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    Happy New Dead Pool folks. I'm off to finalise everything before posting. Godspeed.
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    Happy new year to fellow Staggies. Watching the fireworks over Victoria Park at the bells was quite special.
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    I hope everyone respects the minute's silence tomorrow and the significance of the game. Mon the Cowden
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    Cornershop - Brimful of Asha
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    Well were nearing the end only two to go... St Mirren Best Taking their place at the top of the tree with a good 37.5% of the vote is Gareth Glasgow. An excellent poster who is pretty much universally liked, always posts interesting stuff about his club. In second place taking a respectable quarter of the vote is sergies no.1 fan. A well respected poster who is clued up on the Saints and posts decent content unlike some St Mirren posters. In third place with 15% of the vote is Lex. Worst St Mirren have two terrible posters according to your votes, both taking 32.5% of the vote and jointly taking the award for worst St Mirren poster are shull and Lex. The former, is definitely a closet Rangers fan who just posts incoherent, unfunny drivel. The latter, meanwhile, is a bad troll, fucking it up every time by being incredibly tedious. In third place is wisbit, taking 15% of the vote. A bit harsh imo. While in fourth place, with 10% of the vote, is the deluded raging mess Bobby_F.
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    http://ptfc.co.uk/teams/senior/seasons/2015-2016/fixtures_results/0201_celtic/admission Awkward.
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    I'd also like to wish Dean Brett all the best for 2016.
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    Note to Ben and Tedi - Happy New Year to you and the other Bears. Quite a different mood to this time 12 months ago.
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    Also, I didn't take the ineligibles out of the lists. Too much effort, and (IMO) it's amusing to note the fictional, underage, or in that case already dead.
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    Hopefully that's the lot. Always a challenge making sure names aren't in twice in different variations. Happy Deadpooling.
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    99 Entrants, 587 unique picks, 391 solo shots, and 74 deadly duos. Plenty of ineligibles picked - the disabled kid who supports Celtic, a couple of fictional characters. There's even one entrant who decided to go with only 14 picks. HRH Prince Phil's the leader of the pack this year with 40 picks. Bruce Forsyth and Fernando Ricksen both tie in second place, well behind on 34. The Greatest has to settle for just 4th, not so great after all Ali. Clive James and the pick with the most failed spelling attempts, Joost van der Westhuizen tie 5th. Kirk Douglas & Zsa Zsa tie in 7th. Gazza and Martin Crowe finish out the top 10.
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    Won't someone think of the Bayerns?
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    Agree with the above. Wishing Dean a good 2016 and best of luck.
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    This a thousand times over. Cracking player aswell.
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    Grant Adam is now outside the club, serenading a taxi rank with a sectarian ditty.
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    Got home at 4am, woke up at 10:15, got picked up at 10:20 and did my first race of the year. Happy New Year, runners
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    You could fill a five a side team with just your alias accounts.
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    ...says the sad sack with nae pals who is on here 365 days a year
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    You make a fair point but to be brutally honest the current hand wringing and quotes of minorities is what we need to deal with..it's not a minority. It's a fucking disgrace that we are still going on about a religious divide from a war 325 years ago in another fucking country. It's even baffling having to explain why it's so fucking daft
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    Gordon Lightfoot - Pussy Willow (Going to see him this year. HNY folks!)
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    Only one thing worse than shite programs on the telly. Cùnts plugging their shite blogs about shite programs on the telly.
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    The thing is, Bennett. No one cares what you think.
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    Dave Edmunds - Girl Talk https://youtu.be/TTkhBuNdMgY
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    Clowny and Kingy sitting in a tree. What a fucking mess the pair of you are in.
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    No killie fans have posted on this thread yet.
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    ^^^Heads gone ^^^^Seething Happy to oblige.
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    Why don't you just add vodka? A shower (sitting down if particularly bad) and a coffee normally makes me feel better. I try and go for a walk outside too. I tend to wake up feeling lethargic and shite most of the time anyway.
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    Managed to do the double this morning despite pulling the top of my back coming out of the shower. Oops. 29:30 for Hazlehead, then 28:36 for the beach. Happy enough, and felt very smug at the café seeing all the deviants with hangovers desperately fighting over the bacon and sausage rolls....
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    We won 3-1 mate and raised a couple of hundred pounds for local youth club. Cannot believe the usual suspects having a moan because we are trying to improve. Our player John Sweeney made his debut yesterday and showed what he will offer - we are happy to have him on board. For those worried about the long term sustainability of the club can be assured that we have the right people dealing with the finances and long term plans of the club. We may be a small club but we have ambitions and so do our 130 season ticket holders. We have a responsibility to them to ensure that we invest in the future of the club on and off the park. Real Arab Maverick and Mr Dazzle we know who you are (and you made similar comments when we signed TJ from Albion Rovers)- worry about your own small club lads and let it go. Happy new year everyone - And Sweeney if you are reading this your wages are getting docked 75p for coming on this pish!!!
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    Cheap Trick - Cold Turkey Happy New Year everyone ♥
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    To be fair, I used to watch it out of morbid curiosity as well, knowing fine well it would be dreadful. Can't do it anymore now though, as it's just too depressing that it gets on every year and the lack of originality, or even any kind of intelligent humour, is so damning for the state of Scottish TV comedy.
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    It's syne not zine you bunch of cocks
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    This. It will be the same old pish and folk will be on here moaning about it being the same old pish! At least 20 years past its sell by date, was good back in the day but like a lot of things from the 80s and 90s hasn't aged well.
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    The current crop in Hollyoaks are tidy, but pale into insignificance compared to the glory years of the early 2000s, when the line up featured the likes of: Elize du Toit Sarah Dunn Gemma Atkinson And who could forget the divine Jodie Albert...
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    Please... she only does that on snatchchat
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    If I had a pound for every time I'd heard someone mention Castle Greyskull with regards to Ibrox only to be corrected by someone else informing them they had it wrong, I could probably have bought the rights to He-Man and changed the fucking names around.
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    last meeting queens Parks fans had it was jammed packed in the telephone box
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    here here we fall out during year but deep down were all part of the Clyde family
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    I'm putting more effort into my own team this year - last year I hurried it in order to administer the whole thing. Squads starting to take shape nicely I think.
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    At least 1 striker is required. Maybe 2 if Wighton goes back to Dundee. In defence, we are in crisis at the moment, but this may or may not clear up by January. That won't solve the issue at RB, however. Still, never mind. We have about 9 centre midfielders.
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