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    As the ‘elected’ Pie and Bovril Bairns Group Spokesman, I have been given the humble task of declaring you a total arsehole. Thanks for reading SB x
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    You know where to get me, Mr Doncaster.
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    Call that an announcement? It doesn't even say whether or not you'll take Bitcoin.
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    Signed Gilzean pic. Thank you.
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    Dumbarton Football Club - club of the people. God bless us.
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    In the old memorabilia category this is the oldest piece in my collection. Given to me by my pal's old man when I was a kid.
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    Looks like Spence will be on his way tomorrow judging by the Rovers Twitter account....
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    He has played in each of our last four victories, pitched in with a couple of goals including the winner against East Fife and was deservedly man of the match in the win over Forfar last Saturday. You’re one of these boys who didn’t rate Callachan and thought he was shite aren’t you?
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    Blue and white home strip. Nothing neon for an away strip. No point in a third strip. Should of been his answer. Until we play in our own colours more often it’s always going to be a struggle. I’m hoping this issue alone will see me elected to the committee for season 18/19.
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    Well done to our brave volunteers and receptionist, giving up their time on a Thursday EVENING so St Mirren supporters can collect/reserve FREE child tickets. Great work guys, all the best to you. I'm just glad we are acting with grace and professionalism despite the abuse and false accusations from St Mirren FC and their supporters. Your hate will not prevail. This love will last forever.
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    Lyle will be one of the highest earners at the club and has barely kicked a ball for months. Looking at it from an entirely financial point of view it makes sense to get him off the wage bill. There are far greater considerations than just finance though when it comes to a decision like this. With the relationship between club and fans at as low a point as I can recall in my time as a supporter, this move seems fairly suicidal. They say there is no time for sentiment in football, and life isn't a Hollywood movie where everyone gets the happy ending they deserve. However all we would have to do is allow Lyle to see out the remaining 6 months of his contract to give him the send off he more than deserves. It doesn't seem like too much to ask. All of the above is based off the assumption that Lyle isn't up to the job anymore. Something I don't agree with anyway. This could really turn out to be a decision the board don't recover from.
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    All the best steak pies have sausages through them!
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    How did Falkirk f'ck up that 3 on 1? Vigurs was absolutely burst trying to get back to defend that attack.
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    A couple of days after that game Apollo 16 landed on the Moon. The Daily Record printed a cartoon of the astronauts on the lunar surface reporting back, "Tell Dixie we've found the ball!"
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    Kids today will never believe there used to be two big clubs in the city at that time...........
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    Wise words Jack. Hedgie should get in and see what she's got. A bit of time spent now could see you in the will. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Even if you don't, it's a foot in the door for the funeral and free sasij rolls.
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    To be fair, we've not had ours since the last Ayr match at Stark's. It's a pain.
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    Although things got into a grim place members-wise, bottoming-out at 11 last season, there was still an inherent strength left in 1) having access to LL and licensing; plus 2) being well-run and supportive of clubs, including through a number of new schemes and initiatives EOSL introduced after LL started. Going by the "prospectus" that appeared on the EOSL website this time last year the membership benefits include: the league paying for coaching, goalkeeping and firstaid courses; providing all clubs with defibrillators, firstaid bags and equipment; buying clubs' match balls and training balls; paying clubs' insurance; and reimbursing travel costs when an away game is postponed. It is less often mentioned but the Friday night Under 20 league run in conjunction with LL must be a big positive: players are all on senior form making it easy to sit on the bench etc. for the first-team the next day, and all clubs (SFA members or not) play in the Scottish Youth Cup. According to my local paper there is also prizemoney for the top 4 places - the top pot being worth £1,500 - plus from this season each club can apply for £3,000 to spend on ground upgrades. There are also 2 ways into the Scottish Cup - by winning the EOSL or by winning the Alex Jack Cup and new Cup-Winners' Shield. This latter route has seen Tynecastle qualify for the Scottish Cup for the first time and others like LTHV, Leith and Stirling Uni have qualified in previous seasons. Clubs ready for licensing have to join. Clubs working towards licensing have good reason to join: they will have to do it eventually and coaching badges, medical provision and insurance cover are part of the criteria and any help with ground upgrades must be welcome. Even if a club isn't on that trajectory there will be benefits from good organisation, financial help and a shot at the Scottish Cup slots. I don't think many similar benefits are provided in the Juniors. Indeed games still aren't played by artificial light and there isn't even a fixturelist. EOSL clubs have their games to the middle of April; East Junior clubs have theirs only to a week on Saturday. So while there were obviously reasons for leaving - which Craigroyston and Easthouses did - there were also reasons for staying, and joining - which Kelty did and now maybe others. Also worth recalling that more clubs could be relegated from LL than promoted from EOSL, btw.
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    I don't think Naysmith's management of Lyle can be criticised too much. No-one can argue with Kane or Dobbie being selected ahead of him based on their respective form this season. These are the only two people Lyle is in direct competition with for a starting place. Criticising Dykes being included ahead of him is as relevant as complaining Alan Martin is getting in the team instead of Lyle. Equally Lyle is well within his rights to speak to the manager and air his grievances about a lack of game time, this is part and parcel in football. It is the "well if you don't like it you know where the door is" response that leaves a bad taste, and doesn't make much sense given his stature at the club, and expected retirement at the end of the season. I too am hesitant to criticise the manager as it makes no sense for him to want to weaken the squad any more than it already is. I don't think many managers have an upper limit to how many players they think they need and I reckon most would continue to sign them whilst given the permission to do so. To me it looks like a cost cutting exercise by the board. A risky strategy that might save them a few months wages, but end up costing them considerable good will from the supporters. The last time similarly unpopular decisions needed made they brought Mark Robertson in to take the flak so they have previous for diverting blame. Until we hear more I'm more inclined to blame the board than the manager, but it will suit them if Naysmith becomes the target. Just as an aside I don't think Lyle comes across too well out of this with the way he has gone running to the press. It sounds he's been treated like shit by the club, but if he loved them as much as he claims he would surely have tried to sort this out behind closed doors?
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    I think that considering this thread has gone all legal again, it would be a great idea to get Buddist Monk back involved, in order that he can use his expert legal judgement to answer all of the questions above.
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    No idea, it crashes most Saturdays at the moment to be fair. A bit like your team
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    f**k all it's a Mickey Mouse trophy.
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    Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate that smile though.
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    The relief from the lot of them as we delay our journey to the top by one week is very funny. The lot of them are absolutely feart.
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    Soooo, when is Moonster becoming a moderator?
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    I’m calling it, Bairnschild is an alias of a Pars fan attempting to noise up Falkirk fans. In the case of roman_bairn it’s working a fucking treat. Resorting to phrases like ‘PC brigade’ and ‘destroying our society’ is a minter on a massive scale.
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    yes 1 —used as a function word to express assent or agreement are you ready? Yes, I am 2 —used as a function word usually to introduce correction or contradiction of a negative assertion or direction don't say that! Yes, I will 3 —used as a function word to introduce a more emphatic or explicit phrase 4 —used as a function word to indicate uncertainty or polite interest or attentivenes
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    It was a good 3 days though lads eh
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    The first post in this thread should have its own cabinet in the Hampden museum. It really is one of the best this forum has ever produced.
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    For as long as I've supported Dumbarton FC (47 years now) the club's future has been in doubt and that has almost always been down to one thing, the heritable asset (the stadium) would be worth more as a cleared bit of ground than as a going concern i.e. a fitba club. The fact that DFC owned this heritable property has never been a protection. Indeed several times when the ground had been used as collateral for borrowing, the future looked bleak. Even under the ownership of Robert Robertson/Hutchison Engineering in the 1970s, when the club was riding on the crest of it's biggest successes of the 20th century, Robertson had a buyer lined up to build houses on Boghead and move the club to Cumbernauld. I seem to remember the rejection of a planning application for Boghead was the catalyst for this. In the 80s as the solicitor administering the Fraser estate was closing in on the club's heritable assert, to repay a £40,000 loan made by Sir Hugh, the sale of Stevie McCahill to Celtic saved the club at the 11th hour (according to then Chief Exec Alex Wright). In the 90s, with Neil Rankine having been declared bankrupt and with Jim Innes holding proxy on his shares, he (Innes) was ready to accept an offer for Boghead from a housebuilder (Bellway I think) and wind up the club. Only an emergency response from directors Gilbert Lawrie and Alistair Paton, resulting in Douglas Dalgleish becoming chairman, saved the club then. Believe me, there were some scary moments at the building of the new stadium at the Rock. I well remember John McFall looking me in the eye and saying "At that stage we thought the (new stadium) project was doomed and with it, the club" . This was circa October 2000 on my appointment to the board of Dumbarton Community Stadium Ltd. McFall was talking of events six months previous. Brabco is nothing new. There has always been someone wanting money/prestige/glory or whatever from Dumbarton FC. I have consistently taken the view that what Brabco is providing for DFC is a lifeboat. For a fee. The good ship DFC is sinking. And whilst some argue that the captain is exaggerating the situation, or the ship is flying under a Liberian flag or there's a salvage crew in the wings waiting to scavenge the wreck, the sensible thing is to examine the lifeboat and compare it to the sinking ship. Does it offer the chance of survival? Well yes, probably as much as John Waters who opposed Robert Robertson's Cumbernauld proposal in a live debate on STV. As much as that fee from the transfer of McCahill. Maybe as much as the Lawrie/Paton bit of magic. It also offers the risk of failure as all these things did too. If Cumbernauld Development Association had been a bit more persuasive, had Celtic changed manager and he didn't fancy McCahill, Had Innes not been persuaded, Had McFall not come up with funding, there would not have been a Sons Sorrow on P&B I think it's the lifeboat lads. It might be full of holes and it might hit an iceberg. It might not. It's a chance.
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    My money's on Harry but I'd be interested to hear your findings.
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    Probably not but let’s blame him anyway. He deserves it
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    Lawyers have ways of framing these things to ensure the right protections. I know. I'm married to one! We're getting good advice.
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    Just seen on the official Twitter there than John McGlashan has died, aged just 50. http://dundeefc.co.uk/news/john-mcglashan-1967-2018/ Bit of a shocker. Thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.
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    Just popped in to say good luck to the mighty Sons for Saturday. I will be heading up to Dumbarton on Friday to complete a full rain (and wind/hurricane) dance, in order to ensure perfect conditions to guarantee a Sons win....
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    The first time I saw him, versus Beith in the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup I could not believe the way he behaved and conducted himself. He is not someone who I would have a lot of respect for if he was my manager and behaved like he did that day. I don't think it was an isolated incident either. For him to then get the Arthurlie job with minimal coaching/managerial/experience is unbelievable and the committee, who are all hard working guys, have made a big error and one which will take time to recover from. I do not know any Arthurlie fan who wanted him as manager either. Fortunately they have taken on someone with a good track record but he has been dealt a poor hand and saving Arthurlie this season may prove too difficult. Hopefully he has good contacts and I think the only hope I see is selling McKenzie and getting some decent money in which Ogilvie uses wisely. McKenzie was the only player they had who looked like a footballer. I have only seen Arthurlie a few times this season and they struggled to beat Lesmahagow over 2 games and the scoreline if the Coupar Angus cup the flattered them - Neilston took 6 off Lesmahagow the next week . This is probably the poorest Arthurlie team sine the early 80's and is sad to see.
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    Well this has all become a bit of shitfest.
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    Some very nice memorabilia in this thread. I’m sure you will all agree though, that none of them come close to this fine piece. No, you’re not imagining things. Not only is that a bottle of Dundee F.C. wine (which I’m sure will go up in value with age) it is a bottle of DFC wine signed by the legendary Barry Smith. Shall we start the bidding at £3,000? Thank you.
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    Ours broke his leg against you in August. Still isn't back.
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    https://sonstrust.wordpress.com/2018/01/09/owners-give-written-assurances-to-fans/ This is a bit of a game changer for me. Written and signed guarantees of sustainable stadium ownership, a new DFC board, fans increase in shareholding, fanas guaranteed to be included in the business development at the new place and they're bringing themselves onshore? The new board is absolutely massive for me, that and increasing our shareholding. That's extremely positive and fair play to Brabco for finally giving us what we needed. Without wanting shot here, I'd be inclined to support the proposal based on that...
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    All ifs and buts just now, but encouraging signs for the EOS. I personally never thought it would revive after the exodus of clubs to the LL, it really looked to be on the bones of its arse. Well done to Kelty for making the switch and to other juniors who are at the very least thinking about the switch.
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    A second victory of the tweets for Sonsteam J 08 and his mythbusters team. Some guy was claiming we refused to take part in the free kids offer thing. I pointed out that he was wrong. He has since deleted the tweets.
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    This post is the reason why i have genuine sympathy for SOME Stranraer fans, being kept in the dark, told to stump up cash for FACEBOOK groups and pretend like everything's rosy while absolute roasters like 1870 who are allegedly ITK tell you to shut up and keep clapping/spending.
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    Anticipating a tweet sometime this morning showing Danny Barrow standing with his luggage at Kirkcaldy Railway Station.
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    Once we get Morton out the way, our next five league games are (in some sort of order) Dumbarton, Brechin, Livi and Inverness at home, and Brechin away. We can get 10 points from that. If we do, it should get us up to 8th with some momentum and just over a quarter of the season left. Tonight doesn't mean we're doomed, just like Saturday didn't mean we were going to rocket up the league and win the playoffs. The starting XI is improved but they're still gelling and will take time. The bench is absolutely atrocious.