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    That defending Does that make Miller the only player to have scored for all three sides in the old firm derby?
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    Personally I hope Hibs go on and win it. 114 years is long enough. Okay, it may cost us a place in Europe and it will be a little sad that this team will become "legends" when you consider the great Hibs players who never picked up a winners medal, but it would be good for a great club and for Scittish football.
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    I'm pretty awful at cross training. Do some core work, but not as regularly as I should; and I use the bike, but mainly as a commute to parkruns (6miles either way). Sounds like parkrun was mainly a success - another stonking week, true_rover, and hats off to you Chris. Bishy; just one of those days? Brighton marathon today: nailed it. 3:09:21, an 11 minute PB. Set off an 3:05 pace but backed off at 25k when I knew it was gone. I'm sunburnt to France. First half is lumpy rather than hilly, second half is basically flat. Decentt course with a few irritating out-and-backs. Still totally cheesing and boozing up at Gatwick now.
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    So is Robsons Greens Fishing Challenge
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    It wasn't Shiels.. It was Roberts m8.
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    If it's the worst team in her lifetime, she can't have PMT.
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    Roberts looks like Father Damo.
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    The Albion Band : Gresford Disaster
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    Traveling to places like Elgin and Annan and seeing us get beat makes days like this even more worthwhile. So happy for everyone involved with east Fife at the moment as you can see how much it means to them. Their are many photos and videos of us celebrating but this is my favourite photo! Big respect to him for this photo, dedicating the league 2 title to his dad!! Gary, a man who has faced many challenges, put under a lot of pressure, building a team with a low budget, fans calling for him to be sacked, players not performing to their ability etc. This honest, passionate guy, has pulled through and got us back to league 1! Winning a title is a great achievement at any age, but at 37, 2nd full season In charge, is even better. The board have stuck by him, and now the fans are starting to see why! "Good things come to those who wait" MON THE FIFE!!!
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    He got a hard time last season as well - it's nothing to do with Ward, and everything to do with him being a limp-wristed fairy.
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    So in a weird twist of fate the rest of Scottish Football are relying on Hibs to beat Rangers in the cup final, what could go wrong . I feel really bad for posting the Vince McMahon gif nabbed from Kickback . If Hibs win this pie and bovril should promise never to use that phrase in a negative way ever again.
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    That was the most painful first date I've ever been on.
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    Back after my split New York/Vegas honeymoon and I must say, New York is a fantastic city. It was pretty cold whilst we were there and it was quite windy which made it even colder but it was dry and really sunny on most days. Things that were brilliant - Ice Hockey - Went to see the New York Rangers play Tampa Bay Lightning at Madison Square Gardens. The atmosphere, the facilities and the whole experience was brilliant. Yet again an example of actually providing fans with entertainment, good food, beer and an occasion that we sorely lack in this country at the football. Big Red Bus New York - First morning my wife convinced me to go on this and initially I wasn't convinced mainly down to me never really getting the whole tour bus idea. I must admit though it was really, really good (if a bit cold on top of the bus). The tour guide was informative and it took us through the main sights in downtown Manhattan (there's the Uptown tour too). It was just a really great way to see the city and there is plenty to see! 9/11 Memorial and Museum - The memorial is quite something to see but the museum itself is absolutely brutal but fascinating. It pulls no punches and isn't overly 'yeeha America'. Central Park - Just a great place to go and walk around. The thing that I found amazing was the mixture of the greenery and then the city skyline surrounding it. As you walk through it you can forget you are in the middle of this vast city but then you look up and see all the skyscrapers. Talking of views... Top of the Rock - Bought tickets to this to go early in the morning and it was totally worth it. Amazing views of the city and much better than the Empire State. Ellis Island - The Statue of Liberty is okay, worth seeing but the real attraction for the boat trip to me was the excellent Ellis Island museum. Really interesting and I managed to find the records to a couple of family members in the search facility they have. Brooklyn Bridge - Got the Subway to Brooklyn so we could have a walk round and then walk across the bridge. Great views of Manhattan and Brooklyn is interesting. The bridge gets busy but we timed it well and got over quite easily amongst the crowds. Club A Steakhouse - Hands down the best Ribeye Steak I have ever had. Service was brilliant and the atmosphere was top notch in this small but very friendly restaurant. They treated us to an additional free starter and free dessert, plus the manager was really good at coming over and asking us questions and chatting to us about our visit. If you go to New York and like steak you must, must visit this place. Other worthy mentions...Yankee Stadium. I enjoy the baseball when I'm in the States and I liked this but we were bitterly cold so it wasn't as enjoyable as I would have liked. Glad we went though. Natural History Museum. The museum itself is pretty good but the planetarium they have is brilliant and the show we watched about deep space was excellent. The High Line. Again the weather meant it was a bit cold but this park built on a freight track above ground is a really enjoyable walk and I would recommend it. At the end of the High Line is the superb Chelsea Market. A building with lots of character, really well put together with loads of food for sale and a couple of flee market style sections. Wicked. I don't do musicals but I must admit this was very, very good. The talent on show is amazing and the voices/performances of the lead actresses was pretty breathtaking. Grand Central, very impressive building and good food in the court below the main level. Times Square, good to see if a bit chaotic. I would recommend the Hilton Club West 57th Street for a hotel if you want something right in the middle of Manhattan within walking distance of almost everything. Good hotel with decent service, it is a good standard but is a bit basic in terms of amenities (you shouldn't really care with so much around you). It wasn't fault free though. The main gripe was, for me, the amount of people trying to sell you stuff. Everywhere you went there are constant groups of ticket sellers and merchandise sellers trying to spot you and approach you. You get it lots of places but I found it pretty constant in New York and very, very frustrating. All in all a great place to visit, especially if you like walking and exploring (plus the street layout makes everything ridiculously easy to find).
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    Steeleye Span - Black Leg Miner
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    You're a keeper :lol: I seen maid in Manhattan at the pictures too so I feel your pain. Come to think of it, because we both had the Cineworld unlimited passes in our early days we seen a lot of tripe.
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    If you got your wish we would be 9 goals short
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    Just for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0xmykBzEbc
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    Yes, I'd say a draw with a similarly matched team is a good result.Whether it is good to be similarly matched with the relegated team is a different question.
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    Shite that the afternoon game isn't the Spurs one. Arsenal v Palace.... No thanks.
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    Blatant dive from Vardy.
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    Thought that was in there.
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    Scott Allan MOTM so far.
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    This needs Jerry 'the king' Lawler and Mean Jean Okerlund pitchside, for added drama.
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    Social media is unbearable already, the amount of c***s coming out the woodwork today is sickening.
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    In reality the '60's for everything surely must be hard to beat. A time when the UK was finally getting back on its feet after the war and the first time such a thing as a disposable income really appeared. Certainly for music and fashion it was a decade of firsts. Having only just been born in that era, from a personal point of view I would go as follows: Music: the decade between '75-85: the rise of reggae, towards British SKA (although proper Jamaican SKA wipes the floor with the cover bands of the U.K. Era), MOD revival, Punk, post punk. Buzzcocks, the Buzzcocks tribute band (The Jam), Pistols, Clash, Bob Marley, Specials, Madness, The Beat, Joy Division, New Order, Half Man Half Biscuit, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunneymen, Bowie (especially Station to station, Low and Scary Monsters), the list is near endless. Fashion would be the same period. Skins, Suedeheads, rude boys, Mods and punks, transitioning through the casual era before it tuned to shit and lack of innovation with Stone Island, Ralph Lauren and outlet centres circa '86. The periods either side however; Glam rock, disco and New Romantics. What were people thinking! Football is a toss up. The '90's being a Motherwell Supporter were extraordinary. First cup win for near 40 years, finishing 'best of the rest' a few times before it became more common for us and playing in Europe. All not long after relegations, near relegations and stints in the first division. But overall, growing up in the '70's was magical for football. The home nations tournaments, Argentina '78, Wembly '77. Watching grainy European football from the likes of Budapest, Prague and Kiev on TV was something special rather than the saturation it is today and Liverpool and Forest were a joy to watch. Culture: all pre '89 with the division in Europe for interesting and exciting times.
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    Is this Hibs year? Yes. It fucking is. I just don't think you understand...
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    I grew up in the West Coast and when I heard certain fans sing a certain song, I thought they were singing 'No Chapel to stand in my eye'. The thought of eyes being stood in by any religious building freaked me out as a kid so my mishearing probably stopped me following that team...
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    Really believe Gary deserves praise. It is obvious that his players have enormous respect for him and he has always conducted himself with such dignity. Abd we have a huge lesson to learn. Pick your manager very carefully and then have confidence in him. We have hired and fired in the past and got nowhere.
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    The Man Don't Give A f**k is a great place to start, then you've got Rings Around The World, Juxtaposed With You, Do Or Die, Ice Hockey Hair, Herman Loves Pauline and Slow Life. I'd imagine most of those will get played. Hopefully they'll get a decent crowd because they never disappoint.
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    I'll sleep easy tonight now that you've communicated your decision.
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    Just like the rest of Scottish football will always love the fact Rangers died
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    I'm just gonna come right out and say it. the smiths were shit.
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    Wtf is happening here. Get this thread renamed or deleted fs.
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    Darren Young would be a sterling shout for Manager of the Year (although he wouldn't be my pick; see above). Albion Rovers were immediately marked as the favourites for 10th place is this season, almost as soon as they won promotion from League 2, but there has never been a single point when relegation looked likely. Yes, there's been a dip in form since the New Year, but all the good work the team put in between August and December ensured their safety. It's a phenomenal achievement. That's two excellent seasons Young has enjoyed at Cliftonhill and must surely be a shout next time a position opens at a moderate-sized full-time club.
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    That's right. And those who use their indicators would argue that : "They have made a legitimate request"
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    I saw the same ad, and well my bloody cat walked over the laptop whilst I was hovering over it!!!! Ended up on the page and then he sat down on the number pad and just bloody entered my card details!!!! Lost me £1258.36 and I want a refund from Div.
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    I think you have answered your own questions. They jumped ship when the team needed them. They would have certainly been integral players for us in the early part of the season when Dods was cutting his teeth. Trouten for one was indicating that he was signing again but decided that the grass would be greener. Football is a confidence game . For the first half of the season the confidence levels were really low. We had lost influential players and the timing of Dods' appointment meant most of the quality lads had been snapped up. Fair play to Dods in that department. He never rushed into panic loan signings straight away but decided to stick with the lads who had faith in him . This has paid off in that the players confidence grew when Dods brought in some quality loanees. You could see a difference when Isaac came. Spence and Watt have taken all the pressure off the defence who had to work doubly hard in the earlier part of the season . Perhaps this was the cause of them picking up the numerous injuries. Again a factor in the inconsistent performances. As for Euan Smith, I too have been critical in the past but the last few games he has played , he hasn't looked out of place. Certainly not of the quality of Spence and Watt but not as bad as you make out.
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    Absolute fucking travesty. Deila the shit c**t shouldae been sacked months ago cos he's responsible for this shambles - the worst Celtic team in my lifetime. Nae heart, nae passion, nae ability - a squad of fucking bottlejob c***s. Sevco are pish, that result & performance is fucking shameful. Still shouldnae have even reached the shootout if Thomson doesnae f**k us over with the throw in or Roberts taps in the open goal. Pathetic. Time for Deila to f**k off now. What's he waiting for?
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    Anyone that thinks Scottish fitba doesn't need these two clubs is in utter denial. Exciting game with a cracking atmosphere. Good to see Scottish players at the heart of it too. Just a shame about some of the background noise
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    Sorry if it's already been done. I'm too hung-over to manage the search function. Who is your too 5 Wids that are dead. 5. Queen Elisabeth 1st (just incase the other one croaks in the meantime). 4. Joan of Arc, seems a bit feisty 3. Maggie Thatcher, just to f**k her over for all the times she fucked us over. 2. Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, another French hottie. And predictably 1. Norma Jeane Mortensen. No need to explain. Grimbo Is number 2 actually dead, if not I'll take seconds on 1.
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    Even worse when you sober up and realise you have married a munter.
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