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    The boys have arrived. Utter nutjobs who spend most of their time play flighting. I was trying to eat my cereal earlier while browsing on my phone but one sat his arse right on my screen and the other went into my bowl to eat my cereal. Goodbye peaceful days.
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    I wish football would stick to being about football. Go out and focus on beating the other team and cut out all the displays for this, silences or applause for that. No wonder we don't win anything. The boss of the organisation is more concerned about getting in the media to talk about poppies and the manager loves a striker more famous for having half the contents of Behar sewn onto his napper than for any footballing ability. Spineless, namby pamby shower. Qualifying game for the oldest rivalry in history coming up and they are all worried about what to put on their shirts.
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    A bit late but a full house is always welcome ETA: Knew 7, educated guess on play, element and DOS question.
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    It's an unfair electoral system like FPTP is for Westminster. Remind me, how did Labour vote when the LibDems tried to change that?
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    I'm going to come across like a proper shouty radical now, but people suggesting that everyone should pipe down see what Trump actually is like is a perfect example of white privilege. If we take him at his word, the things he's said he will do are the policies of a fascist dictator. Only people who wouldn't be affected by those policies if he did enact them are in a position not to take them literally.
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    Think I've got a hang of this BBC malarkey. I'd go with this tomorrow : )
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    New ladies, gents and disabled toilets open for the game on Saturday. Another feather in the building committee's cap and a step nearer the club license. Well done lads.
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    I make that 11-10 to Scotland. Fucking English, can't even remember as much as we do.
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    Joey Barton has embarrassed the Sevco almost as much as Tedi.
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    No bloody English in my team! Andy Goram Bardsley Martin Matt Elliott Danny Fox Kris Commons Bruce Rioch Nigel Spackman Stuart McCall Chris Martin Steven Fletcher
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    Its more likely to be CMWellfan trying out his email marketing. Be aware!
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    They will not grow mold as we grow mold
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    Entire team looks like Snoddy's just told a really shite joke.
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    It's great how it's all going down, we've had 3 votes (indy, brexit, US) where people were looking to bloody the establishments nose, one lost and has been accused ever since of not accepting the result without any real basis in fact, one was victorious and still awaits their will to be acted on while watching a sizeable number do what they can to stop it and an even greater number urging/hoping that the vote is overturned/ignored, then there's yesterdays victory where large numbers yet again are hoping/urging that the democratic will is ignored. Now I'm a bit of a thick bawbag(too many school hours spent in and around the bookies) but I certainly don't remember being taught that democracy means you only accept the will of the people when it suits the establishment, I thought that shite was reserved for the less developed political systems around the globe, apparently not.
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    Ok, but with the chance of reaching a national cup semi final, we need to focus on that and get behind Jim, Graeme and the players. So if we lose, it'll be your fault.
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    If you define Neoliberalism as the triumph of uncontrolled markets, where financial speculation is good, where inequality is an essential driving force and where the state is small and unable to intervene, then it becomes a class based strategy. The main tenent of neoliberalism then, is the breaking of organised labour's bargaining power, it's ability to influence market prices through appreciation of it's role in production. It can be seperated from Globalisation, then a process that could act for both left and right, if done correctly (after all, the early socialists did talk of international socialism, modern Globalisation is simply the imposition of the right's economic vision, rather than the left) I think what will kill Neoliberalism is a combination of technology, the information economy and ultimately climate change, which will in turn break the link between the cost of production of something and it's market price as well as ultimately restricting the growth of markets. In digital products, we are already at the point where the cost of production beyond the prototype has dwindled to zero (cntrl+C, cntrl +V) and the growth of rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing threatens to do the same for many tangible items. Increased automation will drive the same processes: In many semiconductor fabs we've moved past constantly manned production lines to 'lights off' production, where there is little to no human intervention in the process: The entire concept of 'work' as a necessary endevour for the majority of the population will one day be under threat. The information economy, meanwhile has already begun to break down neoliberal structures: Something like Wikipedia represents one of the most successful and purest collectivist enterprises yet imagined, a digital commons that aggregates vast tracts of information and is tended to by thousands of users for no fiscal or tangible reward outside a sense of satisfaction and community spirit. Then you have Google, a modern monopoly acting in complete defiance of neoliberal gravity. Finally, climate change will act to restrict neoliberalism, as it will fundamentally alter the act of consumption of raw materials. Renewable energy sources, by their very nature do not consume resources on the same scale as fossil fuels. In turn they act best in a distributed network, and can be co-opted at a community level, giving and taking from smart grids rather than as centralised, privatised energy suppliers. The inability to grow new markets inexhaustibly will also act against neoliberalism as resources become more scarce, and climate change will inevitably require statist intervention in terms of protecting populaces from the gross effects of climate change. Obviously I'm probably wrong about the whole thing, but it seems to me that social, economic and political revolutions follow technical ones. As sure as the first tools revolutionised how apes hunted (societally and ultimately physiologically) We are in the midst of two revolutions, a communications/information one, and an energy one. Both must eventually alter how society is organised.
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    It'll be approaching 4 years when Dundee Utd win the championship and Falkirk dispatch you in the play-offs again
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    A friend of mine has updated her cover photo. She used to have a dog that she would post utter shite photos of daily that sadly passed away last year. As one does when a dog passes away she's went and replaced her but with 2 dogs. Her cover photo is now her 2 new dogs sitting on a couch with a framed picture of the deid dug in between them
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    Apart from the things he has actually said about minorities, he's enabling and legitimising the views of millions of racists and bigots across America. In the same way the Brexit vote did for some morons here.
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    For people working as self-employed delivery drivers or putting on a paper hat every day to intern at Morrisons, I guarantee that resentment towards anyone for swapping a paddyfield for an iPhone is not high on the agenda. Whilst I'd agree that phenomenons such as globalisation and now the sharing economy are fundamentally positive, there are quite clearly people who's working lives are now less dignified and secure than it might have been for previous generations. As far as I can tell the left and centre are in a real bind here for two main reasons. Firstly the question of making the huge economic and technological shifts of the last and next few decades work for everyone, are genuinely really difficult. As just one example, the tide seems to have turned against the progress in tackling labour exploitation - how do we successfully regulate against that when business and capital are more transient than ever? Secondly and sorry to sound like AdLib but the people on the sharp end of these problems are some of the least capable of or willing to engage in these questions. The answers offered up by Farage, Trump and co. are complete bollocks but folk are willing to buy into them. The left have had absolutely nothing to say regarding the issues their traditional voter base faces and the vacuum has been filled by stop the world I want to get off, bogeyman politics; communicated through soundbites and memes. Thanks to the left's complacency and lack of foresight, they now not only have to find new solutions to difficult challenges but they have to get that message to fit on a hat.
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    The master of light
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    Not at all but we have to edge our bets. We can't be like you lads winning the Scottish Cup every second year or winning the Premier division to enter it. Oh wait a minute!!!!
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    The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch 1515
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    He's been shite since he returned from his illness. It's ok being the way he is when he's just another player but when he's captain he's got to have some personality about him ffs. Certainly not inspiring players or fans with his absolutely nothing performances on the pitch. Waste of a jersey. Doesn't tackle, score goals, win the ball back or break up play or add anything of note going forward. Reputation from his past has him where he is now.
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    They come from the Borders.
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    Who you telling to lay off the beer you silly Herts c**t.
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    Lay off the beer mate, it's Thursday morning f**k sake.
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    Seen the Partick team enjoying themselves at a hotel on Monday night. At least I got to slice cheese next to Dundee legend Gerry Britton at breakfast in the morning
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    Did my first match reporting for Bet 365 tonight. Airdrie u20's vs Clyde u20's. f**k me it was cold and a boring 0-0 draw.
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    Had a fine wee trip last weekend. Took Friday off and left ridiculously early to tackle Beinn Mhanach from Loch Lyon dam. A 20 mile route, 17 of which can be cycled on a fairly decent track. Cracking views from Mhanach, however with about 4 miles of the cycle left, it fucking pished down. Still it was good to bag my "Cliff Thorburn" (147th) munro. Stayed the night at the decent Independent Hostel in Glencoe, displeasingly being woken up by some tit setting off the fire alarm at 6am with a nuked attempt at a bacon roll. Even more displeasingly I awoke with a hangover after only 3 pints and a vodka. Fucking hell. A group of us then spent a day faffing around in various places before heading into Gorton Bothy. Mountain biking a few miles up a rough track with a ridiculously heavy rucksack was "interesting" to say the least. Still, we saw a brilliant sunset. Things took a turn for the bizarre when a glasgow lad who we'd met at the Hostel fell in with us, also staying the night, but not before getting totally fucked on a bottle and a half of whisky, before going outside for a fag and falling down in the wet grass shouting "Stars are fuckin' brilliant man". The poor fucker woke up the following morning looking like a corpse. We left him the remaining booze, scran and some coal as he wanted to stay another night on his own. Quite a night. The bike back out the following morning was glorious and fucking quick. Unlikely to get out this weekend as the forecast is fucking gash.
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    Apologies if posted already, but pleased to see the Buchan Observer focusing on the real story at the heart of this result.
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    The left bottled it globally as left parties were dragged so far to the right by cretins like jmo and berwickmad who scream about electability, this has shown that sanders could have won and so could corbyn. They'll never back him though as they're cretins who don't even have left views and are horrified when confronted with them. That's why you get weapons like dugdale calling herself a socialist, and the labour party abstaining en masse on things like welfare reform, trident ad Yemen last week. The left needs to grow some balls and unashamedly promote left wing values and policies , not pander to swing voters requiring them to dilute their very essence on the altar of electability, which, as it turns out isn't even electable anyway and the values they are running away from in horror are electable and would engender real positive change.
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    Mott The Hoople : Roll Away The Stone
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    Wheel meet again, Don't know where, don't know Wensleydale...
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    This can't be a coincidence it happened just as trump was being announced as president. Either the tram driver was too busy watching the developments on his phone or he just decided life wasn't worth living and he was going to take innocents with him.
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    I wouldnt say Trump talked and listened, more picked up on the anger some people felt against the political establishment and manipulated it. His base to begin with was religious nutters, 2nd amendment nutters, tea party nutters and rich old white guys. Im assuming the people who would never vote for any woman probably fit into one of those groups. He managed to whip up a populist vote by selling some nostalgic version of America (that never really existed) that he was going to restore and, along with the populists, crucially added the mainly white protest vote against the establishment. Whilst the Democrats would never touch his base, they were sloppy and lazy with their choice of candidate. Clinton, whilst deeply unpopular herself, was looking to surf the wave of Obama's relative popularity and she never had a chance of snaring the latter two groups of voters. At least Sanders might have stopped the bleeding of the protest vote to Trump. The whole thing has been exacerbated by mainly middle class commentators loudly shouting down any legitimate criticism of Clinton as misogyny, which just got people's backs up similar to Brexiters being dismissed solely as racists. As for his rhetoric, given that he articulated very few actual policies it will be hard to pin him down on whether he actually delivers on anything bar a wall and banning muslims. I fully expect the buffoon to be impeached within the first 2 years - the concern will be the rabid lunatics that surround him that nobody expected to see anywhere near a government ie Gingrich, Palin, Huckabee et al.
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    When Labour abandoned economic leftism for an exclusive focus on cultural leftism working people suddenly became the problem.
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