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    Russian Roulette with a twist - put a bullet in every chamber.
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    Well done to the Sons on securing another season of second tier football, a terrific achievement. I also didn't like the idea of potentially helping Livi by beating you next week. We can now aim to get another win safe in the knowledge that our part-time brothers won't suffer.
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    If Dumbarton stay up next year in a league with 9 FT clubs (or even semi-pro Ayr or Peterhead), it would have to be up there with their greatest ever achievements (relatively speaking) I've been expecting you to get relegated every year since the promotion, and I'm always happy to see my expectations defied. I'm pleased for Dumbarton, as long as fans like Thommo can resist the temptation to be spoiled by success and accept that playing in the second tier isn't Dumbarton's natural position - it's an over-achievement that won't last forever that should be enjoyed (if not milked) while it lasts. What goes up will always come down eventually.
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    I'd wildly celebrate his death.
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    Watching a team like Dumbarton is like investing emotion into an account every week; just occasionally you get the chance to make a withdrawal. Today was such a day, and from the buzzing pre-match hospitality featuring a truly superb singing act courtesy of a local businessman who regularly backs the club, to Garry's strike and the stalwart defending afterwards, this was an afternoon to both savour and remember with pride. Massive congrats to all the players, the two Stevies and the DFC Directors; you youngsters on here had better realise that we are all living the dream right now ! And is there a more angry support anywhere than St Mirren's ?
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    Pete Rockwell absolutely scrambling for relevance here after another shocker from his team.
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    Ratnamara sends York down - pleasing for both Dundee and Thistle fans.
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    And will have been caught on video singing nasty songs about folk from Phobos,
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    The intro on today's Scotsman match report on St Johnstone pumping Aberdeen last night is remarkable...
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    "Needless to say, I had the last laugh."
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    Biggest bellend to listen to? i havn't got to much time for him, the guy just talks utter shite. So i share this thread so show how much you dislike this human being. Enjoy
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    This season was significantly worse than last IMO, especially our form against teams other than Celtic. Last season we went on a run losing just one out of 28 games against the other 10 teams from our 3rd game of the season to when Celtic won the league. Since our good run at the start of the season we've won 13 of our 26 games. We've managed to beat a poorer Celtic team twice which is an improvement on last term but our results against the rest have been very poor. Chopping and changing our team hasn't helped. Last season we had a largely settled back 4 from game to game and had extended runs of clean sheets. We then signed the best left back in the league and it resulted in constant alterations to the side as he moved between defence and midfield and I believe this has affected the performances of Considine, Reynolds and Taylor. People have mentioned Jack should doing more to lead the team but I don't particularly blame him (unless he only stayed because he was given the armband). He should never have been made captain as he had previously displayed little to suggest that he had the ability to do so. He's still a good player but giving him the captaincy has ramped up the expectations surrounding him and his personality, and even playing style, don't match this. People picture a good captain as being hard as nails, flying into challenges, shouting at teammates etc. and Jack has never been that type of player. He does his job quietly in midfield and previously did it well. I wouldn't remove it before the end of the season but it is clear that Shinnie is a much better candidate. At least McInnes has identified what we need in the summer window. We need a b*****d in the middle of the park who had win the ball and physically assert himself on the opposition. Someone who the opposition's fans hate. Goalkeeper is another key area; signing a keeper who had spent 10 years in league 2 was never going to work and we need to look outwith our usual scouting area to find what we need as I don't think there's a suitable keeper in the SPFL. Another centre back would also be welcome to play alongside Taylor and another option up front would be welcome, although Shankland has done well recently for St Mirren. Definite areas for improvement next season. We have been unlucky in losing Ward and Rooney at important times and I dare say if Celtic had lost Gordon and Griffiths at similar times they would have suffered. We can't let ourselves fall behind Celtic, Hearts and the Rangers next season so some changes are needed.
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    Poor today. Has looked good before that though. Can't single him out on his first bad performance.
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    That was certainly the antidote to last week's dire 0-0 draw. With both teams playing for something, we had an open contest with pieces of good play a fair number of twists and turns. Neither team had the points in the bag at any point in the game, which made it great entertainment. I thought Forfar started like a team hungry to survive, with their best player, Andy Ryan, actually giving one of the most creative performances I've seen from a forward this season. With his first piece of play he set up a goal and after that he gave our defence plenty of problems, running at them on and off the ball, passing through them and always looking to cause trouble. After the goal I thought Forfar were going to show what they're made of - but instead they let us straight back into the game and conceded two pretty poor goals. Both teams had spells in the second half and the penalty was a silly foul, well converted by Ryan, but we made our double-figure corner kick tally count and got the third goal - if we do somehow finish 4th, Mick Dunlop will be the man to thank - not only for two fantastic late winners in the run-in, but for his non-stop excellence at the back with his brother all season. What a couple of players they are. The fight is over for the Loons but not for us - relying on two other results ensures a nail-biting Saturday next week, but whatever happens, going into the last day with a chance of promotion to the Championship is dreamland for Albion Rovers fans. Well done, everyone.
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    That's a fair point. Stenhousemuir were brilliant. They played fantastic football for 90 minutes and fully deserved the 3 points.
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    If we don't relegate United then I hope thistle do. A wonderful club and set of fans.
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    f**k their flag. All the best in League One mate.
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    I just won the half time draw. #Pleasing
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    Malky Mackay is a good shout. He should fit in well with the other racists.
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    Talking of obsessed, just noticed you've made your signature about me, what a delight Ted! No coincidence it came after last week when you went all wobbly and started breaking down. Only took about 5 posts too, piss easy. If I'm a dug then you can be my pet hamster, running about on its wheel like you run about deleting old posts :lol:
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    Break into people's houses and secretly insulate their lofts. Then film their reactions of surprise when their monthly heating bill is substantially lower than usual.
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    You're a right creepy b*****d, aren't you?
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    You couldn't ask for a better day to be heading to the scottish cup semi.same teams as last week,same prize but this will be a completely different game.tonight you will either be getting scraped off the ceiling or pulling your head out of your arse! There is that much at stake. Not fussy who gets to the final or who wins the cup just enjoy the occasion it doesn't come round that often. As you can tell am missing it already and it's only been 12 months..........ENJOY..........
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    I can see myself posting less and less on this forum now Rangers are back
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    As an outsider, looking in...
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    £23 Call it a grand and we'll talk. Wee Davie, handle this bitch.
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    I prefer my eggs Paisley style. You fry an egg, eat it and then get on a bus and masturbate until you get kicked off.
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    Was thinking that today, it was the game against Arbroath all over again. Feel just as bad as I did then.
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    Hemmings' celebration for the first goal. Link.
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    Good game in the end, that. Happy enough with a point given we scored both goals against the run of play. A step closer to the Hibs away quarter final.
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    I took this one in as was working in the area and thought the first half was even but second half Linlithgow strolled it. Have been an interested onlooker too the adventures this week and I have to say I thought that maybe Allan McGonigal was correct in giving the infamous seven a warning shot or two. Let's have a look at their displays today. Snowdon - spent most of the game shouting at the ref and trying to get folk into bother. Devine - What a moaning faced c**t of a man - If he spent less time adjusting his hair he might do a bit better, but he looks done Campbell - Is he a centre half, what a wimp, outmuscled all game by Coco and Coyne, you're allowed to make a challenge son. Hunter - Should have went to the races this week too son, as you weren't at them today. Old and finished would be a fair assessment. Sloan - That guy must be exhausted, he ran around with boots weighing five stone each, f**k that boy looks about sixty and played like it Donnelly - Tries hard but off the pace and well time to move elsewhere lad Gibb - Wasn't on the park, but led to believe it's not that often he appears for training or games So I reckon Allan McGonigal was right to say that lot need to improve and good luck moving that pile of junk on
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    Dumbarton win. Nade goal. Guaranteed.
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    Elgin were really good today and backed by the biggest away support they've ever brought to Ochilview. Whilst we were awful, they dominated the entire game and took their goals really well. Easton was the standout. An excellent player at this level. Hope they go up this season.
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    Great crowd for a pre-season friendly today.
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    At this rate the only things left will be the cockroaches and Zsa Zsa Gabor.
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    If my knowledge of space film is correct you need a grizzled veteran, a cocky rookie, one that slowly loses his god damned mind and one that gets left behind due to injury/being a shitebag/ not being very good. I'd therefore nominate my veteren to be Keith Lasley, a man who sticks to every instructions and is a consummate professional along with being strangely handsome. The cocky rookie would have to be Jason Cummings, he'd no doubt rub up the crew the wrong way and put the mission in jeopardy through his own selfish behaviour but he'll save the day and learn an important lesson. The one who'd mentally collapse would be Efe Ambrose who after lasting for so long making a fatal error forgets that you can't leave the door to space wide open and perishes during the mission. The one getting left behind that helps from Mission control would be Dale Carrick after injuring himself on the slow motion walk towards the rocket Derek Lyle and Willo Flood could be brought along in order to interact with the Martians.
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    Kris Boyd is interested in going as he wants to visit the home planet of the guys who donate their claws for his favourite delicacy:
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    Jamie actually grew up to be Craig Samson.
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    Cannot be arsed with these complete diddies again next season.
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    Ken F*ckwit pretty much the biggest f*ckwit of them all. WMN drawing attention to this and to the fact that a fair percentage of the Aiberdeen support are a shower of make up wearing Queens who are even less understandable than their Gaelic tcheuchter counterparts.
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    No milk in your scrambled eggs? You people are a complete mystery to me.
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    Reading alot about tactics being employed to finish strategically in the play offs. If this is even considered by any professional outfit the game is a bogey.
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