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    Forum's fucked. Completely cunted.
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    I wouldn't say there was a clique as such, more just a huge number of posters who all find Grim O'Grady horrendous, insufferable and a blight on this forum.
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    It's a real shame that your fellow bearz don't share that mindset, Bob, otherwise it wouldn't have happened to yours.
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    You take this forum way too serious.
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    I've supported Clyde at Shawfield, Firhill, Douglas Park and Cumbernauld. The reason? I support Clyde, not the town. Can you tell me what loyalty or support Celtic have shown to Cumbernauld to give them your support?
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    I'll set myself on fucking fire if he starts infesting Morton threads.
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    f**k off you boring b*****d.
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    To be fair, I don't think that the future of Sons TV was in any particular doubt. However, having spoken to David yesterday, he's pleased that the financial burden for running the excellent service he provides, will not just be borne by him. I'm delighted to sponsor what is, in my opinion, a very worthwhile and professional service for Sons fans worldwide.
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    Loads of spare seats that I can see
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    The artist formerly know as Grimbo has managed to find his way on to the Queens Falkirk thread. His sole reason for being there, is that he's followed TGIG to call him a grass. Utterly tragic.
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    Nobody bites to MJC only hating ex Celtic players so has another stab at getting attention. Just awful.
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    Disgraceful that Middlesbrough aren't picking Rhodes just because they have someone better in his position.
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    Midlothian Fans: We spent large sums on building a 10,000 seater SPL compliant stadium and didn't overspend on players - the other clubs, 7 of whom including Midlothian subsequently went into administration by overspending on players, voted to change the rules and condemn Thistle to years in the Seaside Leagues. The man who pushed through the change of rules was the Midlothian Chairman. So tough luck on having to watch the game from our Old Main Stand. You should take a lesson form the Old Firm fans and trash our Stadium during a Youth Team Match and our Board would then let you have the Jackie Husband Stand and move Thistle Fans to the Main Stand.
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    I support Hibs you fucking idiot.
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    The Morton forum must be a fucking hoot.
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    http://derekbateman.scot/2016/08/21/can-i-quote-you/ All you need to know
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    The modern world is shite. Back in the day men would settle their differences with a good old fashioned rammy following the Marquess of Queensbury rules and now they just bitch about each other on fucking blogs from the safety of their bedrooms.
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    I honestly don't know why we're indulging this ludicrous topic of conversation, but the stand was less than 800 short of capacity. Looking at that photo, there are the usual wee gaps dotted about, the front two or three rows are empty across the full length of the stand, and the leftmost section is pretty sparse too. (A couple of) Dunfermline fans trying to use an accusation of financial mismanagement to deflect from a bad result is one of the more blatant examples of the pot calling the kettle black (and white, stripes) that you're ever likely to see. If I were you, I'd be less concerned by the gaps in the stand, and more concerned by the gaps in your strikeforce, between BRE's ears, and between the top of the league and seventh place.
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    Least you have nice teamsheets.
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    Rumour has it, that the hmrc were at the San Starko this afternoon to count the seats in the away end. It turns out the stand holds 6000, so minus the 300 missing supporters on the first 2 rows and a 400 in other areas there were 5300 townies in the away end. I'm hearing such was the demand for away tickets, the touts were cleaning up outside. Hmrc left the ground with a big brown envelope and a wad of notes from the away turnstiles. Rovers will be in big trouble with the authorities after a tip off from a schoolboy howling down the phone in a state of serious distress, after his team lost a football match, and the tannoy announced that there were more wee team supporters in the stadium. Rumours that the notes seized were mainly counterfeit and made in kelty have yet to be confirmed.
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    Well done Rovers. Can't argue with the result, goals win games. ...and I am most definitely F*CKING SEETHING!!!
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    Love - Kris Doolan, Alan Archibald and Gerry Britton. Hate - Nacho Novo, Paul Paton and Owen Coyle. I really, really hate Nacho Novo. Fucking despise the little rat c**t. Just a fucking dispicable excuse for a human being. f**k off Nacho Novo. I hated him when he was at Raith Rovers and I still hate him.
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    We've no won the big cup since 3 months ago
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    Hegarty's big weakness is his dealings in the transfer market. He just can't close a deal and then panic signs / re-signs whoever's available. Whilst I don't want to be overly critical of him (he did keep up a side that would have been annihilated in the Brora relegation play off under the previous management) I think it's time up. He is just too old fashioned now for the modern game. Being a manager these days is about so much more than picking and shaping a team and PH seems just not to grasp that. We're in the closing stages of his spell at the club, I am sure of that. It's not enough just to exist as a club. There has to be some purpose to it. There have been very positive things done off the park...the good work of the Links Park Community Trust, the work to buy back the ground from its owners, so the club has some security of tensure and can plan for the future. These are all very good and positive developments- for the future. The trouble is that things on the park are pretty grim at present and it is matters on the park that fans care about the most. Whatever we do, we seem completely unable to finish any higher than 6th in the table- and that is a good season. We have no more money to sign anyone else, and the squad is thin and patchy, even more so now with the injuries we have picked up already. The fact that the chairman resigned recently and the newly organised board is still adjusting to the post-Sim era probably works in Hegarty's favour. But even in these favourable political circumstances he won't survive many more dreadful results and performances. Two humiliations at the hands of Highland League teams in Cup competiitions, random team selections, etc., are hard to explain away convincingly.
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    Hope this works. What a volley! https://mobile.twitter.com/doublefault28/status/767162171646177280/video/1
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    Nine points from nine is a brilliant start, but we should probably keep our feet on the ground, since two of those victories have been against the plucky newcomers, Ayr and Dunfermline, who are probably still struggling with the rarified air of the second tier. On the plus side for Dunfermline though, they're probably only 5 or 6 players away from being competent, and could potentially finish as high as seventh in my opinion, so fair play to them. There's been a fair amount of chat about Rovers being poor at the back this season, which I've been in agreement with, but I thought they looked pretty solid today. Higginbotham caused them a bit of grief for about 60 minutes, but they stood up to it, which considering Lennox only had one working leg for about 80 minutes, is pretty impressive. Neither Higginbotham nor Cardle were particularly interested in working back though, especially as the game progressed, which is when Rovers started to get on top. Like others mentioned, if Pars had scored first, Rovers might have toiled to get back into it, but that ability to ground out wins that the club had last season, appears to have carried forward into this one. For now at least. Still early days, but I think our positive reaction to Locke's appointment was entirely justified...
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    Brilliant footage again and loved the bit that captured the goal and it reminded me of playing sensible soccer as a boy on the computer with the angle you secured the goal from.
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    Thats Wasps1 you're describing.
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    Teamsheets that look like menus, and nice high streets. What every football fan wants.
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    The only times I've ever had a "duvet day" is when me & the bird have been trocious on the swedge & chae the previous night, and I know that popping a filth flick on the DVD will end up with her being quite happy to wear a pus like a painters radio before we order pizza and watch Easties. Sent from a dark, dank hellhole.
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    Household pet. Total tap in [emoji8]
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    Then the word you're looking for is "Sunday".
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    Fu* king blootered after a good lads wedding in Portobello today. Begged the band to play sunshine on leith and they didn't know the song the b*****ds. Back in Clydebank on YouTube full blast watching the Hibees doing Scotland proud, the Well Bois at fir hill with since I was young and twist and shout at Ibrox, Aberdeen fans at Celtic park with 40,000 mental sheep winning a cup, tynecastle going mental in general, rangers fans singing penny arcade, Celtic fans doing the chant at rugby park, ICt and county winning cups. How fucking tremendous are us Scottish football fans? How can anyone not enjoy our League??!! Looking forward to another amazing season boys, getting slagged to f**k for being an OF dick on here and mostly watching the Rodgers revolution. Fucking Passion and Pricde above billions of pounds any day of the week. bed time
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    Not her finest hour that interview tbh. I can understand her frustration that no matter how hard she (or any of the others for that matter) train they still won't get near the strength that Semenya has due to her heightened testosterone levels. Fact is though that she ran a PB and a Scottish record which was only good enough for 6th, so imo she came across as very bitter, when the situation is a very complicated one and in no way Semenya's fault. She should have been proud of her run, to be honest I don't really like the fact that they shove a mic at somebody after they lose as there is always the chance somebody will say something in the heat of the moment. Although tbf Rooney's "I ran like a dick" comment was superb last week.
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    Under Roberts we got off to a flier every year and then got found out by the start of the second quarter, narrowly avoiding relegation, so the lack of a strong start isn't worrying, we have been beaten by 3/4 of the top 4 currently. The worrying aspect is, we seem to be doing the same thing we did last year, players out for a week injured that turns into 3 months, midfield and attack being changed every week meaning players filling in out wide and only 2 out of 5 actually playing well in a game. Gilmour and Crawford are rotten out wide, Donald was inconsistent, now it is maybe 1 good game in 10 from him. So the only width we have is from the fullbacks and they are hopefully on a steep learning curve, working out when to sit in and when to push forward. Signing Harkins was a massive step in the right direction, hopefully things will settle down soon and we start picking up points.
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    I remember my first pint.
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    Stone The Crows - Danger Zone
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    Diaz sounds like a parody of a thick fighter talking shit.
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    Consistently good contributors banned, absolutely atrocious posters prevailing and a storm of shocking stanzas & songs. P&B is dying; the king is dead, long live the queen. eta: I'd like to nominate @Rudolph Hucker (and what looks like a lot of additional aliases), @ashton and @Sinclair Street for a combined 'Heads Gone'. They appear to be engaged in some sort of war of attrition, confined to each others' profiles.
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