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    I’m not sure what the most bizarre segment of this post is, but the part where you implied that his salary disqualified him from suffering from a serious mental illness is a strong contender.
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    If it’s true that Loy has been suffering from depression as rumoured, then to shame his weight like this is vile. He should be applauded for even getting into a position to be selected for match day when many sufferers even struggle to get out of bed in the morning.
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    Not really how depression works.
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    The Highland League should be removed from the pyramid for their stance on this. It may have changed but a significant number of clubs didn't want to be part of something with forced promotion so they may be happy enough to step out. I'm a massive fan of the pyramid but the SFA are operating with a big baboon arse being shown to their members. Their position of refusing licences in the south whilst not making it possible to join the pyramid in the north is an utter disgrace. You have to assume that their failure to do anything to make the pyramid work in the west and north of the country is because they don't really want a pyramid at all. They want to appease UEFA or FIFA without the risk of their existing 42 league clubs being too heavily impacted. The SFA have been utterly dreadful on this matter. The SJFA don't care as they're protecting themselves. The former EoS clubs who formed the pyramid don't care because they don't get the competition bringing west teams in would cause. Everyone looking after their own wee patch and f**k everyone else. It's Scottish football in a nutshell and has been since the dawn of time. No wonder we qualify for f**k all.
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    Followed advice from AA. Took a shovel, blanket, torch, flask of hot soup, chocolate etc. Bus driver gave me one funny look.
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    Presumably the new arsehole he was torn against Falkirk
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    That photo doesn’t look good at all on the face of it but there’s not a chance in hell I’m putting the boot in. If even an once of the rumours are true about Loy’s mental health that’s enough for me, it’s absolutely fucking draining having to live with a mental illness, more so I’d imagine if you are in job scrutinised by thousands. I hope, if he is having problems, that things start to turn around for him.
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    Try getting the teams he's played for right before attempting shite trolling. Dayglo c**t.
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    Man I fucking despise Rangers fans.
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    We are primarily playing a 4-2-4 when attacking which means a hell of a lot of work for McGinn and McShane. It would be unrealistic to expect these guys to be perfect in every game considering the work they have to do. Both do a fantastic job but I welcome an extra body in the shape of Hill to help out if necessary.
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    I feel a bit sorry for Craigen. To me he was one who always gave 100% when he came on, even when others had thrown in the towel. Its a shame he never shone and never found a settled position with us. I'll always remember him fondly for his excellent performance and goal at Tannadice in the first leg of the play off last year. Hope he goes somewhere and gets decent game time.
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    I like the 'happy face look' on the other alsatian.
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    Scott Martin’s loan extended until the end of the season. Great news
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    How many supporters do you think any of those three clubs would bring to a league match against, say, Cumnock? I don't know, but I'd be surprised if it's much more than Auchinleck, Glenafton, Kilwinning, Pollok, Beith or Kilbirnie would bring. You then begin to see the problem. Another factor is that to attend an away match featuring Kilwinning I can get in my car and travel 10 minutes to Beith/Kilbirnie, same to Irvine Meadow/Vics/Ardrossan/Saltcoats/Ardeer, 15 minutes to Troon, 20 to Hurlford etc etc etc. The prospect of travelling 3 hours to Montrose, Forfar, Peterhead twice a season isn't appealing as a result. Another issue is that because the juniors are a separate grade most people have a senior team as well. Far cheaper for me to go to Kilmarnock than drive to Elgin and back. "Progress" for you might be counter productive for others. Just because you are used to something doesn't mean that it's the correct thing to do for everyone. I don't get the impression that you really understand that.
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    Apologies if I've missed this but I saw an article on the BBC website nothing that Ian McCall was criticising Kilmarnock for refusing a £300,000 offer for JJ from Rangers. McCall doesn't seem to think he is worth that much money. McCall then goes on to say that he has only seen him play once completely undermining his opinion on the guy yet no one seems to have challenged him on this.
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    The look on the face of the one on the right suggests that they may be responsible for said necklace.
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    Other than Cammy Smith and maybe Craig Samson most of the players have had the odd stinker. The constant negativity about McShane astounds me.
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    How can you say Weir when we've had a player for over a decade with Teeth whiter than a Golf Club committee and a tan that Donald Trump thinks is a bit much.
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    BBC showing Chelsea v Norwich and BT have PSG v Dijon. You'd hope one of those games will cut the mustard.
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    Tumilty confirmed to the end of the season
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    Don Paul will not rest until every one of they wasters are gone.
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    If we're going to this level of pedantry I'm hoping you can see the irony of someone who supports a Scottish based team called Hibernian making this point.
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    Right that’s Craigen officially released from Falkirk. Get him signed Barry, before dumbarton sign him
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    There once was a president called Tam, Who got himself into a jam, With no fixture list The clubs were well p!ssed “We’re away to the pyramid, ya bam!”
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    Absolutely this. I suffer from depression and when it led to what was a full blown breakdown my career was flying, big salary, company BMW etc. Depression is not a rational thing and can go undetected by even those closest to the sufferer for a very long time. I made a comment earlier about Loy going along to the Fit Fans group but I have been wondering since is the picture genuine or has a wee touch of Photoshop tweaking been done?
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    I’m ok with that. He’s great entertainment value and I’d quite like to see him kick Foster in the head again.
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    McKay's emergence has been a real plus point this season. Anyone who thinks otherwise is mad in the heid.
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    I tend to agree, but I don't find it too amusing. Why the Hell are we making it difficult for people to attend a football match? Opening the terracing in advance would have allowed away fans to choose how to watch, would have afforded them the convenience of buying a ticket on match day, would have boosted the atmosphere by providing a properly four sided arena and would probably have resulted in a bigger crowd. There would also have been more convenience for Queens supporters in that stand and it would just have been more courteous to our guests. It pisses me off that we make an arse of these things.
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    It's maybe a sign of sickness that I'm agreeing with you here but I once found myself in Fiorentina's Stadio Artemio Franchi, squinting through the high fence behind the goals, noting the mist on the Tuscan hills and smelling the aroma from the Lavazza-branded coffee kiosks and thought to myself "this is like a better-kept version of Central Park".
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    The Hibs bois are simply going to have to accept that the combination of our new stand and the constant millions wee Caspian Primrose is pumping into the club has put us on a different financial plane from them now. With us having far bigger fish to fry it will be sad to lose the derby as a meaningful fixture, however when we're watching five figure a week internationalists perhaps they could forge a new rivalry with a similar sized club such as Berwick, Stranraer or Aberdeen.
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    Out with the old and in with the new at Hampden in these pictures. The only memory I have of Hampden before being in its current state was in the mid-90s when the east and north stands had been built but the old Rangers end and main stand were still there. My Dad's mate who was from Reading was in Scotland and my Dad took us both to Hampden for a look. He brought a football with him and we ended up going through the gate at the west side of the stand and onto the pitch to have a kick about. I don't remember that much other than the darkness of the old covered terrace, albeit with its seats bolted on, and how big the pitch was. I just wish I'd been that wee bit older so as I could remember more about the old stand because I'd have loved to have experienced a game there.
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    Would love Craigen to come back, more of these please
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    Craigen is liking everyone’s tweets about him coming back which obviously means the announcement is imminent.
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    Four Tops - Walk Away Renee
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    So sad to hear about Peter, condolences to his family and friends, an absolutely gentlemen. It was always good meeting with him at Forthbank and Broadwood respectively
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    I can't believe I just read that utter pish. Sometimes it's better to say nothing and be considered a fool, as opposed to posting crap like this and confirming that you are a fool.
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    Was only with us for half a season, and it was 5 years ago- but he was brilliant for us. Scorer of one of my favourite ever Alloa goals in play off final against Dunfermline. Any excuse to repost this jaw dropping thing of beauty.... Technically excellent, a cool head and capable of scoring a belter. Barely broke sweat at times. No doubt helped somewhat by playing alongside Holmes, McCord and Simmons in a legendary midfield.
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    Depression in men is not something to laugh about , If Rory does my sympathy goes out to him .
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    Bill Nelson - Wildest Dreams
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    Lou Reed : Walk On The Wild Side
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    I watch my local team for £6, an amount of money I never thinks about, my daughter gets in free, they open the gates at half time and you can wander round the social club or the newsagents. I've been known to go home for a hat or, perchance, a poo. There's no segregation and you can mingle like civilised human beings. I'm allowed to bring in bottles or cans of juice, saving myself a few quid more. Or we could "aspire" to be Dumbarton, I could pay £20 (which would make me choosey about games), it's another £8 to bring my daughter, and a couple of quid on top of that for bigger games. The food is expensive and shite. My bag got searched on the way in, and I'd have been ejected for daring to have a Diet Coke with me. Try to stand up and the hi-viz wombles will be over smartish to tell me to sit. Last time I was at... whatever stupid name they're giving that stadium now, I attempted to stand for a minute in the mouth of the exit until the final whistle and was briskly told to leave or return to my seat, this despite there being no-one else near me. Away fans are sent to the far end and placed behind stewards, lest ordinary people be unable to cope with watching a game of football in proximity to fans of the other team. Below full-time level football in Scotland is pretty much all the same in terms of entertainment. The idea that higher up the league is automatically better is absolutely facile. If I wanted my Saturdays to be like that I would have kept going to Celtic or Queen's Park games. Or maybe we should all just be TV Man City and Barca fans? Fans of non-league teams are generally in it for a categorically different experience to those following teams like Alloa and Dumbarton. Football isn't industry, it isn't work, it's supposed to be a fun thing to do at the weekend and something to distract ourselves from the daily grind of life. Each to their own, and I presume Dumbarton fans like the way things are, but if Linlithgow Rose ever became Dumbarton I'd go to Linlithgow Rugby matches instead. And as for "evolve or die"... don't make me laugh! Airdrie are Clydebank, Rangers are Sevco, Motherwell and Dundee have been in administration twice, Clyde lost their stadium and are miserable at Broadwood, Gretna played European football then went bust, Hibs have been saved a couple of times by a guy who doesn't even like football, Hearts whored themselves to an obvious charlatan, Dundee were run by a guy who was mates with an actual war criminal, half the clubs in the leagues have circled the drain in the last decade and many have been bailed out by fans who gave money without, in most cases, gaining any influence. Yeah, if only Linlithgow Rose could have a piece of that.
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    As dumb as follow following a 5 year old club from Glasgow when you live in Edinburgh?
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    But what is the gold at the end of the pyramid rainbow for junior clubs.So your team does great and breezes through the new set up and find themselves in national league 3 ,youve lost in first round of league cup,had hard draw in big scottish cup and are out,rest of season travelling to Elgin,Montrose,Peterhead and dont expect away supporters filling their ends at junior grounds.You wont be long remembering the local derbies, quarter finals of junior cup day,six quid,half hour away trip back in time to check the coupon,the chance of winning some silverware.This may be considered as anti progress or backward thinking but were all contributing on this web site because we love our juniors,we should be careful what we wish for.
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    Aye very good Jimmy, you dripping tip. Fans excited about new signing shocker/not all new signings work out even bigger shocker. I still fucking love you Rory, hope you get whatever's dragging you down straightened out soon.
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    Cumdog H**dog signing for The ***s could be the most predictable transfer of the season. Rangers need a proficient poacher and Beanzema needs to get back to a league & level where he will play regularly. Cummings joining The Second Comings will give him a chance to reignite the #flames that flickered throughout his time at Hibs. Rangers will get a player that has shown promising potential against other top-flight teams, albeit in cup competitions. He is raw and needs to develop his overall game; I think the Scottish Premiership is where he needs to be, in order to improve. If he is as deadly for The Deady Bears as he was against them, he’ll be a dead cert for more Scotland caps. Give him 210516 chances and he will score 2-3 of them; give him half-chances and he’ll bury them all. The ***-Hammerer was a frustrating enigma at Hibs; paradoxically, he wasn’t as prolific as you would expect a ‘~20 goal per season’ striker to be. He was dropped intermittently by Stubbs and Lennon, but we struggled to open defences without him; at Rangers, he 21May2016 may not be as indispensable and will need to hit the grounded *** in ground running. The Muffin Man will undoubtedly offer mirth as he reclaims the title of ‘The Joker’; nevertheless, I hope he has abdicated the ‘King of Zing’ throne. We have missed El Fríjolero, but his penchant for piss-poor Panenkas and flaccid finishing became pandemic alongside Stokes; he shot himself in the foot so often that he can consider chiropody if his Rangers career is stubbed out. Tintin Of Haricots also opened a can of worms under Lennon; we weren’t going to sign him with Stokes & Lennon at the club club. Although Hibs could afford to offer better wages, fees, bonuses, etc. - we couldn’t afford to risk unsettling our Hibernians (Lennon & Stokes). The 50% sell-on clause that Mr Heinz insisted on inserting for Hibs will be a welcome parting gift if he joins The ***s permanently. Henceforth, he will be known as H**nings until he leaves The ***s or drags them down to fourth.
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