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    Sixteen months post treatment, still no sign of the cancer returning.
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    Like I've said before, the majority of the Hibs lads on this board are a good laugh, and some are excellent posters overall (TGIG and Mon Dieu). Pete Rockwell and Hibeesbounce75 are a pair of utter roasters though, and even Doyle pales into normality compared to them. I'm glad they're entertaining themselves though.
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    No it isn't - that suggests that Hitler's support for Jewish resettlement was a policy entirely distinct from his 'mad' phase of implementing the Final Solution. Next to no credible historians have ever argued this to be the case. It also misreads a willingness to forcibly resettle Jews from Germany and the intended Greater German Empire - to Mongolia, Madagascar, Palestine or anywhere that was suitable - as 'support for Zionism'. Zionism was not merely a campaign for Jewish resettlement somewhere else, and at no point did the Zionist movement call for the forced expulsion of Jews from their homes and seizure of their property under a racist-eugenicist premise. So no, Hitler was not a supporter of the Zionist movement. Try again. Needless to say I'm not surprised in the slightest to see you white knighting for the grubby anti-Semites that form an alarming section of the Labour and 'radical' left. The "Zionist lobby" indeed.
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    I was hoping Barry Robson plays, McDonald elbows him in a SICKENING revenge attack, 22-man rammy, red cards, pious Hugh Keevins column in the paper the next day, Pat Nevin doing a trial-by-TV on his iPad on sportscene, big fines, bans, 35 page outrage thread on P&B - and a 6-5 win for 'Well. Also - could be a total shiter.
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    Every so often there's a thread on P&B that goes beyond the joking and sarky remarks and even the usual level of poor taste and becomes something more toxic. Sadly this is such a thread. Posters still trying to blame the fans after their exoneration or the families for keeping this fight in the public eye when it was that very tactic that led to the present outcome are fairly despicable.
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    Leagues 1 and 2 have a different system. This is the third season of the Championship playoffs. You made a c**t of it; gutted for you.
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    I don't see what the big panic is with Celtic fans, Lawwell has done and continues to do a great job for us. Its the fans lack of perspective that is the problem just now. The strategy is very clear, buy or develop young players and cheap foreigners in the hope that we can sell on at large profits to the English Premiership gravy boat. He brought in a guy who had proven over 5 years in Norway (a league very much on par with our own) that he could develop young players and win trophies. The guy won that league with a team the equivalent to a Hamilton. It was a gamble worth taking and it failed unfortunately. Id much rather we tried things like that over appointing the usual "Celtic minded" guy. In the early 2000s Celtic could compete with most teams in England and Europe in the transfer market and in terms of wages. We were miles ahead of the likes of Aberdeen in terms of revenue and attraction to players and expectedly ran over the top of everyone domestically with a team of very good players while performing at a good level in Europe. Nowadays we cant even compete with top/middle teams in the English championship both financially and in terms of attraction for players. At the same time Aberdeen have been improving their own financial situation and have closed the gap and are now more able to compete with us. The board cannot take the gamble and spend £30m for the possibility of making the champions league as we have never been or will be a club that will make it every year. It would be mental to go down that road and could very well result in us ending up like our rivals. Celtic are like a guy (lets call him Tim) who 15 years ago was on £100k a year in a top job while his wee mate Aberdeen (we'll call him Don) earned £15k in a call centre job. While Tim was shopping in Waitrose, living in his 4 bedroom villa, going on 4 holidays a year, Don was shopping in Lidl living in his 2 bedroom council house, getting his two yearly trip to Benidorm. Poor Tim lost his job and is now on a paltry £50k a year and has had to downgrade to a 3 bed semi, two holidays a year and shopping in Sainsbury's while Don has been promoted a few times and is now on £25k a year living in a mid terraced 2 bed, going on holiday once a year to somewhere decent and shopping in Asda. Poor Tim cant seem to accept that he is not as big as he used to be and is a bit embarrassed that his mate is catching up. Celtic still have far more resources than Aberdeen but we are pretty much shopping in the same market nowadays which makes the budget even less powerful than it once was.
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    Pollster: Okay, how many of you kids would like Itchy & Scratchy to deal with real-life problems, like the ones you face every day? Kids: YAAAAYYYY! Pollster: Ok. And who would like to see them do just the opposite - getting into far-out situations involving robots and magic powers? Kids: YAAAAYYYY! Pollster: So, you want a realistic, down-to-earth show... that's completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots? Kids: Yeah! Good! And also, you should win things by watching! Meyer: You kids don't know what you want! That's why you're still kids: 'cause you're stupid!
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    I've never actually seen this written down before, but that is absolutely unreal. Worth remembering that, in Liverpool, they had one of the strongest sides in Europe as their opposition during this period. Reminiscent of when darling of the English media Jermaine Defoe bit someone and Martin Jol dismissed it as a "comical nibble". Of course, this was in the days before Luis Suarez - there wasn't the same consensus that biting someone on a football pitch is up there with genocide and Savilesque paedo-sprees as the worst actions possible by humanity.
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    I would urge anyone who has the time to go and find the Independent Panel report and read the whole thing. The fact that the game was even at Hillsborough was an act of criminal negligence, no safety certificate and a history of crushing problems. As a result of crushing at the 1981 semi final the decision was taken to put in fences which split the terrace into "pens", those fences directly contributed to the death toll as there was no way for the crowd to go sideways into the ends of the terracing that had space. There was also evidence that the central pens got overcrowded so often that the police had a tactic with a codename to close the gates into the central tunnel, and any officer statements that mentioned that at the time were altered to remove all trace of it. There had also been previous matches where Gate C had to be opened to relieve crushing on Leppings Lane. I can only think a lot of people who point the finger at the Liverpool fans have no experience of being in an absolute shitehole of a terraced ground with a capacity crowd, I had plenty of scary experiences at Ibrox and Hampden and I'm sure plenty of posters could tell you the same.
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    It was pitch black before the final whistle, the wind blew out the candles, we're still 4 men short, it was like a scene from A Christmas Carol. Wasn't a clever idea for us to play in Santa red. Grimbo
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    John Mayall - Long Gone Midnight
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    Here in Leicester, the local radio & newspaper along with the council have set up an event for tomorrow. It's being dubbed as "Backing the Blues" day. The city centre will be lit up blue & people wearing blue items of clothing etc. Coincidentally, the premier league trophy will also be in the city where people can donate money to charity & have a picture taken with the trophy.
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    Rangers, Rangers, Rangers and more Rangers, all you ever get from dull ken.
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    Corbin caving into pressure from the Zionist lobby is only making the Labour Party look weak. I'm no big fan of Ken Livingstone but I agree with both these points he made. "I've heard a lot of people being critical of Israel, but if I was to denounce the South African government, you wouldn't say I was racist. "And one of my worries is this confusion with anti-Semitism and criticising the Israeli government policy undermines the importance is tackling real anti-Semitism."
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    The Derry will be singing this to John Rankine on Monday night:
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    THERE. IS. NO. DIRECT. COMPARISON. TO. WHAT. LEICESTER. ARE. ACHIEVING. NOW. You're all welcome. Now you can all get on with your day.
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    Don't take it personally, pal. Airdrie don't like Ayr and Ayr don't like Airdrie. Lots of recent history between the two teams, mostly negative. Play off defeats on both sides, Bill Barr, section b v ASC, double denim man, etc etc. Truth is, I'd like to be in the championship along with Airdrie, but as both cannot go up this season, then may you rot in the dearth of the 1st division for one more season. Would make a good playoff final again, though 😀
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    Her fannys probably far too raw to give a f**k about the snow.
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    The Byrds : You Ain't Going Nowhere
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    Please let this be an overhaul of The Bargain Basement.
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    I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but the most impressive people involved at Clyde at the moment, in my opinion, are Barry Ferguson, David Dishon and David Douglas who I thought directed the discussion tonight very well (everyone knows that Clyde fans tend to get side-tracked easily onto trivial matters). You could almost certainly throw Tom Elliot in there as well. Whatever you think of the CIC model, I think it's obvious that there is huge benefit in the involvement of people without a direct emotional link to the club and it's generally not something we've had until recently. The discussion was informal. Not much new information forthcoming really; it was more of the start of a process I reckon. Whilst relocation (or not) is obviously hugely important I think it is clear that the club has realised that there is no or little negative to starting good practice when at Broadwood. Whether that is community interaction, facility management or fan involvement then these are skills and applications that would be transferable if a move did take place. Barry Ferguson again came across as a hugely committed individual. No doubt about the hours he's putting in; for example, he's leading Fergie's rehab 3 days a week. He's still learning and whilst his persona at times might suggest otherwise, I think he realises that. As stated previously, a bit of pace into the team for next season, particularly at full-back, with the players he's bringing in. We'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks but next season is the make or break one for me in terms of his time as Clyde manager. Finally, I don't grudge the players going through the Jersey trip. Training at 6 am so they can catch their flight home
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    Anyone who still thinks "it wiz ra scousers, shoving" should do themselves a favour - go to Hillsborough.independent.gov.uk and read the Fkin thing.
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    Haha aye. A bit like the Dunfermline and Rangers debate regarding financial management .
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    Too many people still focusing on 'fans behaviour' as some kind of cause. They were exonerated. As has been pointed out the actions of individuals and the actions of large crowds are not the same, and treating them as such is unhelpful. It's a bit like folk comparing the economy of a country to the economy of a household. It's simply too different to make such a simple point. Yes some fans would have been drinking. Yes some fans would have been acting like knobs. But that doesn't equate to blame.
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    MOTD on the actual day. This is a fascinating watch, since not a single person implies (even under direct questioning) that the fans were to blame for what happened. The cover up started later, with The Sun etc all weighing in.
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    Three recent efforts spring to mind: Blair Atholl's public toilets. These fuckers are coin operated automatic affairs, spotless in the winter, not so much in summer when there's increased tourist trade. I almost always have to shite there on my way to hill trips up north. Last July was one such occasion, I didn't have any change except pound coins so had to pay 80p over the odds only to discover the previous "customer" had somehow manage to drape a massive richard halfway over the rim of the toilet seat and fucking left it. I wasn't keen on trying to coax the thing back into the bowl so shelled out another £1 to weigh anchor in the neighbouring toilet instead. Not amused. Forestry Commission Toilets at Loch Faskally. I stopped there for a shit and future humiliation 3 months ago. Most of these places leave the disabled bog open out of hours which is an absolute lifesaver at times. I dived in there on my way up to Laggan, shat a lung and feeling fairly satisfied but still a bit iffy, went on my way. Headed up a mountain called Geal Charn in the Monadhliath, and to my own amusement, very loudly farted almost ceaselessly up and down the thing. Got to the nearest bunkhouse and was unloading my gear and thought "f**k that smells a bit ripe". It seemed I had sharted at some point on the hill. This resulted in the offending underwear being binned and the most thorough shower in my long years of life. And finally on a hill called Sgurr a'Bhuic in 2014. I'd been doing a charity attempt at climbing the ten highest munros over a weekend, on the last day, after two days of basically living on caffeine and cereal bars, I made the twin mistakes of firstly eating a shop-bought pre-packed cheese and onion piece, then having a fag afterwards. I got to about 850m up Aonach Beag when I let off a ripper of a fart which change tone at least twice and heralded some painful stomach cramps. I immediately found a convenient rock to perch my arse over and dropped four fucking massive bum cigars. The relief was incredible, until i realised I had no toilet paper, in fact nothing other than a handful of sparsely growing moss, and the outer socks under my hillwalking boots, which my fiancee's mum had given me for xmas. To top it off, I looked round to admire my handywork to see that I'd pretty much covered over some sort of animal burrow. Oops. Those socks will still be there if anyone fancies a pair of Large 100 Milers. Mind and wash them first.
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    Alberto Moreno's video from the team bus on Thursday night ...
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    Pundits and commentators adding an H to Firmino's name are as annoying as those who add one to Atletico.
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    As I said, those were happier, simpler times. If The Furher wanted Tam's Granny or any one else for that matter to shite on him, then that's what happened. He should be judged on his record, not his corpophilia.
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    In the grim day of light out tactics were shite. We had two central midfielders at right back and right midfield. Kilbirnie were dangerous down our left throughout the game the first goal came from a superb ball from the left that left Butch as our last line of defence. The boy McAleer took his chance superbly and it was great control and finish. The second goal had our central defender trying to shore up another calamitous defending display on the left and when the ball came to Grehan he had all the time in the world. We had nothing in central midfield with White missing and I would have been interested to see how we faired with Willie Lyle in his correct position The penalty was spot on because Stantoun handled as he lead with his arm as he had been doing all game. His squealing and feigning injury was a disgrace and I believe he is guilty of this behavior on a regular basis. However credit where credit is due we were beaten by a hungrier, better organized side who played the better football.
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    Put Ben upfront to 'mark' Rodgers.
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    You've sat and rattled on about stats yet when they're provided and prove unequivocally that Fletcher has the best conversion rate of the two, you still cry foul? You're a fucking Tam McB.
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    Billy McKay was the next Billy McKay before Billy McKay was Billy McKay. Billy McKay.
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    EEP with terracing was magnificent. As a wee boy, I used to stand at the front of the terracing near to the cage at the halfway line. Even with a crowd of 4-5000, the place could look full and produce a superb atmosphere. I still dearly love the old place but, back then it was magnificent. With the slight curves behind each goal, I used to compare it to Wembley when I was 7 Two videos of Firs Park. The second one shows it after Shire moved out - very sad. The ground has just been left to rot away which is a real shame as on the few occasions I went to see the Shire there, it was an enjoyable place to watch fitba'.
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    He is also absolutely seething with your description of his death.
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