair (Partick Th, but never really made it down south). This is not an argument for Colt teams, by the way. No one can be bothered taking you seriously and the thread has degenerated into a boring game of whack-a-mole. The proposal is shit, fan opposition has -for now- sunk it- come back with something better, preferably not involving parachuting in your youth team just because "we're the Old Firm". Or, alternatively, let everyone sit down and come up with a plan, overseen by, well, y'know, the game's ruling authorities, not this back-of-a-fag-packet-bollocks punted by your under-18 coaches, or whoever they are, designed to benefit the gruesome twosome at everyone else's expense.
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    Once in 2016 does not constitute "regularly". However, I now present to you: Exhibit A and Exhibit B Which allows us the sheer cojones to provide antics such as Exhibit C:
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    Glad to see you accept that it’s 50,000 rather than the ‘minority’. What have I to rage about? I can’t lose in this scenario. If we lose, well it’s expected. If we win the #scenes....
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    Using cling film. Usually ends with a cylinder surrounded in mangled / shredded film and a sandwich that takes 5 minutes to get into, sometimes wrapped using three separate pieces after misjudging the area required.
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    But this is bollocks isn't it, the rubber eyeball nonsense was poor stuff but to say it was worse than over a century of bigotry is beyond belief.
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    Penrice contract extension for you boys.
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    There's three things at play I think. Dons_1988 is spot on that shite TV kickoff times have ruined traditional cup weekends for the bigger clubs that feature regularly. Our cup game on Sat was a 3pm, we had 1500 supporters there and it was a great day out - that wouldn't have happened if it was on the box. Secondly, cup games disappeared from Season Tickets and now that season tickets are everything, a lot of folk who would be there if the game was on the 'ticket simply won't. Lastly - I think we have imported another piece of received wisdom from English footy that doesn't actually fit here - namely that the League is paramount to the exclusion of everything else and the cup is an inconvenience to be tolerated. With the money washing around the top two leagues down south (and the value of a promotion between the two), I can almost see that point of view, even though I think the FA cup down south is a fucking great competition and it shouldn't be devalued. But in Scotland? There is no huge TV deal outside of the CL and in so many cases, a good cup run could be the difference between profit and loss - or it could enable a better player to be added that could make the difference in a really tight league. We should be prioritising the cups as no one league game will have such an impact on your balance sheet (excepting the Premiership play-off)..... 'mon the cups.
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    Imagine having a guy who saw his old club struggling, so went out of his way to re-join, with the publicly-stated target of keeping us up then getting us promoted. Now imagine he's also our captain, and that he wasn't talking complete bollocks. Stephen McGinn. What a fucking guy.
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    People actually keep butter at room temperature?
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    Actually, I’d say supporters who turn out to follow their local club week in and out with only the rarest possibility of winning a trophy are significantly better than the vast majority of hangers on who follow an OF club....
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    Is there a more loathsome draw possible to take the wind out of a cup run sail than the **** away. Totally deflated by it. Likely pumping, the reek that surrounds both cheeks getting the easiest pass possible and a truly horrible away day. Truly the polar opposite of what the cup should be about which was the experience I missed out on at Inverurie. At least lads that made the Cove game got a good experience before going to Ibrox to get abused and sit through a cauldron of bigotry.
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    It's a Catholic thing, you wouldn't understand.
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    Aye, that'd be once. The time previous to that when you managed four or more was 82/83, and that was at Dens. Dundee go bust more regularly.
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    No it's not. There is a physical line to show the referee. A matter of opinion would be something like - is a player "feigning" during a run up if he accidently slips?
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    Deary me what a shambles. Incidentally atheists don't have priests or ministers or rabbis or fucking witch doctors for that matter.
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    I hope you don't mind Philpy, but I liked the bottom photograph, but the date was spoiling it. I just made a little alteration (with your approval) and I think it makes it far better.
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    Montrose crowd on Saturday was 1,182, due to them giving away free tickets to school children. They’ve done this a few times now and each time it’s drawn good crowds. Wonder if it is potentially something we should look at, even singling out two games a season or so, maybe games where there will be little away support or games in tougher times, end of January for example. Free tickets to all primary school children and discounted rate of £5 or whatever for their parent/parents. I’m sure it could be as successful as it is for Montrose, actually when you look at the size of the town it has the potential to be much more successful. Given how good we have become in the community and on social media etc, along with a good team on the park, I’m sure we could benefit from it down the line at some point and potentially attract more youngsters to become involved with the club? Just a thought
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    Kevin James V StJ Home and Away 2002/3 season, and the Celtic equaliser in the semi. 3 top goals. Legend.
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    Apparently been diagnosed with an over active knife and fork? Boom boom tshhhh
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    The cognitive dissonance on display here is alarming. I voted to have ice cream and a piping hot cup of tea in the same mug and i'll do so again, no surrender to thermodynamics, WATP etc.
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    Kevin James is a Falkirk legend.
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    If you're getting a Valentines Day card from a relative, you're either a shoe-in to be a VL for life or you're from Airdrie.
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    http://90minutecynic.com/football-a-mental-health-saviour/ I would urge players/managers/fans anyone involved in football to read this. As most know depression has been a part of my own life but I feel not enough people talk about it. I thank Aaron Connolly for his outstanding and brave blog that will know doubt help lots of people in all aspects of life. Please read and share
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    I personally suffer from depression and it was quite bad but I found that having a match to go to on a Saturday gave me a something to look forward too. Had great support from those around me at the candy. Regardless of result it was about the being able to get out and socialise with others and it helped me back to work.
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    The thing is, lost to who? They won't be lost to the game, they'll go to clubs they were previously at on loan or that offer a good option. For f**k sake look at Halkett, he didn't make it at Rangers and would've been in their Colt team at the time being a Scottish U19 internationalist. How is he lost to the game? He came to us and improved and set his career up? Look at Callum Booth he came to us, and he's playing Premiership football pretty regularly I'm sure. You could look at Charlie Telfer and say he didn't make the grade, he was average at Championship level getting experience every week however. Does that mean that he would have been a Scottish international now by playing League 2 football with the other Rangers/Celtic/Whoever else castoffs? Does it f**k Why should the OF have control of every good youth player in Scotland? That's probably a lot more of a detriment to the Scottish team and Scottish football as a whole than denying Colt Teams will ever be. They're not lost to the game, they escape the grips of the Old Firm.
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    It's the sudden touching concern for the "state of the national team" that annoys me the most. Blatant hypocrisy. The national team went down the grubber, coincidentally, with the intorduction of the "SPL"- designed to concentrate much more money in the hands of fewer clubs. Scottish football has yet to recover from that and has since spent its time implementing shit ideas from down south a few years after the fact.
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    To be fair, when he was in his pomp you were teetering on the brink of oblivion in the seaside leagues.
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    Got to be honest, his passion is quite surprising. He's a professional who has played at a higher level and obviously has a strong connection to the club, and that club to him is in the wrong league, so there is no surprise that he genuinely wants us to make a real fist of not just promotion but beyond - but even then his determination seems really strong and it's not just a personal determination but a team one.
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    To be honest we’re probably not the club to rely on if you need your seating problems sorted out on time
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    Do you feel physical discomfort if people don't pay you any attention for even 5 minutes?
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    I always thought concentrate on the league was a joke that people came out with after getting papped out the cup - or after you're drawn away to Celtic or Rangers - it's not something for serious consideration surely? In any case, Utd's finances can't be in a rosy state of health after rattling around in the Championship, so I'm sure the income would have been welcome - and their supporters can't have had a season so packed with fun that they wouldn't fancy a good cup run. If the league survived fine with Hearts, Hibs and "Rangers" being absent at the same time, it's a bizarre argument to suggest that missing one mid-table club for a season or two constitutes any kind of problem at all. TL;DR - Everything Billy Dodds says is shite.
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    I'm beginning to wonder if goalkeeper is Harry Lewis's natural position. Maybe try him at right back next time? We were much better once McDonald and McMullan came on but the game was already gone. Lyng needs to get in the bin.
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    Can’t see Juve winning but daft not to put it on!
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    There is no chance of the Juniors league season finishing on time to make the dates set out for play offs to get into the LL.
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    There's a point here. A lot of fans don't want to go to away games at your ground. There's reasons for this. You could wonder why that is. Or you could act like a dolt and post the above.
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    Nah. No excuses for not going to this one. We need to sell every single ticket we are given. Right into them.
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    I only got diagnosed after a tumour showed up in my 3 month follow up scan from my acute pancreatitis attack in May.........The scans from then showed nothing! I'm doing ok, not putting much weight back on though and suffering a bit of nausea with the chemotherapy but I'll get there
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    A team having another teams club shop at their own stadium is probably unusual. Can't believe the St Mirren fans were ok with it.
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