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    You're right. Get it up ye, you wee fanny.
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    Hibs utterly destroyed by The Famous.
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    I like how you emphasise the disparity in opinions among Rangers fans before immediately following up with a bigoted sweeping generalisation about another group - a group which is larger and more disparate than Rangers fans. Seems to be a daily occurrence for you. For a self-styled intellectual you really are a bit of a thick cúnt.
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    A staggeringly stupid proposal. Mulraney comes across in that article as a petty, uninformed man. He basically says "you tell us we never suggest anything, so now we're suggesting something" as though that childish logic excuses the fact that the thing they're suggesting is a ridiculous proposal that will infringe civil liberties, criminalise supporters, drive down attendances and cost millions for a net gain of absolutely f**k all. The man's an imbecile.
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    Ayr is easily the best place for an Ayrshire final and it's terracing is entirely consistent with the ethos of the Junior game, but apparently football looks prettier on the telly with everyone sitting motionless on their arse and two big empty stands behind the goals so it's going to be some Lego monstrosity again.
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    Ignoring Thommo's penalty from the last time, here he is in full flow. One of my favourite goals, one of the rare times Danny's free flowing football philosophy actually came off.
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    Cause we so dam Christian (Nade). Our Nade who art in Dton, hallowed be thy name.
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    Stirling's chances of promotion are more likely to be hampered by the fact they are pish rather than a referee in one match. Don't let that get in the way of your tear ridden posts though.
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    Ronnie O'sullivan would only pay £146 so I wouldn't let him
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    As I was saying, £22 is decent value. Only £7 and change per goal.
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    Sounds like we took our foot off the gas the last 10 minutes. Disappointing.
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    This is absolutely fucking glorious.
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    Feck me cannae believe Queens fans are still going on about Atkinson, He would ,ve got less stick if he just threw the pigging ball into the net.
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    Hibs confirming why neither Hamilton or Motherwell should worry about finishing 11th.
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    Fucking mon the Clyde, f**k the Stirling, f**k them all.
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    Often wondered how Christopher Reeve's getting on these days.
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    I think the score will mirror how often each set of fans has stopped their club from dying. Dundee 2-0 Sevco.
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    Our defence is terrible? We've conceded 17 goals in 25 league games this season all the while our full backs constantly bomb forward leaving the two CB's exposed. Foderingham is a disaster waiting to happen? He has kept 18 clean sheets this season, the most of any GK in Scottish football. He also recently kept two clean sheets against a team in a higher division. Miller & Waghorn are garbage? Waghorn has scored 20 goals in the Championship this year on his own, St Mirren have scored 24 as a collective. Kenny Miller at 36 years of age has scored 9 goals, that's 3 more than your top scorer. In fact our RB has scored 1 more goal than your top strikers. You can have your opinion that w'ere not that good, and you can argue that until you're blue in the face. What you can't argue with however is facts, simples.
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    Are you insane? Peter Kjaer was the best goalie we've had since Snelders, on a par with Ward and went to the 2002 WC with Denmark!! Terrific player! Hodgkiss wasn't anything special but also doesn't stand out as dreadful. And Walker scored a screamer against Bayern München and generally impressed in his spell. Hasn't gone on to anything, but you wouldn't have thought that at the time. Of all the players to pick!!
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    Looks like the studs are up there. The reason those challenges are red card challenges is because of the damage they do. Proof in the pudding. So it's probably a red card, whether it was there to be won or not.
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    Hee haw after he gets fitted up for genocide
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    Is she thinking of taking it as a Standard Grade?
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    Nothing so sophisticated. I merely assumed making crass and ignorant statements was de rigueur these days and much appreciated by the diddies. I now see it's only if said 'crass and ignorant statements' are made about Rangers. I should have kent better.
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    ^^^ bricking it because Cowdenbeath play Airdrie next weekend.
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    And yet he has no such reservations about the political union on these islands doing much the same thing, run as it has been for decades upon decades by big business- and financial services-loving conservative parties. The man hasn't changed his mind based on some kind of sensitivity or political conversion; he has trimmed his sails to what he considers to be the prevailing wind. As he always does, always has, and always will.
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    No you don't. You, unfortunately, have some children in your class with incredibly thick, right-wing, nasty c**t parents.
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    Best keeper in the league this year IMO.
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    Yeah I like to have wine gums or jelly beans. I just love sweets really, this while running nonsense is just a way to get sweets.
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    That's the one. A beautiful through ball, after he'd danced through their midfield. The irony being we had to sell Harkins to pay our tax bill.
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    Bit harsh, hammering your cat to death.
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    Last night's highlights:-
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    Surely that's not true, because according to you, the juniors are thriving at the minute.
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    I once saw a Killie fan arrested for having a go at the long jump at Meadowbank stadium at half time. It's scum like that we need to keep an eye out for. (incidentally, I think he set a long jump record for pished guys wearing jeans).
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    We will lose the majority of the team and perhaps the manager as well, whatever league we end up in. Has to be a cause for concern.
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    In fact, any form of clothing with a code on it (inner tag excluded), e.g. GR5524882.
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    Each club can play 5 over age players in the dev league. So it's a mixture of youth and older pro's the same as the old reserve league. Yes, there is a time for players to get a loan for first team experience. But the development league is fine for young pro's. Warburton mentions how Danny Wilson didn't play in the dev league and he's a first team player for them. So the dev league is pointless. He doesn't of course mention young O'hara of Falkirk ran him ragged in the Falkirk sevco league match before Christmas. Young O'hara who features regularly at development level. So as usual warburton's talking out his arse
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