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    Absolutely loving this. Carry on please, you tinfoil hat wearing bigot.
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    The fact that results such as that cause this level of hurt and anger to the absolute vermin that follow Rangers/Sevco absolute delights the rest of us. Wonderful.
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    Just look at their wee faces.
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    Why would you want neutral referees in Scotland? Do you want Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts to finish above your club for the next century?
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    It's what happens on the pitch that matters bud, you should know better.
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    We really do have some utter fucking wallopers in our support. We had a pretty grim performance yesterday but this has come after a run of fairly decent performances and results and yet there were some pretty wild shouts aimed at Hartley yesterday as well as the semi literate dross posted on the facebook sites. Its a poor state of affairs when your team is not very good but your supporters piss you off more than the football on show.
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    Complaining grounds in Scotland are 3/4 empty when you go to watch games in England every week
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    I'm not sure the SFA have any intention of moving from Hampden. I get the impression that all the talk is a way of trying to screw down the amount of money they have to pay Queens Park. For as much as the rebuild of Hampden was a complete and utter botch, I hope Queens Park remain there for a long time to come. Their presence there is like a GIFUY to the self proclaimed football establishment and the commercial powers that be in modern day football.
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    Just back. That was glorious. Completely and utterly glorious. The party songs were out, the gloating when Jason Cummings came on, the gestures when they equalised... ...the tears and foaming at the mouth when WE WON. GET IT UP YEZ.
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    There was never an "agenda" against Smith. We were playing him in place of a better goal keeper and he started to cost us points. Not unreasonable for fans to want a change.
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    I’m not sure if Nastro is upset because his big team got pumped (again). Or his wee team, after a record breaking run of clean sheets, still can’t get near the Hibs. Whatever way you look at it, it’s being rammed right up him and it is oh so very very sweet.
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    I prefer this picture. You can see the pure hatred in the killie lads eyes....
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    Listen....fella...., mulumbu is a decent player and it is quite a coup for Killie who, no offence, are only just ahead of Hamilton in the diddy stakes. John McGinn is in a different league to Mulumbu though. You’re looking at a man that has dragged two different Clubs to domestic glory. The type of player that in 6 years time you’ll pick up a news a paper and he will be front page news wearing the black and white of Juventus, having scored against AC Milan. You’ll call the grandkids over and say “you see that player there, I remember seeing him at the Rugby ground when he played with Hibs”. I’m not too familiar with Mulumbus career but having looked at his Wikipedia there’s not even an honours section. I guess the sky sports tackle of the week he won back in 2011 hasn’t been taken into consideration.
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    Stewart Petrie's goal gives the Pars a famous 0-1 win at Tannadice and the Pars go top of the league with 1 game to go. Pars are at home to a horrendously scummy Airdrie side whilst Dundee United go to Cappielow to play 3rd placed Morton. Should we lose and United win then United would win the league. However Morton could finish second should they beat United and therefore take the playoff place. A draw would see United finish 2nd and take the playoff place. Kick off at East End is delayed to let in the crowds. Eventually a crowd of circa 16k jammed in to see us kick off about 10 minutes later than the game in Greenock. I was at this game and it remains my favourite ever Pars game. Andy Smith (legend) makes it 1-0 in the first half with a header at the back post from a free kick. Peter Hetherston makes it 1-1 in the second half. Alan Moore is put through one on one with Andy Rhodes who brings him down. Penalty! Mark McCulloch steps up and...SCORES! Pars go 2-1 up. Soon after news comes through from Cappielow. The game is over, even though there's still 10 minutes to go at East End. Morton have held United to a 2-2 draw. This result means Pars win the league. The emotion is incredible. A long hard season sees us lift the title and tears are all around the ground as its widely acknowledged that we 'did it for Norrie'.
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    What an odd thing to focus on when we’ve just went top of the league, having played a game fewer, after a dominant 3-1 win away from home.
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    Not even that's possible tbqh
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    Tell everyone on P&B that I have found throbbers workplace.
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    The Govan Scarf Sniffer strikes again.
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    Let's face it, Partick and Motherwell are direct products of the league they are in, where 100% focus is put into simply surviving each season. Entertainment, nope. Football, nope. Just grim battles under leaden skies.
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    I love the phrase happy clapper. Anyone that uses it is almost certainly a miserable f**k. Being happy and clapping is literally the reason I go to the football. Big love to McInnes, McGinn, Considine and Woodman.
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    Samson showing again today why he's the best goalkeeper in the league and was one of Ross' best signings in the summer. The four saves in a row before the offside goal were the turning point as we went straight up the pitch and got the penalty after, then never got out of second gear. To think folk laughed when we signed him as well, he's brilliant at this level.
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    Absolutely everyone who takes part in this shit is, without exception, an utter failure of a human. In fact they're sub human cro-magnon pieces of shit and I despise them all. Why don't they hire out a hall or a field or a suitable venue? Why do they have to parade around towns and cities making as much noise as possible? Rhetorical question of course, as the answer is simply so they can 'get it right up' the 'kafflicks' and everyone else who isn't them. You can see the sneering sense of superiority behind the glassy bovine eyes of the scum who put on the dickhead uniform and the vermin who follow them draped in union jacks and 1990s Rangers tops, all pissed up or in the process of becoming so. I've seen these sad, pathetic losers do their stupid 'look at us!'act in Dunfermline, Dundee, Ayr, Aberdeen and Glasgow and it's just a sad sight. Fucking dregs of society who propagate hate and are desperately trying to stop Scotland moving forward. Hopefully their numbers are falling though. The last one I saw in Dundee (it went down my street) only had about 15 folk in it, mostly old broken men clinging to their sad attempts at identity. There were almost as many police as marchers. Oh aye, and they should foot 100% of the police bill. c***s
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    Otherwise known, of course, as the Champions League: is shite. It’s absolutely shite. Does anyone else think it’s absolutely shite? My main problem with it is that the same teams are in it every season and they usually meet a team they previously met not too long ago. It’s boring, dull as dishwater and I don’t understand how people can get excited about it. “Chelsea drew Barca? Arsenal drew Bayern Munich?! Wow, I love Champions League nights!” I would quite happily see the competition revert back to the days of the European Cup. Only the League Champions from every European nation enter the cup. For me, that would be far more exciting. Less chance of the same ties being played every season and a whole bunch of new teams in the competition. It would be far more interesting. Playing the likes of Bayern Munich and Chelsea should be a novelty, something that doesn’t happen for years at a time. I much prefer the Europa League because at least with that you get lesser known teams playing each other and it’s interesting. I’ve been thinking about this more since the Eredivisie lost it’s automatic champions league place. Ajax, Feynoord and PSV are all huge European clubs with a proud history in European competition. These clubs are being pushed aside and replaced with more English, Spanish, German, Italian teams because they have got a ridiculous amount of places. For me, that’s messed up when the Dutch Champions don’t get into Europe’s top club competition but Tottenham do because they finished 3rd in the Premier League. Not to mention the fact they could be accompanied by FOUR other English clubs. It’s not right. I certainly don’t expect a revert back to the old days anytime soon, it’s just a thought.
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    Nothing compared to the arrogance of United fans around Christmas, who were all confidently predicting they would leave us trailing, only Morgan would get in their team, etc etc. The difference between our arrogance and yours is that we have a reason to be arrogant.
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    Living in New England, I hope the Patriots get reamed. Being a Redskins fan, I hope the Eagles get reamed. Eagles fans vomit on kids, Tom Brady french kisses them. This is the worst Superbowl ever.
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    I suppose we could have played “the Celtic way” and conceded 7. Like they do in Europe.
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    I'd be astonished if the moon and coastal tide weren't something to do with our dreadful home form
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    You’re obviously forgetting that we’re Scotland’s premier establishment club and cannot be relegated.
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    First time in the SPL/SPFL since 2010 apparently. We need more days like yesterday.
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    Both sides of this are coming out of the discussion really well. Congratulations! I've not been to Barrhead for a year or two. I'm sure it's seen better days, but there was nothing wrong with it. Also good to visit in terms of proximity to pubs and the train station.
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    Straw man. These are players whose names I mentioned in order to illustrate the unacceptable poverty of our activity in the player market when Chapman was at the helm. Tena's better than anything we had then (McNiff; Home; Nicoll). And only Goodwillie was a better player than El Alagui. But listen... If your view remains that Chapman's activity in the player market was unfortunate and deserved sympathy, fair play. Desperation tells from that fact that the logic you've used to slam El Alagui and Tena could just as well be used to slam Kerr Waddell. And there's not a supporter at Clyde in their right mind who wouldn't have him back. Happily, you and the rest of the apologetics movement didn't win out and in doing so resign this club to the lowland league. More happily still, we've got a manager in who's bringing in players to make our activity in the window the envy of the league. Better than all that... If we're really judicious about picking teams from now until the end of the season, we've got a great chance of pulling it back and nabbing fourth, having hired a gaffer that knows what he's doing for the first time in a decade. Oh boy. Imagine we did get fourth. Then you'll be gutted. In fact... You'll be beyond gutted. And then I'll be the one who's gloating. And boy can I gloat, Davie boy. You want to see me when I start gloating. Ya hofwit. Ya dunderheed... You and this bookies aren'y worth a...
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    We've won 4 of the last 7 at Ibrox. 7 out of 12 in all competitions. Including a cup final.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/joshurquhart/status/959863399797620736 Watch this
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    Nonsense assertion from Demented Zebra that we were 'garbage' in the second half. As far as I am aware it took Samson about 25-30 minutes to get a touch of the ball in the second half. Completely within ourselves at every point of the match. No disrespect to Queens but if every game from now til the end of the season is as routine as that, I'll be absolutely delighted.
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    We don't sit off them and watch them play their fancy stuff. It's almost unfair.
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    VLs don't count for his virgin count, m9. Count yourself lucky you won't be on the end of his sword – again. #AllanuAkbar
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