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    Agreed. Also, I'd probably batter my dad if I found out that he'd met my mum on an internet forum.
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    Enough is enough. For too long now the clubs of Angus have been bestowing copious amounts of unnecessary embarrassment upon Scottish football. The time has come for a pooling of resources and a change of the status quo. Together, we can make the region of Angus mediocre again. #GetThemMerged
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    Liam Henderson to be delivereeeered?
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    You may only post in this thread if your team scored 7 (seven) goals today. Dundee and Ross County fans are of course welcome, but please note that as you are both out of the tournament, your results were ultimately meaningless.
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    Anyone saying that this is the worst game that they've seen for years clearly wasn't at the game against Alloa in January(?) You know, the one when folk were screaming at McKinnon to go when he was walking down to the tunnel? The desperation to slate Locke displayed by some around me today was depressing. Aye, we were shite today, but can folk try to remind themselves that we're Raith Rovers and might veer towards inconsistency sometimes.
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    Probably leaves you as a dirty, old, gin soaked, internet hard man, but we all knew that anyway. As you were. Nothing to see here.
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    Just caught at Charlotte Square
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    Fans of clubs who did shite, made an arse of their preparations, had their club charge ludicrous gate prices or got a pish group in 'hating the changes' shock.
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    My 5th Grandson born last night
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    Before we all part ways at the end of this group stage, I just want to say that it's been a pleasure to share the group with posters that didn't see the need to create an individual thread for each match.
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    I miss being able to go for a shite and not having to worry about it sticking to the hair in my arse.
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    Falling asleep in the car and waking up in my own bed. Nowadays, if I fall asleep somewhere - I wake up in the same place. That's life.
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    Anyone who puts ketchup near bacon is a beast.
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    We actually played well in parts but should have been out of sight by half time, another day we could have had 4/5/6. First game I've seen since the end of last season, some observations from today.. Fraz looks to be struggling with the pace. Was impressed with Stiriling. We need 2 up front, Thomson needs someone along side him to benefit from his hard work, we looked more threatening when wee Don played up beside him. I can understand why, because of his attributes, Stevie is trying to turn Garry into a defensive mid but I'm just not convinced that's his best role when we have Gal, Barr and potentially sparky that can play the role better. 27 shots at goal today which wasn't bettered by anyone else playing in the competition including ICT, Ross County and Dundee who all won 7-0, 13 on target only bettered by Dundee's 14. I prefer the f**k it, we'll score one more than you approach.
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    Hi guys, congratulations on succeeding where we failed so woefully.. I just thought I'd let you know that Mark Docherty Paneka'd his sudden death penalty and sent the 'keeper flying the wrong way. He had a horrific game, but I thought that might give you a chuckle. Glad to see Jacko and the long list of ex-Sons doing well, and playing some cracking stuff too according to the radio.
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    Couple of observations here. The guy came on and asked a question after asking Talbot themselves and gets accused of having a hidden agenda. Maybe he has maybe he hasn't. Then the old you must have another username come up. That one always seems to get me as once you accuse someone of that you can either avoid a subject or cast doubt on what someone is saying. Then someone is rude to him, That's not nice. Then someone gives it the old say it to my face patter. Not hero like patter in my view. Some people need to be less touchy and maybe just concede that their particular team may that be Talbot or whoever can actually be wrong sometimes. Not that i am saying Talbot are in this instance before anyone has a pop. As for the Cumnock fan getting stick it looks obvious to me he was only having a laugh and having the usual Talbot Cumnock wind up. Saying that the DWP stand one I did laugh at. I wonder if you get a discount to sit in it if your unemployed? Also as far as I know Talbot are a good club within the community and people volunteer at the club from time to time. Would it be unfeasible for someone that was already volunteering been told they need to do this unpaid work and Talbot registered in order for the individual (s) to do what they love doing and satisfy the nice people from the job centre. If I volunteered at the local charity shop I would rather continue to do what I was doing rather than stack shelves at Tesco (other supermarkets are available). If anyone is unable to understand my point here please ask and I will try to clarify. I have chcked my spelling as well. Thanks and enjoy whatever game you attend today.
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    North Lanarkshire mining village in the 1970s? We used to dream of growing up in a North Lanarkshire mining village in the 1970s!
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    Rangers dying didn't stop Scottish football from carrying on as per usual m8
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    On behalf of Hibs roasters, like myself, I would like to revise 'Hibs-ing It':
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    Karel Poborsky - A Life Grew mullet Scored that lob in Euro96 Signed for Manchester United. Left Manchester United. Presumed dead.
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    Hold on, I'm away for some popcorn.
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    Sugary, sickly sweet ketchup is for children. Adults use broon, nippy sauce.
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    I played against Sparky once, I feel like helped him score against Barca. Glad I could do my bit.
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    Glencoe looking stunning today.
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    Seeing people on Twitter who support shite like Aberdeen and Dundee United complaining that we are still going on about it. Which is a shame for them because we've got weeks, months and years to still go on about it
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    If that happens I'll kill myself.
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    2 of Murray`s 3 grand slams have been final victories against Novak plus a win in the semi of the Olympics. I`m not sure how that equates to failing every time against him. Also are you really saying Murray`s career is a failure in a thread discussing our national football team. If so then wow.
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    You seem shocked and upset. Is this the first you've heard about it? You should really pay more attention to your club's transfer dealings. As for your question, I'll let Blair answer it for you. ''I heard about St. Johnstone's interest at the turn of the year. I was quite confident that, if I did well on the pitch, I would have an opportunity to play at a higher level come the end of the season. I was excited about it. When I heard about St. Johnstone, I thought about the club as a whole and how well they've done over the past few years. It was something that I was definitely keen to be a part of. Falkirk was a great club to be at. Moving to St. Johnstone was something I had to do to progress my career.'' I hope this clarifies things for you. Most importantly, I hope you've enjoyed your wee trip to the Scottish Premiership forum.
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    Post your picture of a Mor*on captain lifting that trophy. Oh wait, you can't. And to further save you the effort... "verge of tears" "word salad" "^^^^^^^^"
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    Where are Saint Mirren on the list of seeded sides?
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    Bo'ness for the Scottish.......
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    You'd already have shit yourself then.
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    Manfred Mann - My Name Is Jack
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    Just looked up about Cumnock, Pollok and Kilbirnie from the freedom of information files. Apparently all three were involved in esponaige during the cold war. [emoji32] Honestly could not make this stiff up
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    He could be a sub-editor on the Evening Times sports desk,QL.
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    Love - You Set The Scene
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    The Tartan Army are not a f*ckin army and are a national embarrassment.
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    Grown adults, with no children, who obsess over Disney and plan their lives around going to Disneyworld.
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    Can't make the game so if any Hibees would like my season ticket for the match just PM. I understand our place in Scottish football. I'm positive all level-headed Hibs fans would do the same if a bigger team like Celtic or Hearts came to Easter Road.
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    At least make it realistic and change it from a pen to a crayon.
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