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    Exclusive photo of the Rangers fans getting together to save their club
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    Yeah sadly it's our defence turning up 48 hours late...
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    I hate the Tartan Army. I really do. Sharing a train carriage with them between Glasgow and London for almost five hours was torture. Boorish, middle-class arseholes with a serious lack of self-awareness. I've also shared a carriage on the same route with Rangers fans. It wasn't five hours of drunken arseholes getting on my nerves, it was five hours of sectarianism, racism and general nastiness. The threatening atmosphere they created was horrible and unlike anything I've ever experienced since. Rangers fans are the lowest of the low. Complete and utter savages. Forgive me for being reluctant to sit and allow lectures on fan behaviour from fans of that club.
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    My little guy born today at 13:38, weighing 9.3lbs. Absolutely fascinated with him!
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    It's not an overreaction It's absolutely mental He should be thrown into the closest loony bin
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    In Germany, fan ownership of huge clubs is normal, a concept alien to a fanbase who still talk of 'warchests' and expect ageing celebrities from down south to form the basis of a title challenge. The Rangers fans have never got past the Murray model of a rich man with a chequebook being the answer, you still have it now with Dave King. Rangers are as close to the opposite of modern German football club ownership as you will find in Europe. If you are our biggest and most successful club, as your fanbase likes to claim, then you set a lousy example of stewardship to the rest of us.
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    So we're agreed that the tartan army's worst offence is that sometimes people find them a wee bit cringey. Worth the pages of argument IMO
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    No, this is our nations capital (for the time being) and it was in a public space. The remembrance activities in the morning were attended by and observed impeccably by the TA that were there. While getting your arse out in public is frowned upon this is clearly in the "amusing high-jinks" category rather than any kind of serious disruption / crowd bother. That Trafalgar square was used as the centre-point for the armistice event in the morning, does not make it some kind of solemn garden of tranquility for the rest of the day or weekend. That is the only thread to this non-story and your weaseling and bandwagon jumping is tragic. But absolutely standard from you and your kind. Now that, is enough said. Also, love how you managed to throw a dig in about Celtic earlier. Whataboutalicious.
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    5/10. The board have agreed to release funds in the January window for me to buy an Australian encyclopedia.
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    Imagine still being raging about a game your tinpot mob weren't even involved in
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    Been cleaning out old Shire stuff in my loft over the last few days and came across a Daily Record newspaper cutting from Friday 28th February, 2003. The interview was with the then Shire manager Danny Diver.. "..I don't think East Stirling supporters deserve anything because their attitude to the club is appalling. In all my time they haven't done anything constructive. They mump and moan and are happy to be third. That's not a supporter. They can't live with guys such as us because they are happy to be beaten 1-0 by Morton. I can't accept that. I have to accept not getting the results this season because this is the way we're had to go to move forward. We had a meeting with them and I asked what if we moved to a new stadium, won the league, did well and we're called Grangemouth FC would they support us ? They said no because it took away the name of their club. In this day and age, that is a nonsense." But a tenner a week ! Diver said: "East Stirlingshire have never won games on a regular basis and have never challenged for anything. The difference is now we are not paying £7000 a week to fail. People say it's hard to motivate them on that money but they were on a massive bonus to beat Threave Rovers in the Scottish Cup and it made not one bit of difference. Montrose have something like £150,000 on players this season and they are just 9 points better off than us. What's the point in that ?" But at the risk of being derisory, what is the point in East Stirling ? Diver said: " I have to say that I don't think there is any point in East Stirling." The context to this interview was that the Shire had only won 2 of their 27 games played so far that season (weirdly both wins were away at Hampden). At the start of season 2002/03 following a promising previous season with the youth system bearing fruit chairman Alan Mackin ripped up everything and went to a £10pw wage for the players. What was bad about this was he announced this and revealed in it meaning all decent players avoided the Shire like the plague. East Fife in same season dropped their wages to £15 pw but kept reasonably quiet about it and for them life went on. For Shire it was the start of the downwards roller coaster which had taken the club to the 5th tier this season and without a ground. At the time of the interview Shire were bottom in the league having already lost 72 league goals and would go onto play an incredible 44 players in the league campaign. They had been knocked out the Scottish Cup by Threave Rovers 2 months earlier with Diver playing himself after promising not to come out of retirement that season. As great an ex-Shire player Diver was he was massively out of his depth in management and this interview incensed an already protesting fan base who took their struggle to new levels. Diver would leave the club shortly after following him being ridiculed by a protest giant pair of pants hung from the stand over his head in the dugout which read "Your pants Diver" (there were other way more ruder banners as well). A photo of this made the papers. From the depths of 13 years ago until now. Massive changed days to the current Shire management and players who take the time to acknowledge and speak to the fans no matter the result. Long may that continue. The club can only go forward with everyone together.
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    That is the problem with this new forum style, you can't actually see the time of the post without highlighting the Posted xx hours ago. Thanks for the honesty although we all know why you are in such a good mood. I can't see that your picks were influenced by anything between 15:00 and 17:42 (I was also slow in getting the thread up and running). If there are no objections from the other four, then I see no problem in you continuing. Any one of the others objects and you are out. So guys what is it?
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    Too much silly bile on here from the supporters of two great clubs. Since the 1970s Talbot have made their ground intimidating in the right way for opposition players and officials. They press both hard and try and sweep them along at their pace. In 40 years of visiting Beechwood I've learned that you need players who will put their foot on the ball in midfield and and you need a couple of wise heads who will keep the ref from being swept along. If Whitey kicks you then of course you make the most of it. He is doing what Slavin and many others did before them. Talbot based their system on the 1976-80 Liverpool teams and have pretty much stuck with that. It's worked well for them. Big teams should not complain or explain. You are all supporting two of the best so enjoy it.
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    If it's Tuesday it must be an Australian question free The Australian quiz. Although there is one Oceania one. An amazing record equaling 9/10 for me. with the Oceania one wrong. The play was a guess and knew the rest. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/mind-games/quiz?quizId=5543&sectionId=1
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    Whoever said above that Rangers fans are utterly wedded to the idea of a rich man with a chequebook giving the manager a war-chest is bang on the money. That's what most of these fans experience of supporting their club is and they can't move past it. When Rangers went bust I thought, maybe something good could happen here, maybe they could build a future with fans involvement, maybe they could make a break from the past, maybe they could leave bigotry behind, use their big fan base to get involved, build a club from the ground up, develop young players, doe something positive. When David Moyes took over at Everton he said that they were the "People's Club" and Rangers could've built that. They might not have succeeded overtaking Celtic but they'd have a cob to be proud of in the long term. But nope, they are worse in just about every count. Rather than build an inclusive ownership model, they rely on sugar daddies who, shock horror, turn out to be shysters. The atmosphere and bigotry is worse to be honest, the two games at Ibrox I've seen since 2012 have been poison, worse than before. And even on the pitch they've been shite. The reason, of course, is that a large number of their fans don't care about their club, not the way that other fans do. They care about getting it up Celtic, about the shallow false community built from singing the party songs. That's why they can't try and build a sustainable club, they HAVE to play catch up, they HAVE to try and get big name signings because that's Rangers. But ultimately, it's all hollow. Chances are they'll never catch Celtic, barring a misstep from the Celtic board. More likely that they end up in financial trouble again. It's a missed opportunity but Rangers only have themselves to blame.
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    Remembrance ***day May we remember those who fallen and the glorious undead. A Gray day in the sun when the pitch was turned red. The grass began burning and The Grass was a liar. 'Tavs' stoked the flames when Stokes was on fire. Martin Waghorn was fat and flattered to deceive. But another striker had a trick up his sleeve. "Abracadaver!" - Magic from Miller. Then Halliday conjured a thunderous thriller. Warburton's magic had pushed the game flat. Then Stubbs pulled a rabbit out of the hat. On came the loan sub, who had one lone aim. He had to get Hibs back into the game. The saviour supplied; Stokes bagged a second. Warburton's wand wavered; the Scottish Cup beckoned. The captain went forward and pressed the ***s back. A stoppage-time corner and one last attack. It swung out past Stokesy, towards Halliday. Arises Sir David, Sir David Gray. The ***s lost their heads when a Hibs head was found. Their silence drowned out by an almighty sound. A Hibs Hampden Roar; historical #scenes. The ***s beaten blue by the boys in the green. Two minutes more torture; both sets of fans shivered. Stubbs' signings sealed it; Henderson delivered. Out poured the emotion and jubilant tears. Then out poured the ***s with sectarian jeers. Exuberant Hibbies; Bears blowing their lids. The ***s then invaded and tried to snatch kids. Our brave Hibbies rallied and battered them bloody. Then Kenny Miller's corpse was dragged through the muddy. A party had started; a hoodoo had ended. The ***s walked away then acted offended. Trophies were taken: I prised Miller's teeth. The team prized the trophy for the club to bequeath. Then they were given fans' Sunshine On Leith. But today we remember the Bears that lie beneath. Buried at Hampden, except Miller's teeth- -which form a focal part of my remembrance wreath. Lest Three Twoget.
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    I had to re-read this a number of times. I was seeing it as and thought Gunther was getting a remarkably easy ride.
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    Some interesting views being spotted on here, so I thought I'd chuck my thoughts in. Talk of fan protests and the like is too far. That's never been the way we've done things at DFC - it's always been howls of derision from the home end as officials head down the tunnel. At the moment there's a lot of things to look at. The form is rancid. Really, really rancid. In fact it's probably as bad as it's been since the Third Division days. As well as that the 'football' we play is genuinely appalling to watch. This morning alone I've had two emails from people I know who were at the game mentioning how bad it was to watch! For me going to the game is something I should look forward to, and being there is something (most weeks) I should enjoy. Football should be unpredictable, exciting and I almost always have that wee bit of hope that we could do something. This season that hope has gone. The unpredictability has gone. The excitement has gone. Every single week pretty much we are served up exactly the same performance. I don't need to go into detail about what it's like because every single person who is watching us semi-regularly knows. I missed an away game for the first time since 2012 and, to be quite honest, I'm struggling for motivation to go to plenty of others. On top of that we have a manager who seems to have a wee book of excuses and cliches to spout post match. That constant 'look how difficult a job I have' patter is dull now. He knew what he was getting into when he took the job. It's like me getting a job as a roofer and then complaining about the fact I don't like heights or cope well with the cold. Statistically we have been very, very bad this season. 2 wins in 20 games isn't great by anyone's going, and unfortunately I feel like the victory against St Mirren could actually have set up back. As OKI said earlier on it will be used as the exception that proved the rule. Our two victories have both been 1-0 and (if I'm being super cynical) have both been fortuitous. The 1-0 victory over United was thanks to a dubious penalty, and Aldo pulling off some heroic saves. The St Mirren one, well that's obvious, 999 times out of a thousand Langfield doesn't do that. Any other team would've comfortably dealt with us. Then comes the 'he's doing a good job with limited resources' line. He does have the smallest budget in the league - of that I have no doubts - so why he elected to spend (I would imagine) a decent chunk of that on Ryan Stevenson, a player who according to my Ayr supporting m8s was miles off it last season, only he will know. The fact he's then not playing only reinforces that point that he was a bizarre risk of a signing that (unsurprisingly) has backfired. Last season we had an unbalanced squad. Very little upfront, and an abundance of similar midfielders and defenders. This season we have a smaller squad, but the issues are still the same. If Gaz isn't on form then, normally, we don't win. In saying absolutely all of that we are actually sat in a relatively decent position in the league. I doubt I'm the only one wondering quite how we have managed that. We have two fascinating games coming up now. If we don't take three points from Raith then we can chuck the 'decent home record' out the window as far as I'm concerned. Then we have the Bonnyrigg game. I'm guessing that's absolutely the last draw Stevie would've wanted. It's pretty much a lose/lose for him. If we win comfortably (which I don't expect us to do) then it's what (outsiders) would have suspected. If we get a draw then the pressure will well and truly be on him, and it's an additional game our squad don't need, and if we lose? Well that would be one of the most embarrassing moments in the club's recent history. Outsiders would see it as a massive shock and giant killing. Would we? Meh, I'm not sure I would. I think Stevie is absolutely right not to host a 'Meet the Manager' at the moment. It would be a farce and wouldn't help us or him. He'd spout some cliches and feel uncomfortable, we'd get no additional answers. Lose lose as far as I'm concerned. Stevie still has a high reputation from keeping us up last season, and what he achieved with Stranraer. I suspect he will resign if it looks as if we will go down with a whimper - but that's still a long way off yet. There's no way we can afford to pay him off, and I'm not sure that would achieve anything. His deal is up in the summer and, certainly at the moment no matter what happens this season, I wouldn't be for renewing it. A thanks for your efforts, all the best in the future would suit me. Every time I think about the managerial situation I think back to BBPF's comments about Murray always looking in control, and Aitken looking tense. He was bang on, and with every passing defeat it becomes more and more apparent. He's never been in this situation as a manager before, it's the sort of thing that makes or breaks managers, and at the moment he's looking broken. I typed that on my iPad on the train, so there's probably typos all over the shop. Blame Scotrail. That's what I do for everything.
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    f**k the Pats! Great stand from the Seahawks.
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    And their supine, gullible and "nowhere to be found when the chips are down" fans. Don't forget them and their complete disappearance when it mattered.
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    There should be some sort of special award for a Livi manager if he goes a whole season without being punted.
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    Nonsense. Every away game I have been to there has been home fans lined up outside the stadium wanting to shake your hand ect. The locals have always made me feel very welcome. There is proof of a home and away game that would suggest to me Scottish fans are maybe not so tedious and embarrassing.
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    See to be honest I couldn't give a flying toss for this we did...they did pish. The game finished 1-1 it was great entertainment and it will be forgotten about by next week. The season is in its infancy there is a long way to go so lets put this shit to rest. Cheers. By the way can somebody start a thread "Great Super First journeys 2017/18" so Fan of the Juniors has something to talk about!
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    I expect our title rivals to pick up all 3 points here. 3-1 Morton
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    There can be few things sweeter whilst supporting an NFL side than the following beat New England in their own back yard with a last second goal line stop
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    Please keep this shite American sports chat to the relevant forum. Thank you.
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    Seeing Jerry Jones happy absolutely sickens me
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    Just a wee historical reminder of Rangers' European performances... 2011-12: Put out of Champions League qualifying at the first hurdle by Malmo. A team with a fraction of their budget. Then put out of Europa League qualifying by Maribor, a team with a fraction of their budget. 2010-11: Qualified directly for the Champions League, finished 3rd in their group, beat Sporting Lisbon in R32 of the Europa League, put out by PSV in the next round. I seem to recall Maurice Edu being denied a blatant penalty at Ibrox. Probably the most successful European season for Scotland since 07-08 when Rangers were in the UEFA Cup final and Aberdeen qualified from their group. 2009-10: Beaten 4-1 by Romanians Unirea Urziceni (who no longer exist) at home in the CL groups. Finished with two points, no wins and a goal difference of -9 against very average Stuttgart and Sevilla teams. 2008-09: Beaten in the second stage of Champions League qualifying by an assortment of Kaunus players who weren't good enough to play for Hearts and didn't drop into UEFA Cup qualifying as a result. Or if you prefer, a year by year account since the CL started (which as we all know led to Murray spunking money he didn't have which killed them): 92-93: Most successful season, almost made a final 93-94: Put out in the first round by Levski Sofia 94-95: Put out in the qualifying round by AEK Athens 95-96: Made it to the group stage, never won a game 96-97: Made it to the group stage, won one game against Grasshoppers 97-98: Put out in second qualifying round by Gothenburg. Went out of UEFA Cup first round to RC Strasbourg 98-99: UEFA Cup 99-00: Made it to CL group, beat PSV home and away. Put out UEFA Cup by Dortmund 00-01: Won two CL group games against Sturm Graz and Monaco, put out UEFA Cup by Kaiserslautern 01-02: Lost in CL third qualifying round against Fenerbache. Reasonable UEFA Cup run 02-03: Put out in first round of UEFA Cup by Viktoria Zizkov 03-04: Won one game in CL group. 04-05: Lost in CL third qualifying round against CSKA Moscow. Made it to group stage of UEFA Cup, failed to qualify despite three teams from five going through 05-06: Last 16 of the CL 06-07: R32 of the UEFA Cup, no CL (finished 3rd year before) 07-08: Finished 3rd in CL group, on to UEFA Cup final 08-09: Out in CL 2nd qualifying round 09-10: CL group, never won a game 10-11: 3rd in CL group, won one EL round 11-12: Lost both qualifiers in both competitions So in 20 potential CL seasons we have (attempting to account for difference in format which I don't really get) 10 CL group stage appearances - 2 qualifications to next stage of CL - 4 qualifications to next stage of EL/UEFA Cup Flying the flag, indeed. I presume Boyd talked at length about how he was never picked for European games because he didn't run.
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    Some doctor you are
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    Volvo eh? You never said. Big car for a single man with no kids.
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    The fault of the current state of affairs, lies entirely with the governing bodies' failure to ever address the clubs who were continually pissing money away in plain sight. In the case of 1872-2012, they were definitely considered one of the two Golden geese. The reaction to their well known problems was farcical, let alone the fallout when the inevitable occurred. It's almost as if the powers-that-don't-be in the corridors were desperate to keep Kinning Park's seat warm for them, after failing to bully the clubs into wrong and hasty decisions (of which a lot of Rangers fans were glad for, incidentally) but the truth is the clubs have hung on to the coattails of the Cheeks for as long as the SFA have bent over backwards for them. Arseholes like Strachan and Boyd can go on all they like about Rangers not being in the top flight all they like, but that's only to appease the complete retards on Superscoreboard and the Record Hotline, nothing to do with how it has damaged the game to the point its at right now. And it's not Souness' fault either. The clubs got themselves in the mess, and then fucked up when they tried to branch out with SPL TV. Those bitching about the OF hegemony, were only to quick to pull the ladder up themselves. Marr, Yorkston, Boyle, Robinson, every one an arsehole.
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    Of course it's relevant. How can we pay him out of his contract with no money? I get the fact we're doing poorly and the football is poor to watch but i can't help but feel this is all getting a bit hysterical. We're in 8th place folks.
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    That's a bit unfair tagging the whole support like that. In my opinion it's made up of guys who support wee teams who don't get to see their clubs play in Europe so following Scotland abroad is the next best thing. I hate how we tag ourselves as the best fans in the world and some of the bantz that goes with the trips but most of it is just attention seeking. What about when Aberdeen went through their crappy spell and still took huge away supports everywhere they played? Were you or your fellow fans to blame because you followed them and cheered them on like little lapdogs? Blaming the fans is ridiculous and before its mentioned for the 10000th time, they certainly don't celebrate failure, they just don't let the football ruin a trip. There is a huge difference.
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    On the subject of competitions, people who enter competitions on Facebook for whom a "liked and shared" isn't enough and have to provide a X Factor style sob story. "We've had a tough year with my parents dying and a £20 Haverster voucher really would make things better"
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    Hold the 'fan demonstrations' for the times where you're about to finish bottom of league 2, go out of business etc. At the moment we're clinging on to 8th in the Championship whilst producing an admittedly crap product. It's not great but it's not yet the end of the world.
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    Those Porsche 4x4 things, not just ugly but an absolute car crash of a car.
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    Don't worry we move the last of her stuff on Saturday and I am being helped by 2 of my neighbours,one of which is an Irish traveller and he used to be a bare knuckle boxer.If he said it was Tuesday today I would agree with him.
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    Off to the Chippie by Susie Lacombe. Nether by Stanley Donwood Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein. Seriously impressive close up.
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    Bit of European history made here though. This must be the only CL group game played between two clubs that no longer exist.
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    I think you need more than 7 teachers to have a better than 50% chance of being in the presence of an inspirational character IIBH.
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    "They were flinging themselves into the water to get away from her" And now, please welcome The Roly Polys!
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    No friendly this week, of course. You'd think we could have done with working on tactics or formations; testing new players or giving more experience to existing ones; ranking points; etc.
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    Strachan is just simply an utter disgrace of a manager. Listen to the pre and post match interviews with Coleman, Martin O'Neill & Michael O'Neill. Compare those with WGS and his jaundiced bile, his baffling answers and his downright obstinacy. Go NOW, ya failure.
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    Jessica saying that the cigars were for her dad, aye they guys going to fall for that when you're in at about 1am, with a camera crew, two other people in business dress and the fella from The Apprentice.
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