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    I took a thought on Saturday that Chris Johnston might not have actually won a league game with us, in my mind he returned round about the 0-0 at East End Park but it was slightly earlier than that. Having looked at it, Johnston has actually appeared in three league wins, starting just one (the lucky 1-0 over Queen of the South, our last victory - he was subbed on 75 minutes with the score 0-0). This then led me on to looking at our record with Johnston/Barr both playing. I posted the below after the 0-0 with Dumbarton in November... Johnston's on the pitch league record is scored four, conceded thirteen. This is from fifteen league appearances. Now in fairness to him, of the four we've scored with him on the park, he's scored one (Falkirk) and assisted one (M'Voto v Hibs). Our record with Barr/Johnston simultaneously on the pitch. Scored three, conceded eleven, from eight such occasions. Contrast this now with our record with only Bobby Barr on the pitch, and no Chris Johnston - scored sixteen, conceded twelve. Now there are a range of factors involved in this, I'm not saying it's exclusively the problem, and I think Johnston mostly as an individual has been somewhere been OK and decent for us. It isn't a dig at him, it's a dig at the manager for not noticing this pattern. Very few teams at this level constantly play a flat 4-4-2 with two attacking wingers. Grant Murray played it virtually through his entire tenure and never got out of the 6th/7th/8th rut. The stats show we are significantly worse when we play both Johnston and Barr, we are so easy to play against with space behind the wingers that the central midfielders just can't cover. Virtually all our better performances (and victories) came with either Ross Matthews on the right wing tucking in on opposition attacks, or a three man midfield, in which Callachan thrives. In fact, we have won just two matches in which both Bobby Barr and Chris Johnston have appeared - 3-2 v Dumbarton, when Johnston came on the park at 3-1, and Falkirk away where Johnston replaced Barr. So one victory where they've simultaneously been on the park, and that came when we were already 3-1 up. If I, a pillock on a message board with access to Soccerbase, can not only see this pattern now but also call it in early November, why can't our manager, assistant manager, coaching team or team of match analysts/statisticians notice? Or have they noticed and continue to do nothing about it? Just one of a long list of reasons why he's shown he's just not upto football management in his spell here so far. Face it Eric and correct the mistake now before it's too late...
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    Moved into our new house this week. We noticed in our back garden there was a wheelie bin full of shite so got in touch with the council. They told us to leave it out in the street and someone would come collect it. We arrived home from work and discovered some fucker had put it back in our garden. We've left it out again but needless to say we'll be waiting to see if this cock appears again...
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    You're an absolute fuckin screwball.
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    Sutton fans on the pitch after beating Leeds in the FA cup. Some of them ran up to the Leeds fans. But the Leeds fans saw it for what it was ignored it and went home, Confirming what everyone already knew even Leeds fans are more civilised than rangers fans.
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    It's the the tooth,the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth .
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    Could someone point me in the direction of a couple of these legendary Mozza posts because my recollection of him as a poster was a never ending series of dull shite and brutal puns tbh.
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    Not the way to introduce yourself to the m9s.
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    No, it's not normal behaviour to join a Facebook group for your block of flats.
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    I stopped coming into the GN because reading Grimbo and 8mile on every thread with the same inane drivel made me want to eat my own eyeballs. When the Skidmarks stuff all kicked off it just got ridiculous and didn't seem worth the fun any more. I've started venturing in again, like a slightly overweight person going back to the gym after months of dreading it and realising that actually, it's no' that bad.
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    If we needed any confirmation that the relentlessly grim 2016 was merely an amuse-bouche for the full tasting menu of pain to be inflicted upon us by a sadistic 2017, then, before January has expired, we've been shorn of all hope, like sheep in a slaughterhouse. Locked into an irreversible downward spiral, as we career past the wrathful and the sullen in the fifth circle of Hell, before saying 'hello' to the heretics on Level Six, the rapidly-dwindling band of resolutely cheerful idiots amongst us will doubtless console themselves with the thought that, if April is the cruellest month, then February and March might be endurable (just about), with May the light at the end of tunnel. But, of course, back in the real world, May is not going to introduce Trump to 'the better angels of his nature', for the glaringly obvious reason that he doesn't have any. No, May is #TheresaTheAppeaser, the woman who gave us a harrowing insight into the reality of post-Brexit Britain 'taking back control', by discarding dignity and principles alike to beg for crumbs from the table of the perma-tanned crypto-fascist currently holed up in the White House. We're moving beyond satire, into a world where a dystopian parable such as Sinclair Lewis' 'It Can't Happen Here' now resembles not so much a chilling prophecy as the utopian ramblings of a demented optimist. Brian Cox should seize the moment and start a band called N:ightmare. Their zeitgeist-defining debut single 'Things Can Only Get Worse' would surely be the apocalyptic anthem of 2017.
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    Thick as f**k and homophobic. Definitely not an m9.
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    A simple "my window doesn't" followed by a Greggy would suffice.
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    Just wait until @Marshmallo and I drop our thread on the results of the survey of top P&B posters. It's going to be dynamite.
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    me an declan ma best pal done this on his computer and were gona get a flag made you guys need to get a grip and get behind barry hes a ex rangers pleayer and is class give him one more season an you will see a was right we are clyde super clyde noone likes us we dont care
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    when did we last get a fee for an established player (ie: Not a promising youngster)? I think it was Foster at a reported £400k? going by that benchmark we should accept no less than 7 trillion pounds for Hayes.
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    If I'm stealing patter from 4chan dorks when I'm the wrong side of 40 like the above poster then consider this all the go ahead you need to bludgeon me to death.
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    Not one for the protesting but this sign is class to be fair.
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    We are basically too big to go into administration again. My baking skills are razor sharp from last time so even if we do we will be fucking fine.
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    Protesting placards in pure scottish style
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    We should sign Pawlett with an injury clause in the deal, get Gowser to break his legs in training then terminate his contract.
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    Throbber should post that he's heard that they're going to turn the bike shed into a mosque. Good way of vetting the neighbours.
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    I should have replied "first world problems thread for this pish" to the guy complaining about condensation!
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    St Mirren have been good at beating Dumbarton over the last 2 seasons, right enough. St Mirren's only victory coming in a game where Dumbarton fielded a 4-6-0 and had an overweight Jordan Kirkpatrick as the furthest advanced player. But you guys have been in good form recently, narrowly losing to Falkirk whilst we were only able to hand Raith their arse on a plate, so your optimism is probably well placed.
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    I personally think you can't write even a single game off ever. Every single game and day should be seen as a fresh start. What we need, as we have since early December, is to start doing things right ON and OFF the park. We have a manager identifying faults after Saturday's game that I have identified week after week. He and that alcoholic charlatan radio presenter need to get their acts together urgently. I was highly critical last year and I got a massive ticking off after that Q+A from an immortal Airdrie fan, who is no longer with us, for being vocally critical of moves that had been made. His words to me were along the lines of "this might be our last chance". I changed my stance after that to give the plans a chance. I tried to look at things with different eyes. I want the chairman to succeed but I admit that I'm flabbergasted at the incompetence of the guys he's trusted with his money. We need to ask ourselves what we want. I don't want to lose my club to another administration. I want my club at the very least competing in the championship with crowds nearer 2000 than 800. How do we achieve that without going under? Only way we can do it IMO is within this 3 year window.
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    In the last 3 games, Brownlie played a major part in Dundee U's first goal and a minor part in their second. He played a major part in Hibs goal on Saturday by turning his back instead of trying to block the shot. A defender is there first and foremost to prevent goals and he has played a major role in costing us 2, effectively losing us 3 points in the process. And that is just in the last 3 games. He is also part of a defence that can't defend set pieces. He is part of a defence that has conceded more goals that anybody else apart from Ayr and St.Mirren. And, if it isn't him who is responsible for this, and it isn't Hamill, Dowie, Robinson, Marshall or Higgins (all of whom seem to be rated highly by most) then who the hell is responsible? Or, are all the rest the problem and if it wasn't for him we would have conceded even more? Are we now saying that conceding goals doesn't matter as long as you play one reasonable pass in a game that led to nothing?Wow. If Brownlie has improved, but is still playing a major part in conceding goals, what the hell was he like before?
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    This club record is actually pretty sensational. Ryan wasn't even first choice goalie this season. He came in because Mark Hurst was unavailable for the Scottish Cup tie v Edinburgh City, lost a goal just before the break. played the replay and kept a clean sheet. including a terrific late stop. Kept the shirt as interim boss Dougie Anderson saw off Brechin City at Glebe Park 1-0 in a televised game. New manager Barry Smith kept faith with Ryan for a 2-0 home win against Peterhead. Off to another away victory at Ochilview, although an injury saw Ryan being replaced by Hurst 15 minutes from time. Hurst kept the gloves until St Johnstone refused to release him for the Scottish Cup tie at Livingston - another 1-0 win with several top drawer stops from the keeper, followed by another clean sheet yesterday...
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    Every time he posts all I can see are a combination of the MUSSUS BUNFIELD sketch and the Wealdstone Raider
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    I'm going to pretend I don't know where that picture comes from.
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    I concur. All these years I've paid good money just to experience nervousness, anger, palpitations, sore throats, sit in freezing temperatures, pay ridiculous money to eat abattoir floor scrapings in burnt pastry and ultimately, disappointment. We must be mental.
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    Do any of us actually enjoy football? It's fucking shite.
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    The second coming of the Faceless Cast of Thousands.
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    Those "people who turn up for a couple of hours on a Saturday then sit at keyboards spouting theories" are those dwindling members of the paying public that still care less. When they cease to do so, you'll have even more cause to worry, when it's too late. There are equally plenty on here that know only too well what the costs are for Juniors having been on/are on club boards (in some cases quitting in despair) & watched as the available cash shrinks year after year, yet all attempts at changes within clubs - let alone the grade - are met with intransigence: except for certain clubs who appear to not merely have pulled away from the rest as a result, but have vanished over the horizon - naming no Auchinleck Talbots in particular who silenced the old lie "this is Junior football, it can't be done without a sugar daddy". A lot of those on this thread you are dismissing are the very ones who cursed the Lowlands to damnation & scoffed "the gimmick" wouldn't last two seasons, only to see that it's now looking ever increasingly likely that the renegade East Kilbride club set up because certain individuals couldn't get their own way at East Kilbride Thistle are heading towards promotion to the SPFL. If ever there was a metaphor that non-league Scottish football's "will never happen" is happening, this was it. Junior clubs can't kid themselves any longer that a set up run on Micawber Principles is good enough any more. Fans, sponsors and players expectations from a club have become greater - & if they're not met, they'll take themselves elsewhere. Appeals in times of crisis all too often falls on deaf ears in a era many don't know or care who are their next door neighbours, let alone have a flicker of sentiment towards "the town's/village's club". Times have changed, and Junior clubs need to change with them - or die. I think this is a very good post and sums up my view entirely. For many years I got involved with my favourite Junior team from afar. Seeing the way 'Junior Fitba' operated around 15 years ago surprised me and I made countless suggestions to the various forums. I tried going to the clubs agm and giving them all the help that could possibly be given to them. In the end I gave up; I tried my best but there we are. The club people involved are good but collectively as an association there is no vision and no drive to improve. I live in England and as far as I can see Junior Football has not progressed one little bit. I got involved with a Step 6 Non League village side called Hartley Wintney http://www.hartleyfc.com/index.php I started watching them in 2004 and the progress they have made is everything that I dreamed my favourite Junior club would have made. They are a superb set up and I enjoy watching them. They are the highest goal scorers in the Pyramid from the Premiership down 9 levels and have already scored over 100 goals this season and 21 points clear. They have the basics right; despite being a village club and put a big emphasis on giving a good match day experience. Obviously I still have great affection for the team I have supported in Scotland and hope they do well. Scottish Junior Football should be scrapped and merged into the Pyramid.
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    Away and watch Ring of Honor in a high school PE hall then ya dork.
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    Jody Cundy OBEVerified account ‏@jodycundy 2h Oh My! Just spotted a slight spelling mistake on a letter I received yesterday. Oops! D instead of a T #isitok
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    Inverness are without a home win in their last 7 games at the Caledonian Stadium. Their next home game is against us.
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