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    Hope you have been nice chaps,anyway my grand daughter was born at 03.17am this morning so if you could all behave that would be tip top.
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    Speaking as a fan of a club punching well above its weight, the constant calls in the media (and on here on occasion, it has to be said) for the 'natural order' to be restored is fucking hilarious. Long may we continue to defy the odds (although our time may be up this year I fear). I love the fact we upset so many people purely due to the size of the club. The fact we even exist, never mind being in the top tier, enrages c***s like Keith Jackson, Davie Provan and Allan Preston. And that makes me very, very happy.
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    Maisie Grace was born at 03.17am this morning
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    Good news for Panini though
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    Springtime for throbber and P and B. Winter for 8Mile and Grim.
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    Should I be signing up to the Rovers Development Fund or is it quicker to just donate the money to Rangers directly?
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    August September October November December January
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    Ted'll Fix It - The Tedi goes around schools and children's hospital putting a smile on the kids faces.
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    Ok, I'll bite. Naw, that deal took ages to come to fruition and required some really hard work by the Bod and supporters over a number of years. It's much, much easier to f**k over suppliers and creditors and mess with people's lives and livelihoods.
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    I read Smith's quotes just to make sure it wasn't overblown tabloid nonsense. It's not, he does say they need to gamble with going into debt to compete with Celtic. He actually says 'people can say what they like about being sensible but...'. Now, a business being in debt is not necessarily a bad thing, sustainable gearing is perfectly legitimate. But we are talking about a club currently relying on soft loans to pay the existing bills. So to suggest that they spend millions on speculative transfers just to satisfy their little pantomime rivalry with their best mates is just lunacy. And I agree with you, 5 years ago the administrators were trying to pull on the heartstrings of everyone with 'Rangers fans just want a team playing at Ibrox to support'. Clearly this is not true.
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    Get 'em telt Leigh! At's whit ah'm talkin' aboot! His heid would look braw next to ma Monkey Puzzle tree! + bonus Portillo
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    Real problem with this Olaf character is his rigid viewpoint. When things are going well he disappears from sight only to return to his monotonous, repetitive and LAZY posting when the team is struggling. A bell end with little to offer in the way of constructive criticism.
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    I will take loads of insults but you can f**k right off with that one [emoji23]
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    This post now has more greenies than St. Mirren have points.
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    If this goes on til tomorrow I want it moved to its own thread
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    Well Shepherd has not played for his country or in the MLS so I would respectfully suggest a wee bit better
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    Genuinely have to wonder if the board operate in a completely different mindset compared to the fans, and also as well to the general public of Kirkcaldy and the surrounding areas. I'm sure there things us fans would probably empathise if we found out about. I don't think anyone on here would lay claim to be a fountain of knowledge on how to operate a football club. However, the decisions since last May genuinely makes me wonder if they actually have a think through the decision making process and wonder if the fans are completely naive. You can guarantee the situation will be spun as: We couldn't stand in his way. Too big an opportunity (Already used by Locke) It's an example of how important our youth development is: Keep giving us money and Easton can sign more youths. It'll give us an opportunity to free up some budget. In the past two weeks, we've seen Vaughan sign a new contract and go to Dumbarton (while one of mates posting on here say he's not a fan on the manager) and now Bates go to Rangers, seemingly for very little. Other under-20s players brought in like Yaw Osei or Joel Coustrain can't get a sniff in the first team, despite assured performances at development level and even in the first team in the case of the latter. People are rightfully going to ask, if we're bringing youth players through to either sell them to other development teams, put them out on loan, or generally not use them and instead sign veterans from Hearts and play underperforming loanees like McManus (it's no fault of his own, great work ethic but he's not scoring) or Scott Roberts (who's been pretty much awful other than one wondergoal: please don't bother re-signing) . Nobody is under any illusions. We're aware the club is skint. The fact we're having to put out to Hearts fans with a Rudi Skacel love-in Q&A session shows that. It's difficult to maintain a budget and they did very well under McGlynn and even Murray to keep a tight ship. However, there's little to no point in trying to offer ventures if we're going to keep shooting ourselves in the foot. It was exactly the same with the early season tickets. The club were on an absolute brilliant run and they offered a deal for early bird season tickets. We lose McKinnon and we're assured that they've got a list of quality managers lined up. I don't think I've ever been so underwhelmed as when he was appointed. It simply felt like all the good work was put to the side and we just ran with someone without really thinking it through. People will probably think I'm daft and this is all with the benefit of hindsight but a week after Locke was appointed John Hughes left Inverness after prolonged media rumours of falling out with . A man who's managed different top flight clubs and played some attractive football. He's managed five, and the only two that didn't work out were Livi (a shambles of the field to a whole new level) and Hartlepool (who were relegated at the end of the season after he'd came in at the half way point). He's been on record in interviews before saying that despite playing for Falkirk and getting stick he's got a soft spot for Rovers. I'd have been delighted if we'd at least tried to get him in for an interview. Fair enough if it doesn't work out, but it'd be someone with a track record to get the fans sitting up and noticing.
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    I've seen some bad things on this thread but this is by far the worst.
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    Wid myself. Shandon Partridge - The graveyard shift DJ on Fife FM likes to discuss hot topics such as the pedestrianisation of Dunfermline town centre.
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    Don't flatter yourself. You're just a total minter of a poster.
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    Falkirk Best Joint 1st Place - @Marshmallo @Bairnardo Sharing first place, are in my opinion, two of the best posters on the website, each with 36.1% of the vote. Marshmallo is always funny to read on GN, I think he's doing something with ICT Chris sometime soon about post of the year, which sounds #dece. Bairnardo is a consistantly decent poster, always is a good laugh to read. One pars fan said about Bairnardo "There's not a day goes by when after reading a Bairnardo post that I feel guilty about relieving a few Falkirk fans of their carry-out at a party in my school days." others said that you are a "breath of fresh air compared to the dross overspill we usually encounter". Congrats to the both of you well deserved. 3rd Place - @Senor Bairn Senor Bairn comes a distant third with a still respectable 11.1% of the popular vote. Another good poster, but good doesn't cut it in this very tough category, congrats on third place Senor Bairn. Other Posters receiving votes - @Rugster @Russ @Believe The Hype Worst 1st Place - @Back Post Misses Are we really surprised that BPM is now the Worst Falkirk Poster on P&B? Not with 28.6% of the vote anyway. He's been relatively quiet in 2016 but the memories of previous seasons still linger his posts like a ghost in a haunted house. You said he was "A very deranged individual" and "clearly the worst Falkirk poster by a mile". Congratulations, BPM you have won this prestigious award, now wear it like a badge of fucking honour. 2nd Place - @distresseduke Running BPM close was distressed duke, with 21.4% of the vote, he is also seen as a bit of nutter as well. His name it seems is apt, iirc he had a heads gone moment in one of the match threads. Anyway, congrats on being the 2nd worst Bairn on the site. Joint 3rd place - @Gaz FFC @Shadwell Dog Gaz FFC and Shadwell Dog both recieved 14.3% of the vote and deserved to be on the list. Gaz FFC is bad troll living in the days of the past and is leeching off of " the sweet, successful shores of m90210". Whilst Shadwell is a fucking knicker wetter of the highest capacity. Congrats lads, well deserved. Other Posters receiving votes - @Believe The Hype @NavyBlueArmy1876 @BountyBairn
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    was he on your provisional list?
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    Ahem I became a grandpa for the 2nd time today,now that is old.
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    I think I posted somewhere else that a girl i knew said she felt like a leopard for having to smoke outside. eta She should get together with your brother @paranoid android, pair of fucking idiots.
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    Truly said like someone who doesn't have the first clue what he's on about.
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    "We didn't have any debt before we got into debt"
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    Stroke of genius, we won that day.
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    I love when folk get voted the worst on here and come on and say shit like this. Trying to act as if you were just winding everyone up all along and thinking you "get under people's skin" when the reality is you are point and laugh material for the rest of the users on the board. Back Post Minter.
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    Says the guy who had a meltdown about the patter in the heads gone thread.
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    Does not matter how often The Kincardine wants to report *** (8 times today I think) I will not delete a post with it in. Div took advice on the word filter and it was agreed that *** was acceptable,so carry on reporting if you want but I will not uphold it. Now have a nice day.
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    He was already infamous for having an Anne Frank into a sock.
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    It's something the English media don't do -- mope about and only focus on a select few clubs. Ever listen to Radio Five Live on a Saturday? During a throw-in at a top-level premiership game, the commentator will pipe up with (e.g.) "and Crewe have scored another at Harlepool, so they're now 2 to the good and Hartlepool's relegation worries deepen"... thus informing listeners of a minor scoreline, and passing comment on what it means, then immediately back to the game in hand. That would never happen in Scotland. Up here the vast majority of pundits and commentators are willfully disinterested in anything other than a handful of clubs. Whereas in England they celebrate (e.g.) Wigan's elevation to the premiership, and they don't all cry because Villa are now a mid-table Championship club. It's a completely different attitude. The English are secure in their clubs and report on them all. Even Gordon Strachan was moaning about "finding a way" to get the likes of Hibs back into the top league. It's embarrassingly short-sighted. It also influences the average thicko armchair football fan. The media treat 36 Scottish Clubs with ignorance, therefore the average football fan does likewise.
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    Things I have learned from the P&B threads in which I loiter 1. a cockwomble exists 2. the most beautiful woman in the world is called Judith 3. celebrity deaths are good news and the cause of many a celebration and pun 4. punning is not everyone's cup of tea 5. the word "beast" is no longer acceptable 6. burnt pets should be made fun of 7. an opportunity to buy a TV with a broken volume button for £50 can not be turned down 8. Gunther is married 9. my guess-to-correct-answer-ratio of anything Australian is well below the acceptable statistical norms 10. unless pictures are provided, you have to GTF.
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    Just received this sickening abuse before I even managed to log in!
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