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    That defending Does that make Miller the only player to have scored for all three sides in the old firm derby?
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    Have to agree with you, we've been told not to sing certain songs. I'm guessing our friends across the city have been told the same. It's needs left behind and belongs in the past.
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    Not even close - this is, was and always will be a gloat fest and it peaked this afternoon. Sporting Wingers Fuckin' roon ye!
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    Not sure how to call this. Both keepers look a bit on the slim side.
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    Collymore will never meet him and have a square go simply because Lescott isn't a female. Let's not pretend Collymore is some sort of hero here - he should be battered black and blue every day of his wee dogging life.
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    8000 for a Beith v Hurlford fin is probably enough ... 8000 for a Pollok v Beith final ? Not too sure it would be. 3G is good enough for Champions League finals ... i think it's just fine for a Junior Cup final
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    Personally I hope Hibs go on and win it. 114 years is long enough. Okay, it may cost us a place in Europe and it will be a little sad that this team will become "legends" when you consider the great Hibs players who never picked up a winners medal, but it would be good for a great club and for Scittish football.
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    I'm pretty awful at cross training. Do some core work, but not as regularly as I should; and I use the bike, but mainly as a commute to parkruns (6miles either way). Sounds like parkrun was mainly a success - another stonking week, true_rover, and hats off to you Chris. Bishy; just one of those days? Brighton marathon today: nailed it. 3:09:21, an 11 minute PB. Set off an 3:05 pace but backed off at 25k when I knew it was gone. I'm sunburnt to France. First half is lumpy rather than hilly, second half is basically flat. Decentt course with a few irritating out-and-backs. Still totally cheesing and boozing up at Gatwick now.
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    So is Robsons Greens Fishing Challenge
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    Utter fucking shite being spouted in this thread, and guess who is spouting it? You guessed it, MJC. I've never seen someone that clearly hates their club as much as him. Away and support Rangers ya dick.
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    A lot of parallels between Sevco and Gretna. Join the third division and quickly promoted through the leagues, along with a cup final appearance. Would be nice if they could die at the end of their inaugural premier league season as well.
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    It wasn't Shiels.. It was Roberts m8.
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    It's entirely possible he told demel to go and run to the corner flag and back the first time Donaldson went down and he wasn't back in time.
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    Nicola's fella is gonna take a right kicking tonight.
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    If it's the worst team in her lifetime, she can't have PMT.
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    I don't expect any of our players to be Thistle supporters. I also don't any of them to openly post shite like watp on social media.
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    P&B's two most obsessed over teams in a Scottish Cup final. The server's going to be under more pressure than Conrad Logan's Under Armour.
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    I think he likes it. I've never really asked him tbh.
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    Honest stuff from wee McCann at the end there. "Celtic, the champions elect, outplayed by a weakened Rangers side". The most pleased I've been since wee Nacho sent us into the Yoofa Cup Final
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    Shut the f**k up troll
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    Yes he can, because it's not a blip in form. It's his deterioration as player due to age. He's past it and he's never going to be as good as he was even two years ago again, never mind five years ago.
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    Roberts looks like Father Damo.
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    The Albion Band : Gresford Disaster
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    Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941
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    Pretty sure you can hear him shouting Spittal's name a few times before his pen Paul Dixon doesn't look to pleased after he scores his either. Just watched Jason Cummings interview there, he's some boi "Thought I had The Pirlo in my locker but I'm obviously huvnae"
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    Hope you boys survive. lololololol. Get fucking doon.
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    https://twitter.com/StanCollymore/status/721371675137286145 Ooft, proper heads gone from Lescott
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    Enjoy your trip to Stranraer next week - I bet there's very small crowd. We're at home! You're not our goalkeeper are you?
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    Man, that sucked. The second-half performance was a goddamn shambles and, based on that 45 minutes alone, we'll be slipping into League 2 next season. It looked as though the players had given up midway through it - we were defensively unsound, we lacked muscle in midfield and I can only remember Greg Fleming having to make three saves of note throughout. We're in big bother. I couldn't quite believe Ayr United scored within 60 seconds. As the teams sized each other up, someone sent a gorgeous ball over the top to Michael Donald, who had blindsided auxiliary full-back Jon Robertson and had nipped in goal-side. Donald's first touch was sensational and allowed him to both take it into his stride and away from Robertson, but the finish was even better, a laser-guided shot into the side of the net. There's something horrible and inevitable about last-minute goals, but there's a sense of disbelief about early goals. I wondered if it even counted at all; I blame shooting Shed End first half. After the goal, the game quickly settled into a rhythm, with Ayr looking the better of the two sides, but only slightly. After about 20 minutes, Stenhousemuir took control and forced the Honest Men back for long spells. Stenny couldn't really force a way through - Ayr defended well (Alan Cook saw three 25-yard shots blocked in quick succession), stopped any incoming crosses and dealt with anything in the skies. The one time Stenny did get in behind, when Lewis Small spun Peter Murphy (I think), Greg Fleming was out to make the save. At half-time, the home side could have gone in level. Small was doing alright with what he was served, while Angus Beith was very good at keeping things ticking over, recycling the ball well to keep Ayr pegged back. At the interval, I said to myself: "More of the same and we'll get right back into it" but the second half started exactly the same as the first! I can't quite remember what happened but I think Craig Moore was left unmarked and whacked it into the net. Again, the same feeling of disbelief swept over me like a tide of human shit. I think the turning point came shortly afterwards - Colin McMenamin was sent through on goal, one-on-one with Fleming, and whacked his shot of the goalkeeper's chest. We had done nothing at all at that point and that felt like the chance. Who knows what might have happened if he scored Ciaran Summers had replaced Jon Robertson and came in at left-back in a reshuffled defence and played pretty poorly - he cut down the sprightly yung Ross McCrorie to concede a penalty for the third goal and then made a hellish pass straight to Jordan Preston for the fourth. It's Summers' 21st birthday today; it's not got off to a great start. Ayr were obviously a lot better than us but the big thing I noticed was how physically stronger they were than us. Preston was rag-dolling boys at points, while we didn't stretch Murphy or Andy Graham enough and played to their strengths (a better side would have worked those two centre-backs, they're there for the taking). There's just big, strong boys across the pitch - Moore, Nicky Devlin and Paddy Boyle are all deceptively strong too. That's the second time I've seen Ross Docherty this season and I'd say he's been what I'd consider to be the best player in the division. He's very good on the ball, never ever flustered, and he puts himself about without it. He offers great ballast to the team. As for Stenhousemuir, I don't know what to say. Beith was probably our best player but disappeared in the second half; Small worked hard with the scraps he got and got beyond Graham and Murphy a couple of times with clever runs; and Alan Cook and Mark Gilhaney worked hard. But that's about it. A day to forget. We're in a terrible slump at the moment and it doesn't look like abating. We've been lucky we made a decent start to the season - since the New Year, we've been statistically the worst side in the division (12 points from 14 games, an average of 0.86 points per match). Thank goodness Forfar Athletic lost. It's still in our own hands, so that's something but it cannot be overstated - we need something from Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers. Christ knows what'll happen there though. Out to Ally Gemmell, 41 years old today and lifelong VL.
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    Mount Logan. eta: Fatlike Reflexes. Weighted, But Rated. Thick Between The Sticks. Massive Crack At The Back. Big Bopper The Shot Stopper.
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    So in a weird twist of fate the rest of Scottish Football are relying on Hibs to beat Rangers in the cup final, what could go wrong . I feel really bad for posting the Vince McMahon gif nabbed from Kickback . If Hibs win this pie and bovril should promise never to use that phrase in a negative way ever again.
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    We lost a match. You lost your club.
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    The complete over-hype of this OF game is just as damaging. Every form of media is now completely running down the past four years as if this is the greatest games that occurred over that period. It was nowhere near the most exciting game in that time frame.
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    Steeleye Span - Black Leg Miner
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    Creating a thread to point out other people annoy you. Creating a new account in March as your previous one was so shit. Hoping no one will notice that your IP address matches a previous tedious c**t posters IP address. All shite patter IMO
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    She knows how to say "no thanks" (all too well) but she decided to take the money and play the gig. f**k her - she deserves every bit of stick and humiliation she gets.
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    You're a keeper :lol: I seen maid in Manhattan at the pictures too so I feel your pain. Come to think of it, because we both had the Cineworld unlimited passes in our early days we seen a lot of tripe.
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    Thought that was in there.
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    That's cause alloa are massive m9.
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    The Man Don't Give A f**k is a great place to start, then you've got Rings Around The World, Juxtaposed With You, Do Or Die, Ice Hockey Hair, Herman Loves Pauline and Slow Life. I'd imagine most of those will get played. Hopefully they'll get a decent crowd because they never disappoint.
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    There's no tick-box on my paycheque marked "Would you like to pay tax on your income, Yes/No". No reason why there should be for rich-as-hell footballers, either. I say Go Get 'Em, Hector. Get the lot of them.
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    If only they could both get pumped.
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