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    Right, cuntos; let's get our fucking thinking hats on here, aye. What would you like to see at a new Dens? It's been mentioned a few pages back, but the new site is considerably bigger than the existing one. For those that aren't familiar with the piece of land in question, here's what we're talking about: Right next to the ice rink. This bothered me at first, but the more I think about it, the area isn't any better or worse than where Dens is currently located IMO. I'm trying to think if plus points and all I can come up with is that the proposed location might good for prancing popstars like Tom Hateley and Danny Williams (who will probably still be under contract) — they can swoosh around on the ice while everyone else is warming up. Let's look at how the areas compare in terms of size: As Eddie Annand always said, 'Bigger is always Better, aye.' The Kingsway will make it easier to get in and out, but there's a lack of good pubs in the area, sadly. Actually, there's my first request; a new clubbie. Lets put that as far away from the main road as possible to stop the regulars picking fights with moving traffic. Safety first. The next thing to add would be a giant statue of Bobby Cox giving the Lochee Fleet sign in the direction of Tannadice. Get it right fucking up you, United. This should be placed close to the Kingsway, so everyone entering and leaving the city is either saluted or Telt. Third, the stadium itself. As @Lichtie78 mentioned on the previous page, four SuperDerrys should be built to form the new ground. I'd go as far as to recess it into the ground and create old-style concrete terracing, complete with steel railings and wooden benches — none of this plastic seat shite. Fourth, we should put the away fans closest to the road for two important reasons. One; the noise and pollution from the road. Let those c***s soak it up while our new South facing MegaDerry gets the sun. Most importantly, though, I propose we form a 21st century garden maze that must be completed before traveling away fans are allowed entry. This should be of moderate difficulty and a challenge. We could also combine this with @jamamafegan's idea to reintroduce native species back into Scotland. Wolves, bears and lynx might be reserved for visiting OF fans. Various pubs and strip bars can then be slotted into the remaining spaces. This is roughly what I think it should look like: Thank you.
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    This is the view I want to have when driving into Dundee: Thank you.
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    It's simply lies. It's repeated too often and widely to only ever be misunderstanding. At the turn of the year 9 of 12 Premiership clubs crowds were actually up on last season, admittedly a couple only modestly; and only 3 were down with 1 of those modestly. Divisional average is no different that it was in the seasons between the recession and Rangers going bust. Truth would be "Attendances in Lanarkshire have fallen 12%". Dubious of this least competitive league since Hungary in 1932 claim, too. EDIT: So having read the full article... the people on the ground they went to for quotes were Archie McPherson and Gordon Smith . Justification for the big claim of collapsing crowds is given by the fact that the journalist went to Hamilton v Aberdeen on Tuesday, and found the stadium half-full; plus he's looked-up the averages for Hamilton, Aberdeen and Motherwell and discovered they are all down... Conveniently the only 3 clubs that are down - and even then Aberdeen's only by a sliver. Coincidence and very bad luck on the part of the writer - or deliberate and selective deception, either by him or whoever informed him? He then goes on to consult Richard Wilson - "an expert on Scottish football viewing figures"! - then uses the claim that TV figures for Celtic games are down 1/3 to 1/2 to prop the argument. Shoddy piece of so-called quality journalism. We can all look up 2 or 3 clubs - a pair of them having bad seasons battling relegation - find their crowds are down and claim it's a widespread trend. We would all be misleading people in doing so. EDIT AGAIN: Of course the whole thing is also predicated on the assumption that a 1-horse race is terrible and makes everything bad. Fact that most non-OF fans don't care between that and a 2-horse race doesn't really get a look-in.
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    Put £1 in the machine and the first bag never dropped so I put another £1 in thinking it would drop them both. That was the result. £2 down and no crisps. I was standing hammering on the glass but at the same time pishing myself laughing that it had actually happened. I weighed up the situation and decided whether one more £1 would drop the lot or whether I'd just be the daftest fucker imaginable. The thought of some dick putting in a £1 and getting my two bags along with his is what made my decision. When I put the third £1 in I noticed the machine said "Credit £3. Select item or press R". Pressed "R" and £3 came out the machine. Popped another £1 in and all three bags dropped. #Winning as the kids would say. Definitely a RTBC but given the seethe generated initially I felt this was more appropriate.
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    Something similar to this would probably be sufficient for the Bobby Cox statue.
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    I love films. I hate the general public.
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    Horrendous piece of "journalism." For a country that apparently dosen't care about Scottish football, they're utterly fixated with it at times. You know the Croatian top flight, where European cannon fodder Dinamo Zagreb are going for their 12th (TWELTH) title in a row? Why don't you speak about that? How about talk to fans of Rijeka (famously bodied out of Europe by Aberdeen might I add) how they feel about it? No, he goes to Glasgow and speaks to some dinosaurs and a fucking cab driver and tries to pass it off as imvesrigative journalism. Get him in the sea.
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    Wow Tesco really do sell everything
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    Is starting a match thread, before a preceding game is played, not worth a ban?
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    Clearly you are backwards. Other supporters have been lining up to have a bit of a party and justifiably stick the boot in all season and here you are joining the party at the point where we've seemingly gotten our act together, potentially ruining the fun and most others are sort of debating to themselves whether to go home or not. But not Backwards Jordan...Backwards Jordan, being backwards, has decided he now wants to join in and is now violently shitting himself in front of everyone.
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    OK I'll post my thoughts and leave it there for the time being in case anyone else gets upset......... The return of large District Leagues with only one automatic promotion spot for each – this was the main reason that clubs wanted change 4 years ago, too many clubs fighting over too few promotion spots. Play-offs do not address this. Currently there are 6 automatic promotion spots in the set-up, under this proposal it will be halved to 3, how can that be good for competition. The gap in standard between Superleague and District is significant - that is why we have a Premier League - and with three automatic relegation spots and only 14 clubs, those who are fortunate enough to be promoted could be faced with an immediate return to the Districts unless they invest significantly to survive in a 14 team Superleague. Many clubs in the Region will be doomed to season after season of District League football with little prospect of promotion due to stronger clubs being involved at District level with no Premier League, combined with less promotion spots. This problem existed prior to reconstruction in 2013. There will continue to be clubs moved around the District Leagues which will become unbalanced as they were before, Central clubs will be moved to North or South as a result. This example shows clubs north of Perth in the same District league as clubs from Edinburgh, how does that address travel concerns? The Superleague clubs, as well as facing two less home league matches, also face less matches in the East of Scotland Cup with getting a bye to the 3rd Round. What justification is there to devalue the main East cup competition in this way? IMO what we have is a dogs dinner proposal, one which is seriously flawed and a retrograde step for the Region, and no amount of tinkering will change that. We currently have the best solution to the challenges of the geography of the East Region, whilst still providing all clubs with sufficient promotion opportunities. It's not perfect, no set-up will ever be perfect, but the fact that it is attracting clubs from other leagues and the West Region are looking to replicate it, must mean it has something going for it.
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    It always staggers me when I see posters calling Bennett harmless just because he's a bit thick. We're talking about a man who couldn't stop using the sickening abuse of children to point score on an Internet forum to the extent he managed to cop a ban from one of the most loosely moderated forums in existence. If that doesn't sound alarm bells I don't know what will. Yes he's thick but he's also dangerous.
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    HAUD.THE.FUCKIN.BUS. He-Man is on Netflix?
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    That there are people even considering that this could happen shows what an excellent job the sky hype machine has done in building this fight.
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    It's in their subconscious, The x 1023 Tedi. To be fair to them, absolutely anyone that watches their own supporters stream out of the stadium quicker than it takes Hibs fans to fill a pitch - would struggle to recover. Let's be honest, absolutely anyone that watches their employer use faux outrage to try and retain the hearts & minds of the heartbroken absent-minded supporters - would struggle to recover. To be perfectly Franck, ab-sol-ute-ly any-one that watches their employer claim that the handful of ***s that hadn't already walked away were waiting to watch their team presented with Runners-Up medals (and only ran onto the pitch to protect their players) - would struggle to recover. Let's be perfectly & honestly & fairly humble for a moment and accept that absolutely any*** - would struggle to recover from this: [Time of post: 23:00] (Why not 23:23? Rod Petrie asked me to squeeze in the amount of 'fucks' he gives about your link - absolutely zero.) Goodnight *** x edited to add: struggled to recover the image link for 12 minutes - the time it took Hibs to seal the Scottish Cup, from a losing position, against Rangers.
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    Aye, like my fuckin brick!
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    We all have them. At the time you have tears streaming down your face and over the years the memory fades, but out of the blue it comes back and takes you back to that exact moment and no matter what you are doing your face lights up and you can't contain it. I have a few, but my favourite by a country mile has to be the time we lubed up the Cathouse. Now, I should add this was many moons ago. It was dangerous, silly, a cunty thing to do and I regret not one bit of it. We went out on the piss as you do and we headed into a gay bar. I can't remember why, I think one of our pals was meeting his pal who was already in there, but it was brilliant. No arseholes wanting a scrap, just drunk people being happy. Until that point I didn't see the point in going to a gay bar, because I'm not gay, but the atmosphere in this particular pub made me go to a few more. Anyway, one of us went to the toilet and came back very excited. Why? Because there's mountains of lube and johnny bags. Straight away we all went in and loaded our pockets. Not that we had a mad bum orgy planned, but you figure it's good to have these things because you never know when you might need a boaby hat or a slippy sachet. Little did we know that we would need every single packet of lube that we could muster. We headed off to the Cathouse to attempt to get our metal on, but alas it is the Cathouse after all, so we were lumbered with pishy emo and the odd Pantera song. Still, drink was cheap and spirits were high. Suddenly Beating Heart Baby comes on and you know it's time to boogie. Anyway, the song finished and the emo returned. My friend and I shared a look and slowly opened a pack of lube and dollopped it down on the dance floor. We sensed an opportunity. We danced our way through the dancefloor, joyfully smiling to the shitey music as we circled some groups and the edge of the dancefloor. We returned to our friends and told them they might want to pay attention. At this point one green highlighted gentleman sprints drink in hand, hand in air onto the dancefloor as one of Fall Out Boy's finest comes on. He eagerly rushes to his friends so they can Dance Dance, but he vanished. Then it continued. Body after body falling seemingly through a collapsing floor, worried friends trying to help their pals to their feet, but they would go down. It was a sea of plastic cups flying through the air and it wouldn't end, as for every person going down someone else would try to help and inadvertently make things worse by spreading the lube about further. People were still rushing to get their moves on and it was seemingly never ending. We stood at the back of the club crying with laughter as the dancefloor shared curious glances and the rest of the onlookers laughed assuming it was a tsunami effect of a drunken fool. More people joined as the cycle of music continued, as did the falling bodies. I can't remember laughing as much as I did that night. Yes, it was a dick move and people could have gotten hurt, but until you have witnessed something like it you won't understand. That was the night we lubed the Cathouse. Share your own stories.
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    Reports that Randomguy has been sighted in the Bush Bar reading 50 Shades of Grey whilst sipping a lemonade with a tad of Tennents. Gearing up for his Sunday Songs of Praise wankathon with Radford. Fucking p***k. Thank you.
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    Whilst we're talking about aliases, I should probably confess that my alternative account is WaffenThinMint. Feel free to shut that one down, mods.
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    The Clyde board seem to have a lot of similarities to that of Stirling's. They did all the right things and backed their man in every way possible, and in all the right ways.....however, they were doing it for someone who wasn't actually the right man.
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    Work started on the Gym, Community Space, Supporters Lounge & Learning Centre in the South Stand upper concourse
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    This thread Should be a decent game, we've been playing some nice stuff recently and I was hugely impressed with Dunfermline in the big Saturday night Alba showcase last week. Either way, the result and all your shite bantz in this thread means nothing. When the Prince and Nat collide in the 67th minute it will be akin to proton beams smashing together creating a nuclear like reaction. First of all we'll start to cook from the inside before we simply turn to dust. The force of the collision will be felt across the land leaving minimal survivors and a barron mess where human beings must feed off of the flesh of each other just to survive.
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    No. It's one of if not the worst PPV in recent times, which is good going considering the amount that Eddie chucks at us. Embarrassing for British boxing that
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    He was banned for a month because he couldn't stop posting about child abuse. Pretty sure he's permanently lonely tbh.
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    The f**k is that all about? Those shoes just left discarded like that?! Get them paired up and left neatly.
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    Someone on Twitter noticed the article doesn't even feature in the Scottish edition of the paper, only the English one. Fucking shitebag, say it to our face you coward!!
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    It makes sense to cover it up if you believe you are protected and no one is going to pull you up on it which, in the US at present, is an entirely possible assumption. He stated "I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign, and I did not have communications with the Russians," That is an outright lie said with the intention of misleading. It was stupid as well, as surely to state that he did meet with the Russian Ambassador on unrelated Senate business would be both an acceptable explanation and (if he had been doing anything illegal) would have been a much better cover story.
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    Nah. The only thing that'd make me consider stopping my support for the club is if they willingly fucked over local creditors and small businesses.
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    I agree with marshy, unfortunately I think that will be the team. I am slightly perturbed as to why the apparent suspensions of hippo and Muirhead were only brought to our attention by a queens fan (albeit mr stats himself) rogers kidd Watson grant leahy aird Taiwo McKee. Sibbs Austin Baird This would be my preferred starting 11 with the options we have. McKee seems to have a bit of drive about him which means Taiwo can do any sitting in. We know sibbs can do a job on the left and links up well with leahy. Only dropping craigen because aird has more pace which we will need on the right hand side with kidd in at right back.
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    St. Mirren didn't play like relegation certainties - they controlled the game. If they can sustain that level of drive & determination, St. Mirren may yet claw their way out of the hole they dug for themselves. Then again, football is never 'black-and-white'; they could drift away just as quickly as Hibs have been dragged into a title scrap - which is most definitely the situation we have put ourselves in. It was a grey day for David Gray, defending against the stellar showing from Stelios Demetriou. Boyle & Gray were turned inside-out too easily by the Cypriot, who simply side-stepped inside to an 'outer space' of inner space. I've read a lot of comments on Hibs forums scapegoating our poor little Lambrose; if our right centre-back was indeed 'posted missing' and 'caught wrong-sided', then those fans need to direct their ire towards McGregor (the player who was playing in that position). We were constantly chasing our own tails, backpedalling from our own errors and struggling to keep up with a better-drilled side. We created an onslaught through a perpetual inability to pass to anyone other than our centre-backs. Our central midfielders would have been better options to cover our fullbacks as they were getting cut out of the game entirely by a combination of our hopeless balls forward, the opposition's pressure and our myriad mistakes. Meanwhile, Boyle uncomfortably tried to cover the right side whilst the will alone of Hibs supporters struggled to support Stevenson on the left. For me, it was a continuation of Dunfermline's dominating display at Easter Road. There was a lack of any discernible shape or structure to the side; players with no clear tactical instructions, dragged about and picked apart by a sharper side that passed the ball with purpose; the persistence of a pointless formation; toothless attacking; gutless defending; no cohesion or understanding between any two players; defeatist displays from individuals, throwing strops and 'downing tools' after a misplaced pass or being dispossessed. The unenlightened to Scottish football would have presumed that the sombrely luminous kits contained the despondent certs for relegation. Our lack of effort and quality on the ball was only overshadowed by some of the most glaringly gaping holes in our setup. Gray looks shattered after playing in two positions simultaneously for most of 2017; Gray should have done better, but he's just one of several players that look 'off the pace' rather than jaded. The rest of the players didn't seem content with what they were witnessing and stopped chasing the ball. I would have argued that Marciano was MotM against Dunfermline, but he was awful against St. Mirren; Marciano was in a good position to save both shots at his near-post and could have stopped them. The incident where Ambrose held onto the ball in front of the keeper looked like a combination poor communication and a lack of understanding between the two - that moment epitomised Hibs' recent games: strangers in the same team, waiting for one another to take responsibility. I feel that Lennon is lucky to have Hibbies blaming players for having 'a big-game mentality'. He also had the cheek to refer to players as 'yellow' when the yellow-toothed dinosaur once again shat out of making any changes to his setup/style/formation/management/toothpaste, in spite of those things clearly showing a cause for concern. I honestly couldn't tell you what formation we were playing; I don't think the players would be able to tell you either; Lennon will probably tell you - but he'll be lying. Lennon may say: 4-1-2-1-2 I would say: a very fluid 1-3-1-1-2-1-1 (a.k.a. The Piss-Poor): Marciano Gray Stevenson McGregorAmbrose Boyle Bartley Fyvie McGinn Shinnie Cummings
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    Nah m74, that's going to be my first pick up line. "I like the Pie and Bovril? Do you like the Pie and Bovril?"
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    We're terrible being behind a hibs team that rubbish they could only put 4th top hearts out the cup over 2 games, murder team so hibs are!! I'm surprised Dumbarton and ayr have any points at all as they are part time and so can be written off and patronised by our support, same goes for any team with a smaller budget meaning we should be miles in front of morton but obviously budgets don't count for teams above us like utd or hibs who we should be competing with! Any signings are terrible so blame the manager, again ignore any evidence to the contrary like Craigen improving with a run in the team or Austin looking a player now he's recovered from injury. It's amazing how people ignore results like st mirren last night or Dumbarton beating utd, that show this is a competitive tight league and highlight any slips we make to slaughter the players and manager. I'll say it again, we'll have good and bad games and performances this season but we're still right in the hunt and could go up, the negativity on here is shocking (not as bad as 1 f was though) COYB
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    £500k and a shitload of add-ons will do it, I think. Possibly chuck another £100k or so on if he's in the Scotland squad. Either way, we'll have enough money to give Tomas Cerny a 10-year deal and build a statue for Kris Doolan, which are the really important things here.
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    Cena wins the match in classic style, gives Nikki the lovey-dovey pish before getting down on one knee and... lifting her onto his shoulders for a massive AA and the heel turn of all heel turns. What an opportunity.
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    You were lucky. My great-great-grandfather fell through a trapdoor, broke his neck and died. Mind you, they were hanging him at the time.
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    Perhaps this could be renamed the "You had to be there" thread?
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    Was it at the training for this type of martial arts where you perfected your kicking technique that you later used to kick a defenceless female beggar in he head?
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    Is he called Vic, aged about 20?
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    What will actually happen vvv Arrive, proceed to get absolutely paralytically shitfaced, someone will shit themselves in a McDonalds, someone will be arrested and another will end up in hospital with a face looking like a burst meat balloon. And then it will go downhill from there.
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    How many kids do you know with a criminal record?
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    A few years ago I was at a club called the Cathouse or somesuch. It was a good place, good atmosphere, mixed crowd, everybody having a good time. There was a group of weans in the corner giggling, they looked underage and were probably pissed on shandy or WKD or somesuch. Anyway, I was on the way to the bar, crossing the dancefloor when my foot slipped a bit. No drama, just a wee slip. For some reason this bunch of weans thought it was hilarious. Never gave it another thought until the OP reminded me for some reason.
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