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    Correct, Martyn - the club is three years old.
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    ^^^ sobbing uncontrollably
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    Thought Clyde looked decent at the start, but a definite penalty and red. Would have been interesting to see how we pushed on had we scored, but credit to Gibson for that save and a few others. Was crucial we scored before half-time - we were really on top in the closing stages, so was glad we went in level. Second half was pretty entertaining stuff, marred by the distractions in the terracing. I can't begin to think what went through the head of the guy from the Montrose section who thought it would be a good idea to start on the young Clyde fan after Linton's penalty miss. Likewise, the fud from the Clyde section who thought throwing a glass bottle into the mix was a good idea. Kids and fans who were just there for the match could have easily got pulled into that. Scenes like this are sadly becoming more and more a feature at LP this season. Back to matters on the park; good to see Hegarty sending on Templeman and dropping Campbell back into midfield: it was from there that Campbell set off on a skilful run and nutmeg to deliver a great cross for the winner. Good shifts again from Ferguson and Mallagaray, and great to see Steeves storming up the flanks at home again. To Clyde's credit, I overheard a few people on the way out saying that Clyde didn't look like a team playing with 10 men for 70 odd minutes. Have to agree. But 7 points from the last available 9, with East Stirling and Berwick dropping points again can only be positive.
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    "I don't support Ashley but want him to kill Rangers" seems like the sort of statement many here would agree with. We are, of course, well-versed in moronic diddy doublespeak.
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    Any chance of a positive remark mate,even your small band of followers must be getting fed up of your inane comments.
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    Wasn't the only thing that was funny round about 2012, was it?
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    Because yer fans are condescending, arrogant, ignorant arseholes?
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    The multiverse theory holds that as well as the universe we exist in now, there exists an infinite number of parallel universes in which every possible variation in every possible life is played out. But there exists no universe in this model where Mr Bairn does not talk utter shite.
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    A wee Bambino ????????????
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    Thanks for this Chris Okay maybe the RVW was a mistake should not have been in the feature but I misread the letter . And as for the 105 year old well she was doing what it said on the bottle it was music in her time and I see no reason why her grandson should not act as her amanuensis But thanks for your judicious use of language Best Petroc
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    Darvel have not had much to celebrate for a long time. Today was great to be part of. One man who has followed Darvel since steering them to the final of the Scottish cup, and whose wife and family have been a big part of supporting the club, is Jim Wylie. This morning I learned that Jim is very ill and has only weeks to live. I know the club has played a part in his life and I hope today's result brought a smile to a true gentleman's face.
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    Amazing. Only in the jealousy riddled P&B junior forum could a 3-0 win be turned into a description of how bad Talbot are. Well done to The Champions!
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    David Bowie - Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)
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    Thread has been updated due to new evidence regarding the home teams name being found.
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    Talbot mince lower league side in the cup. Nothing to see here. Move on!
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    Frizzell on for Kilmarnock. Very apt for this basement struggle.
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    She's also just increased her life expectancy by about 20 years.
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    It's taken longer than I thought but PMS has gone into full Michael Douglas in Falling Down mode. Unlucky mate.
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    Well done Aberdeen. We'll sort out Celtic for you.
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    That would be about right, I'll see if I can find the shirt picture... Here we go it was beside Mark McCallum's top, silly me misremembering that crucial detail!
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    I've seen 3,000 mentioned on Twitter.
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    We won't score. The outcome of this game will be determined by whether or not QoS are happy to sit in and take a point or whether they attack enough to get a goal. Either way they can't lose.
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    Huvnae A Scooby is obviously a graduate from the school of hard knocks, most of them inflicted on the cranium
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    I haven't a fucking scooby what this thread is about.
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    That is not nice to say you don't like Darvel who have come on leaps and bounds in the last two years. Shame on you
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    Shows how far Peterhead have moved on in the last couple of seasons..This team has something about it..Reminds of the team that matched Morton and Partick in the play offs a few seasons back...Get Baino and Porter back fit and its just like the good old days
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    on the signing front think we put all our eggs in one basket at the start of season with players we brought in still think the squad should be doing better we need to get our strikers scoring and bit of energy into midfield
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    On to the actual game, it was actually a cracker. A great atmosphere and very, very evenly matched. Montrose started brightly and there was some decent passing, gaining quite a bit down Clyde's right. The first major incident of note however was "Bolo" being sent off for a ridiculous foul and the most blatant penalty you'll ever see. After just quarter of an hour, it looked like the perfect start for us. But Gibson made a great sprawling save low to his right from Fraser's penalty and the chance was lost. Clyde to their credit worked, really, really hard with ten men. Inevitably, they took the lead half way through the first half. I was standing at the open Beach End and didn't really see what happened; it looked either a goalkeeping error or a foul which went unawarded. I heard both stories behind it. Montrose huffed and puffed as the half wore on and began to stretch Clyde. Gibson made a couple of fine stops and rode his luck, with some jammy deflections and last minute blocks. But it ran out in injury time in the first half.After a bit of ricocheting in the penalty area the ball fell to Jamie Carke at the edge of the box and he hit a whistling missile of a shot that was bulging the net before Gibson had completed his dive. 1-1 at the break and Montrose really pushing. Some felt that in the second half Montrose didn't make enough of the extra man advantage. It's certainly one explanation, although I would credit Clyde for working really hard to hold onto what they had. Indeed in the second half they had a great chance to re-establish the lead. Montrose conded a penalty with a crude chop on one of the Clyde players; fortunately for us Linton's low penalty cannoned off the outside of Jordan Millar's left hand post and ricocheted out for a throw in. After that Montrose built and built. Webster was prominent, Comrie was decent and Steeves and Ferguson did really well. In the end, with about ten minuts left, a nice break involving Webster and Campbell saw the ball fall to Mallagaray who was lurking just inside the box. He steered the ball nicely past Gibson's dive and just inside the right hand post. 2-1 and absolute bedlam. Montrose saw the game out comfortably after that' Templeman came on and showboated a bit after a great welcome from the fans. Not a perfect performance from us by any means, but great to prevail in a very hard fought and even game, and great to put further distance between us and bottom place. If we can keep showing this spirit and maintaining these levels of desire and competitiveness we will steadily climb the table for the rest of the season. A standard was set there today that has to be maintained.
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    Pollok Arthurlie Auchinleck Linlithgow/Irvine M Camelon/Dundee N E Kilbirnie Carnoustie Panmure Darvel Juniors Beith Juniors Petershill Glenrothes Juniors/Hermes Hurlford United Kilwinning Rangers Rossvale Kelty Hearts Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
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    Deano telling it like it is and the Falkirk happy clappers not liking it at all. f**k the h8rs deano.
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    I don't know whether to be delighted at the win or angry at the fact I now feel a slight tinge of pointless hope. Good day out I'm guessing - were you on the roof of the Shed though?
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    There's no question that in the early days to the run up to the Ref, the Yes support were predicting a land of milk and honey as we were soaked with oil taxes kept solely to ourselves in Scotland The arse has fallen out of the market, and so we are now fed the line that that it was always 'just going to be a bit of a wee bonus' and wasn't factored into future financial stability. Aye ok
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    One of the many problems the right wing has is articulating their concerns. You illustrate this.
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    I fear for the McDonalds staff's safety if PMS walks in at 10:31 tomorrow morning and wants a McMuffin.
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    I think the weathe I think it means the weather is bad enough to make a hormone
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    It would be helpful to be able to discuss the negative aspects of repressive religions without being labelled a bigot or racist. It would be useful to discuss the implications of cultural differences and the effects of immigration in a similar way. In a mature, enlightened society it is essential to have such discussions. People like Robinson make that more difficult. He is a racist and a bigot, his past activities make that clear; not many folk will be fooled by the mask he is now trying to hide behind.
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    Hahaha no way. Please tell me Djockovic has fallen for this
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    Whilst at high school I was informed of this strange practice known as an "asphyxiwank". I got home and decided I'd give this a try, stripped off, stuck my school tie round my neck and onto the door handle of my wardrobe and off I went. Just as I was getting into it I suddenly became aware of an act of folly on my part when choosing which kind of knot to tie, I was a boy scout with all my knot tying badges yet i'd inadvertently snared myself. My legs had gone weak and I started thrashing around, I was saved only by the wardrobe toppling over on top of me. This alerted my mother who came upstairs and found me naked, purple faced with her Freeman's catalogue open at the lingerie pages and a copy of Max Power magazine. If my father had fixed my wardrobe to the wall correctly I wouldn't be here to tell this tale.
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    Looks like the "it was none of us" thing has been thrown out pretty sharpish. Have to love the scramble to blame it on Celtic fans though. The sooner you accept that a large portion of your fanbase are vile bigoted c***s the better.
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    Such a shame the Bears never fought back to save their club
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    Didn't enjoy this as much as others. Very hard to take a documentary seriously when it's so clearly one sided, at least they were honest with their agenda I suppose. Could really have benefited by being reduced to 5-6 hours imo.
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