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    Excellent. Both arse-cheeks losing on the same day. Happy days.
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    What an odd season this is. Livi were excellent today, don't do anything massively innovative but they're well organised, everyone knows their role and they do all the basics brilliantly. Thoroughly deserved their win and Hardie will be the bit of quality that helps them finish second. Their set pieces are excellent as well. We'll turn in a performance like that every three or four games. Very poor across the park with the exception of Sibbald. Plenty young players who were poor and Kidd/Taiwo were anonymous. Hopefully this reins in the moon howlers who had us making a top four push over the rest of the season. We need to get 1 point more than Dumbarton by the end of the season and be relieved with that.
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    Truly awful. Decided it was her lucky night. Watching a film and I thought I'll go down on her. Got her pants off and was about to dive in. Was met with " I've just taken a huge shit"
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    Does that mean Medda beat the team who beat Darvel last week, Stuart? And you won away when they last at home? I wonder how Darvel fans feel about that???
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    That Rangers TV commentary team. One of them surely has to be Bennett.
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    Great stuff Killie #TB4
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    Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
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    Apart from his nice goal - I was most impressed at his turn of pace when he thought he was getting subbed. I wasn't very enthusiastic about signing him, but I've been impressed with his attitude so far...
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    Hibs clearly really, really get to you.
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    Mon the Airdrieunitedoniansbankies!
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    Non smokers whining about people having to leave a restaurant to have a smoke.
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    That’s Livingston beaten us 3 times this season at the Falkirk Stadium. Twice in the league, and once after extra time in the cup. Now, I know for at least 2 of those performances it was one of the worst Falkirk teams in living memory, but for a team that rarely finish above us, to beat us at home 3 times in the one season is a phenomenal achievement. Well done pasta munchers.
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    Nothing better than both the old firm getting pumped on the same day, GIRFUY
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    Whoever said they couldn't tell the difference between the old and new ane need to get their taste buds sorted. Shite. Broken. f**k all need to change this. Arseholes. I'm not happy with the change. I've 5 cans left of the old stuff so will be emotional saying goodbye to them Shite
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    Pay soldiers Kris Boyd wages.
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    Just to give you an idea what I'm dealing with. This was it midweek.
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    Thompson announces he’s stepping down as chairman and already your luck is changing.
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    It used to be about the pools money. Being in the 'Leagues' meant you would appear on the Littlewoods coupon. Now it's as much about Soccer Saturday on Sky. They don't give scores for the Lowland League, occasionally chuck in a Highland League result. Clubs are fearful their national exposure will be diminished by regionalisation, thus affecting sponsorship.
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    Totally accept his frustration. Totally don`t get his need to run to the gutter press to undermine Naysmith. Really poor from a guy who has been a great servant to us but should respect how good we have been for him.
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    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Ship Song
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    To be fair, if it was a question of him or Dykes playing up front, I'd probably want to know which leg had been amputated before expressing a preference.
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    The fact so many Old Firm fans seem totally unaware of the crowd figures for their colts in the Challenge Cup (Bob in particular seems to be under the impression they've only ever played Dumbarton in it, over their three fixtures in it, they average about 300), and totally unaware that no TV company has ever had an interest in televising these Cup games, should really highlight how nonsensical all his points are. Their mindset isn't based on facts, it's based on "but we're Rangers and Celtic and we're massive", despite overwhelming evidence most folk don't give a f**k. Off topic, but watching. Rangers fan talk down to a long term Saints fan about lower league football is astonishing. Most of our support base regularly went to games when we sat bottom of the Third Division and on the brink of extinction, and have supported the club through thirty hard years to reach where we are, no idea how that gives someone "no idea about the lower leagues", while four years of spending eight times as much as anyone else gives you any appreciation of that level.
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    Have to disagree - 3 points is all that matters. Second half was played precisely as it should’ve been. Clean sheet, no injuries, no cards.
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    Nae luck broony....... Lol
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    We are currently on 51 points and averaging 2 points a game with 13 games left to play. United are on 40 points with 14 to play. If we keep this going we could finish on 77 points. If United win every game they will finish on 82. That shows you just how difficult a task it is for United to catch us as they can't afford more than a handful of defeats. I have a feeling United will drop something at Inverness today assuming the game goes ahead. If it doesn't then it will be two very difficult midweek away trips to Dumfries and Inverness something they won't want. Let's hope we keep going well and picking up the results starting today against a good but at times inconsistent Queens side. It's going to be tough but I am sure there will be a few goals in this game today. A great time to be a buddie.
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    Archie Fisher : The Shipyard Apprentice
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    Stranraer have the second best home record. East Fife have the second worst away record. Only looks like one possible outcome which doesn’t look good for us. However, both teams have changed a lot since they last met and with a number of players in this week it could come down to how quickly players get and integrate into the team (and how we defend corners !) Hopefully, players now realise that there is now competition for places and anyone not performing will be replaced. It also means players who are lacking in fitness or confidence can be rested rather than forced to play through it. Hopefully the manager gets his team and tactics right and players carry out their roles and responsibilities for the whole 90 minutes. A positive result is crucial if we are to push our way back to the fringes of the promotion play offs. Mon the Fife
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    Craig Levein's Hearts in 2018: 6 goals Neil Lennon's Hibs in 2018: 3 goals
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    If a new club have taken umbrage at something one of your employees wrote, and you back your employee, you are quite right to refuse to bow to said new club's demands. The shame of course, is the simpering, if you will, "sooky" way all matters Sevconian are treated by the BBC. It should be "You don't want us there? Fine." And black them out totally.
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    Welcome to the Norrie Innes experiment ??
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    This will cheer you up. https://www.scotsman.com/news/the-true-story-of-the-wee-hoose-on-the-loch-1-4578454
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    As comfy a 1-0 win as you can get. No poor performers in maroon. McKenna was just fine. Obviously a different player to McCord, I’m not sure why he’s being judged against him
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    Been poor the last few games as injuries have been a big issue . Get our early season form back & we are a match for anyone . Just ask our Beith & Pollok fans on here My Glencairn friends weren’t to praising of Bo’ness today either
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    ... or if you’re a neutral [emoji853]
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    And next week you will be shouting Mon the Bot when we are at Hurlford! ☺
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    The clubs who voted for him should be ashamed of themselves. People like him are holding our game back years with his antiquated approach.
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    As I said it can be done as it was there before. What the photograph doesn't show is that the stand only takes up slightly more than half the area under cover. Despite being the smallest Hampden actually has a bigger footprint than both Murrayfield and Parkhead, even including the area overhanging Janefield street. Personally I would move the Pitch 20 yards closer to the South stand and completely rebuild another 3 double tiered stands close to the pitch and open them to suit the size of the crowd. Money though.
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    There was a rumour a few years ago that, under EWB and IK, Hugo "Deepfat" Faria was verbally bullying some of the younger players on the pitch during one of his earlier games for us. I'd heard, and its unconfirmed, that Coxy vehemently defended his young team mates at h/t in a game. Subsequently we lost Watt, O'Neill and Cadden, who should have been the young core we built around, and Cox - who'd have remained a long term asset, was released despite practically begging to stay. I hope that story is true.
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    You're trying too hard lithgierose
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    Gene Vincent - Blue Jean Bop
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    Aye, that's much more likely than him making a baws of it then correcting himself. Clearly the conspiratorially-minded Ps&Ds who post on here are strangers to Occam' razor. Oh and for the grey and green dross there's no need to worry - there's no soap and water involved.
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    I had a roll n haggis, square and tattie scone this morning. Superb.
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    Reply and say you agree and you'd like yours medium rare.
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    The little Englanders are about to discover just how little England actually is.
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    Good to see you back kinky and even better we have another of your fantastic match reports to mull over . Part of the candy is the social scene and I enjoy our chats discussions and debates even if nobody ever agrees with me lol . A good second half and you covered the missed chances well so no need to add much more . Disappointed we never took all 3 pts but delighted with the football on show despite the pitch and the weather being foul .
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