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    'Dateline Springfield. The elusive Beer Baron continues to thumb his nose at the authorities. Swaggering about in a garish new hat he seemed to say "Look at me, Rex Banner! I have a new hat"'
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    I couldn't give a f**k about Steven Thompson worrying. In fact if the baldy snake never slept again I'd be quite chuffed.
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    You're right. He should be booked most weeks by the sound of it. Another example of poor refereeing in the lower leagues.
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    Never knew Bruce Forsyth played for Spurs.
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    Wullies taking the SFAs decisions really badly Prayers for wullie.
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    We had Riski on trial a few years ago. We chose Anier instead...
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    No i didn't. Are you going to respond to SSS's question? It's at the top of this post, ICYMI.
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    Two immediately spring to mind from our less than glorious recent history in the cup. 2003 away to Ross County as a Third Division team whilst they were in the first. My mate's old man winning a few quid on 2-1 Morton with Williams to score first funded the carry out for the way home on the train too. Excellent afternoon's entertainment. Then, as a Second Division team in 2007 playing Killie at Cappielow and coming back from 0-1 down. We gave them a bit of a doing that day. Fantastic .
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    3-1 United, Dillon, Donaldson and Durnan.
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    And what if we signed a Rab Douglas or an emergency loan and they had a stinker? Football is littered with goalkeepers who have made their name after coming in to a big game and playing a blinder. David Marshall v Barcelona and Paul Robinson v Lazio spring to mind. Get behind the lad and give him some encouragement - the club definitely see him as being our first choice keeper one day.
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    I don't see anyone worrying, stop looking at it negatively. I see 3 teams full of confidence, 3 sets of fans confident in their teams, just going for it. It's exciting.
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    Locking this thread. If the two tedious pedants wish to continue the masturbatory love-in they can start their own thread.
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    ^^^ Anyone who does this this seriously needs a change of priorities and an appointment with an anger management specialist. Lastly, at the risk of being on the end of one of The Messiah's hate chants, it really should be "whom" in the thread title.
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    Len reminds me of the Wealdstone Raider! Sack going to these back water places in the US. Corrupt to the core, absolute sin what they c'nts done to that boy. Don't feel as Sorry for Steve but he has been shafted too. Hopefully they officers have a few bullets out there with their name on them. Can see the daft Yanks kicking off about this.
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    its a sad state of affairs when scottish football can't see past the ugly side of our history and our culture and most importantly the bigot pound. if as a society we have moved forward over the last 30 years to the point where racism and homophobia is completely unacceptable why has sectarianism at football or on the streets of our towns and citys etc been left behind and allowed to have tolerance? uefa deem it unacceptable as they have been shown to punish clubs for their supporters actions clubs have to have some form of responsiblity for the actions of their supporters since those clubs are at the heart in historical and cultural forms, representative of a group/tribe/mob/like mindedness of people through religion or through geography.
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    What's the difference between The_Kincardine and a camel? What does Grimbo eat for breakfast?
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    In an effort to hopefully stop people creating new threads for shows and to make it easier for people to find shows, I have created a list of all the shows there is currently a thread for and the link to the relevant topic Hope people find it useful 24 30 Rock 3rd Rock from the Sun The 100 The Affair Agent Carter Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Almost Human Alcatraz The Americans American Crime American Horror Story Arrested Development Arrow Awake Backstrom Band of Brothers Banshee Bates Motel Battle Creek Battlestar Galactica Benched Better Call Saul Between The Big Bang Theory The Blacklist Black Sails Bloodline Blue Bloods Boardwalk Empire Bobs Burgers Bosch Boss The Borgias Breaking Bad The Bridge Brooklyn Nine-Nine Buffy the Vampire Slayer Californication The Chicago Code Chicago Fire Chuck Community Constantine Criminal Minds Curb Your Enthusiasm Daredevil Defiance Dexter The Divide Eastbound and Down Elementary Entourage Empire The Event Falling Skies Family Guy Fargo Fear the Walking Dead Firefly The Flash The Following Forever Franklin and Bash Frasier Freaks and Geeks Fresh Off the Boat Friday Night Lights Fringe From Dusk Till Dawn Game of Thrones Gang Related Glee The Goldbergs Gommorah The Good Wife Gotham Graceland Gracepoint Greys Anatomy Grimm Ground Floor Halt & Catch Fire Hannibal Hatfields & McCoys Hell on Wheels Hemlock Grove Heroes Homeland Hostages House House of Cards House of Lies How I Met Your Mother I Live with Models It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia iZombie Intelligence Intruders Jericho Justified The Killing The Knick Last Man on Earth Last Resort The Last Ship The League The Leftovers Legends Lie To Me Lilyhammer Lost Louie Low Winter Sun Mad Men Man Seeking Woman Marco Polo Masters of Sex The Mentalist Mob City Modern Family Mr Robot Murder in the First Nashville The Neighbors New Girl The Newsroom Nikita The OC The Office (US) One Big Happy Orange is the New Black Orphan Black Outlander Parks and Recreation Penny Dreadful Person of Interest Preacher Prison Break Psych Rake Ray Donovan Rectify Rescue Me Resurrection Revenge Revolution Salem Scandal Schitt's Creek Scrubs Sex and the City The Shield Siberia Silicon Valley Six Feet Under The Simpsons Sleepy Hollow Smash Sons of Anarchy The Sopranos Southland South Park Spartacus Star-Crossed The Strain Suits Supernatural Terra Nova Touch Transparent Treme True Blood True Detective Twin Peaks Two and a Half Men Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Under the Dome Veep Vegas Vikings The Walking Dead Wayward Pines Westworld The West Wing The Wire Workaholics The X-Files
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    That was extremely easy. Next.
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    Got told what we offered him was way short of what 3 other teams were offering him. You can't criticise him even if he did go to the highest bidder. He was out in malta n not getting paid for months on end. So if he's going somewhere for money he's every right doing so. Good player to have back in the juniors as he is a quality player. Just a shame its not with Kilbirnie
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    I wouldn't bother trying to engage VT in sensible dialogue AMC 13, he spouts pish like this all day long, same old patter from him.
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    Did you buy him a dram? If not it's not your fault.
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    Exact same fixture this weekend last year resulted in us winning 1-0 and being lifted of the bottom of the league. I would definitely take the same this time but know were capable of much better if we play as well as we can play. Really looking forward to seeing the new loan signings again as they were class against Stirling, especially Thomas Orr. Can't wait for the trip, just hope its no that cold haha!
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    He went in a huff and went AWOL. Good riddance I say
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    Johnny Vegas, has just finished a cry w**k, post getting his hair bleached.
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    Barclay James Harvest - Child Of The Universe
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    Moffat and Falkingham for me. Moff has brilliant movement and is very good on the ball. Josh keeps firing off passes and snapping away at folk and I always feel better when he is in midfield. He must be annoying as f**k to play against. Plus he often pulls out some fantastic passes.
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    In the reid era against hibs in the cup who is it that turns the defender one way then another and scores ,is it roberts
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    Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - I Put A Spell On You
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    How many years have diddies been predicting "cutbacks" at Hibs now? We're still splashing around 6-figure transfer fees even in the 2nd tier Back in your boxes.
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    Blink-182 - All The Small Things
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    Who gives a shit what chairmen think, although since Dempster starting running the show everything coming from boardroom level has been extremely positive. I'm the kind of fan who cares more about what's happening on the pitch, though. I'd be worrying if we weren't heading in the right direction or at least trying to. I'm enjoying being a Hibs fan again.
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    Yeah, it's actually a proxy mocking the fact that you're all clearly utter morons. Normally I wouldn't explain that, but as we've just established, you're rather thick, and I'm in a helpful mood.
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    Thats the thing with mcpake, we never once said he was ever the best of quality or the best technically because he is far from it but if you want a battle then there's not much better in the league. He is a warrior, the kind of guy that will play through any injury for you to help the cause and thats why we love him. He has come back from a broken leg, serious bacl issues and a dislocated shoulder so wouldn't surprise me if he comes back from this too ad Hartley said his mentality and attitude is different class. I'd probably still have mcpake playing in his current state than Durnan lol
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    I've heard he's a resistant player, too.
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    Johnny Cash - The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
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    Imagine offering the club a loan - everybody knows it's the company that deals with the finances At least I think that's what's going on but that statement's way to complicated for my tiny brain to compute: The "holding company" notes that a loan has been offered to the "club" The "club" (not the "company") is not considering loans at this time. It is hoped that the "club's" fan's groups will acquire larger stakeholdings in the "holding company". The "club" didn't approach Rangers First for funding for the "holding company" All in a statement issued by the "club" about the "holding company"
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    It's true. A good example being the picture posted by Tedi. That team (that unfairly beat several others before meeting Queens in the final) was loaded with players who'd been deceitfully registered to compete. I'm genuinely annoyed that the greatest occasion in my club's history has been sullied by Rangers' conduct.
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    Don't think anyone in the away end would take offence to 4 guys wearing Thistle scarves tbhwy.
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    Our local here has a rule where if you reserve first you get what game you want on TV. Man United losers etc will be watching the Dons on Saturday, pleasing,
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    Several thousands of Weegies manage to do this constantly. For most others it would just be a case of cancelling the annual holiday to Largs.
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    Looking forward to the game and pitting our wits against one of the countries top clubs. Thankfully we have improved over the past few months, which will hopefully continue and we'll give ICT a game when they arrive. Nobody expects us to win, but it would be great if we could push them all the way through the 90 minutes. I like Inverness, they are a side that clubs like ourselves should aspire to follow and they have shown that you can go from Part Time, bottom of the tier football to the Premiership and Europe without racking up debt. When you're a club in our position, you look at progressing in the cups to end up with a wee pay day. Had we not beaten Cumbernauld Colts, we would have played Clyde that Saturday, so no doubt we will end up slightly out of pocket compared to that game, however we have got to hope that ICT fans take the view that RIG has and decide to make the journey down. As for pubs, pre-match Stirling is full of bars. The Weatherspoon's is.......well a Weatherspoon's (i'm a fan), Morrison's is good if you want to watch whatever game Sky/BT are showing. There is a new Brew Dog pub that is getting good reviews, just have a walk about in all honesty. Remember as well, we have a bar in the Home stand which is also open to away supporters and is a lively but friendly wee place for a few ales. I remember having to stand in the terrace behind the goal that day. Time is a wonderful thing but I remember the home stand being packed, to the extent that we had to move around to the terrace (the only time I have stood there) as the game was kicking off. The Away stand was busy but it certainly wasn't full. May have looked it from where you were sitting though.........wouldn't it be great if we could have another day like that one (score aside haha).
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