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    "Spartans Telly" - the new alias for online loser Grim O'Grady - has now started red dotting all of my posts! I've had a taste of my own medicine and, let me tell you, it's very bitter!
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    The arguments on why this is a bad thing for clubs in League 2 and the game as a whole are utterly obvious and have been covered already, so to focus on a far less important but still significant issue here: would this actually benefit the players? There's a whole argument to be made on the likelihood of players who haven't broken through to the first team at 19-21 ever being good enough for the national team anyway, while it also needs to be explained why lower league clubs should be expected to degrade and ruin themselves in the name of producing players for the national team in the first instance even if it could be demonstrated that it would turn these youngsters into superstars, but I digress. The general argument is that youngsters should be given the opportunity to play at the highest possible level, as that gives the the best opportunity to develop whereas the Development League doesn't give them enough of a challenge (if that's the case I question why Rangers get pumped in it so often and finished 13th of 17 teams last season, but I'm digressing again). If you take it as a given that playing at a higher level is the best thing for a player, then presently for a youngster at a Premiership club who can't break into the first team, that means going on loan to the Championship. If we focus solely on the OF, they currently have the following development squad players on loan in the Championship: Joe Thomson (Celtic) Paul McMullan (Celtic) Jamie Lindsay (Celtic) Aidan Nesbitt (Celtic) Scott Roberts (Rangers) Jordan Thomson (Rangers) Tom Walsh (Rangers) Ryan Hardie (Rangers) If you were to add Aberdeen to that, since the Sunday Mail mentioned them as a future possibility, there'd be another six. Now, if we had OF youth teams in the lower leagues, none of these players would be going on loan to Championship clubs. Celtic and Rangers obviously aren't going to diminish the quality of their youth team in League Two by letting the likes of Lindsay or Hardie go out on loan to Championship clubs: that would risk not winning. So you'd have the situation where the best players among their youth teams were actually being held back and not given the opportunity to play at the highest level they're capable of. The likes of Kieran Tierney who can compete for a first team place are going to be fast-tracked straight to the first team, the players who are League Two standard or worse do get a benefit of experience of that level ahead of playing for a real club there, however the likes of Jamie Lindsay who aren't good enough for Celtic but too good for League Two get caught in a limbo where they aren't able to progress, meaning that when Celtic or Rangers release them after they get too old to play for the B team they've not got the experience at a higher level that the loan system gives them just now. Obviously there are some cases of players benefiting from time in the lower leagues and going on to play for the national team - Andy Robertson started out with Queen's Park at League Two (though having been released by Celtic for being too small at under-15 level he'd never have made it as far as a Celtic B team in League Two), Robert Snodgrass couldn't get a game for Livingston in the First Division at 19, went on loan to Stirling in the Second Division and got his move to Leeds 18 months later - but these are few and far between. The idea that a player like Paul McMullan or Tom Walsh would be turned into a international level player by getting a formative spell in League Two is utterly ridiculous, really. It's not like Rangers and Celtic are likely to promote players based on their performances at that level either: even when Rangers were in League One they released Kane Hemmings after he scored double figures in the Championship on loan at Cowdenbeath the season prior. How likely it is they'd give someone a shot based on hitting 20 goals in League Two rather than burning £1.8M on another Joe Garner? So, obviously a disaster for clubs at that level, makes a mockery of the league, is an even bigger insult to clubs further down and outside the pyramid than it is to those in L2, and as far as I can see is highly unlikely to develop players for national team anyway, not that that would justify the change in any case. The only beneficiaries I can see are Celtic and Rangers, who'll get even more pulling power to tempt youth players away from other clubs, and the media who'll have four more OF derbies to cover.
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    In 2006 a mad scientist from Gourock thought a good way to double the number of Morton fans was to just clone us all. There was a random draw and Dunning1874 was the name out of the hat. So after drawing out one of his long, silken hairs from his head he went to work and, a few years later, a fully formed Dunning was hatched from an egg. But something wasn't quite right. His hair was fluffy and not sleek, and, although he hated the Old Firm with the same passion as DunningV0.1, for some reason he was drawn toward heroin and sexual deviancy and, worst of all, he called a slice roll "a roll and sausage". The final straw came when he said "I'm not a fan of the Tories but that Annabel Goldie speaks sense.". This anti-Dunning was tarred, feathered and sent on the 18:07 from Cartsdyke to Paisley St. James with a fiver in his pocket and told never to come further west than Bishopton ever again. Many thought this was just a myth... until now
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    I'm not one of 'those' people but I saw a Channel 4 news link pop up on my feed this morning that showed a child in Aleppo, literally a toddler of 2 years old, burst open from the head, covered in dust, dirt and asbestos, looking every inch the tortured war victim that a child of his age should never look and shell shocked to the point he wasn't even crying whilst people in the hospital all around him were scrambling to find if both his parents had died or not. It fucking broke my heart completely to see this level of suffering inflicted on something so innocent and it's so normal for his little body to go through all this shit that he's just switched off emotionally at such a young age. I was in tears for this poor wee baby. Then you have this, this fucking utter garbage. To call it a non-story would do non-stories a disservice. It's a chancing arsehole and her precious wee torn faced (I mean look at him, you can tell he's a bellend) angel moaning about a fucking £400 lump of plastic....not even moaning, going to the press to try and secure a fucking freebie to make this wee arsewipe's Christmas 'perfect'. This sort of shit makes me irrationally angry and I'm not usually one of those 'babeh's are dying in Afrika FFS' types. But to see real horror this morning, then an hour later, this garbled nonsense really boils my fucking piss. The media in this country should be utterly ashamed of themselves for even giving this bitch a shred of credence.
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    Rangers have some nerve demanding this considering it was only a few seasons back they were in league two. Instead of playing youngsters then they brought in the likes of Kevin Kyle. It is completing pandering to the Old Firm and would mean league two would be finished as a proper contest.
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    How many current Scottish internationalists and by that I mean the regulars, have Celtic & Rangers produced themselves compared to the rest? Forrest is the only one I can think of. Hibs & Hearts always had a decent representation (amongst other clubs) over a number of years and did we have a colts team? No. We gave the youngsters a fucking game. Celtic could easily afford to play someone like Henderson/Christie every single week because 90% of the time they'll win and win comfortably. The solution to youngsters in Scotland progressing isn't giving these c***s their reserves a route into the professional league, its to stop them stockpiling the youngsters and let them go away elsewhere and play.
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    You let your club die. That's proper shite.
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    I really wish people would stop mentioning his goal and hibs winning the cup. It's highly irritable coming on this forum and being reminded of it every single day.
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    [emoji38] The only thing that is absolutely seismic is you. An absolutely seismic c**t.
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    Barkley is a scumbag, I hope Henderson scores a rocket and celebrates by helicoptering his penis in Barkleys stupid face.
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    They aren't even the most disgusting posts in this thread, I predicted Sean Welsh would score 4 goals in the first reply.
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    The pitch frozen solid... Finishing with the greatest picture of the Jerry Kerr stand that you will ever see...
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    It's like Sophie's Choice, only you hate both your kids.
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    Athletics being ran at Cappielow in 1893. Not exactly sure where in the ground this is but I'll take a guess at the Cowshed/Wee Dublin End corner.
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    What boils my piss at airports more than anything else are the fucking fannies at the luggage carousel who crowd around it and stand about an inch from the belt as soon as they get there, wait for their case and block the way for everyone else. It's dead fucking simple. Stand about 6 feet back and watch for your case, then step forward to collect it when you see it and get the f**k out of the way. This allows everyone to get their case unobstructed and clear the area. Genuinely seething every time I'm in an airport at this and I wish these people dead.
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    Gary Locke: "Right boys, I know we're struggling like f**k to score the noo but there's an even more important aspect to our game that we need to focus on this week..." Bobby Barr puts his hand up: "Is it screaming at the ref to get opposition yelly cairds at the half way line?" GL: "Spot on son! You'll go far in this game."
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    No, there's also the only trophy in Scotland which actually matters...
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    This thread is designed as the definitive place to read up on all of Stenhousemuir's transfer activity and developments over the next few months. Every other team has their own close-season topic, and the Warriors should be no different. What we do know: Colin McMenamin, Kieran Millar and Ciaran Summers are all signed on for next season Chris Smith and Ross McMillan have joined Stirling Albion, while Bryan Hodge has moved on to Forfar Athletic Paul McMullan has returned to Celtic at the end of his loan agreement and is very unlikely to come back next term David Irons has returned to Ochilview as an assistant manager The playing budget for next season will be cut by around 25 per cent Plenty to get to grips with in there, anyway. Of the players out of contract, I think it's important we keep Alan Lithgow, Ross Meechan and Greg Fleming. I think there might be a player somewhere in Jamie McCormack and reckon he might just do us a turn. The rest can go. I'd feel a little sorry for Josh Watt as he tries his best but he's just too damn frustrating but the rest have let us down or haven't been good enough. We can't be expected to duke it out at the bottom of the division with laconic jobbers like Tony Marenghi in the side. As I said on another thread, this year will be a struggle but at least we're mentally prepared for it. At this stage I'd reckon we'll finish in the lower reaches of the table, if not bottom. I'm hoping to be a little more positive come August.
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    Take any picture of Somerset and convert it to Black and White. Pretty much the same
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    I can tell you mate that the kids who are involved at boys club and academy spend an awful lot of time playing football away from organised level and any good coaching involves "homework" stuff, kids are always encouraged to go away and try stuff they've learned and try to learn new stuff. Note that the emphasis is on "Good". The problem isn't at grassroots level, that's thriving, the problems are at the professional "academy" level and senior team development. What happens when they get the talented kids there? MacKay thinks we're missing the wee mythical street urchins who don't exist, but there are thousands of kids in academies who've been scouted there for a reason. Someone mentioned Iceland above as an example of how things can be done. I've no doubt as the article pointed out that there are a lot of well educated coaches there but their national team did well at the Euros for other reasons or we'd never be looking at their grassroots policies which will still take a decade to assess if they've worked or not. Iceland and Wales had both either by luck or by design hit on the magic formula of having a team of experienced players at their peak and as such performed to their absolute maximum. That has been a source of irritation for me for a long, long time with Scotland. I cottoned on to a study of world cup winning teams a few decades ago (I think it was part of France's thinking when they'd flopped in the early 90s and were rebuilding from scratch in preparation for 1998) and I'm surprised it's never been studied in depth or utilized to help fashion a more successful national team. They found that every team who'd won the world cup in modern history had a team that was loaded with players in their prime (24-30 y/o) who had amassed over 40 caps each. You had the odd exception of a 30+ player and possibly one or so who had less. But that core of experienced players who'd played a lot of games together at that level and had their on field communication nailed. Look at every Scotland team and we have guys making their debuts in their 30s, kids with no experience desperately thrown in, or guys in their peak who've hardly played for us. England's euros team were similar tbh, it didn't surprise me at all that teams like Iceland or Wales did so well when you looked at the composition of their teams. They all knew their jobs and they all worked well as a unit. If Scotland had qualified for a tourney lately we'd not be having these discussions about youth development. We do have a lot of work to do on youth development but we need to get the national team sorted. We do need to press the reset button and build a team that can both qualify for 2020 and 2022 tourneys, we need to profile the players who could be there and get that experience in to them. No more fucking about with Greers, Browns, Fletchers, Berras, etc. We need to get guys like Tierney, Robertson, Burke, etc. formed into a team and get others involved now who'll be involved in those campaigns, instead of fucking about going nowhere. I don't think players from 18-21 or that age will benefit for the absurdity of colt teams and leagues either. The difference between Keiran Tierney and Alloa's Calum Waters is the difference we're talking about, even Scott Fraser who played for us. Tierney doesn't need a season or 2 on loan. Calum Waters may work his way back into the premiership but he'll never be Scotland material. Scott Fraser owned League 2 but is he ever going to be the next Jim Baxter? Kids who are at that elite level won't be needing to play against Elgin and Annan in colt teams. Colt teams won't solve anything.
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    The day colts are in the league set up is the day I stop going to watch Scottish football
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    Has anyone ever seen Andy Broon and Robert Thomson in the same room?
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    After it was exposed that workers were sleeping outside Amazon in freezing conditions in tents rather than commute the Scottish government spoke to them today. Amazon will 'seriously consider' paying £8 an hour! What a commitment to the workers. Yes, Smithers we will "seriously hahahaha seriously teehee, consider it" "stop it sir, my sides are hurting" "no time for that nonsense now Smithers, throw another corpse on the furnace. I don't want to wear a jumper for heavens sake"
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    Couple of f*cking bellends. An embarrassment.
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    Nice to see you're still kicking about - Merry Christmas ya old git!
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    Virgin Mary socks @throbber
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    Must be something to do with the name Fleming.
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    funny how every time we get beat dafties like you come away with 'Levein is picking the team'. Funny how he never picks the team when we win
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    Horrific patter.
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    Where the East Stand now is at Palmerston Park, Dumfries. Used to be Jimmy Jolly's Bullshed or the Coo Shed.
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    When vegans drink water do they realise that they are making fish homeless?
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    I see the usual suspect Celtic fans (ie every fucking one of them) are being as classy and dignified in victory as always. What a shower of utter arseholes.
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    Good old Zsa Zsa ... December Bonus and in with a shout of a Last Gasp bonus 7 hits for the year
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    That's Die Hard m7, not the Apprentice.
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    Heres my take on our poor show on our poor developement the last few decades ....only my opinion 1.No kids are playing street football anymore or kicking it off a wall blah blah .....utter pish I have a a teenage son who eats & sleeps football and a daughter who plays 11 a side as well and gets proper coaching and play in far better pitches, faciltys then I ever did ,anyone who ever played on black or red ash and have the notion that it made them a better player is talking pish .all it done was tear your legs to shreds .They also get advice on nutrition and looking after your body 2.If you are signed in pro youth you can play for your school team and play with your mates ....truth is there is hardly any schools football teams now in secondary schools as health and safety is a nightmare and when it in our day especially in primary schools it was the norm for it to be the school janitor who ran the school team and stayed on the premises in his wee house ,most of these jobs are long gone and the jannie who works for cordia is more concerned about his shit hourly rate he is on 3.Kids are being scouted far to early ....yes I agree with this nothing worse than watching a player being picked up by a "pro youth" team and then coming back to his boys club a year or 2 later and feeling he is a failure at 14.Sad thing is there are boys in youth system who are "shirt fillers " and will be discarded when they are about 16 when the jump from under 16/17 ramps up to under 20 as some boys physically are not developed enough How are we not producing the King Kennys ,Souness ect my take on it is Football is too big a business now and only the best are getting to the top and there is far to many foreign players who have been introduced and not giving the youth boys a fair chance .The level of player now say in the EPL (Fitness,conditioning,nutrition and general looking after your body is on a different level to 1970/80) Would Colt teams help the league nope ,does under 20s league help produce a better player to a certain extent yes when the boy are maybe 17 but at 20 no, but I do think the reserves league would be a better idea. Only my opinion and experience over the last 20 years with a teenage daughter and some to be 20 year old son who is stlll playing at a high level Do they still love playing football ,yes,does there da still enjoy watching them f**k aye ......whats the answer to improve our youth .....honestly f**k knows
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    Maybe we should suggest that the colts are placed directly into the premiership. That way the youngsters are playing against the top players in the country. It will be much more beneficial to them. Enhance their experience by taking the pressure off by having no relegation. The Old Firm could shit in their own woods.
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    The 'One tooths' who frequent Celtic Park could only dream of winning the Glasgow Dental Cup
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