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    The act doesn't bother me, but then I've never been partial to bawling out sectarian songs and claiming it as my heritage. I've never heard anyone complain about it offline in the real world, or even mention it. I've heard endless complaints about the behaviour it is intended to curb. I'm not convinced it will be as effective as I'd hope, but I hardly feel criminalised. The atmosphere at football grounds is infinitely better than it was when I was a teenager in the 1970s. There were no restrictions on bigoted chanting, and supporters really were criminalised just for being young football fans. You could be arrested for looking at cops the wrong way, for being beaten up, for insisting on your right to walk peacefully and soberly towards a pub rather than to the ground 2 hours before kick off. I saw all these things happen and regularly. The police would watch fights then move in to clean up the mess when they were over, arresting anyone who couldn't run away - often some poor soul who'd been attacked. I saw them setting dogs on supporters who had been attacked. When I was 15 I was jumped and given a kicking. To be fair the thugs only kicked me on the body and legs, so there were no embarrassing visible bruises. My big fear while it was happening was that the police would spot it and join in. I'd then get a real hammering and a criminal record. In the 1970s the police knew they'd get a conviction for anyone they arrested. They could tell the Sheriff anything and it would be believed. There were no mobile phones and the cops took full advantage. Now? If you don't act like an idiot there's little chance of getting lifted. The good old days were actually pretty shite.
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    "rightly fed up with being constantly filmed" "If a police officer thinks someone might have been offensive and will testify, truthfully or otherwise" "To be charged under this act means some or all of the following: up to four nights in police cells or being chapped up in what the police don’t like being called "dawn raids" but are raids ... at dawn; three or more visits to court (often in other parts of the country); disruption to studies or work; and bail conditions that keep you away from your chosen pastime for months, sometimes more than a year. It is no wonder many young people plead guilty immediately to avoid the disruption." - This is an an experience not exclusive to people held under the act The act overlaps plenty of existing legislation which if used effectively would make the act unnecessary. But it wasn't for whatever reason and thanks to the total intransigence of a couple of clubs to influence the behaviour of their fans we got this as a bit of a knee jerk. Look, the act is clearly a bit of a mess but i can't see it being repealed when there is clearly absolutely no effort being made by the clubs whose fans are the biggest or at least the most high profile culprits. It is up to us the footballing community to demonstrate that the act is unnecessary and by us I mean Sellik and Sevco. Your mess, tidy it up, stop playing the fucking victim for once.
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    See, for me, this post highlights the problem perfectly. The majority of Scottish FOOTBALL fans go to stadia around the country to watch a GAME OF FOOTBALL between two teams, kicking a leather bag of air around, trying to get said ball into the oppositions onion bag, whilst the other team tries to prevent this from happening and do the same to the opposition. The majority of Scottish football fans, that is, who follow their local team, or maybe the team they have family connections with. The majority of Scottish football fans go to games to cheer on their team, have a day out with their mates, and enjoy the spectacle (hmmm) of the game on display. Why, oh why, oh why would you want to go to a football match to sing songs about long dead political figures that have nothing to do with football, or discuss Palastinial/Israeli issues, etc? What has this got to do with football?
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    I think it was just before this game- he said he would set the team up to be much harder to beat, and we got trounced 4-1 against Peterhead and Dumbarton in consecutive games
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    Glasgow 1980, Hampden?
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    Erm yes - but the sole reason why the state stepped in was because the SFA and the clubs who ultimately operate the league system have been entirely unwilling to bring forward meaningful sporting punishments for fan misdemeanours. No stadium bans, no points deductions are acceptable in the Scottish game; the clubs encouraged the state to take criminal action instead. Few of the current advocates for reforming the law actually have any interest in curbing scumbag behaviour with reasonable measures; they're just interested in ending any measures taken against scumbag behaviour. Which is why the twin bigots are leading the charge, as well as roaster Celtic fans like Jeanette Findlay.
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    hopefully another 2, the cup quarters and semis, only to f**k the final of both cups and stay down a truly full on hibs'ing season if ever there was one
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    No wonder Alan Stubbs is fast becoming the biggest w*nk in Scottish football. His utter disrespect to Murdochs' goal to his bleating on about chances missed just shows him out to be a complete tosser
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    Well done Shire Really needed to win tonight and got it higher and higher
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    who are Clyde ? fancy losing to the bottom team at home !
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    Sent from my iPhone using Pie & Bovril
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    I'm sure Dick would have jumped at that. 'Come and work for us, but know that, if you don't win all your games, you'll be replaced'
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    Downtown Dundee Dirty Dozen Arctic Tickety Boos Nicolls Old Horseshoe Counting House Old Bank Pillars MacDaniels Club Star & Garter Bank Trades Or Hilltoon
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    The Act is a terrible law that even if I didn't have principled objections to it I would say is riddled with bad drafting and poor targeting. It should be repealed in its entirety. Clubs and the SPFL and the SFA have it in their power to address all sectarian singing in their grounds and the police can already deal with fan disorder inside and outside grounds under breach of the peace.
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    Wasn't asking you, ya beast.
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    It's time to come clean on the perceived Forfar sugar daddy. He goes under the name of Mr. Golf Day, Sportsman's Dinner, Ladies Dinner, Xmas dance, Loons Lottery, 250 Club, Supporters Club, Hospitality, Tribute nights, Quiz nights, Loons Direct Shop, Match day bar, etc etc. All of these do grow on trees if you plant them.
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    The Four Tops - Seven Rooms Of Gloom
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    Whoever gets the job is inheriting a great bunch of boys with a great attitude with loads of ability and a team in a strong position
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    I can see it now.... "Hi Deeboy, thanks for meeting me. Now come sit on my knee and I will explain why Im a Beast..."
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    Caird Hall 15th May 1991...........
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    Have very fond memories of a working trip to Falkirk several years ago, with my now soon-to-be wife. Therefore can't bear any animosity whatsoever to the Bairns. While we could sneak a draw here, I don't think we will. 2-0 Falkirk, and I hope you put Hibs out the playoffs, just for the LOLs.
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    You're better than that Deeboy, behave.
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    Great journalism. You wonder how these people get jobs.
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    Utterly stupendous day on Cruach Ardrain and Beinn Tulachain above Crianlarich yesterday. No wind, warm sunshine, perfect snow condition. Even needed the after sun last night.
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    Even Ad lib would go through them like a bowling ball.
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    Wah wah wah. It was a tremendous movie. Couldn't give a f**k if it was a remake.
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    I imagine as long as it takes. 2 hours ? Colin Paterson from the Tiser will be taking questions from the floor. Usual people for sending questions if you can't make it, but would like to think everything will be covered by people there, and CP. Would imagine with the outrage/speculation/allegations/unrest that it will be a lively night, with lots of things resolved, and not things like 'whats your favourite colour' etc. These things are only as good as the people who attend and participate. It's 7 for 7.30, so gives you a bit more time.
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    Routine bump after routine defeat. Could quite easily lose these next two games, too, which could cause a few nervous glances downwards once more.
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    Thank God someone has the true story of Paul Sheerins departure on here RedLichtie86. Paul had signed Murray from the juniors who was an outstanding success for us , just as is Whatley is still in my opinion, and I still feel his best position is at right back. People have a very short memory that's for sure, but again I suppose that's football for you, as they say , " your only as good as your last game". The PS & SP seasons ( excluding the last half of our relegation season) produced some of the most exciting and attacking football that I've seen since the mid 70's with; Bone, Penman, Fletcher, Sellars , Yule, PIrie etc etc. The match where it all suddenly clicked at home to Montrose in The New Year game will live long in my memory as we played them off the park and they couldn't touch the ball for the last 30 minutes. If the comments I read above are correct then there is a serious issue as I am sure that the Arbroath Board would not condone such behaviour, and they too have always acted I a very professional manner and shown respect to our managers/players of the past . Basic managerial experience tells you that you should ; Never respond to comments on social media - ever Never discipline a player in public ( let alone on the pitch) - ever Never publicly name/shame a player in the media - ever Never blame things you have no control over like; fluke goals, weather conditions, player mistakes, red cards, etc ( you may feel there these had a major impact in a result, however let others voice it) Time for these two people who in my opinion ( and that's only my opinion) to respect Arbroath FC and resign. I was dubious about the appointment in the first place, even if the calibre of applications was poor, as he was part of the management team that ultimately decided to try to manage by fear. There is no doubt that he is a very different and more analytical character than Allan Moore was , and fans made reference to Moore having a foul mouthed argument with our Captain NIcoll from the touch line. I believe that Ramsay became involved in back chat to the bench a few weeks ago , and this should/would also have to dealt with in the dressing room and not pitch side. We need a change and now when someone has 10 games in charge and not at the end of March ( just because perhaps East Stirling may be cut adrift). If we are not careful it will be us who are cut adrift and panic will set in for the last 5 games. We are a great club run by fantastic people who give their time and devote themselves to making sure that the club are in the right place in future years, please let this not be in the HIghland League.
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    This fixture always reminds me of the time Inverness absolutely cigared their way to the 1st Division title in 2010. We were by far and away the best team in the league, with great squad depth and no defence could handle the front 4 of Rooney, Hayes, Foran and Odhiambo. We absolutely skooshed that league against a plethora of utter shite like Dundee, Dunfermline and Ross County. I also have fond memories of that creep Calum Melville pumping loads of cash into Dundee, and they finished about 76 points behind us in 2nd.
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    I know. I wish we were thrashing about in the Championship, getting dicked by Morton and Dumbarton within a few days.
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    "Worse than the Old Firm" Stopped reading there.
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    If Ross Co is one and same as the striker currently employed by Hurlford then he wouldn't know a genuine foul from a Tom Daley dive a like competition.
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    Well that would suggest that you're deranged.
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    My last 70 red dots have come from You,TEDI and Bennett , tell me about groupthink again?
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    He's one of our best players and should be playing every week, PCA or not.
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    I would forget about disgracing Scotland too if I was you. Unlike your pals Celtic who lost in Seville with no trouble. And you let your club die. Even Celtic got Fergus McCann. You boys got John Brown on the steps of Ibrox
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