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    He might not be able to cross a ball but top marks for Cammy Kerr. My wife is a teacher and he was in the school today, not on official club duties, to see the kids with additional support needs. He done the same last year and had remembered a few of the kids names and written them Christmas cards. Top Marks, no press presence, just a good deed.
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    I'll never forget you wee man.
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    What a state the Celtic support have got themselves into over this. The woman who was struck with the ball has accepted Fraser’s apology and laughed off the idea of pressing charges. Yet this isn’t enough for the GFITW. They want him charged and locked up over Christmas. If anything, this incident has reaffirmed the fact that Celtic fans are biggest victims in world football. A complete headsgone.
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    He's only invited her to the game so that he can hit her again.
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    Mad props to Gary Fraser like. Living out all of our childhood dreams by leathering a ball at some ******s from point blank range
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    Aberdeen are unbeaten away in the league if you don't include the games we get beat in.
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    Corbyn is a waste of a fucking shirt. He'll happily whip his MPs to vote for a Brexit that will utterly f**k workers rights to avoid upsetting thick racist Labour voters in Sunderland and various other shit pits. He can't even see off the worst PM in living memory, leading the most shambolic Tory Government in living memory [emoji38] It's been good seeing him troll the utter f**k out of the Labour right, but ultimately he's a political coward who'd shite himself if he actually won the next GE.
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    Look son, we're playing Sevco. That means it's THEIR turn to call us mini-f******, or mini-**** or whatever rancid, bigoted mince comes into their otherwise empty heads, because that's they way they operate. I dunno why, maybe Tommy Burns? Could be Billy Stark or George McCluskey? No-one knows. Anyway. You wait your turn and when we play you, THEN it's YOUR turn to call us mini-**** etc. Again, no-one knows why, least of all you. But that's how you operate. Know your place, scum.
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    Drop his pencil and blame the fat Irish kid and the foreign exchange student from Bulgaria.
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    Hope wee bobby makes a fast recovery .rivalry aside f**k cancer x
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    The best bit about it is Tierney and Griffiths trying to act hard and take him down yet neither succeeds.
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    Were you talking to BPM ?
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    Loads of folk giving it the old 'community club' and 'Falkirk family' pish. I don't give a flying f**k if we're a community club or not. I want a club that fucking wins once in a while and doesn't make shite decision after shite decision after shite decision with the support of a large number of lickspittle arsehole fans who think that by saying "ah well never mind COYB" they're some kind of fucking amazing fan. Get us established in the Premiership again and we'll become a community club again by virtue of more folk wanting to come and see us.
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    He's got a point TBF. When I was at Hampden seeing my beloved ICT lift the Scottish Cup trophy for the first time in the clubs history all I could think about was "Well this is pleasant but my goodness, wouldn't it be better if Rangers were playing instead of ICT?"
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    No he hasn't. The only way that can be proved is to try it and show us how it doesn't work. Just saying "it doesn't work" without any attempt to try it doesn't prove anything.
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    Diane Abbott gets 45% of all abuse directed at MPs presumably because she fucked up some numbers. No other MP has did anything daft so it's definitely not about the colour of her skin.
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    We must be due to re-sign Big Marv soon.
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    I’d like Bain to sign for Forest Green Rovers where he’ll be forced into a vegan diet and be playing in front of about nine Gumpers at away games. Delicious. Thank you.
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    They already are uncontrollably seething. Over absolutely fucking miniscule tax rises on salaries above £33,000 Seriously though, politics at a UK level is fucked. This is by a mile the most useless Tory administration I can remember (even worse than the sleaze-mired version in the mid 90s), led by the most inept Prime Minister in the last 100 years. She STILL has higher approval ratings than Corbyn and Labour are barely ahead of them in most polls. May is utterly hopeless. Everything she touches turns to utter shit, and yet Corbyn can barely lay a glove on her. He's fucking shite, but as long as he occasionally mumbles something about nationalising the railways, he's a "breath of fresh air". On the plus side, he's turn Blairites into seething messes for a couple of years, which is pretty funny. In terms of Scotland, well, May is dragging the UK down the Brexit shitter and taking us with it, yet still more than half of "proud Scots" will meekly accept economic armageddon as opposed to the horror of actually standing on our own two feet We deserve to be a "region", quite frankly.
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    Your wee laundry rotation? Go and have a poke of your wee fanny and you might not get so bent out of shape about a fucking dress-down day.
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    Never really had much of an opinion on Alex Rae but after the last few months of his radio exploits I canna stand the guy. No wonder he got the punt from you, absolute wankstain. Keep up the good work geeing him stick on social media please lads.
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    The likes of ayrmad and chomp my root seem awfy sensitive about people having at some point disagreed with their antiquated views. It seems at odds with the “people take offence too easily but not me” attitude they really try hard to project.
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    The Beach Boys - Sloop John B
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    That'll have their underwear hitting the floor with a wet slap when you bring them in the front door, for sure.
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    The vet has confirmed that the wee man needs to be put down. 18 years he has been our best pal - I'm in bits here. Was OK earlier in work when I heard but now I'm with him I can't bear to look at him. Gave him the biggest bowl of chicken and then tons of catnip. The vet wants to put him down tomorrow - don't think I can bring myself to do it.
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    Buchanan is a penalty box striker getting shite balls pelted up to him.
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    Bain would probably go into a classroom of primary 7's and shout abuse at them. IMO.
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    f**k off you bigoted c**t.
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    To be fair, overreacting and being a permaseething twat is something I'd associate you with as well.
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    Dumbarton v Falkirk -> Young Gun-> incomprehensible post from the summer -> you guys should all make a rug. I'm not getting it either.
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    Tickets for Firhill? Give me a fitba in the coupon any day...
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    Me for a start. I'm not sure how there's even a debate about this. It's not like blacking-up being a bad thing is a new idea.
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    Only if you're the one that's being thrown back in the sea.
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    You are absolutely bang on here. Not only do Celtic get far more money from the tv deal than the rest of us, they rarely have to suffer lesser attendances because their home matches are never shown live. If you were cynical you could almost think Scottish football is a bit unfair at times.
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    Where's your source for this ? Where's the credible facts that you have to back up the claim we are running at a huge loss even when cuts will and are being made ? Sorry if I take 99% of what you say with a pinch of salt until it is backed up. But you have a record of talkin absolute shite on here as if you are above everyone else with inside knowledge.
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    Really good thread this, personally and this is my view not the view of the club. Change needs to happen and I am all for an integrated pyramid. How we get there is the million dollar answer. Kelty have made there decision and have been pro active by obtaining licence and have to be congratulated on the excellent ground improvements where financial assistance was sought and obtained. They have been open about there business model and it seems sound to me. They know as with most Fife teams we aren’t greatly supported in terms of numbers through the gate and income streams need to be sought through hospitality, sponsors and bar/social club income. We operate the same model on a smaller scale. Irrespective of success in years to come from any top fife side, Kelty, Hill of Beath or Dundonald Bluebell the reality is the support of these clubs won’t grow enough to make any significant improvement financially from gate receipts. The cost of facility upgrade to obtain the licence is for me the only draw back I see. If assistance was to be made open to clubs financially then that would swing the pendulum for me from whatever source. The potential income on offer moving from the juniors is a major incentive in times where it is becoming ever increasingly hard to keep clubs afloat and pay bills. As far as my own club are located the eos route logistically has minimal impact. However, in terms of an integrated pyramid from the juniors where it will fail is due to say Old tayside Region teams needing to go north and as stated on here no real route for west teams. This will result in the junior clubs rejecting proposals unless there is some kind of radical overhaul and financial licence assistance sourced. For now central based East Region clubs will be the only potential clubs who could realistically look at moving within the current set up. Again it’s all about opinions but this is where we are and the issues that need addressed before we can move forward in any meaningful way.
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    Add the bluebell into that New perimeter fencing Extended and refurbished social club New toilet facilities New kitchen facilities Upgraded dressing room and showers All in last few years
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    Just on your assesment on where players are choosing to go and the quality of some teams, Lothain Thistle HV beat Bonnyrigg R 3-1 in a friendly last night. Thats them beat Boness in a friendly pre-season away from home, beat us at our patch in the Scottish and battered Stirling Albion away from home. Having seen them a couple fo times they are a top team with at the very least half a dozen players who could easily play in SPFL1, the same can be said with Spartans also who we have played this season. These clubs along with East Stirling, East Kilbride and BSC Glasgow among others are strengthening every year and with the guaranteed £20k minimum per season over SJFA clubs the gaps only going to get wider which in turn will dilute the quality especially in the East region. Its worth noting these clubs have already invested in their grounds and are almost at a stage where you could argue that their finances can now go towards bettering their squads.
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    Pretty impressive if he's managed to wack some mutant in the face and miss all the empty seats. Fair play.
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    Celtic fans singing IRA songs but going full out raged about a ball being booted into the crowd...
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    8 Mile, The Superleague is a decent standard and has some players capable of playing at a much higher level although I doubt some would welcome the travel for probably not much more coin. I totally understand what Kelty have done and hope they succeed, but I'm not sure even if they win the lowland league in the next few years the fan base would treble in numbers. However a bit of history searching suggests that if Linlithgow or Bo'ness were to achieve league status they would undoubtedly have the highest lower league attendance easily, and potential to add to it. Winning the Junior Scottish Cup is a great achievement but managing to achieve league status and sustain it, imo would be a far better journey than knowing that you only have three or four main rivals to the junior title every season apart from this year as Bo'ness are not anywhere near the side they were but I'm sure you know what I mean. I attended Bo'ness v Elgin at Bo'ness and linlithgow v Forfar what an atmosphere absolutely fantastic, Probably more so that you can stand and move around the ground as you please rather than having to sit in a seat and do as your told, Even Falkirk Stadium is boring most weeks with thousands in seat's it just lacks any atmosphere, I understand why certain fan's watch junior football, it's the closest thing they will get to when you could watch a game standing beside your mates. So it really boils down to taking three or four seasons to have a go at gaining league status or spending the next three or four seasons chasing the junior Cup and playing in a league that in all honesty only four or five teams are going to win. Kelty have chosen the former and good luck to them, I very much doubt it will be long before others follow, You're absolutely spot on with what you said in my opinion.
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    Mr Campbell added: “Youth development has been part of Falkirk’s DNA. Me? I want success in the Premiership as part of the club DNA, not staying in the Championship with young players. The number one aim of the plan is to take the club back to the Premiership.” What a good c**t.
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    Quite liked this one from latest Viz....
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    Destroying the dreams of children is literally the best thing about football. For that reason I applaud Falkirk.
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