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    Apologies if already posted but cba trawling back pages to look. Think I've found a new favourite photo
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    I'll make it short... (an animated short) Busy Nizzy And The Beast Saga - Part 1
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    Jim Traynor crawling out from under his rock was the worst part of that programme. I've never understood why in Scotland the 'too many foreign imports' argument seems to be a perfectly acceptable point to make, when if you made that same 'argument' about any other industry in Scotland you'd rightly be classed as a horrible xenophobe. Foreign players did not cause clubs to rack up debt and go bust, paying players (from Scotland, and abroad) inflated salaries chasing pipe dreams is what caused the damage. The nationality of the player is totally irrelevant.
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    Love the accent. People all sound af too from my experience. Anyway. Bought and been living in my flat for a month now, settled, and I'm off to Napier to do my degree after hearing back from them this morning, works putting me through it, be on 4 days a week at work 1 through at Uni. Both things I wanted to do this year done.. And it's Friday. Delighted.
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    Teams like Dundee? We're not your diddy shite like Hamilton, Kilmarnock and Dundee United. Thank you.
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    If the guy could somehow make it up to the commentary box and do exactly the same to Chris Sutton, that would be great thanks
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    This is probably the reason Klitschko was so lacklustre in his fight with Tyson Fury. Haunted by images of his wife being ridden like a Burntisland donkey by a pasty Fifer. A sobering thought for any man.
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    Queens have struck absolute gold with Dobbie. Not many players around these days who can clearly play at a higher level but choose to play for a club because they love said club/enjoy playing for said club. Very refreshing to see and fair play to Dobbie and Queens.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here's a long read from the Guardian about the dangers of working in a betting shop - CLICK. Pretty scary stuff all round. Definitely worth 30 minutes of your time.
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    The quality of poster sticking up for Grimbo means they really aren't doing his profile any good. The absolute dregs of pie and bovril.
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    Cracking match promo on the Rovers site. S'no working for mobiles though. Edit - Seems to be fine now
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    Didn't they have Tommy Burns around at the time? Some of them may have been shouting "Boo-urns".
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    Dismissing a programme in its entirety when, by your own admission, you only watched a tiny fraction of it, is pretty laughable.
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    Ad Lib could write the end credits.
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    Another couple from The Rock - quite literally in this case. The first pic shows the City of Winchester in Denny's fitting-out basin in 1952, with the massive shearlegs which lifted the engines into the hull in the foreground. The second picture shows, well, a bus shelter according to Viking Ton.....
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    It's true, and it took me by surprise this afternoon when I learned the Celtic draw, I have absolutely no interest in this millionaires' circus any more, and I can't believe it. I have the most wonderfully visual memories of the first time I really got into the Champions League. Manchester United, Barcelona, IFK Goteborg and Galatasaray - Jesper Blomqvist and co making the Swedes look imperious, Barcelona's dream team succumbing to a late Lee Sharpe equalizer keeping alive Man United's unbeaten record at home in Europe. I remember Ginola and Weah teaming up for PSG, and Patrick Kluivert scoring an unlikely winner against AC Milan in the final. Everything about it just seemed...classy - light years away from what I was already realizing was meagre fare at Rugby Park. Fast forward through various years of Manchester United getting closer, before finally winning in the Nou Camp in eternal fashion. Zidane at Hampden. Jose's Porto team upsetting the odds. Fantastic wins for Celtic and Rangers (RIP) at home and abroad...well...maybe not abroad... Anyway, it's been great! I thought it was great! I sort of thought I still felt it was great...but now I just look at it as bloated, homogenized, repetitive, and...boring. I am bored by the very brand of football I'm supposed to be so enthralled in, that I get goosebumps on hearing it's theme tune - or at least, that's what they tell us. I think it's exactly this way that it's packaged now that pisses me off as much as anything. It's billed as being the biggest thing in football, the climax to everything we're supposed to love about the game...but it's not. It's the same distance from Scottish football I used to love - that makes now me feel alienated. Sky Sports - who would have you believe that football was invented on England's defeat in the semi finals of Italia '90 - now eagerly ramp up the importance of Ronaldo vs Messi in the hunt for the title of all-time-champions-league-leading-goalscorer, and it just feels empty. It's the same as last year, and it'll be the same next year. So here we go. all your favourites. Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Arsenal, Bayern Munich...again...forever....
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    Yup you better believe it . What would you prefer , playing pretty football with sycophantic OF fans and media saying well played hard luck etc etc and no points ? Or ....kicking the shit out of either half of the OF and playing football where necessary laughing at the seething moronic paranoid fans and their journalist pals foaming at the mouth on various media platforms and getting 3 or 1 point ? Choose now
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    I don't know what you guys are insinuating here ? You saying the Rangers are getting favourable decisions from the ref ? I don't think so lads i have it on good authority that the referee is a f****n.
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    Should have been a red card for Barton IMO.
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    Rangers are utter, utter dug shit.
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    If it's a private ticket it's still just an invoice that can't be enforced, but they do have the option to take it to civil court if they feel the need to. Also before Mark Connolly gives me into trouble for helping, you're a c**t.
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    People who don't put the "Next customer please" signs on the conveyor belt at the supermarket. Ignorant b*****ds.
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    As I've just posted elsewhere: So 18 of 32 places will be taken by 'Big 4' and CL & EL title holders. Country performance will no longer contribute to club coefficients. Undefined "historic success" will now contribute to club coefficients. Clubs with bigger coefficients will receive more money. It's a capitulation.
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    I'm a big fan of Dick Campbell. He reminds me of Saddam Hussein. Puts siblings in important positions, uses the next generation of the bloodline to infiltrate the enemy and destroy them from within.
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    Probably still gives him enough time to score.
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    I , personally, haven't used the Cumnock to Ayr bus recently, but, on an odd occasion my wife has went on the bus to Ayr during the week which takes 40-45 mins as I have asked her while typing this post That is on a midweek day, not a Sunday, which is a restricted service and can take longer as the bus takes longer as they often go in to some of the villages etc they bypass during the week Even if we are talking 40 mins to get from Cumnock to Ayr, you actually are asking us to consider that the other part of the journey I.e walk from bus stop to train station, train to Troon, walk from station to Portland Park , in total is 35 mins !!!!!! Oh, also as the Sunday service is less often than during the week , not every hour at the same time, but, quite often 2 hourly at certain parts of the day on a Sunday , I'll stick by my original assessment and you use the figures on Traveline, that website that is there to promote the travel companies that are noted on it so is unlikely to factor in , up front, that you might have " unforeseen" delays One question, have you travelled all or part of this route you describe ..... Almost certainly not or you wouldn't be quoting Traveline Have I travelled the route - naw !! My good lady wife has travelled the first part of the route on a few instances and her first thought when asked about travelling to Ayr on the bus and on to Troon on the train in 1 hr 15 mins was " no chance" Please excuse me for taking her answer on board rather than yours, I'm feart fae her and I'm not scared of you in the slightest
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    Not sure how you can dismiss a club that have won three Scottish Cups as "diddies" when your club's greatest achievement is fucking up a cup final against a club that always fucks up cup finals, but each to their own.
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    Last season I saw a guy nearly choke to death at Petershill but luckily an off duty doctor was present. As the obstruction was stuck in the guys throat the doctor had to perform an emergency tracheotomy at the base of his neck. I can remember the doctor screaming that he needed something sharp to make a incision and just by luck a quick witted spectator broke the crust of his pie giving the doctor a sharp object to carry on with the procedure.
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    Grimbo is bald, omnipresent and just ruins everything he is part of because he is fucking irritating. He can be cast in CGI as Jar Jar Binks with a dreary Northern accent.
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    Hearts almost die, fans save the club. Hibs almost die, fans save the club. Rangers die and the fans stand and give money to John fucking Brown. All that show really confirms what a fucking despicable, vile, bigoted institution those filthy *** c***s really are.
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    Unionists are kidding themselves if they think any Yes voters are changing their minds but I do think Scotland's financial situation has to be roughly on par with the UK's to get this through. Objectively speaking, different parts of the argument from back then have been won and lost on each side. The SNP's economic argument from 2014 will work against them (constitutionally, they're fine electorally) as long as Scotland's finances lag behind the UK's. You could fairly argue about the relative strength of both economies for most of the build up to 2014, hence why things like GERS figures were barely reported. Now things are clearly more challenging. Oil is just a bonus, £x better off per person, xth richest country on earth etc. These are statements that will sting the Yes side if the campaign started tomorrow. The opposite can be said of much of the ideological arguments. More in common with North of England, no political difference between England and Scotland, Labour will be back in soon, there won't even be an EU Referendum, only way to stay in Europe is to vote No, the Vow. These are Yes's told you so's. The debates of the first Referendum really ended up boiling down to 'can' Scotland be an Independent country, rather than 'should'. To the people who can swing it next time, the No side is winning the 'can' argument and Yes is winning the 'should'. It's a really big challenge in the circumstances and I'm not holding my breath over it - but the SNP's target must be to use it's limited powers to restore Scotland to economic parity/superiority relatve to the UK. Achieve that and it's game over.
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    On behalf of everyone, please stop this. I die a little inside every time I see it and it hurts me knowing you're probably chuckling away to yourself every time you type it. Fucking horrendous patter, just be normal and call him an arsehole or something. Please.
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    Tell that to his dog.
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    There's a very good chance the deplorable Grim O'Grady will reach a score of -1000 by the end of the week. Can I have confirmation from a moderator that this will lead to his outright banning from these forums? I'd hate to think my efforts, and the hard work of others, over the past four weeks have been wasted. There have been a number of occasions when I've wanted to leave a negative score on other poster's comments but I've stopped and thought: "No, save it for Grim O'Grady instead".
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    Commentary team quick to apologize for swearing picked up on the microphones. But nothing for 100+ minutes of sectarian shite.
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    How the f**k is that a red card? Barton can still walk.
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    Glorious challenge. Red card seems excessive though.
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    B*llocks. Your assertion and examples. Fifteen years ago Dundee Utd's average was 7,650... last season it was 7,969 despite getting relegated... so far this season (in Championship) matches 7,058 & 6,472. St Mirren's was 2,717... last season it was 3,549... so far this season matches 4,997 & 4,517 but admittedly against Morton & Hibs. In all cases for tier 2.
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    the long winter nights must fly past in your gaff.
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    As a little teaser I can confirm that the face painter sadly goes without payment.
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    If you haven't watched it Kincardine, f**k off. Then watch it, there's a nice wee cliffhanger at the end for you.
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    Great quote from him in the evening news recently. Hopefully Hibs do something to remember him.
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    I presume the OP just can't see the irony of complaining about the football authorities organising things in such a way that the big clubs hoover up most of the money
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