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    The act doesn't bother me, but then I've never been partial to bawling out sectarian songs and claiming it as my heritage. I've never heard anyone complain about it offline in the real world, or even mention it. I've heard endless complaints about the behaviour it is intended to curb. I'm not convinced it will be as effective as I'd hope, but I hardly feel criminalised. The atmosphere at football grounds is infinitely better than it was when I was a teenager in the 1970s. There were no restrictions on bigoted chanting, and supporters really were criminalised just for being young football fans. You could be arrested for looking at cops the wrong way, for being beaten up, for insisting on your right to walk peacefully and soberly towards a pub rather than to the ground 2 hours before kick off. I saw all these things happen and regularly. The police would watch fights then move in to clean up the mess when they were over, arresting anyone who couldn't run away - often some poor soul who'd been attacked. I saw them setting dogs on supporters who had been attacked. When I was 15 I was jumped and given a kicking. To be fair the thugs only kicked me on the body and legs, so there were no embarrassing visible bruises. My big fear while it was happening was that the police would spot it and join in. I'd then get a real hammering and a criminal record. In the 1970s the police knew they'd get a conviction for anyone they arrested. They could tell the Sheriff anything and it would be believed. There were no mobile phones and the cops took full advantage. Now? If you don't act like an idiot there's little chance of getting lifted. The good old days were actually pretty shite.
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    The Act is just another tactic to try and spread the blame throughout Scottish football rather than tackle the Old Firm scum head on. The Scottish powers that be are too scared to genuinely do anything to get rid of sectarianism.
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    Going by the cost of the North West bus to most away games this could bankrupt Hearts.
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    With respect, you let your club die.
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    I've seen a horse fly. And I've seen a dragon fly. But boy, I ain't seen no elephant fly!
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    "rightly fed up with being constantly filmed" "If a police officer thinks someone might have been offensive and will testify, truthfully or otherwise" "To be charged under this act means some or all of the following: up to four nights in police cells or being chapped up in what the police don’t like being called "dawn raids" but are raids ... at dawn; three or more visits to court (often in other parts of the country); disruption to studies or work; and bail conditions that keep you away from your chosen pastime for months, sometimes more than a year. It is no wonder many young people plead guilty immediately to avoid the disruption." - This is an an experience not exclusive to people held under the act The act overlaps plenty of existing legislation which if used effectively would make the act unnecessary. But it wasn't for whatever reason and thanks to the total intransigence of a couple of clubs to influence the behaviour of their fans we got this as a bit of a knee jerk. Look, the act is clearly a bit of a mess but i can't see it being repealed when there is clearly absolutely no effort being made by the clubs whose fans are the biggest or at least the most high profile culprits. It is up to us the footballing community to demonstrate that the act is unnecessary and by us I mean Sellik and Sevco. Your mess, tidy it up, stop playing the fucking victim for once.
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    I was very disappointed in falkirk tonight.dirty,sneaky,cheatin b*****ds.
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    Does this count as the treble?
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    I still don't think it matters. I don't see why it would be a half-hearted effort from Bollan, surely the fact he knew his days were numbered would motivate him even more to prove them wrong and/or earn a job at another club. The club wanted rid of him clearly, got rid of him for nothing and got their own man in for no cost, from their point of view they played a blinder. I don't know how much Bollan was earning, but I can't imagine we have 6 months worth of manager's wages available to pay up his contract, and if we do I'd much rather that was spent on a few players. I'm not arguing for or against the appointment of EWB as that remains to be seen how he'll do, but the club are entitled to get in the man who they feel will do the best job and they did that. It's absolutely no different to lining up players to sign to replace your current players, which every club in existence does all the time. The FT announcement after Bollan was gone was presumably because the whole plan relied on having a manager willing/able to go full-time (surely proof they were wanting rid of Bollan), once EWB was in they could do that. Whether their plans will work we will see, but they obviously had a 'vision' and within a year have got virtually everything in place, without having to pay the manager off and whilst keeping the team in the same positon as they were before Bollan left - which without significantly overhauling the squad is all we can expect. Dunfermline, Ayr and Peterhead have better players than us, we should finish 4th/5th and probably will. This season was always going to be a holding pattern while things were put in place, yes that's not good for us paying money to watch it, but I don't see what the alternative was really if we want there to be proper change at the club.
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    Or, we could have done this in the Arbroath thread, just a thought
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    See, for me, this post highlights the problem perfectly. The majority of Scottish FOOTBALL fans go to stadia around the country to watch a GAME OF FOOTBALL between two teams, kicking a leather bag of air around, trying to get said ball into the oppositions onion bag, whilst the other team tries to prevent this from happening and do the same to the opposition. The majority of Scottish football fans, that is, who follow their local team, or maybe the team they have family connections with. The majority of Scottish football fans go to games to cheer on their team, have a day out with their mates, and enjoy the spectacle (hmmm) of the game on display. Why, oh why, oh why would you want to go to a football match to sing songs about long dead political figures that have nothing to do with football, or discuss Palastinial/Israeli issues, etc? What has this got to do with football?
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    Mott The Hoople : All The Young Dudes
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    It was on camera, you mutant.
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    I think it was just before this game- he said he would set the team up to be much harder to beat, and we got trounced 4-1 against Peterhead and Dumbarton in consecutive games
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    Blog post on Brockville done as promised https://scottishfootballgroundswordpresscom.wordpress.com One old photo on it which isn't mine, I'm sure it belongs to somebody on here.
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    Tough choice between the two for me, if pushed I would have Lloris as he's more sexually attractive.
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    Liney, Hamilton, Cox, Seith, Ure, Wishart, Smith, Penman, Cousin, Gilzean & Robertson.
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    I am able to attend a football match without behaving like a complete cretin, so I'm happy for those that do behave like that to feel the full force of the law.
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    10 years in an Iso-cube, creep.
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    Probably because Keith Jackson wrote a column on the subject today where it made out he'd just invented the term. Saw on Twitter they were encouraging folk to phone in to Sportsound tonight. Super. A section where incoherent, gibbering morons who know nothing about football go on air to answer questions from fans.
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    I liked the idea that you could have an auction of B sides. The A sides presumably not being for sale
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    He deserves immense credit. Considering the shambles he took over little over a year and a half ago, to find us where we are now is incredible. He had the advantage of a clean slate in assembling a squad, but I'd think most neutral observers would've expected us to have a long, extended stay in League One if not worse before coming back up, such was the embarrassing and humiliating nature of our relegation. There are plenty of clubs; like Nottingham Forest, Leeds, the two Sheffield clubs, Rangers, Hibs and Dunfermline that find themselves divisions they feel don't befit their status and make an absolute meal of working their way back up. If, when walking out of New Douglas Park in May 2014 you had told me we would be where we are now, taking points off Rangers at Ibrox and scudding Hibs at Easter Road, not to mention putting another league title in the cabinet and two cup quarter finals in the same season I'd have bitten your hand off for it. There's been a few dodgy moments along the way, most notably Spartans, but that abomination should now well and truly be forgiven. He may never become a legend as a manager at Morton, but I'd like to think that when he does leave, his time here will be thought of fondly by us all. All he's got to do for the season to be considered a success now is to go up through the play offs, win the cup and deliver that elusive win over St. Mirren and he might win the rest of the support over.
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    Gender reassignment. Still interested in the ladies though, I hear.
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    hopefully another 2, the cup quarters and semis, only to f**k the final of both cups and stay down a truly full on hibs'ing season if ever there was one
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    Most bigoted management team thread for this pish
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    pays for saturdays trip to dingwall
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    I love how all the wee The Rangers fans green dot each other. It's like they're circling the wagons.
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    Downtown Dundee Dirty Dozen Arctic Tickety Boos Nicolls Old Horseshoe Counting House Old Bank Pillars MacDaniels Club Star & Garter Bank Trades Or Hilltoon
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    Is the answer Hull City?
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    I remember that and the Peterhead game. Thought he also said he felt like jumping off the Erskine Bridge on the way home from the Dumbarton defeat though. At least he got 100% support at the Q&A though?
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    The Four Tops - Seven Rooms Of Gloom
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    You'll be in the main stand tonight bungle, I can't imagine the Chadwick will be open at all. Seaford Street isn't a bad shout for parking, failing that you can maybe try up North Hamilton Street or if all else fails the old Safeway car park will do you alright.
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    Have very fond memories of a working trip to Falkirk several years ago, with my now soon-to-be wife. Therefore can't bear any animosity whatsoever to the Bairns. While we could sneak a draw here, I don't think we will. 2-0 Falkirk, and I hope you put Hibs out the playoffs, just for the LOLs.
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    Great journalism. You wonder how these people get jobs.
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    Even Ad lib would go through them like a bowling ball.
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    Wah wah wah. It was a tremendous movie. Couldn't give a f**k if it was a remake.
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    Ask a teacher. There's barely a name they'll not have heard and they'll be able to tell you how your child will behave in future.
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    16 16. 16. 2 up, 2 down 3,4,5 &14 play offs 16 16 16 16 16 16 Locally organised leagues. KEEP IT SIMPLE! None of this 12 or 14 teams playing each other 3 times or complex splits bollocks. Gives a bigger prem a bigger champ and level 3 can be a bit of a buffer so you can have enough promotion/relegation places to allow movement up and down the pyramid, but is not too big a jump that will se most clubs go straight down the following season, give bigger and better non leage clubs a chance to move up the pyramid, gives the bottom half league 2 clubs a kick up the arse. What's not to love?
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    You burn down one haberdashery and these Lanarkshire b*****ds never let you forget. They're crochet daft over there
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    This fixture always reminds me of the time Inverness absolutely cigared their way to the 1st Division title in 2010. We were by far and away the best team in the league, with great squad depth and no defence could handle the front 4 of Rooney, Hayes, Foran and Odhiambo. We absolutely skooshed that league against a plethora of utter shite like Dundee, Dunfermline and Ross County. I also have fond memories of that creep Calum Melville pumping loads of cash into Dundee, and they finished about 76 points behind us in 2nd.
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    Yes, that's the same as continuing to gesture repeatedly for several seconds, even well after the dust has settled.
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    I think it should be shortened to "The Mac arena".