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    By popular demand (and excellent, and luckily, plentiful supply) the Tennents Lager Appreciation society is born. As had been touched upon various times across various threads, it’s somewhat ‘in’ or ‘cool’ to dislike Tennents. Well good, those fuckwits can f**k off and good people like us will swally the swally of true heroes. In most pubs, usually cheaper than other lagers on the tap and almost always the best selling, the choice of the thinking man is tennents. Feel free to add your homages, negativity is neither wanted nor welcome.
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    Anyone who doesn’t like tennants is an enemy of this nation and an outright terrorist.
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    I get the feeling you're less than happy with the gaffer who has you top of the league? Cup runs are nice but surely the bigger picture for St Mirren is getting back to the Prem?
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    Okay, f**k it. I was hoping that over the course of the international break this thread would return to normal and this discussion would return to the dedicated thread for it in General Nonsense of the Morton forum, but as it's evidently not returning back there any time soon I may as well just have at it. So, LinwoodTon/Dr Watson. You say that if people abuse you online you find out who they are. What constitutes abuse in your eyes to push you to that level? Does everything about their life become fair game the second you feel they've crossed the line, or is there some kind of sliding scale where the level of abuse you perceive will see the level of stalking increasing proportionately? Is it something along the lines of: giving you a red dot - find out their real name; calling you a dickhead - start dropping their real name into your posts; have regular back and forth arguments with you - post their picture on the blog; right up to the really heinous crimes like being a member of the Trust, which will see proportionate responses from your mate such as photoshopping pictures with their heads in a noose, posting pictures of recently deceased relatives or fabricating accusations of criminality? I look forward to your explanation. Cornbeef, I entirely agree with you that so many threads on the Morton forum going off-topic is tedious, but what do you think is a more likely reason for the mass exodus of posters? Is it: 1. the number of off-topic posts saying "red dot, dickhead" with threads often descending into a spat between 'the Clique' and LinwoodTon & friends, which all get removed from the match threads and merged with the one in General Nonsense anyway? OR 2. the risk of being stalked if you post something that LinwoodTon & Mortonjag decide they don't like? Like I said, threads going off-topic is annoying but I genuinely can't understand you thinking the behaviour described in point 1 is either more deserving of criticism or more to blame for the exodus of posters than point 2, particularly when the number of posters had been steadily declining for years anyway.
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    “Try German lagers” “try belgian lagers” “try Czech lagers”... Try getting to f**k. Pint of grolsch (which is pish btw) will be a quid more than tennents. My fourth pint is effectively free on the captain T then. And a superior drink as well. As was accurately alluded to. I’ve never recommended a pub or avoided a pub because it does excellent or sub standard European imports. I actively avoid the closest pub to my house as much as possible because the pints are pish and there’s a pub that does an excellent pint of T just a 5 minute (further) walk.
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    As you're aware, Northern Ireland qualified for Euro 2016 and are in the playoffs for the World Cup. Steven Davis has been a regular for Northern Ireland in both of these successful campaigns. He is currently 32 years old and has 99 caps. Gareth McAuley has been a regular for Northern Ireland in both of these successful campaigns. He is currently 37 years old and has 74 caps. Prior to the successful 2016 campaign, Davis had taken part in five failed campaigns, McAuley in four failed campaigns. The closest they'd got to even a playoff spot was 5 points away. They'd finished 5th twice, on one of those occasions finishing below Azerbaijan. Under your argument, surely both of these players had failed so many times that they had to be cast out entirely, if they hadn't qualified before they were obviously never going to manage it and they were part of the problem? No, of course not, they were the best players available in their positions so they continued to be selected, allowing Northern Ireland to put out the best team possible. This also demonstrates the inherent and obvious contradiction in your 'we need to replace them all and get youngsters more experience logic'. If we flood the squad with youngsters to give them experience, claiming results don't matter for the first couple of campaigns, then by the time they're all pushing 30 and have four failed campaigns under their belts you're going to be screaming for them to be dropped in favour of younger players as they've failed so often. By the time they've built up the experience that could benefit them, you'll want to rinse and repeat again. It's reactionary nonsense.
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    Does anybody have the names of the crowd ?
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    For a start, as VT says, we shouldn't be overhauling how clubs operate in order to help the national team anyway. Changes to improve the national team are all well and good in their own right but it shouldn't be done if it's damaging to the domestic game, which this undoubtedly is to all but the chosen few. However, even if it wasn't the case that this is going to be an absolute disaster for the vast majority of clubs in the country, there's no reason to believe it's going to produce better players for the national team either. Probably Scotland's best player in the latest campaign was Andy Robertson. Robertson was released by Celtic at the age of 15 for being too small, while they retained such esteemed talents as Joe Chalmers. After his release he was picked up by Queen's Park youth set-up and progressed to the first team, impressing immediately and getting a move to Dundee United to after just one season. There he established himself as one of the best players in the country and yet again he was getting a big move after just one season, moving for about £3 million at the age of 20. Three years later, he's to Liverpool for £8 million. In the brave new world the SFA envisage, what would have happened to 15 year old Andy Robertson when Celtic punted him? If they get their way, Queen's Park won't have a youth system left to pick him up: no lower league clubs will have youth systems worthy of the name. Unless the other chosen clubs decide it's worth taking a shot on Celtic cast offs at that age, 15 year old Andy Robertson would have nowhere to go. He'd simply fall out of football altogether. In Project Brave, if you're declared not good enough at 16, you'll get no chance to prove otherwise and play your way back up, and you'll simply never become a professional footballer. If you're a late developer and don't start to show your true quality until you're 19/20 rather than 16/17, you'll never get the chance to show it, you'll be punted at 17 and you'll never make it in professional football. This brings us back to the point of it not just ruining the national team, but our entire league setup as well. Clubs like St. Mirren and Livingston are no longer going to be able to afford their own youth systems and can't produce players themselves - so you're cutting off the youth setups that supplied players like Robert Snodgrass, Leigh Griffiths and John McGinn to the national team. However, you're also cutting the number of players in youth football across the board, meaning there are fewer players available to pick up as well. It's not just players who could be good enough to play for Scotland who'll fall through the gaps and leave the game either, it's solid players throughout the leagues. When Lewis Morgan was punted by Rangers he wasn't ready for first team football yet, but St Mirren had a youth system of their own and could snap him up before he was ready, now he's had time to develop and he's winning man of the match awards every other week. When Jai Quitongo was released by Aberdeen he was nowhere near ready for playing in the Championship, but Morton took him into their youth system and later were in a position to reject six figure transfer fees for him. When the youth structure is forcibly torn away from these clubs, you're also tearing away the safety net for players like Quitongo and Morgan to stay in the game, a net that's caught future international players like Paul Hartley or solid top flight players like Chris Millar in the past. Players are going to fall out of the game entirely and over time it's going to absolutely destroy the lower leagues in this country. A cynic might suggest that's exactly what the plan is: cut the lower league clubs out and replace them with youth teams of the chosen few. The reality is that while we're told we have to put self-interest to one side and support this for the good of the game, it has absolutely nothing to do with the good of the game. Project Brave is the self-interested carve up which will destroy the game for the sake of a few clubs.
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    I was forced to change from lager after being ill. I just couldn't face it. I took advice in a microbrewery and got started on beer from there. I like American style IPA now, but will try virtually anything. Once you actually get your taste buds back, bog standard lager is very bland. Since then Hop House, Heverlee, Schiehalion have come out and are actually nice to drink. Standard pub ones aren't much cop.
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    "euro-trips group chat"
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    Tyskie is my lager of choice. Tennents is decent and miles better than Carling or Fosters.
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    Tennents is ace. Anyone who goes to a pub wanting a lager with notes, hints, body etc frankly deserves to be taken down an alley and taught a severe lesson by big Terry the bouncer. It's fine to dislike it but it shouldn't be mocked or sneered at. People get so swayed by marketing and end up drinking utter pish with a fancy label as they think it reflect well on them.
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    One of the highlights of any trip home for me is my first pint of T in my local.
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    That was last season, the irn Bru cup is a total irrelevance now that it's even more geared up for the premiership colt teams. The only thing that matters to the majority is league points and promotion.
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    Not really sure what Cerys Matthews has to do with any of this.
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    Drive home from work yesterday .. was really pissed off for various reasons. Stopped at a pedestrian crossing where a middle-aged man with Down's Syndrome and his carer were crossing. The chap with Down's Syndrome had a massive grin on his face and he was waving at all the other pedestrians and folk in the cars. And everyone to a man smiled and waved back at him. Put me in a good mood for the rest of the day - kudos to him.
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    Have to disagree. A good cold pint of Tennents is actually OK.
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    The genetically challenged one scores again.
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    Wish he started the post with Jordan McGhee so I didn't have to bother with the rest of the post.
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    No junior fixtures this weekend because of this diddy tournament. Nothing short of a scandal. Another kick in the teeth for the smaller Junior teams and punters alike [emoji34][emoji116]
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    Here's simple fact that the Brexiteers either don't understand or are determined to ignore. The other EU countries are heavily committed to the concept; they want to strengthen it including an EU defence force. Regardless of what they say it is absolutely essential that Brexit is a disaster for the UK, a successful Brexit could be the death knell of the EU and would be a huge encouragement to anti-EU opposition leaders in all the other countries. The existing pro-EU governments will not let that happen. Though they may wish to mitigate the worst effects for their own respective economies, the political leaders of these countries will accept a reasonably high level of pain as they will view the longer term goals as more important.
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    Mike Heron - Call Me Diamond
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    Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
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    The intransigence of the Spanish state is literally the only reason Catalonia hasn't followed the Scottish example of the referendum. They are completely unable to hold a legal and democratic referendum because the Spanish Government and Courts will not allow them to do so in any circumstances. With that in mind, how do you propose pro-independence Catalans proceed? Do they just hold their hands up, accept that Spanish law won't allow it because their constitution is fundamentally undemocratic and give up, or do they try every political route possible to get the Spanish Government to come to the negotiating table in order to find a legal and internationally accepted route? The latter is clearly the only reasonable option, and it's exactly what Puigdemont is doing. Even in face of a government crackdown which invoked memories of the Guardia Civil acting as the private militia of the Falange, they're still persisting with asking for negotiations. The Catalans are the only side making any attempt at dialogue or compromise here.
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    Whatever happened to just going to the pub and getting a pint or a whisky?
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    It's always the correct way when the state knows the smaller nation probably won't vote for independence. When you have a situation where people probably will, you may find the other team doesn't want to play. That can't just be the end of the matter. Of course it's the best way but it can't be the only one. And historically rarely has been. Pretty much everyone in catalonia, even a plurality of catalan PP voters wanted a "Scottish way". They talk about practically nothing else. It's what they have been asking for for years. It's not their fault Spain refuses.
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    Imagine how good Messi would be if he was 6 foot 7. He could be better than Chris Martin.
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    The Proclaimers - Sunshine on Leith
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    I worked in McDonald’s for a year at 16 and never for a second was it ever discussed to tamper with someone’s food. Never mentioned. I’m all for covering a sleeping man on the train in tomato sauce but to spit in someone’s food is actually a fucking disgrace.
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    Clubs need to get a look at themselves ffs... you appoint a manager with some targets for the season and then you measure him against them. Any body that thinks it`s ok for a committee (usually made up of people who are no doubt well intentioned and with the clubs interest at heart but no more qualified than your average gamer on FIFA17) to question a manager every Monday night after every game at this level is deluded. They`re currently sitting in amongst a bunch of teams around the middle of the table with 20 games to go.... and the suggestion that Sponsors have any influence over the manager`s position should be enough to make sure that any decent candidates give it a wide a berth....
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    I might be able to answer some of your questions as I was down on Saturday with the Mighty Elgin City. For some background info you might want to have a look at my posting in the Domestic Cup Forum/TNS V Elgin City. I was the last poster. Firstly, I managed to get away with calling Oswestry as you would I suspect and did not hear any other localised name for it. you might also want to have a look at the Wikipedia posting for TNS as it might give an insight into why nearly all the locals that we spoke to(it was definitely the main talking point amongst City fans)wanted us to win. Never been to a ground before where that has happened and there appears to be a lot of animosity directed at the owner of the club for reasons I will not go into here but I am sure you will find out. The locals were very friendly and we had no hassles at all, at least where we were located.(Premier Inn Oswestry) Travel:Train- from Dumfries you will of course get the Scotrail train to Carlisle and then get the Virgin West Coast /Cross Country to Crewe. Change at Crewe for Shrewsbury. There is not a train station in Oswestry with the nearest being Gobowen which is a £9 taxi fare away(unless you phone ahead you may have to wait for a taxi-see below) The first train out from Gobowen on a Sunday if you are planning to do the weekend in Oswestry is 09:55 which coincided with the time of my train from Shrewsbury to Crewe so I had to get the taxi and the fare cost £24 with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes. The trains were heaving in both directions and I suggest that you get reservations from Carlisle to Crewe and Crewe to Shrewsbury, although there were no actual reservation tickets on the seats which caused a few arguments. Taxis:the taxi service in Oswestry is a mystery as they are very difficult to obtain one when you want it. When we tried to order one to get to Park Hall around 14:30hrs(16:30 hrs kickoff),there was a 1 hour waiting time and trying to get back was over 1-2 hours. The fare to Oswestry from the Premier Inn was about £5 and to the footie around the same. Burgess Taxis is the biggest operator: Tel 01691 656363 A to B taxis:tel 01691 671072 Oswestry Cabs: Tel 01691 661663 Alpha Cars:tel 01691 662188 Kerr Kabz :Tel01691656575 Accommodation: quite a lot of the city fans stayed in the Premier Inn which is in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Oswestry and it is a good 30 minutes walk into town. It cost me £93 for the Friday and Saturday nights however, as there will be more Doonhamer fans I would suggest you book early as the hotel is currently undergoing renovations and extension and the amount of rooms may be limited. The staff in the hotel and the restaurant were very friendly and the food was excellent. Beer was Brains and Bombardier with the usual lagers on display. There is a Travel Lodge nearby but the locals informed us to body swerve it again for reasons you will find out when you get there.If you are travelling by car then Shrewsbury might be a better bet and there are also villages that you will find hotels near to Oswestry that offer good value. eg Whittington where several City fans stayed and they said it was excellent. The Old Boot I think was one of the locations. Every City fan I spoke to said that they had a great time and as we were not really expecting to beat TNS(see my posting ) the game was to be enjoyed as was the craic. As TNS do not get big crowds(average 400 -500), I think they were taken aback at the level of noise generated by the 150 or city fan base singing, especially when we were inside the bar at the ground. I think the Queens have a far better chance of beating them on the artificial surface and I am putting a 1-3 away on the coupon. Best of luck and enjoy
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    Ran the Chicago marathon on Sunday - they know how to put on a show! Despite the massive field of 40k+, I was into my stride almost straight away. In typical American style, the roads are really wide pretty much the whole way round. It was unseasonably warm though, getting to around 23-24 degrees in the later stages, which inevitably left me burnt! Happy enough with my 3:27, which includes a pitstop to address some backed up issues around mile 11. A first during a race for that, and hopefully a last... and the legs don't feel too bad, thankfully.
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    Was his next job in the Daily Planet?
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    Lynryd Skynyrd : Sweet Home Alabama
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    Your fringe players need to be ready to step in when your best players are injured/suspended. Using the Challenge Cup seems a reasonable time to give them game time and keeps your best players injury free for a vital game against your bogey team If you win the league nobody will remember the Raith loss.
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    Hendry is a must imo. Not a bad team I must admit but still think Bain needs to be in there - although he does switch off at times he can pull us out of the shite when needed. Would also have Haber in there when fit to play alongside AJLS, and McGowan instead of the youngster you would have in midfield. Think with a fully fit squad our best 11 would be this. Bain Meekings Hendry Waddell Kerr Holt Kamara McGowan Allan Deacon Haber.
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    Answer: 3. 1958 ... 2 missing (South Korea, Egypt) 1962 ... 2 missing (South Korea, Ethiopia) 1966 ... 3 missing (Bolivia, Israel, Ghana) 1970 ... 3 missing (Iran, Sudan, Costa Rica) 1974 ... 2 missing (Iran, New Zealand) 1978 ... 2 missing (Ghana, Czechoslovakia) 1982 ... 3 missing (Paraguay, Ghana, Australia) 1986 ... 2 missing (Saudi Arabia, Egypt) 1990 ... 2 missing (Saudi Arabia, Algeria) 1994 ... 2 missing (Japan, Denmark) 1998 ... 2 missing (Egypt, Australia) 2002 ... 2 missing (Colombia, Australia) 2006 ... 2 missing (Egypt, Greece) 2010 ... 2 missing (Iraq, Egypt) 2014 ... 1 missing (Tahiti) 2018 ... 3-5 missing (Chile, Australia?, Cameroon, USA, New Zealand?)
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    its no the greatest but by god i will not stop drinking it
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    Rolling Stones : Walking The Dog
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    Katrina And The Waves : Walking On Sunshine
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    This is a great thing to be moaning at.
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    Why is it batshit crazy? Managers set targets in every single job in the world. Our private target for the first quarter was 21 points. We didn't intentionally state this publicly and the only reason anyone is aware of is that it was up on a background white board during a video produced by the club. It wasn't pointed out or raised as an issue, it was spotted by someone watching the video.
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    Interesting game with Darren Young coming up against his old club. Only a small handful of players that are still there though, Reid, Fisher, Davidson and Shields if my memory is right, all of whom will probably start. We should be looking to win but East Fife have been no mugs this season and a draw wouldn't be terrible. Can you please play Willis from the start? [emoji4]
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    My Maradona posters on a shoogly tack here.
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    does trying to get games to work on my ps2 after the disc drive died count?
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    I've read all of those and I feel quite ill, Falkirk deserves all the misery it gets if she's representative of its citizens
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