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    Quality attempt at a clearance here.
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    For many reasons. On a personal level, it's allowed to me to live and work in both Italy and Sweden which has enriched me as a person and, I would like to think, allowed me to contribute positively to society there and also promote Scotland whilst I was there - loads of people I befriended and met have visited Scotland having heard me talk about it when I was there. I think we are a more tolerant, respectful society due to free movement of people - as a primary teacher in London, I have (I think) 12/13 different nationalities in my class and I think we will see the benefits of this in years to come as children who have grown up in this environment develop into adults who have routinely grown up respecting and embracing other cultures and see it as the norm to grown up here but with a knowledge of other cultures. Economically, immigration is a benefit too and many sectors need immigrants to flourish. Indeed, it's incredible the under reporting of the difficulties in English education at the moment with regards to teacher recruitment and retention - my school (an attractive, outstanding school) wouldn't be able to function without immigrant workers. Many other sectors are the same. Finally, it offers incredible benefits in terms of travel an understanding of the world around us. Hopefully the generation who have grown up alongside children from other cultures will embrace this and prove to be more tolerant than the generation who embrace farage style rhetoric and worry about hearing foreign accents on the train.
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    Can only hope the result yesterday will add a few more on to the gate next week. As others have said, we've a huge problem with the number of OF supporters in Inverclyde. It's sickening driving past the Celtic supporters club on the main road on a Saturday and 8 buses are sitting there waiting to take them all up the road past Cappielow to a Celtic game. It's not over yet, but I can honestly say this has been the most enjoyable season I've had being a Morton supporter at the age of 21 and I'd imagine I'm right in saying this is probably the best season we've had in the past 20 or so years. I know we nearly got promoted in 2013 but this squad is much better and far more likeable. The hunger and spirit within this team is incredible and that's what has got us to where we are today. It's completely blown the myth about needing experienced players in a squad out the water. The average age of our starting lineup yesterday was 21 and they managed to cope with one of this divisions better sides very well. I was in the "Duffy Out" camp back in August/September as the defeat to Ayr left me feeling that the result was all too familiar and we'd be in relegation bother again. But, fast forward 5/6 months and I'd now be absolutely devastated if the Duff man left us. His man management on this very young squad has been nothing short of excellent.
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    We can rule our your mum because it's not a Google search for the worlds biggest dildo.
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    f**k all the Henmans, avoiders of Lynx, Strangers to Right Guard those thick weegie minks, Wearers of shellsuits tucked into their socks, The smell of stale fromage emits from their cocks, Their sense of self worth is derived from their team, While at home they dwell in a poor council scheme, What's got 100 legs and 3 teeth I ask you? 50 Celtic fans stood in a methadone queue.
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    Refs red-dotting players is never gonna end well.
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    Is that not what the Jawas put R2-D2 and C-3PO in?
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    A great piece of skill to drag Sinclair into the grave of Tom Rogic
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    Alloa Half Marathon for me this morning. Conditions were far from easy with a 5 mile straight run into the win, but for once I was actually sensible with pacing and kept enough in the tank to take the 11th mile hill comfortably and push on for the last two miles. 1:32:29 which is 21 seconds quicker than the same course last year. Happy with that.
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    No, "he" isn't lucky. He worked like f**k from a working class beginning (I went to school in the raploch) to acquire that skill set. It's interesting that instead of openly debating the point as to free movement, you immediately get defensive behind straw man arguments. You mention those "left behind" - please build a creditable and persuasive argument as to the circumstances of those who are left behind within the context of the EU and an independent Scotland and detail to me as to why a brexit rUK would benefit them. Also, when you are at it, define exactly who the "left behind" are. Do they only include indigenous citizens or can an immigrant be described as someone left behind by globalisation? Your second straw man about foreign voices is even flimsier - it seems like you are fuelled by a distrust and aversion to those who are different and are angry about it - it seems that by attempting to paint it as deliberate simplification (I'm pretty sure you know it isn't but are painting it as such for personal reasons) is to play into the deliberately simple argument utilised by the leave campaign of us against the establishment that never really existed. It's a deliberate simplification of nuanced, political discussion that you are attempting to exploit by looking like an "Everyman" speaker - straight from the farage playbook. Why are you so against those who want to come here and contribute to society?
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    Would just like to add to the discussion of a few pages previous that in addition to his mind-numbing stupidity and near complete lack of understanding about the game he's made a living from for his entire life, Glenn Hoddle is a vile old man who believes disabled people are being punished for sins in a past life. Thank you.
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    I too did Alloa half marathon today for what was the first time I had run anything over 8 miles. I got caught in the excitement at the start and went off way too quick, meaning I struggled from the 8th mile onwards. Still managed a time of 1.52.22 which I was chuffed with. Rubbed half my nipples off though, I didn't realise that was an issue!
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    When people who only occasionally actually see hearts play start lecturing us about problems at our club I'm reminded of English and Irish people lecturing us on indyref2. At best they're well meaning but simplistic and ill informed. At worst they're bigoted roasters
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    I generally find the celtic-hibs patter pretty shite to be honest, but the first 3 or 4 pages of this thread feature some of the greatest whooshes of modern times.
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    I am the only one that thinks the general 'grief culture' in football and the world in general has gone a bit too far. I read on another message board that they are trying to arrange a minute's applause at a game this Saturday because someone's grandad died. Now I don't know the exact circumstances of his death but I'm guessing it's something to do with being old, which isn't exactly tragic. While I was sad when my grandfather died, I was able to accept that when people get old they die. The whole Bradley Lowery thing is of course very sad, being struck by cancer at such a young age shows how cruel the world can be. But it seems now that every time a team plays Sunderland they have to show off their flag saying 'Cancer has no colours' or something similar. Followed by Facebook comments like 'Respect, from a Magpies fan' etc. I just find the whole minutes applause or turning on your phone lights for a dead fan a little over played and mostly done for the 'likes', people finding any old excuse to do it now. Or I might just be a miserable b*****d, happy Friday everyone
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    We're not in a court of law here, you 'fit-like' dimhead. Its a football forum.
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    I'm out of food. I'm even out of the basic elements of food. I ate all the tarragon and drank all the soy sauce.
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    Steve Mcmanaman is the absolute definition of a worstcunt. Ruins any game he commentates on. Utterly despise the fucking moron.
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    I think it's about time Dundee fans started talking in poems again. That was a fun time on P&B. I'll get us started. It's now Sunday Morning, Where the weeks almost ceased, Against 'Romeo's Celtic; Named after a beast. We accept we'll get slaughtered, Of this we all knew, So f**k your poor hygene, And your lack of shampoo. When this game is over, We'll still be better than ye' Because we saved our club twice; We're Dundee FC. ETA: For those of you that doubted Billy Steels pre-match premonition, I just want to throw out an extra special verse of 'f**k you'. Billy Steel never lies, even from beyond the grave; a'bdy kens that. If you look at the team line-ups you'll see that 'hate returneth'. I fear for our lives. Thank you.
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    This is like a homeless tramp standing outside your house berating you for having a wonky book shelf.
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    Yeah, the TV pictures proved that.
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    Aye, spot on. Our British core that got us promoted is away...Ozturk, Pallardo, Gomis, Sow, Zeefuik. Who gives a f**k where folk are from and how is it relevant?
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    A fair number of the United fans applauded when M'Voto was awarded man of the match. It wasn't ironic, I think they just realised how good a job he had done. The stramash was Thomson's fault. He's a philosophical empiricist whereas Simon Murray is a rationalist; Thomson made an insulting comment about Descartes and it all kicked off; just your usual footballing nonsense.
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    Hardcore rugby fans. I like Rugby and watch Scotland games and the odd Warriors game and get quite into it, but proper hardcore rugby fans are completely obsessed with football and it's cringey in the extreme. Instead of just focusing on their sport and enjoying it, they are constantly posting photos of a rugby player with a cut head alongside a photo of Ronaldo feigning injury as if it makes Rugby a better sport. It's basically like the little kid trying to show it's as good as it's bigger, more popular brother all the time rather than just getting on with their own stuff.
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    First bet of the weekend!
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    Also done Alloa. The long straight into the wind was hell and I didn't know the hill was coming. Thankfully I had enough good splits in the first 8 miles and I managed a 2 min half pb. 93.29.
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    Why were you banned again?
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    Yet we brought around 10x our support yesterday to the cup game. Our support was poor, but why should we be criticised when probably around 90% of Hamilton supports Celtic, Rangers and even Motherwell? Then there's the fact that we have a manager who is completely incompetent and set up with no intentions of winning the game. Then there's the fact that you were being asked to pay £24 to be subjected to another pathetic Accies display. Also, Rangers' absolutely magnificent support still didn't help them from dying - something that clubs with far less supporters didn't do.
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    Given how shite numbers both Dundee teams travel in I'll take that with a pinch of salt. f**k what chairmen want.
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    A quick, "apologies I was wrong" post would be greatly appreciated Tbf my initial reaction was offside too, great call by the pathetic linesman.
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    Got round in 1.55 which I was happy with as aiming for under 2 hours. My first half marathon, so was on for a PB anyway! I've seen on facebook a few complaints of lack of water for runners towards the back.
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    A good thing you're feart of phoning then, your fingers are probably too fat to dial anyway.
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    Surely it's not difficult to capitalise the guy's name either then?
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    All people who support Rangers ARE stupid.
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    Coming over the bridge from Fife and seeing this was much more iconic imo
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    Aye, as one of the most vocal of those wanting Duffy out I'm delighted to now be showering him with praise. This team is so likeable.
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    We do have a couple of proven goalscorers at this level. We get the best out of them by benching one and bringing him on once the game is lost and playing the other one on his own up front or out wide. It`s a cunning plan which regularly reaps the reward it deserves. That plus a defence that endlessly gift wraps goals for our opponents means I`m brimming with confidence for this one.
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    We CAN and we WILL make the playoffs.
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    ^^^^ Doesn't understand the concept of being on a bus.
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