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    The bit is, all ten of the clubs in this division are in the same position, desperate to get out of this league and envious of part time clubs such as Dumbarton and Alloa Athletic in the Championship. I'll argue all day long about history and potential support, but we are where we are at this point in time and do not own any divine right to win promotion because of this. Disrespecting the opposition who are trading blow by blow with you just makes you look ridiculous..
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    Naismith "Rangers were died, I am not signing for Sevco"Everton "Rangers are dead, no transfer fee due" FIFA "SFA release his papers, he is not registered with that new club" Independent SFA inquiry "Aye Everton yer right, have him for free"
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    Apologies if most clubs already run these but we have a new guy on our Committee who started a new fundraiser for us and it has taken off in dramatic fashion so thought I would share it with all. It should run for around 4-8 weeks but our first one lasted 4 weeks and we are almost finished our second one which is on week 4 next Saturday and we are down to 5 people left. Here is how it works: £10 entry per player Based on English Premiership matches. You pick one team per week to win (if they draw or get beat you are out) You cant pick the same team again in the same competition- No picking Man City every week not that it matters this season! The last man (or woman) standing wins the pot There are variations on the rules. I hear some work on the basis that if your team draws you receive a yellow card and two yellows you are out. Some operate on a rollover basis if all the players lose in one week. Eg we have 5 left and if they all lose we let them play again the following week. Some LMS Competitions rollover where all are invited back in and pay £10 again and it starts a double pot. (I can post our rules for any club who wants them) Here are our financials though which are most impressive and I think we can grow it. First competition attracted 104 which was split 50/50 with club so £520 to club and winner (which was a player, its transparent!) Our second one has attracted 173 entrants so £865 to club and the winner! We have perhaps been lucky however even in an 8 week period that would be a good earner. We operate ours by Facebook and the organiser just posts an update of fixtures, who is left and has a spreadsheet which is uploaded every week. I believe it is quite common out there but I had not heard of it. If your club does not operate one feel free to join ours but lets hope most clubs can do one and its is a fun way of fundraising. Our new Committee guy also did a one off Lottery draw for Hospitality at a game for 10 people. Again done by Facebook he took in 59 entrants paying £10 a head to win it and it was based on the Lottery Bonus Ball on a certain date. It was sold out quickly and he plans to do another one in March. Great to see a young guy come in with such simple but effective ideas. Was formerly with an Amateur side as Manager and when they folded we approached him to come and help and he has certainly done so. Good luck!
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    Couldn't give a f**k about how local a player is, pick the best players we can afford regardless of how that is achieved.
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    Holy f'ck - it's a Deliverance of "Rangers" fans
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    Careful guys you don't want big VT going toe to toe with you, he's not to be messed with.
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    Every post of his from now on shall be edited to resemble "Please , notice me vikington, please "
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    Wouldn't laugh at Greenock, genuinely feel sorry for those stuck living there.
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    ^ eh.. keep up the good work colkitto. I for one enjoy your polling posts
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    Apparently Gray and Canning were on the radio prior to the game with some absurd comments. Gray has said that the "real supporters" are behind them which isn't "a minority on forums". Canning claimed that "we are where we should be". Gray saying that is complete shitebaggery. I'm not a real supporter because I don't support my club not fulfilling their potential, employing an awful manager and more concerned with charity than staying in the Premiership? Canning's comment was just stupid. One day you have Les Gray saying we've had positive results against the majority of teams which you'd think would mean we should be higher than fighting relegation. He also said that this was the best players he's been with at Accies. Wouldn't that mean they should be doing better than our 2 teams that finished 7th when he was a player and as a manager.
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    Imagine actually getting relegated by them. A glorified pub outfit.
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    The Beach Boys - Do It Again
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    I can sum up the ambition of Clyde in the last 20 years with one simple song:
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    This is a typical thread involving Cumnock, Talbot or Glenafton. You get folk coming on giving reasonably sensible opinions of a game/team / player and you know, odds on, you can stand back and wait on the 2 or 3 knuckle draggers who post on here and seem to think they are some kind of experts, but, always seem to be at their happiest having a cheap dig at folk with comments about the stealing of sports equipment, coal or , even worse , the desire to have some form of sexual relations with a farm animal As far as yesterday's game is concerned, the better team won. They were more clinical and took the opportunities they created in the first half, although there is an element of self destruction by Cumnock in both cases with bad defending and not clearing your lines , particularly at 2nd goal. However, Talbot were still attacking so got their reward for that Cumnock kept trying , but, possibly always looked a bit less likely to score than Talbot Best of luck to talbot ( large pause to go and vomit hee hee) as they deserve to be in next round and the opinions of whether they should or shouldn't be and whether they are as good as in the past or not , is irrelevant to this thread
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    Are you sure it isn't because her partner's a cock?
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    America's a great place to be Scottish, we had nothing to do with fighting against their revolution, the slave trade, the Black and Tans, colonial slaughter etc, but are the home of mystical Celtic music and red headed beauties. Whereas the English are effete psychopaths. Don't fcuk it up.
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    On the Falkirk match thread, well done all involved.
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    *bing bong* Squirrels on the line. Normal service will resume shortly *bing bong*
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    Copied from the Hibernian Retro Facebook page: Famous Five Statue “There has been talk for many years amongst the supporters of Hibernian Football Club about having a Famous Five statue at Easter Road stadium, but for one reason or another this has failed to materialise. Gordon Smith, Bobby Johnstone, Lawrie Reilly, Eddie Turnbull and Willie Ormond all whom have been inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame are fully deserving of a statue in their memory and the time has come for the supporters of Hibernian FC to make this happen. The statue will be created by renowned Edinburgh sculpture Alan Herriot, a lifelong Hibernian FC supporter who has produced countless sculptures in his 36-year career, including a life-size bronze statue of Scottish football legend Denis Law inspired by him scoring for Scotland in a famous 3-2 victory against then world champion England in 1967 at Wembley, which was unveiled at Aberdeen Sports Village in 2012 and his latest work Wojtek The Polish Soldier Bear, in Princes Street Gardens. Every stage of the production of The Famous Five statue will be documented both in film and photograph and shared across all our media channels, as well as on the Hibernian Retro website which is currently under construction. “The costs to produce the bronze statue of The Famous Five is to be £200,000 which is a huge amount of money to try and raise. We have envisaged that it could take around 2 years to raise the money, so the sooner we start fund raising, the sooner we will all be standing outside Easter Road looking up at The Famous Five. A full costing breakdown will become available in due course. The fundraising campaign will be 100% supporter led and will officially launch on the weekend of March 5th to coincide with the home match against The Rangers, when we will be distributing flyers to the supporters in and around the stadium. We will also launch a crowdfunding page the same day. In terms of the fund raising amounts, it will not matter how much people can contribute individually or collectively, every single penny is going to count.“Every single person who donates to the project will be acknowledged in a commemorative booklet to be released around the time of the statue’s unveiling. “Supporters with fundraising ideas or planned events will be given full exposure across all our social media channels and on the Hibernian Retro website. Anybody who would like to be involved in the campaign at this stage, please email: [email protected] We will leave the final words on the statue for the moment to Mr Hibs Pat Stanton. Pat Stanton Quote: I was at a game at Easter Road with Lawrie and a supporter asked Lawrie if he could think of anyone else that could get in the Team that he played in? Lawrie said to him that Pat would get in to that team" coming from someone like Lawrie Reilly and having stood in the terracing as a boy that was really something! To Think that you would get a game with a team which included the Famous Five for a Hibs supporter is a real honour. Thoughts On Statue: I cannot think of any other group of players deserving of such an honour. GGTTH
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    That's about the tenth time you've said this. Green dotting folk rightly ripping the piss out of you for being VikingTons wee lovesick dug doesn't make me a Rangers supporter. Unlucky, again.
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    Inagine never beating Celtic #riddy
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    Great win Martyn and the boys. Paun departing apparently- no confirmation from the usual sources as of yet though.
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    Anthony Stokes on being asked if Rangers can finish top of the Championship In a sensational development last night, Decord Sport has learned that Celtic and Hibs are at the centre of a FIFA probe into alleged sectarian links between the two clubs founded in Scotland by Irish immigrants. In an exclusive interview last night, Rangers First Supporters Trust spokesman Gris Crayon revealed that the Ibrox fans’ group has reported the two clubs to FIFA after the frankly baffling decision by Celtic to loan star forward Anthony Stokes to the Edinburgh side. Grayon told us last night, “It was with a sense of disbelief that we learned of this sinister decision to send Stokes to Hibs. Celtic have openly admitted that the absence of Rangers from the top flight is costing them £10m a season, so why would they want to make it more difficult for Rangers to get automatic promotion this season? “This comes on the back of Celtic hijacking our bid to sign Scott Allan, which also involved them sending Dylan McGeouch and Liam Henderson to Hibs, simultaneously strengthening them while weakening Rangers. “It also surely cannot be a coincidence that the Hibs manager is former Celtic defender Allan Stubbs. “We all know that Celtic and Hibs were both founded by Republican-leaning Irish immigrants and that between them they introduced sectarianism into Scottish football in the 19th Century, and clearly old habits die hard.” Strong words from Gris Crayon, and it is difficult to disagree. When we contacted them on Skype for comment last night, FIFA Vice-President Aloysius O’Brien appeared distinctly uneasy despite the condescending chuckle as he adjusted his dog-collar. He would only say, “Yes we have received a complaint from Glasgow about an alleged sectarian conspiracy to do Rangers down concocted between Celtic and Hibs, but really I can’t see this going anywhere.” Decord Sport understands though that this is not the case. A Nyon insider told our reporter last night, “These are very serious allegations we have received from Mr Stevens. FIFA is also aware that Scotland’s First Minister has contacted Celtic to ask for an explanation of Stokes’ move to Hibs. “There are influential people in FIFA who have been concerned about the activities of Peter Lawwell and Celtic for several years, despite vested interests blocking any meaningful investigation. This time, they have Celtic in their sights. “If it is proven that Celtic and Hibs are colluding to prevent Rangers’ return to their rightful place at the top of Scottish football, this loan move will be immediately blocked. “After that, there is a distinct possibility that Celtic and Hibs will be suspended from all official competition indefinitely. These allegations are tantamount to match fixing.” Gris Crayon is convinced that this is the only possible outcome. The Rangers First Supporters Trust spokesman went on, ” Celtic and Hibs are amongst the most Rangers-hating clubs in Scotland and they clearly want to prevent Rangers coming back up. There’s no way that can be allowed to happen but with Peter Lawwell having Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster in his back pocket, our only option was to go to FIFA. We have received information that things don’t end at the Stokes loan move. We don’t have any specifics at this time, but we are certain more is going on. They should be thrown out of football for this.” Decord Sport has today discovered information that may corroborate Grayon’s suspicions. Sources close to Rangers target Michael O’Halloran have told us that Celtic plan to hijack his dream move to Ibrox, then loan him to Hibs for the remainder of the season. A close friend of the player told the Decord, “Michael doesn’t want to play in the Championship, he has his heart set on a move to Rangers and is distraught at the idea that he may become caught up in machinations between Celtic and Hibs. He just wants St Johnstone to sit down with Rangers and get the deal done.” Clearly Celtic and Hibs are allowing their hatred of Rangers to drive their actions, regardless of the damage this will cause to Scottish football. Peter Lawwell may have gone too far this time though as powerful forces are aligning against him with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said to be “spitting feathers,” over the Stokes loan move. FIFA do not like governmental interference in football, so for the sake of our national game, they must act now. Wow have they lost the plot or what ?
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    We got it the first time bud
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    None of our strikers fit into the long ball game Hearts like to play. #2muchflair #thehibsway #getting
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    You're lying: SteveThePirate is my dad, and he just walked into King Dom's Moustache's living room. Get Dee Man fucking telt, pops.
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    Some beg to differ. http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/31/man-accused-of-performing-sex-acts-with-cow-and-sheep-may-face-jail-4284703/
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    Game was filmed. It'll go up on our Facebook page later today I expect.
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    All of your games are against the teams above you t.b.f. And i must have missed the new rule that awards extra points for games now...you said now is the time to hit a vein of form? It doesn't read like you are simply hypothesising, you actually seem to think it will happen. One win against the 2nd bottom team in the league, at home, doesn't signal a revival. Simply question...do you believe you will go down? If you were to ask me the same question, I'd say yes. Ask me again after another 3 games and I'll be able to give a more credible answer.
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    Do yourself a favour the first time you see one of these today. Click the icon top right, and then "Hide all from Blobla app". The rest of your timeline will become far more readable. You're welcome
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    The oldest (unculled) posts that use the term as rhyming slang were all made by 'green yins' themselves - the oldest being by Wunf back in 2010. Your old guise quoted Tim Malloy's use of 'green yins' as rhyming slang back in 2011
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    Simple argument: MP's are expected to return to their constituencies most weekends to conduct surgeries for their constituents. Is it fair that a central London MP gets a huge pay rise to cover his £4 tube journey (which is even cheaper with an Oystercard) whilst the MP for the Western Isles has to cover his own significantly higher transport costs? Have you ever lived in the real world?
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    Anyone interested in a job lot of seventeen Cliff Richard albums? Selling for a mate, likes
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    I haven't been on the site in question but this is a distasteful aspect to some of our support. There is plenty of material to rip the pish out of 'the charity club' without referencing either of these.
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    Stop making a fool of yourself you clown.
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    The reason most St Johnstone fans don't go is because there is a high chance they will get beat. If the thought they might win more would go. It's the same for most teams.
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    Can't believe City were awarded another 5 penalties. Its becoming a joke!!!!!
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    8-1 5-0 2 in 2 this year on the carpet That'll do for now, champ.
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    Lot of Clyde fans making their merry way here tonight:
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    You said you have watched 4 times and they have lost all 4 but you claim to have watched today.Did they lose? You also claimed Robert couldn't bear to watch them any more well he picked the team and he signed most of the players. Tbh I'm not really that bothered he's gone, its a chance for someone else to come in and hopefully keep us up
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    Should have read the title of the thread more carefully. After the first page I was vowing never to watch Time team again.
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    Whoever I get in the sweeper at work. I'm a mercenary.
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