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    We were delighted to lose 2-1 in Dortmund but we played well, the same could be said for the return at Hampden Other countries have the belief they can go away and win where as we want to settle for "a point here, a point there, we can afford to lose there and hope ***** do us a favour" if you can't qualify on your own merits then you don't deserve to qualify at all I have said this all along. In Dublin we were awful for the first 20 minutes but defended well then we came onto a game. The second half we were battering them and it was only a matter of time before we got a second, he bottled it and took Naismith or Maloney off for Berra so he could sit in I think I was the only person in Dublin who was disappointed at result, I was told I was negative and it was folk with my attitude that we needed to get rid off!! The "Fück off James McCarthy" and "In Gord We Trust" brigade with there match badges and glengarrys were celebrating at full time as though it was a victory. To settle for a draw against your closest challengers is a terrible attitude to have Don't even get me started on the applause at full time in Tbilisi never mind the wanqers at full time in Faro We are nation of complete losers and the Tartan Army deserve everything we get
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    No it wasn't. Failing to take anything from a below par Germany side, whilst other teams in the group took points off them. Only taking 2 points from the Poland games when we could have taken much more. Playing for a point in Ireland. The Georgia result wasn't what stopped us qualifying.
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    You know Nicky and James are still waiting for you to come back?
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    My wee guy smiling away this morning!
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    This thread needed some dredged up point-and-laugh material at this point imo.
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    I'd say the main problem would be that he's a shite manager.
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    I hope we get absolutely mown down by FIFA/UEFA.
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    Following today's Daily Mail article about bengals being absolute beasts I thought I'd post a photo of our cat the always fearsome Penelope
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    Coke, sprite, irn bru, Dr Pepper etc = juice.
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    A high ranking on the Beastometer there.
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    One of the armbands was next to Scott Brown's elbow
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    I think TSAC was a fantastic poster.
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    If you keep Ryan and Russell "happy", they'll score lots of goals.
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    I thought you just called it 'mixer'
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    How come there's never a cull on beige, pint sharing St Johnstone fans?
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    The Defenestration of Prague, Vaclav Brozik's picture of the treatment of a visiting football manager and his assistants, for sending out a team in 4-6-0
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    You don't judge the success of a youth system on how good players are at 14-16. You judge it on how good they are when they're in their 20s and playing first team football. No player who has been in a performance school from the start has reached first team football yet, so we don't know if it's doing what it's supposed to do. Five and a half years is not enough time to judge the success of a national youth strategy.
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    Also out previous bengal Mindy, she died after only 7 months as she had leukaemia.
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    We don't even know the fixtures for next Saturday never mind Hogmanay [emoji23]
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    Something's very wrong here. Gunther is making total sense.
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    Went for a haircut earlier, and the barber had some pretty robust views about homosexuality. Disagreeing with overt bigotry when the bigot is holding a massive razor to your face is tricky.
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    The worst discussions on these forums bar none are when people from different parts of Scotland argue about what an object is called.
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    He's having it handed to him here. Lovely 121 to break the c***s throw and heart. Wright goes to number 3 after that which is certainly well deserved outwith MVG and Ando he is the most consistent especially in the bigger tournaments. It would be a travesty if he doesn't win a major at some point.
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    A can of fucking beetroot? They sell it in jars down here.
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    Yes if you're a weegie or teuchter. Juice is the correct nomenclature.
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    The 'owl curse' is taking effect. Thank you.
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    What about "Waghorn you were decent at Scottish Championship level but don't appear to be good enough to make the jump to the Premiership and therefore will never cut it in England"
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    It will all blow over soon, This story will next weeks chip wrappers........
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    Dear Martyn, I apologise for saying you are shite. I did not realise you wanted this kept secret.. yours sincerely, A Schoolboy
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    In Inverness we have had and still do have a lack of opportunities for footballers at all levels to progress to another level within the area. We have Inverness Caledonian Thistle, then a huge gap down to mid table Highland League level with Clach then another gap down to the Juniors with Inverness City who are an amateur team, then we have the summer amateur leagues, that's it. There are not a lot of opportunities for players based in Inverness who might not be good enough for the top flight but better than HL level, where do they go and what about the young players than develop as they get older? Many promising young players never get the chance to develop after they are 15, 16, 18 or 21 if they are with ICT and instead of dropping down to a team like Alloa or Morton so they can get the opportunity at a level that might be more beneficial to their development say in getting regular first team football, they end up dropping down 4 levels to the HL and generally fall of the radar of the SPFL clubs. The point of this is that the smaller clubs within the SPFL have a very important role in Scottish football. If these clubs merged all those opportunities would be gone, we would suffer badly as a nation when it comes to producing talented potential top team players and future internationals. There would be huge quality gaps between the top teams and the mid level and non league teams, it would strangle development of our own home grown players. The MLS model is irrelevant, the USA is a huge country and clubs have to travel long distances. We live in a small country and there seems little point in regionalising anything above level 5, all the SPFL clubs don't want it. Investment should be about encouraging growth, not giving and then taking away. There is a lack of it in this football daft country and there is too much attention on what others are doing, what might work for someone else might not work for us, its distracting. Why not think up our own ideas? The pyramid is a good idea, its not ours but its a good one, I think we are all in agreement with that. I would like to see all the remaining semi pro clubs and the better run amateur clubs join the pyramid to make it more inclusive system, clubs from all over Scotland involved. Investment shouldn't be exclusive to the top teams, clubs at all levels need it. The pyramid itself could do with more not fewer clubs.
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    Cameron of Locheil who fought on the Jacobite side was stripped of his land immediately after the 45 and died in exile in France soon after. His 15 year old grandson the 22nd Locheil had the land returned in 1782 after which the clearances started. The grandson having met the conditions of having been educated in England and now fully part of the British establishment. I wouldn't deny there were economic factors behind the clearances, or pure greed, but that was driven by a Co-opting of Gaelic culture into the British state and the necessary re education and assimilation of the chiefs into good brits. By the time the 22nd Locheil came along and into the second wave of clearances of the mid 19th century the chiefs were of course willing participants in capitalism. To be fair it was an extremely successful mixture of blackmail, cultural appropriation, bribery and corruption which persists to this day in our patterns of land ownership, local democracy, whole society attitude to Gaelic and our inexplicable pride in getting dressed up in a kilt to play the white Gurkha for British imperialism.
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    Barry Robson and Neil Warnock to be interviewed in the coming days. Barry Chuckle and Neil Buchanan also said to be interested.
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    So, to be clear, you think Strachan staying in charge gives us a shot at beating Slovakia & Slovenia at home, winning one and drawing another of England at home and Slovenia away and also not slipping up against Lithuania and Malta? All of those results are necessary to reach a playoff from this position and even that might not be enough - we might have to win them all. There are no indications based on Strachan's record that we'll be capable of beating any of Slovakia, Slovenia or England with him in charge, and considering the abject performance and humiliating result against them at home there's little reason to be confident of winning in Lithuania either. Regarding the statements in bold, it is not beyond the capabilities of these players to win in Georgia or win at home to Lithuania regardless of what deficiencies there may be in the squad. Our failure to win in Georgia is the reason we failed to qualify from the last campaign and our failure in those games is entirely the fault of the manager who failed to get the best out of the players. While the defence is the weakest area of the team and we'd all love to have better centre backs, the idea that conceding six goals from crosses in two games is entirely down to the personnel and couldn't be prevented by a manager organising the defence properly is absolutely preposterous. We did try continuity by keeping Strachan for this campaign after his failure in the last one. It's been a complete disaster, just as it was when we tried continuity by keeping Levein after his failure in his first campaign. Going for continuity isn't a change, sitting back and waiting for things to get worse in the name of continuity is what we always do with managers. Being ruthless and sacking a manager before they ruin a campaign and it's far too late to salvage would be a change. It was outrageous that he wasn't sacked after the Slovakia humiliation, but not surprising considering Regan's track record of hiding away from decisions. However, that there's still a single person on the planet who believes he should stay in charge in the face of the megatons of evidence against him is genuinely incomprehensible. There is literally no justification for keeping him in charge. None.
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    Sandy Denny : Crazy Lady Blues
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    Cat Boyd is the personification of a first year undergraduate essay written entirely on the morning of the due date.
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    He's halfway there with his strides off.
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    So he doesn't want the job full time but quite happy to interfere with 1st team affairs.....so we're looking for a yes man then?
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    How long would it take for an Angus Utd to attract similar crowds to say Raith Rovers or Morton? 15 years, 50 years??? Who's to say that most of the original fans will either shift their support to the local Junior sides or be lost to the game completely. That post of yours just shows how little respect for the smaller clubs and their fans you have. These fans have a pride in their club and their towns and enjoy a rivalry with other clubs in the area. Merging all four clubs would take that identity away. Also if you reduce the clubs by merging you also reduce the number of footballers, meaning less clubs less opportunities for aspiring young players who would be lost to the game instead of being given a chance by a small team to develop and then move on to bigger things. Supporting a small club and what that takes is something you obviously can't get your head around being a Celtic fan. Maybe being a Celtic fan you see little point in supporting other teams since they don't win trophies. Why don't you ask supporters of these clubs what they think?
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    Not surprised to be honest, this Kafka-esque nightmare is showing no signs of ending. I also wouldn't be surprised if we finish fourth and he ends up getting a new deal for 2020 campaign, precedent and that. There's a triangle of delusion, on one corner we have his slavish media fan boys, led by Keith Jackson. They're scared of him giving them a telt in a press conference and they're all good pals, so they toe the line. Listening to Keith defend Strachan on sportsound the other night was one of the most bizarre bits of radio I've ever heard. Then we have the tartan army 'No Scotland no party' brigade. The same group who sang his name in Portugal after we finished 4th in the group. They lap up whatever shite is served by Scotland and almost seem to revel in supporting such a poor team. You can also find them saying stuff like 'our players are shite, therefore we shouldn't expect any better'. Wha's like us? Then at the tip of the triangle we have Reagan and the SFA board. They seem to exist in an alternative reality at the best of times. These people at the top of our game genuinely believe that we can still qualify for Russia. It's beyond comical to be honest. The reality is this is the worst Scotland team of all time. We have a manager who is failing in every facet of the job. His squads are wrong, his teams are wrong, his tactics are wrong and he treats fans and journalists with a poorly concealed, arrogant contempt. The beatings will continue until the triangle is bust open. I don't know how many more disastrous results it will take. I thought failure to beat Lithuania at home and then thorough pastings by very average Slovakia and England teams would be enough to get him out the door. I was wrong.
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    Hibs fans should be ashamed of themselves, a man cannot eat his chips in peace any longer because of you animals.....
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    Basically what happened is that there were 8 of us in the pub huddled around a half pint (may have actually been less, I don't recall exactly how the story goes) and we all shared it using various straws and other implements. It's all very hilarious, I'm sure you'll agree.
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