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    My beautiful wee man was born today at 0540 7pound 4.5 so he's only wee! 9 hours of labour, tired emotional but he's amazing. Good few complications not noticed in the scan which led to monitoring machine placed on his head and the placenta being attached to the cord which could have caused drastic problems if not managed amazingly by the midwife at the RIE. God bless him and my other half who was a tired, sore emotional wreck but still done it. X
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    Friday morning up with the lark, Dundee Utd went down at Dens Park, Hey, hey, hey what a beautiful day.
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    I like it.... Not at all seething, your display is like... Getting a bit miffed - eg someone has called you out as being a BEAST due to your choice of trouser or toilet roll alignment: Now you're proper seething. Maybe you are frustrated at fellow posters' lack of respect for your authority or knowledge of the law. Maybe they have accused you of being a rapist wife beater. Now someone is trying to convince you that the phrase "roasted cheese" is somehow acceptable:
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    Ryan Edwards. Ryan Edwards. Ryan Edwards!! Surely Edwards is ahead of Fraser in the pecking order. I really think with a full pre season with the squad Edwards is going to be a key man for us next season.
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    After seeing the picture of Faiss and Murdoch in France, I'm now convinced he's staying for at least the next decade.
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    We'll meet again don't know where don't know when but I know we'll meet again* some sunny day *Hopefully not. Good bye forever. Thank you.
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    Dixon's confidence looked shot last year, maybe McKinnon can get more out of him? Wouldn't be surprised if he took a pay cut. Good c**t.
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    Have to disagree with you their, the pitch was reseeded at the beginning of May, along with other work carried out on the pitch. Clearly the Club was being sensible about the request for 2 away games at the start of the Betfred Cup but the SPFL could not oblige. Hopefully the pitch will be ready on time for the Falkirk game and as I have stated above if major improvements to the pitch are to be carried out then clearly it does take time for the pitch to recover. Surely at the end of the day, the club should be praised for trying to improve the standard of pitch that was laid over 20 years ago when the ground was built.
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    I'd like to discover on the Monday that Div has created a website which is half football/ half pornography.
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    It seems to me there are half a dozen disgruntled teams in the middle of Fife who are not happy that they have lost derby games with near neighbours when one has gone north and the other south. Also they now have to travel a bit further afield. I understand that could be frustrating. However I think a lot of them are taking badly because they're used to being right in the middle of a region, with all their games no more than 30 mins away. It's probably less of an issue for say St Andrews or Rosyth because even in the old Fife league they'd still have long journeys several times a season, from one end of the region to the other. Unfortunately, someone always has to be at the extremities of the region - Montrose and Brechin for example would maybe class Stonehaven as a local derby far more than a match against Kinnoull, Jeanfield or Tayport (and Montrose switching region just makes them the southernmost team in the North rather than the northernmost in the East). I'm afraid the way it's set up at the minute just means it's some of the central Fife teams that find themselves at the edges. But as I said previously - someone's gotta do it.
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    You're right. You never see teams performing differently in one campaign than they did in the previous one.
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    I wonder how many times Waffen has viewed that clip.
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    Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band - Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do
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    That's one happy tractor. A new paint job and we might have a replacement for that bloody hornet mascot.
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    You'll be nowhere near the title you unwashed tramp
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    No. You'll miss out on the opportunity to see unusual teams playing at a major tournament, and big names taking an unexpected scudding at the hands of minnows. Ah, wait, you're a Celtic fan. Sorry, carry on.
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    A paid-up member of The Dum De Dum brigade...you ken this.
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    Depending on where the emphasis is placed, your post has two equally valid meanings.
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    CJ gets on my wick when he gets knocked out of the Final round and then pulls a sarcastic face when someone gets a question wrong as if to say everyone should know that. You weren't smart enough to get to the final so you're in no position to mock others ya tube. Yes it is the lawnmower and there's no need to call someone a dick.
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    Combination of genetics and training. If you have it in your genes then decent training can get you far - no matter your age. There are loads of top runners in races in Scotland who didn't start until running until into their 30s. Fat, overweight smokers who did no exercise (like myself). I ran half heartedly for 12 months to get fitter for playing 5s, starting at the age of 36. I then trained more seriously for 18 months until I got injured. I had my 10k time down to 35.15 and my HM down to 1.22 when I injured my knee and had to give up. Some of the guys I trained with, with similar background to me, are now down to 32/33 10k times and sub 1.15 HMs. Kerry-Liam Wilson is a cracking example of a top athlete (not a guy I trained with mind you!) He took it up later in life and has a 10k PB of 31.29 and HM of 1.08. If its in your genes and you train hard then you can very fast very quickly. I gave up running for 7 years and am now back at the age of 46. I have bad arthritis, run with a limp that is so bad that folk notice it and ask what is wrong. I do no more than 2/3 runs a week with a max mileage of 15 miles. In less than 12 months I am back running sub 40min 10k and sub 19min 5k. Oh, aye, and another thing. The lighter you are the faster you can run. Get rid of as much weight as you can without looking like a skeleton and you won't believe the difference. 2 secs per lb per mile. Lose a stone and that's around 3 min for a 10k... without doing anything else.
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    That's Dry of the Family Horce, the non legal entity to you sir.
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    It's getting transferred to the Misc Other Fitba Chat Forum under "Rangers in the North West Counties League" thread.
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    You youngsters have no respect these days. We fought a wa...etc, etc.
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    Edwards was getting bossed by Draper the other week. We need someone else beside Osman that's not Edwards, Fraser or Welsh.
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    Can't have it interfering with the Suoer duper cup final now can we?
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    May as well sign Bart Simpson, tbh.
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    It's funny because he got into office and all you did was make a funny face on telly
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    ideal venue was superb for sectional cup final ðŸ‘
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    Even the mods are against ladeside 😂😂😂😂
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    Disgraceful scenes at Hampden tonight as Hibs fans carry Bruce Springsteen's unconscious body off the park chanting "Bruce is now ours"
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    We love survey help on P&B...but those requesting seldom appreciate our input.
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    Croatian league has two Splits.
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    'We had a lot of young guys in the squad and many weren’t ready to play at that level through no fault of their own.' He inherited only six players from the previous season - Goody, baird, mallan, kelly, naismith and Ridgers. Only 4 of them were young and besides Baird the other 3 had played in the Premiership. Murray signed loads of young players that were useless and a couple of over-the-hill players. No decent journeymen. His squad was garbage. I agree that while the Club is up for sale we are a mess and the sooner it is sorted one way or another then the better. But that is no excuse for his signings.
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    1. You think it's racist to look more at marriage partners from Pakistan than at partners from Australia if you are trying to stamp out arranged marriages. Haha. 2. Judging by your avatar you don't even want to share a country with the English, so I'm not going to take lectures from you on who I think should be able to share my country. Go ahead and pat yourself on the head for not being racist while your fellow young countrymen are subjected to a tyrannical ideology. A new survey of Muslims in Europe. http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/27/new-europe-survey-finds-44-of-muslims-believe-in-islamic-fundamentalism/ The survey discovered 57 percent of Muslims reject homosexuals as friends, 45 percent said they don’t trust the Jews and 54 percent think of the West as an enemy of Islam. An incredibly large number of Muslims want Islamic Sharia law to dominate over local laws. For instance, 72 percent of Muslims in France want to see Sharia as the main or only source of law in the country. That figure remains astonishingly high in the United Kingdom at 69 percent.
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    They've been "robbed" of absolutely nothing: they were demonstrably not good enough to play in the division and were inferior to the side in the lower division. Absolutely no club has the right to play in front of a 'decent travelling support' in order to fill their coffers. Let's hope that the pyramid purges that stale sense of entitlement which has plagued the national setup and replaces it with with an idea of progress or decline based entirely on merit.
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    Deflecting suspicion? Classic spy behaviour imho
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    Congrats to both. Don't let that bad man near you again, hen
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    "You seem to have an issue, and I've a fair idea as to what it is" © benny, vicky the viking.
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    I was voted Dundee's top poster 2015, life can't possibly get much better.
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    So why is Benzema banned from the national team and why will he and Valbuena never be in the same squad ever again if things like this happen all the time? If no one ever hears about it then how exactly do you know it happens all the time? Do you have a part time job as a training cone? Even French players like Giroud have came out and said the spirit could be polluted because of the Benzema scandal so obviously even the players think there could be problems due to it. I think I will judge it on the evidence based record I have provided with 100% success rate of players being unwilling to play together when massive life altering situations happen compared to your pie in the sky assumption that people are getting blackmailed and racially abused by their teammates constantly and then kissing them on the pitch when celebrating a goal.
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