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    Just listened to the Sportsound podcast from last night... Summary is that Inverness fans don't know how good we've got it with Yogi; he's performed miracles without being able to bring in any players, whilst playing an attractive attacking brand of football. We're going to get relegated once he leaves and if he went to Dundee United instead of Mixu, then they would have survived relegation. Conveniently they failed to list the clusterf*ck of signings he made with the largest ever wage budget we've given to a manager (Lopez, Wedderburn, R.Williams, Hughes, Horner, Sho Silva), in addition to his unprofessional comments in the press. From speaking to a player's best mate at the start of the season, he was saying that the relationship between Yogi and the players was really fractured and many were looking to get out asap. He has terrible man-management, where players were being dropped without an explanation and being actively ignored when they sought explanations. Latapy was also ditched by Hughes at the first opportunity of Brian Rice being available, which was also an unpopular decision among the players. Good riddance I say
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    Seems like Hughes realises he's been found out and the ICT board have a similar view. The problem for both is the contract the board gave him and he signed and he's probably not keen to walk away from. Hughes is being quite smart in making the dispute about the playing budget as it deflects away from his performance/signings etc as that's what people who aren't ICT supporters will take away from it and it won't damage his reputation so much. In that respect is doesn't really matter that he's being disruptive but rather what people take away from what he's saying. Once the dust settles the media narrative once he's gone will be "he won the cup, finished top 6, a drop off was to be expected this season, ICT are a small club punching above their weight, what were the fans expecting, he didn't receive enough backing from the club" No one's actually going to point out his success was with someone else's team and that the board would probably be totally justified in being cautious with their budgets given the players he's brought in and the recent slide in results.
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    I've had a long look at the new Morton kit, and it actually reminded me of an event that happened to me in my younger and more vulnerable years. I was fresh out of school and I was actually looking forward to entering the world of work, as university or college wasn't really my bag. I quickly got a job as a warehouse assistant, and it was a great experience with great lads that held me in good stead for my career changes in the following years. With my 3rd pay packet, I bought myself a yellow motor scooter to get me to and from work, it had the power of a hair drier but at the time it was the dogs bollocks in my eyes. With a little money, or what seemed like a lot at the time, in my pocket, my self confidence was never higher. There was this girl that I had been crazy about in school, but there was no way school politics/ status would have ever allowed us to be together. She wouldn't have wanted to be seen with me. A few months after I had started this job, there was an informal school reunion at one of the popular girl's house, so I thought I'd go along. If nothing else, I knew she would be there. As there always is as these events, there was a few drinks going around, and it only takes a few at that age for things to start getting out of hand. I, however, remained in control of my faculties and of my senses. In fact, I found that a few cans of Tennent's helped alleviate some of the self doubt I had experienced in school. I began chatting to this lass, who herself was refraining from drinking too heavily, and we really started to hit it off. She was eager to explain how great she was finding her drama course in college, and she seemed genuinely interested in how my job was going. We continued chatting on our own little corner of the sofa for the rest of the night, and the mention of my yellow scooter secured the deal for a date as I could drive us to the cinema. Our little get together was arranged for the following evening. The following morning, with only a small semblance of a hangover, I powered up the yellow hair drier and went and bought her a cute little helmet in pink from the bike shop. The day dragged on forever until it was finally time to go and pick her up. My heart was racing with a mixture of trepidation and excitement as I pulled up outside her house. I walked over to the front door, barely maintaining my balance as nerves began to take a hold of me. I knocked on the door, and I could see her silhouette emerge from the living room door. My stomach was full of butterflies, she had already taken my breath away. When she opened the door I could see an instant smile form across her beautiful face and for that fleeting moment, I could say I was truly happy with my life. However, her heavenly smile had, in what seemed like half a second, turned to outright revulsion. Her cheeks puffed out as her mouth filled with vomit and she ran straight back into her house, slamming the front door behind her. How could I have been so foolish? What had I done? That morning, I had laid out my ironed shirt on my bed, ready to put straight on before I went to pick her up. I had a really bad habit when I was 16/17, where I would, instead of going to the toilet, pick a random item of clothing from my wardrobe and then proceed to shit on it, before smearing the shit into said item of clothing. I had shit onto a shirt earlier that day, and wore it by accident instead of my pre-prepared shirt laid out on my bed. Of course, she had began to vomit in her own mouth because I had turned up to her front door, not only bearing the gift of a cute little helmet in pink for her to wear, but also adorning a shirt that was completely covered in shit. I never heard from her again. That Morton shirt reminded me of that particular story.
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    Fair play to Celtic for appointing a known tranny shagger. That takes balls.
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    Had a dream that we gave the job to Ian Murray instead. What a tease. I'm absolutely livid about this, and I'm about as much of a 'happy clapper' as you get. It's just such a fucking shit appointment, lacking in any imagination. In what way is Locke a continuation of McKinnon? Not a fair swap, it's a shit swap. There's an outside chance that I might get my Saturday's back for the first time since I was 17, I was looking into the possibility of getting a season ticket - I'll hold off for a bit I think. Can't believe this is actually happening.
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    See, that's what the cretins just don't get. As an Ayr fan I'm absolutely ecstatic about getting back to the 1st division and playing the likes of Morton, St Mirren, Raith, Hibs, Dundee Utd and of course the icing on the cake would be the derbies back with Killie. I have no interest whatsoever in the old firm and what they do or don't do has absolutely no effect on me or my viewing interest. I am alone in this ? or do other fellow "diddies" have a similar attitude ??
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    Friday morning up with the lark, Dundee Utd went down at Dens Park, Hey hey hey what a beautiful day.
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    https://twitter.com/RaithRovers_FC/status/733645463065395200 Fucking hell, he looks like they've just propped a crash test dummy on the seat, there.
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    I won 7 Champions Leagues in a row with Sheffield United. Should have given me the job. I've also attended 3 different primary schools.
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    Being at a lib dems meeting.
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    Yeah I dont give a f**k, just leave my jagfox alone
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    Talbot 2-0 Hurlford FT Congratulations to Auchinleck Talbot, on wining the West of Scotland Cup. Eeka Peeka.
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    Car failed its MOT yesterday so I decided to run home. A distance of 15.06km. When I got into Polmont I felt great so decided to keep going and do a half marathon. Did it in 1:57:48 which beats my time at the GNR a few years back. Legs are sore now!
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    Least your club has the balls to appoint a manager.
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    I'd genuinely pay a lot of money for these 2:
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    Someone forget to switch to their personal account?
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    Christ, don't slag off Scott Rumsby! His weird uncle will be after you any second!
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    Dicker was pish last night and Addison is a big diddy, would think we could easily get better than both.
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    From Ayrshire, likes the Old Firm and junior football. I believe the term is 'junior thicko'
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    Don't mention their budget. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.
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    Good honest interview by Houston after the game I felt. We didnt play well and he gave Killie credit for that. At least he didnt blame the pitch or the referee unlike some other managers
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    Frankie Miller - Caledonia http://youtu.be/4lNWDmfnUsY
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    Far from ruining Scottish fitba this would be the making of it. As long as they took. All their teams with them,no leaving reserve teams up here so they could crawl back when the English got fed up of all their bullshit. Sadly it will never happen nobody wants or needs them and we are lumbered with them.
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    I'm genuinely embarrassed reading this. A ball hasn't even been kicked or a signing made and Locke has been torn to shreds from our own fans. Talk about an over reaction.
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    Following Jim Duffy's relative success at Morton coupled with Ian Murray's unexpected blow up at St Mirren, I've stopped trying to predict how managerial appointments will go. Keep the faith guys, you never know.
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    Anything - ANYTHING - that features that repulsive clown James Corden. There is nothing funny, amusing or entertaining at this moron who has absolutely inexplicably been hailed as a comedy God.
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    Pleased with Kirkpatrick signing. Always thought he did well against us. But then everyone in Dumbarton's line up generally did.
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    It's really hard for me to put into words just how fucking angry I am at this. I get behind the board in EVERYTHING they do. Gave Murray the job, gave him a longer contract, helped him out by bringing Malpas in instead of just jacking him when everyone was calling for his head - fine, all fine. I really try my best to think of us a progressive club who give people a chance when others won't but what the actual f**k are we doing appointing this c**t? Eric is on here and in the paper as good as begging more folk to come along and support the club and we appoint Locke, a man with the tack record of an imbecile, who lists his fucking primary school and beating Hibs once on his ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL AND PUBLIC CV. The man is a fucking joke. Is this a "f**k you" to the fans because we didn't show up in greater numbers last year? A sort of, "well this is the level of manager you can expect if you don't come and support us"? Genuinely, and I mean this, if he appoints Lee McCulloch or Billy Brown into his backroom, I'll no be back until they're away. We're a fucking laughing stock AGAIN. well done Rovers, top fucking job.
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    Bit disappointed in Jamie there. He could have connected a lot better.
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    I was planning on Harkins and Ronaldinho having 45 minutes each. Osvaldo could take Arturo's place. Jose Enrique could be Oor Enrique's backing singer. Frimpong could spray us with aftershave in the Derry toilets. Thank you.
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    FINAL Leaderboard Results, Scores, 180s, Total 1. The Naitch 47, 19, 34, 472 2. Diamond_For_Life 47, 11, 44, 432 3. MeddaBhoy 41, 11, 41, 389 4. Twinkle 43, 9, 41, 389 5. Same_Ol_G35 46, 7, 41, 382 6. Stuarty 43, 8, 42, 376 7. Dougie Mills 41, 9, 38, 370 8. Marshmallo 43, 8, 36, 360 9. MicroDave 39, 13, 38, 354 10. Davied85 41, 6, 42, 342 11. Jupiter Jazz 38, 11, 43, 338 12. Callum-Ayr 36, 8, 38, 326 13. F_T_Y 37, 9, 29, 313 14. Booitsme7 39, 7, 37, 308 15. Dysart 36, 6, 29, 287 16. LeicesterLichtie 29, 9, 25, 262 17. Neilly 33, 8, 17, 256 18. The Chassis 25, 10, 13, 238 19. Davis Love III 32, 4, 34, 233 20. Duffy_ 21, 7, 17, 188 21. Christophe 25, 2, 21, 192 22. SteveThePirate 10, 3, 8, 102 23. Dr. Lector 1, 0, 5, 10 It's been a long four months, but after a competitive Prediction League, we are left with a clear winner in The Naitch, who produced a magnificent rally in the last few weeks to establish control at the summit. Five years after winning the inaugural Premier League, our resident Morton supporter has become a three-time major champion. Now claiming the stated charity donation of £10 and the signed photograph (fittingly) of Michael van Gerwen, let us know who you want that money to go to, and we'll sort it out! I'll also be in touch about sending that picture. Congratulations on a tremendous performance! 19 Correct Scores is quite special. Significant credit also to Diamond_For_Life, who has been near or at the top for the majority of the League, but unfortunately found himself caught by the surge of Naitch. You are due a £10 charity donation from me for finishing runner-up. Hopefully that is a little consolation for just losing out after a points total that would probably win most times. You're getting closer to a big win! Thanks to all of you for participating this year, and particularly for sticking with the League throughout its entirety. It is greatly appreciated and makes for a more enjoyable experience for all of us taking part. I hope to see you all in July for the World Matchplay Prediction League.
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    For every five star hotel and country club Celtic stay in, Rangers will stay in a ten star one.
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    I'm delighted the media have finally decided to highlight this discussion. Not before time.
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    Well we've made the front page of the National!
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    Are you blind? He said, "Kilmarnock bring anyone targets shortlist players at summer 2016 for Clark plan bring summer?"
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    Our profile outside of Scotland is something like this... Paul Smith â€@Smudge1962 3m3 minutes ago When Brendan Rodgers was done with football he went to #Celtic so he could follow in the footsteps of Neil Lennon Paul Smith â€@Smudge1962 9m9 minutes ago I bet @MarkWarburton9 is quaking in his boots following Rodgers arrival at #Celtic #Rangers Any profile raising will be Celtic's closely followed by their equally bigoted business partner. The Scottish games profile will be reaffirmed as the two of them battling it out for the title, even when they're not, given Rangers are 'back' and it's just what Scottish football was needing. Nothing else matters. Nobody else exists. If it does anything profilewise it will just further paint the rest of us as diddies.
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    Just need to support him now. He is in charge, that won't change. He won't get this squad relegated. No way.
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    I was going to say that as well. They stopped just short of mentioning what primary school he went to. Anyway, Raith would be better off with this Locke;
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    Nah would've been on his linkedin page!
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    We know,Jim Dickie used 2 stop his train and pick them up for us Great training balls!
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    Hibs fans will hate him for his Hearts connections. Ayr fans will hate him for his Killie connections. Dunfermline fans will hate him for his Raith connection. Killie fans will hate him for his Killie stint as manager. Raith fans will just hate him.
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    'Hamilton Accies, we're coming for you'
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    *Checks date* yep it's Season Ticket renewal time. If any staff of Rangers or Celtic comment on leaving Scottish Football they should be done for bringing the game into disrepute.
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    These c***s leaving is the best possible thing that could ever happen to Scottish Football. Sadly, it'll never happen.
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